… all I see is darkness.

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What can I say?

No words…


It wasn’t meant to be this way. They went 3-0 down, they were away from home, it was over.


Now it’s a final, it’s a toss of a coin. It doesn’t really matter what we do in Europa League now, it’s been overshadowed.

Pochettino again demonstrated how technical skill can be overcome by great coaching. They looked second class at times during the game, but they never gave up and they overcame all the odds to drive home a winner in the 95th minute.

Gutting to watch, but that my friends is what a saucy coach looks like.

Back onto our problems.

I saw a headline of ‘Emery needs time, cash and patience’… I’ve read that headline before. In fact, I seem to remember 10 years of it. Let’s get one thing straight, all of those elements are justified if you see improvement on the pitch, they are a reward for doing a good job. We’re not seeing that, so though everyone loves to think the ‘rational’ thing to do is to give time… the reality is, a year in almost any corporate job is enough time to judge someone.

If you can’t demonstrate objective improvements in that time, you’re finished. If you spend £70m and things go backwards, you should have to refund part of your salary. People who have to tell you what the rational thing to do is generally don’t have a good argument… otherwise it’d be a simple counter to tell you why things aren’t working.

Throwing money at a manager who signed Suarez when he was starting Mustafi and Xhaka isn’t rational. Even crazier when you consider how hard he pushed for NZonzi and Banega. Absolving a man of his coaching responsibilities when they were hired as a head coach is farsical. Claiming fatigue as a mitigating circumstance when it’s the job of the manager to manage players workload is beyond ignorant and shows a total lack of understanding for the modern game. Tactics, motivation, organisation, starting 11s, communications… all the job of the manager. If you can’t get this right in year one, I’m telling you, it won’t solve in year two.

This article here is absolutely essential reading if you want cold hard facts to help you with the emotional wranglings you might be having around our coach (read).

This season Arsenal have allowed 50 goals (11th most), have allowed 485 shots for 10th most and allowed 50.2 non penalty xG which is 10th best. Last year Arsenal allowed 51 goals for 13th most, allowed 422 shots for sixth fewest and conceded 44.2 non penalty xG which was sixth best.

To me these stats are damning. It is obvious that Arsenal don’t have stellar defensive talent, but with pretty much the same talent (maybe even less as Arsenal bought a starting center back, goal keeper and defensive midfielder in the summer), Arsenal were a better defensive team last season than this.

The rational argument is the one that uses data.

The only data point that might matter is if Emery wins the Europa League… but that’s one good data point in a crowd of so many awful ones that absolutely point to Arsenal being on a downward spiral, with a manager who has very little pedigree for greatness.

We’ll ride out another season with him because our technical director won’t start until July 7th, which again points to a footballing deafness and a lack of urgency when it comes to Raul. We’d basically be writing off next season, and we risk blowing more bad money on unsuitable players. Roll in the news that KSE hasn’t assigned budgets for next year… and… well, it’s a total shambles. Though I have to say, I find that bit of info a bit weird, because we’ve been leaking £40m to the press since November.

Tonight we go away to Valencia. I was pretty sure we’d ride out this game until I sat through two Champions League games that were pretty much finished. That said, it would be kind of cool if English clubs dominated both finals.

I love how there are rumblings that this might cause calls for a super league because the Premier League is now so dominant. Europe can get fucked, we’ve spent 10 years watching their teams dominate proceedings, now Madrid and Barca are being elbowed out, we’re supposed to be concerned by British HEROICS? No way… let’s ride it out. Messi and Ronaldo are coming to an end, it’s time for a new power shift.

Can’t wait… just a shame we’ll be nowhere near the proper glory.

See you in the comments. x

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  1. DM

    Football is amazing. Those semis were just out of this world. Forget the rivalry aspect for a minute. Those games were bloody amazing.

  2. Vintage Gun

    The morning after the two nights before…

    Liverpool vs Spurs? I guess this is where the suicide option becomes real

  3. Thank you and goodnight.

    Billy Smart might be the man to take us forward. After all he knows how to run a fucking circus 😊, and he already has 11 clowns so won’t need to invest in any clowns. Win win for Billy

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    Using our midtable budget to bash the manager seems a bit odd.

    Fulham spent more, Wolves and West Ham spent more, Brighton, Bournemouth and Everton almost spent as much, only a couple of million less.

    Chelsea and Liverpool spent almost twice as much as us each and the only reason Man U and City didn’t spend more than us net is because they have accumulated players they can actually get money for, they both outspent us and have for a long time.

    How do you manage the fitness of a squad of old/weak players where the backup options are barely championship level? I mean we were forced to rotate against Crystal Palace because of injuries and suspensions and predictably we folded and predictably the manager is still getting shit for it like that was his preferred starting 11 on the day.

  5. Un na naai


    I concur. Wonderful to watch to English teams beat everything before them in such a pleasing, convincing and dramatic fashion.
    Both deserve the trophy for their efforts.

  6. TR7


    ‘Using our midtable budget to bash the manager seems a bit odd.Fulham spent more, Wolves and West Ham spent more, Brighton, Bournemouth and Everton almost spent as much, only a couple of million less.’

    Pochettino did not spend a penny.

  7. TR7

    City-Spurs quarter final trumps the two semi-finals for me , the most thrilling football game in a long long time.

  8. Freddie Ljungberg


    So? Did he have 3 years to build his squad or not? Did he just arrive in the summer taking over a team of has beens and never beens and spend 0? Get real with the manager worships on here, players wins trophies, otherwise it would just be a UFC for pensioners on display every weekend with the managers duking it out mano a mano.

    I’m not dismissing the input of a manager btw, I think it makes 10-20% difference to the good or bad but some on here seems to think it’s 80-90% the manager and the players doesn’t matter, it’s frankly ridiculous.

    This manager won that there, oh but that manager didn’t win that over there, dismissing completely any other circumstances like which fucking team they manage and what players they have.

  9. lari03

    Get off your Emery bias Pedro and support your team. Stop whining or you could just go support Tottenham.

    Fact is we have got shit players and they won an F.A cup 2 seasons ago. Can we do it again ? Win something for the glory of being in the history books?

  10. ddkingz

    the only team that can take lesson’s from the past two UCL matches is Valencia….

    they are coming at us like a lion going after a goat… no way we survive today..

    the problem of this club has to do with everything associated with it.

    arsenal need total cleansing from top to bottom.

    kreonke should sell the club, or we are doomed.

    the fan’s are the biggest problem of the all…

    how the fuck did Wenger buy auba 6month’s after buying laca?

    laca wasn’t producing enough because we lacked wingers and mobile, dribbling and creative CAM, instead of buying an actual winger or CAM Wenger went and bought a speed merchant like auba…

    it’s just like if auba and laca aren’t bagging enough goals by December this year, we go all out and buy lewadowski.
    auba as rwf
    laca as lwf
    lewa as cf.
    that would be chaotic

  11. Soop


    “How do you manage the fitness of a squad of old/weak players where the backup options are barely championship level?”

    How do we know the backup options aren’t good enough? Give me some kids over Mustafi/Xhaka/Iwobi every day of the week mate. At least it would be easier to justify losses and/or poor performances if we could say the kids were on an upward learning curve.

    But no, UE stuck with his favourite muppets and oversaw a complete shower.

    …as for weak, look no further than Mesut Ozil. He is weakness personified, and perfectly sums up all that is wrong with Arsenal.

  12. Gelbs

    People say it isn’t Emery’s fault that he has no money to spend and has to work with shit etc. I agree he was left with a shitty hand thanks to that Cunt Wenger and Gazidis. But do people honestly believe and can see, Emery signing the right players even if he was given 200 + million to spend?? Same as Wenger couldn’t.
    Funny too, how no-one seems to be bringing up the fact that if Emery did only have around £40 million or so to spend, then he’s to blame for not having more funds, due to the fact if he decides to keep hold of the shit at this club! Though saying that, who’d want to sign this shower of shit anyway?? I would literally sell the whole team, with the exception of Leno, Torreira and Lacazette. Maybe Aubameyang.
    I also agree that if Spurs go on to win the CL, all these cunts that defended Wenger for years (some still want him back!) deserve everything they get. Like those twats on AFTV, too. DT, Troopz etc all ripping the piss out of Spurs, and that other cunt Piers Morgan laughing last night when Ajax scored their first and second goals. Clueless morons.

  13. Gelbs

    That’s another thing as well. Why is it, that Emery and Arsenal, have conceded the same amount of League goals as Crystal Palace??

  14. Freddie Ljungberg


    If they were good enough or ready they would play. No manager except Wenger would voluntarily play Mustafi or Xhaka if there was better options.

    Look how much shit Emery is getting for playing Guendozi and he’s ahead of any of our u23 players.

    I don’t mind Iwobi as a squad player, I’ve said that before, but he should be behind a much betyer option not a 17 year old hopeful from the academy learning on the job when not ready.

    Ozil is just one example of the weak players we have, Mikhi is another. None of them have any pace or power, and that’s talking about the whole squad. Maybe Kola but he lacks in other departments.

  15. GillespieRoadNoMore

    I have a horrible feeling Arsenal are going to be the English side that lets things down in Europe tonight, seizing defeat from the jaws of victory looks to be our forte at the moment.

    My one hope is that Spurs choke against LFC in the UCL Final, their squad is wafer thin, they haven’t been in a final before and Liverpool have the memory of last years final loss to erase and the incentive to wave the UCL in the face of MCFC if they finish 2nd in the PL.

  16. ADKB

    DM: “Football is amazing. Those semis were just out of this world. Forget the rivalry aspect for a minute. Those games were bloody amazing.”

    Absolutely! Both nights, I screamed with excitement like I’ve never done in a loooooooooooong time. That’s what football is about. Smashing games, both semis!

  17. Freddie Ljungberg


    It’s not the same as when Wenger was here and he was in charge of everything. That power isn’t supposed to be with the manager anymore. We’ll just have to wait and see if the actual people in charge of transfers (whoever that may be atm) can work some magic in the summer, in and outgoing, if not we’re pretty much fucked

  18. Gelbs

    And if it wasn’t for Aubameyang and Lacazette, Arsenal would be mid-table! Spurs reach the CL Final and secure top four, without Kane for large chunks of the season! The Club is finished. Unless serious investment is put into the team, which won’t happen, and there’s a top manager at the helm. Arsenal will be a top 8 club, falling to the stature of the likes of Everton etc. Utter joke. 13 years on from the Emirates move, and this is where Arsenal are now at. Disgusting. And people still Lord Wenger as Arsenal’s greatest ever manager. His legacy was he destroyed Arsenal, and let all it’s bitter rivals completely overtake them!
    Imagine Spurs next season too, when they play Arsenal if they win the CL….”Champions of Europe, you’ll never sing that!” Let that sink in….

  19. ddkingz

    I don’t even read Pedro’s post anymore…
    I just decided to read what shite he served us today, and I realized it was the same shire he’s been posting all season.

    the moment you see CG thanking and licking Pedro’s ass all at the same… you realised Pedro just posted another shite…

    the only people that benefits form the mediocrity is right is Pedro and Robbie of aftv…

    Did you realize that amount of posters that commented on here the day arsenal lost their cl qualification spot via EPL… even someone was saying Wenger was his god.

    Is Robbie and Pedro blind to see that Dhaka isn’t mobile and so fucking one dimensional???

    the only midfielder I would pick xhaka over in the EPL is kovacic.

    can’t Robbie and Pedro see that mustafi is a clown … that iwobi is pure trash, iwobi should be nowhere near squad player.. I’d prefer willoct, ESR and nketiah as squad players.

    arsenal are not direct with their play, so many back and sideway passes… we can dribble, non of our midfielder can move the ball higher up the pitch by beating a man or two.

  20. Gelbs

    Like someone else mentioned yesterday. Imagine Spurs first trophy in their new stadium, will be arguably the biggest?? Had Arsenal won the CL at least once under Le Fraud, it wouldn’t be too bad. And let’s face it. Arsenal are never going to win the CL. Certainly not anytime soon. The way things are going, they’ll never even take part in it again!

  21. Gelbs

    Winning the Europa seems actually worse than not winning it, if Spurs go on to win the CL! But of course, Arsenal might have the last laugh by winning the Europa League, and Spurs come up empty-handed 😃

  22. englandsbest

    Forget Spurs and Liverpool. If Arsenal win Europa Cup, that will make this season a good season.

    And let’s wait and see what happens this summer before we pass judgement on Emery.

    There is no hope of Stan changing his bottom-line policy. If Emery takes it meekly and adds a couple of mediocre players, then he loses my vote.

    If he does a ruthless clear-out and brings in the young and vigorous on sensible wages and transfer fees, then I’ll be cheering him on.

  23. gunnershabz

    its horrible position for both arsenal and man u fans
    but our teams are to blame here

    emery and OGS have messed up the last 4 weeks

    spurs basically had a plan b last night, long balls to llorente to beat the press and it worked
    poch did the same against man city and llorente has been the difference maker

    we used to have plan b with giroud but we binned him to chelsea

    i think we should have kept him

  24. CG

    A very bleak picture exquisitely articulated by the continually excellent PedRo.
    And i off course thank him for it.

    If the Wenger legacy was as toxic as many suggest on here- one would have thought there would be a sense of urgency ( esp after Spurs Heroics )in and around the club to address matters, But No:

    “””””We’ll ride out another season with him because our technical director won’t start until July 7th, which again points to a footballing deafness and a lack of urgency when it comes to Raul.””””

    Is the nice Edu boy – that important , that we are waiting another 8 weeks for him?( and have to pay compensation)

    And how can anyone – arriving From Brazil- hit the ground running – and make important calls about player recruitment?

    This Edu as Tech Director is a sham.
    The most nonsensical and indulgent hire – I can remember.

    What has Edu got – that Dortmund Eye did not?
    What is his Actual remit?

    Its as clear as night follows day- that the ‘nice but dim’ Edu will be carrying the can for Rauls Inadequacies.

    If the 5 year contract is accurate- once again illustrates even though the latter days under Wenger were grim to many- they will be seen to be halcyon days compared to what is coming down the line with the ridiculous Raul+Emery+ Edu show.

    the Clowns have to go.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    Basically both Spurs and Liverpool had nothing to lose at half time in their Champions League Games. Both teams were losing respectively by 3 and 2

    So in the second half they played high tempo offensive football without fear or

    Both Barcelona and Ajax believed that they had probably sown up their games
    and attempted to contain the opposition and failed under the pressure.

    Arsenal must play tonight with 100% commitment and like against Napoli attempt to win the game or at least score goals.

    If we play the insipid one dimensional football that we have watched in recent
    games we will certainly lose.

  26. Alexanderhenry


    You’re axe grinding as is that article.
    He puts arsenal’s squad as 5th best above man utd’s. That’s absurd.
    They’ve got our best player and he doesn’t even start.

    Regarding arsenal as a whole, yes it is starting to look like a shambles.
    Therefore, It’s time for Kroenke and co. to step in and do something about it, don’t you think?

    Right now, arsenal fans are running on a patience fuel tank of zero.
    We’re going to have to sit through the horror of a Liverpool /spurs CL final and if we lose to Chelsea in the EL final and then piss around, penny pinching in the summer, they’ll be trouble.

  27. Batistuta

    Almost like this blog thrives on its own team doing badly, like you all constantly need arsenal to be doing badly to survive….Something has to be wrong at the club for 90% of posters on here to be fulfilled….You’d be forgiven for not remembering we have an European semifinals later tonight because most folks including Pedro would rather focus on things that are wrong rather than get behind a team that last won a European trophy decades ago…. Little wonder Arsenal fans are called the most plastic and unrealistic bunch in England

  28. TheBoyCornelius

    Emery – 90 minutes away from a total disaster of an end to a season or 180 minutes away from Champions League target achieved or fall at last hurdle!

    Alegri to leave Juve. PSG might want him. Tuchel available? Would we be bold enough to get him if thats how things pan out!

  29. Receding Hairline

    Pedro aren’t you a bit worried that most of the people giving you thumbs up for your recent posts are well known Wenger apologists

    I mean CG, who lavishes you with praise for your post, actually has Wenger down as a manager that can get us back on top?

  30. ddkingz

    can someone name a top club in Europe who has …

    1) 2 above average CF, who prefer playing through the middle..
    1) a team without an actual with winger.
    3) a team without a genuine creative midfielder… I could bet my ball’s that kdb who has played up to 10games all season has more assist that ozil..

    I don’t trust emery, just as much as CG or Pedro doesn’t…. but I would prefer and would actually be glad to see mustafi, xhaka, iwobi, comrade Jenkinson, monreal, old kos, ozil and the great mkhi, and either of auba or lacaall out of this club, before emery.

    the way I see things, since actually not many trust emery because his teams lacks identity… we have no problem with that… let emery just see out his contract, and in the coming summer bring a TD or DOF whose gonna bring in the right philosophy back to arsenal get the right players we need and emery would have to work with the players being bought by the club…

    next season no expectations, clear out the dross, integrate a few players through the youth/academy, go for young and hungry players in the market who are will to succeed, then bring in a manager that will /can bring arsenal back to glory.

  31. Graham62


    CWC semi final.

    Arsenal 3 Sampdoria 2
    Sampdoria 3 Arsenal 2

    Arsenal win penalty shoot out.

    Could be same scenario.

    For fudge sake………Come on you Gunners!!

  32. ddkingz

    Cornelius… are you drunk??

    that’s not a question anymore… cornelius, you are drunk.

    tuchel, for Christ sake… someone who couldn’t even achieve what emery achieved in his first and worst season in PSG.

    you, my friend must be joking.

  33. Receding Hairline

    Max Allegri to leave Juventus

    Note he did not win the Champions league with them, was dumped out this season by the team Spurs just beat (does that mean Pochettino has more sauce) i would like to know did he fail at Juventus?? I mean Juventus like PSG will win the Serie A so winning the title there does not count right?

  34. Leedsgunner

    Almost 12 years of complacency and mismanagement was never going to be erased by a new manager in one season. Plus, if our majority shareholders are serious about Arsenal, they need to start supporting the team with some cash. Not to the extent as the oil rich clubs but a £100m or so for one or two transfer windows whilst we catch our breath is needed. Liverpool was supported like that and it has paid off handsomely don’t you think?

    The absolute minimum for Emery has to be the Champions League though this season. It’s the first vital step in Arsenal coming to the table to compete, not just make up the numbers.

    If he fails let him go and bring in a young hungry manager who has proved himself at a mid table club looking to move up… but support him with enough money otherwise it’s just setting him up for a fall.

    Julian Nagelsmann or Antonio Conte should be on the top of our list.

  35. Receding Hairline

    Tuchel has actually taken PSG backwards if we are to go by the same metrics yet he has just had his contract extended.

    Tuchel does not have a “history of over achievement” he hasn’t won anything besides the German cup (you know cups don’t count).

    Yet PSG feels he deserves another go, same as they did Emery.

    I will really like to know this manager Pedro is pining for, be brave put the name out there and give us reasons why he is the one to deliver the sauce

  36. terraloon

    Chelsea and Liverpool spent almost twice as much as us each and the only reason Man U and City didn’t spend more than us net is because they have accumulated players they can actually get money for, they both outspent us and have for a long time.
    In the last set of accounts Arsenal made £120 million from player trading. That isn’t quite the same as determining the net spend but it’s pretty clear selling the likes of Theo and the Ox financed both a fair chunk of the transfers in the 17/18 season and indeed the 18/19 incomings.

    People called for a cull of deadwood and that happened the trouble is that most of those stayed have been given an uplift in wage terms and what is abundantly clear is there is still a number of players at Arsenal who are really not up to it and whereas some decent wedges were received for the 17/18 departures I really can’t see vast value in the current deadwood.
    That said there will be the odd £10 million or indeed even possibly £20 million departure but in today’s market to get better quality in you need to spend maybe up to £20-£30 million on a player.
    Spending maybe £50-£70 million net isn’t going to bring in more than 1 or at most two better quality players at most and yes Ramsey is a marmite player but he is going to cost a fortune to replace.
    If Arsenal go into next season having lost Ramsey and not spending big on defence then things aren’t going to get better and promoting youth or brining in players with potential isn’t going to show immediate improvement and in football terms if you standstill your competitors moving forward will have the effect of you going backwards

  37. Shaun Wilson

    I was just pretending the other 44 entries weren’t there… I’m not entirely sure why.
    I’m sorry to say that I was proud of the Spuds last night and unless we get rid of Emery, find a winning modern manager and get Josh Kronke to untie the purse strings and entirely re-build this sad squad with hungry, young players… then we are fucked.
    So, essentially… we are fucked

  38. Receding Hairline

    “If he fails let him go and bring in a young hungry manager who has proved himself at a mid table club looking to move up… but support him with enough money otherwise it’s just setting him up for a fall.”

    Why should he get money??

  39. ddkingz

    bastituta… that the truth.

    I don’t know if Pedro make’s money from the amount of noise and rubbish poster spew on his blog… but I do believe Robbie make’s enough money from aftv on YouTube…

    I watched some reactions from the Brighton game. it was so unreal, everyone was pissed off bar Robbie, someone was even talking about how the squad was shite and emery isn’t the best for the job, but emery doesn’t have the right tools/players to meet and achieve his objective..

    but it seems Robbie was hell bent on talking about emery out, when it was obvious nobody gives a fuck about emery. if you sack emery, no one would cry or give a fuck about it…

    but I don’t blame Pedro and Robbie… because le-grove and aftv were made and brought to relevance due to the mediocrity of/at arsenal… and they would forever want arsenal to fail so as to gain more audience.

    why sack emery, and let the fans suffer while watching mustafi and xhaka wearing an arsenal jersey?

  40. Samesong

    I have a horrible feeling Arsenal are going to be the English side that lets things down in Europe tonight, seizing defeat from the jaws of victory looks to be our forte at the moment.

    I wouldn’t put it past them. Mustafi error.

  41. Guns of Hackney


    People defending the indefensible.

    There has to be something majorly wrong for one not to see what is happening to this football club.

    I sincerely hope you absolute crazies do not have:

    A driving licence
    Access to vulnerable people
    Access to money
    Access to firearms
    Positions of influence

    Utter crackpots.

  42. ddkingz

    receding h.

    alegri, ronaldo and juvetus… had a bad season, they missed out on the coppa Italia and the UCL

    ronaldo was a failed experiment at juve… and with ronaldo still at juve next season, the UCL will elude juve..

    I can help myself but be happy that ronaldo and messi won’t have hands on the UCL trophy.

  43. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsenal will certainly not go to EL final. Even if they somehow scrape through tonight, they should not win the EL. With such damning stats, as in the post, Arsenal would lose the final.

    Unai Enery had got this message somewhere in the middle of this season: Arsenal club management is going to stick with him if Arsenal did not slip below 8th this PL.

  44. TheBoyCornelius

    @ddkingz i am not advocating it, i merely mentioned it as Tuchel was and is seen by some as a superior coach to Emery (even some of the PSG players have said so) His football is seen as more ‘heavy metal’ than that of Emery’s. So why isnt it even a question? If Emery is korma is Tuchel Vindaloo?

  45. Receding Hairline


    I actually like Allegri a lot, i am not dissing him at all. Just trying to make a point.

    Gambon likes to mock Emery over the alledged power point presentation that got him the job but the person who deserves mockery is Gazidis, Sven and Raul for actually believing a manager who had his hands full managing PSG has all the minute details of how to improve our players.

  46. Receding Hairline

    Cornileus the same PSG players who Tuchel is having issues with now

    Wait till they appoint Allegri, you will hear how useless Tuchel was and how Allegri has brought back their smiles

    The attitude in that club from top to bottom stinks and shows yes money isn’t all that is needed

  47. peanuts&monkeys

    Unai Emery should be given 10 more games at the most including tonight’s. If by Sept-end Arsenal team are not displaying super performances, he should bbe replaced. but then that’s what fans think; not the owner.

    Permanent and lasting solution: Kroenke Out, Dangote In.

  48. Guns of Hackney

    This isn’t all on emery. The man wasn’t the right guy but that’s not his fault.

    This also isn’t on kronke. He gave cash and a fair whack of it over the years on many many ridiculous wagers that Arsene played against the club and has continued to do so for emery. Sure he’s not into football but so what?

    The blame rests majorly on the shite fans. Yes you. You kept Arsene in a job for 10 years too long. You will keep emery in a job at least 12 months too long. You will continue to blindly support a club that is actively trolling you. Season ticket hike…”durrrr course I’ll pay it and then I’ll moan about it”.

    You lot are fucking morons. Get off the pot or shit.

    If you do not like Kronke and Emery or a combination of both, do something you absolute shower of cowardice. STOP.

    Liverpool did it. Man yoo did it. Clubs across the world do it. You can also do it if you grow a pair.

    Don’t want spurs to fail. Want us to do better! Don’t rely on Liverpool doing the job…want arsenal to not put those scouse schleppers in that position.

  49. ddkingz

    Your Comment HereCG…

    I manage to always try need to read your comments… but it seems you are hell bent to be the fucking bastard of of the family…

    if Wenger your lord wasn’t hell bent to be the bastard of the family that he his today… he could have left his managerial post after breaking the trophy less year, because if I remembered correctly that was around the period pep I’m sure leaving Bayern and was ready to come take a job in England… but no, Wenger stayed on, and after 3more years he was sacked.

    what a record this might be… Wenger might be the only manager whom after 2 decades of service still got a sack letter. SHAME

    Wenger is an embarrassment to the arsenal community worldwide…

  50. OleGunner

    My god at the Spurs cheering and jubilation going on last night on this blog.
    WTF has happened to this place?

    Any stick to beat the club with, or other gooners, or the manager will be taken up by our slack jawed residents here. It’s fucking weird.

  51. HighburyLegend

    “Pochettino again demonstrated how technical skill can be overcome by great coaching. ”
    I knew Pedro couldn’t resist!!

  52. TheBoyCornelius

    @receding – i have read quite a few articles of how much of a shitshow the administration at PSG is – no football acumen in the boardroom at all.
    Tuchel has gone on record of saying his squad is not up to scratch, whereby they didnt even fill the bench quota in quite a few games.
    I still think Tuchel is a good coach. Like i d Emery. And that its the boardroom and management levels at both clubs that let the side down. Money covered it up in the most at PSG as the players were simply superior to their rivals. But once those players shirk at all then it becomes a mess. It has impacted Tuchel far more that Emery there because it has been allowed to fester by the board and impact the coaching staff.

  53. HighburyLegend

    @Ole : don’t worry, Pedro always take care of the trolls…
    I know what you think : “so why are they so many here ??”
    I don’t have the answer… lol

  54. OleGunner

    And Pedro, Emery isn’t gonna sack himself.
    I think your hit pieces should be directed towards Kroenke or the board to get him fired.

    Its like your expecting the guy to just resign every day when that’s not gonna happe.
    Directing your ire in the direction where power is held will be more useful than just ranting into the void.

  55. Guns of Hackney

    Thank fuck none of you are known to me.

    The reason people ‘cheer’ spurs (no one is really cheering) is to exact some form of punishment or flagellation on oneself.

    We’re not cheering spurs. We’re actually booing our own club.

    You want spurs to fail which is understandable but it’s wrong. You should be wanting your club to succeed and therefore, whatever spurs do is irrelevant.

    Imagine your neighbour gets a nice car…you lot are the equivalent of going and keying it because you are jealous rather than bettering yourself and getting an even better car.


  56. ddkingz


    Everything that’s happening at arsenal is because of wenger.

    IF Wenger had respectably stepped down and retired from his arsenal duty… AFC would have had all the time in the world to have planned for the next level after Wenger..

    Wenger was against division of power at arsenal… since we are heading into the next level, we could have gotten a dof or TD who would have the arsenal DNA in him and be willing to give his all to arsenal and identifying young gems… but hell no, Wenger got sacked, and the time to plan everything properly went to ashes.

    if Wenger had retired respectively, we could have planned a successful managerial takeover and try to avoid all what happened to man utd with Moyes… but hell no, Wenger got sacked and everything went to hell.

    arsenal problems========Wenger weneger Wenger Wenger Wenger wenger

  57. Guns of Hackney

    Slag the guy who provides daily content and a platform for you to spout bullshit.

    It’s like calling your surgeon a cunt just before you go under. You snake up with your winky in a glass.

  58. CG


    “””I mean CG, who lavishes you with praise for your post, actually has Wenger down as a manager that can get us back on top?””””

    PedRo’s Pieces-are without doubt the only decent thing about being an Arsenal supporter right now.

    Everyone has a right to agree or disagree with him.
    But where else do you get this continued insight from him and other posters.?
    And its all FREE.

    Telegraph? Fox Sports? radio?

    When PedRo- had his ‘funny turn’ a few weeks ago- and stared eulogising over emery in The Losers Cup- I was coruscating.

    If he reverts back to that nonsense again tomorrow- I will say so to.

    Any fan – who thinks this now triumvirate of Emery/Raul/ Edu are going to close the gap on Spurs And Liverpool are deluded.

    The money argument continually espoused is also questionable.

    Spurs have not bought a player for seasons.
    Liverpool have sold 2 players to Barcelona- and played them off the pitch.( both games)

    they should be in total agreement of the estimable PedRo.

    Emery was and always will be an appalling blight on our proud roster of AFC managers.

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    “You kept Arsene in a job for 10 years too long. You will keep emery in a job at least 12 months too long”

    True. that’s the reason proposal is to not bear with Emery beyond Sept, just to give the fellow a long rope.

  60. Batistuta

    And Pedro, Emery isn’t gonna sack himself.
    I think your hit pieces should be directed towards Kroenke or the board to get him fired.

    Oh haven’t you heard? Pedro would never point a finger at the Kroenkes….He has hopes Josh Kroenke will feign interest and come rescue us

  61. Danny

    Champions League final between 2 teams who together haven’t won the league in 90 years!
    Time for UEFA to change the competitions.
    As for tonight, I expect us to go through just like we did against Napoli, no problem.

  62. CG

    DD kingz

    its my last day In London
    Back home to SA tomorrow
    would you like to meet me for aperol spritz in my hotel before I depart?

    i would like to have a chat with you about Mr. Wenger,

    Off course-I will be buying.

  63. JDavey

    Whatever arsenal fan says they want spurs to win the CL is a disgrace. Something we have never done, I’m shocked even by some of your lots standards. Pathetic.

  64. Flowmotion

    What everyone needs to do is ask themselves just 1 question.
    Aside from Auba and Laca, would any of our players get into any of the other top 4 teams? The answer is most likely a big fat ‘NO’ and if yes then the only players I can see doing so are Terrier and Leno. Coincidentally, these are the only two players we ACTUALLY spent money on last summer. The rest was the manager trying to patch holes with 0 cash.
    Everyone has forgotten we went on a 22 game unbeaten run this season with these same players until we suffered injuries to what was ESSENTIALLY our 2 best defenders; Holden and Bellerin. No Arsenal fan in their right mind will argue these point.
    So, if those points are fair points, what does that mean? It means when it comes to spending SIGNIFICANT money the manager has done very well. When it comes to coaching players he has also done very well with the dross he was left with.
    Now when you consider how bad our main squad is and then consider how much worse our bench is! If your plan A doesn’t work and your plan B is Eddie, you know we have SERIOUS problems. Tottenham bring Lucas off the bench for their plan B. Think about that for a second. PSG spent 35 million on him. City brings SANE and MAHREZ of the bench for theirs … and on and on.
    Our players are shot because their fitness levels weren’t the best under Wenger and when they need their bench most … like for the last 2 or 3 games there is no bench to rely on. A 10% drop in performance in the premier league means YOU WILL LOSE. So you are left with playing your mostly dross players who are now tired and burning out fast every 3 days. We’ve all seen how much weaker and less aggressive the players have looked in the last 5 games. I’m sorry but if you can agree with the facts I’ve laid out and you still want to attack Emery, you truly need to think again because given all the facts that I’ve just laid out, which most will agree with, We can within a whisker of TOP 4 and have one foot in the EUROPE LEAGUE FINAL. Don’t be stupid people… less emotion and more brain.

  65. OleGunner


    Pedro has developed a bit of a blind spot towards the Korenkes ownership.
    Another bizzarre thing imo.

  66. OleGunner

    To this Guns of Hackney fellow,

    I’m not responding to your played out shtick here so jog on.

  67. Receding Hairline

    Real Madrid will reportedly freeze out Gareth Bale next season, demote him to the U23 in a bid to force him to find a new club

    Over to you Arsenal, that’s how you get rid of Ozil

  68. Into the Red

    Lucas Moura scored the away goal at Barcelona which kept Spurs in the CL. Then he gets a quite astonishing hat trick (that second goal was classic Brazil) and gets the into the final. Who sold him to Spurs? Oh yes, Unai Emery, for the bargain basement price of £25m, after PSG had bought him from Corinthians for £38m. A shrewd buy by Poch and a clanger from Emery. Oh what else have we got to look forward to in the Emery talent spotting contest?

  69. peanuts&monkeys

    Emery is no Klopp. and, a Klopp-like manager is what Arsenal needs. Arsenal also needs to spot right talent. Why couldn’t Arsenal buy Sissoko and Lucas when we have never had a dribbling winger and a imposing DM for years now?

  70. Guns of Hackney


    Irony obviously passed you by.

    You just did respond.

    Do you want to have another go?

  71. Words on a Blog

    I think the problem that Pedro and a lot of the posters on here have is that they’ve got a Mills&Boon romantic notion of a white knight or special sauce manager whose gonna come in and replace the ugly Emery and sweep them off their feet and make everything all right for Arsenal and we will all live happily ever after.

    Anybody who tells them that no such dark handsome hero exists and that the problem is that they/Arsenal are just too fucking ugly for a dark hero to save them is dismissed as an Emery ultra.

    As many of us keep saying, the problems at Arsenal go well beyond Emery.
    Wake up. Reality is somewhat different from a Mills & Boon romance

  72. ddkingz


    so when someone’s is been biased and never saying the truth, he shouldn’t be questioned???

    DI Pedro write about how xhaka caused that penalty against Brighton? no, but he remembered to write how monreals penalty was soft and we couldn’t score against Brighton at our library if not for a dive… So lame..

    you can continue sucking Pedro’s ball for all we care… but don’t suck it alone, remember to take your pals CH and Gambon and salsp.. or whatevr his moniker is along.

  73. Guns of Hackney


    No one is sucking ball.

    The only ball sucking is the formulaic bullshit being served up under Emery.

    Peter is stating facts. True, some may be a bit biased but until you write the blog…that’s his prerogative.

    Arsenal are dead.

  74. ddkingz

    someone asked Pedro 2 days ago…. If he was going to accept just a managerial change (arteta for emery) at arsenal but no incoming and outgoing of players… same xhaka, iwobi, mustafi. ozil and mkhi

    I didn’t read any comment where Pedro answered that particular question

  75. ddkingz

    GOH… please put yourself in Emery’s shoes, and help him answer the question above…

    And tell us where a group of clowns like arteta, ozil,.mkhi, xhaka, iwobi and mustafi would finish in the EPL.

    Add the laca and auba conundrum to the issues he would be having at arsenal… because as a student of pep, he would want to play a 433 formation which would only permit one of either laca or auba at the same time.

    imagine iwobi and mkhi flanking auba in the attack… with that alone and xhaka in midfield and mustafi in defence, our season would end in the 2 week of February

  76. ddkingz

    Arsenal season already ended with that Everton loss…

    but I agree with Goh…. ARSENAL ARE DEAD.

    I’m done here.

  77. Gbat

    Into the red

    So you honestly think Emery had full control over transfers at PSG? If so then he made some great signings in Neymar and Mbappe.

    Gone are the days when managers had full control over transfers. Klopp doesn’t have it at Liverpool. He is one of a number of people who all have to agree to a purchase or sale.

  78. Batistuta

    Pedro has developed a bit of a blind spot towards the Korenkes ownership.
    Another bizzarre thing imo.

    Same thing they say when they’re asked why Wenger wasn’t sacked earlier, they find a way to deflect the blame away from the Kroenkes like it’s the tea lady’s job to sack the manager. Watch him continually bash the manager and never mention how horrible our owner is

  79. Moray

    There’s only one side in Football I would less like to win the champions league than Liverpool and they’re fucking playing them in the final. I feel sick.

  80. SpainishDave

    Right on the money.
    I hate ‘be careful what you wish for, ‘ it’s not Emery’s fault, give him one more year etc. Loosers and millennials crap.
    Emery and co have had 50 games,
    He has fiddled constantly with the line up, he rarely keeps the lineup the same.
    He cannot manage Ozil, he wanted Ramsey away then kept playing him.
    He’s a fraud .
    Out of his depth with a club like ours, why continue this circus?

  81. Biggles

    Pedro, I agree insofar that I don’t think Emery will be the guy to lead us to European glory or a domestic treble or whatever.

    I don’t agree that changing him for next season would lead to a noticeable improvement.

    You talk about Emery spending £70m and not seeing any improvement. Thing is, Emery is the head coach and he didn’t spend it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he had a say. But we went and recruited Sven and we brought in Raul and we started putting in a structure for these kind of things and… the structure failed. Not just Emery.

    Additionally, the money we spent was what helped us to at least remain where we were instead of slipping further. Leno is a definite upgrade on Cech and given that he cost “only” £22m – £50m less than Kepa – he’s a bloody steal. Sokratis is the best defender we have. Imagine we hadn’t spent that £16m. More game time for Mustafi perhaps? More of Monreal as a CB? Kept Chambers in the squad instead? I don’t really think that any of these outcomes would have been better than signing Sokratis. Should we have saved the £25m on Torreira? First half of the season the guy was brilliant for us. Would you have rather saved that money and played Elneny alongside Xhaka more?

    Bottom line is that the money we spent in the summer was critical to us maintaining our general level of the last 5+ years. Without it, we’d be at Everton’s level and not even having European football at all next season, nor would we have made it to the semis of the Europa League.

    Furthermore, regardless of who is in charge next season, the new faces this year are likely to remain first team players for quite some time. We don’t need a new keeper any more. We don’t need a proper defensive midfielder any more. We do need a new CB, but that’s because we needed two and only bought one. Anybody with sense would look at our squad and think that the weak links are our lack of wingers and that our creative midfielders do nothing else for the team *looks at Ozil*.

    In fact, that brings me on to my latest anti-Ozil rant.

    I decided to tally the games played, goals scored, assists and minutes played across all competitions (because we want to win things other than the PL, right?) for Ozil and and Eriksen. Data from season 13/14 to now.

    Played: 229
    Goals: 43
    Assists: 74
    Minutes: 17,952

    Played: 275
    Goals: 65
    Assists: 86
    Minutes: 21,338

    Only in season 13/14 did Ozil play more games than Eriksen. Time on the pitch is important because no matter how talented you are, you do nothing on the treatment table. Just ask Diaby. And of course, if you aren’t playing, somebody else is, which requires a capable replacement.

    Eriksen scores more. Eriksen assists more. Hell, this season Ozil only has 3 assists – so about £5.3m per assist. Eriksen is paid £75k. Ozil is on £350k. Eriksen cost £11m. Ozil cost £42m. Ozil has basically no resale value because his wages are so great we would need to pay him off to get him to leave. Eriksen is probably worth £75m.

    Emery can’t be blamed for one of our supposed worldies being useless. He at least dropped him rather than have him drop an anonymous game from time to time. Wenger had problems getting the best from Ozil, Ancelloti had problems with him and let him go.

    Changing managers will not change Ozil. Mhiktaryan is in the same boat – good rep once upon a time, never lived up to the hype and costing too much as they get too old and have little resale value. At least Xhaka is young enough for us to cut out losses and force him to look elsewhere

    There are better coaches out there than Emery. I would trade him for Guardiola or Klopp. But they would also struggle to make much of an improvement because our whole structure is pish. Klopp was able to get a bit more from an underperforming team but once he’d gotten the low hanging fruit out of the way, he had to start replacing people. And he was able to do that because there was a structure in place that meant he wasn’t losing everybody on free transfers and stuck with those who were being paid stupid amounts. It wasn’t Klopp’s personal brilliance that found Robertson* or brought Alexander Arnold through the academy*. It wasn’t Klopp who’d personally negotiated Coutinho’s contract and had him locked down so they could rob Barcelona*. It was the structures in place.

    *I’m guessing this. Maybe he did do all these things, but I highly doubt it. Part of the process, but not THE process the way Wenger was.

    I expect Emery to be in charge next season. And there will probably be some more baby steps to replacing dead wood in the squad and getting the wage bill under control. But without the huge investment to write-off Ozil and Mhikitaryan and plug all the other gaps in the squad, any new coach would still be wasting time and money for no real improvement.

    Until we’ve got the mouldy steak out the fridge, we’re buying yellow stickered. Simple as that.

    Roll on 2021, or as I now refer to it, 0 AO (After Ozil).

  82. Siddharth14

    I’m so glad that i didn’t watch the game last night. Just thinking about Spurs scoring in the last minute to reach a UCL Final is mind numbing. I can only sympathize with the Arsenal lot that have witnessed it.

    However, putting the rivalry aside, it is clear that Spurs have got there with a mixture of a lot of things. Decent Squad, a very good Manager, an effective style of play, belief and a little bit of luck have all played a role. Even considering all these, we have to give credit where it’s due. They have overcome Dortmund, Citeh and Ajax.

    For us, it is about getting our heads down and putting together a robust football structure in place this summer. A fundamental change in the way of how this club operates, is the need of the hour. The Management needs to have a look at teams like Liverpool and Tottenham, and study the mechanics of how this has been achieved. No shame in accepting that Spurs have done a good job.

    My biggest worry is Arsenal going onto win the Europa Cup. Though i would be over the moon with the European Trophy, it is going to mask all the niggling issues right from top to the bottom which are preventing us from competing on an elite level. Strangely, Spurs winning the CL would be a blessing in disguise for our Club and a real and hard kick on our balls. This may finally awaken the sleeping American ownership because supporters are then going to raise their voices and start questioning the club.

    Clear the dead wood and players taking huge money disproportionate to their ability and effort. Get in some young and upcoming players who identify with hard work and grit along with technical ability. Throwing money is not the be all and end. We can do this even on a decent budget but it will take time. Assign clear roles at all levels and inculcate accountability.

    Let’s get started………….

  83. Nelson

    One thing most of us should agree upon is that Emery was hired because of his EL record. If he manages to win the Europa Cup, his hiring was justified.
    Two major factors omitted by Pedro’s summary. They are
    – This is Emery’s first year managing in the EPL. The way he rotates the players or use of backup/youngsters during the season needs improvement.
    – Emery takes over a team which was managed by a manager for over 20 years. Just look at how David Moyes did for Manure,

    It is obvious that Emery has encountered a lot of difficulties during the season. It all started with no Winter break and the form of the team started to go south. He had to call back Ozil and Ramsey and had to set up the team by reacting to the opponent. The identity of the team was lost.

    After one year of experience, Emery should know the major deficiency of the team. Most of the players are lacking a strong mentality to fight away from home. We don’t have fast wingers nor players who can score outside the box. As the saying goes, you can’t win the war without the guns.

  84. Spudnik


    Emery didn’t sign Suarez, Raul did. He is head coach of the first team not the manager and so doesn’t get to sign players. He gets to pick the XI and decided he didn’t like Raul’s signing so much he only played him for a few minutes over 5 months.