Arsenal win huge 3 points + The expensive #10 issue

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There can be no doubt about it, our 17th game unbeaten was one of the sweetest. Arsenal powered to victory away at Bournemouth after a 2 week international break and 3 draws on the bounce. We hadn’t won for a little over a month. We were playing a team that sat 4 points behind us in the table, and 6 places above us in the xG league.

The game wasn’t pretty. The performance left a lot to be desired. There were some performances I could smell in New York. But once again, it was the 3 points that mattered.

Lady Luck was riding with us, which helped. The first goal of the game came from Lermar, the impressive number 8 brought in this summer for £25m. Iwobi was found in the half-space, he rolled a ball into Kolasinac who crossed dangerously into the box, Lerma was fully committed to the clearance and fortunately caught the ball clean on the volley and sent it past Begovic. A fucking great finish.

We couldn’t let the half finish on a high. We overcommitted in the Bournemouth box on 45minutes. Iwobi pirouetted, lost the ball, the counter-attack broke with Bellerin and Torreira nowhere to be seen. Mikhi tracked back for a bit, but gave up. The ball found its way to King at the back post and he made no mistake under no pressure and fizzed a perfect shot into Leno’s top corner.

The second half saw Arsenal claw their way back. We took more control of the game, Bournemouth started to look leggy, and our quality showed. We capitalised on our possession, Iwobi again found in the half-space slotted a perfect pass inside the fullback, Kolasinac made the most of his run finding Auba in the box, with the finish never in question.

Arsenal went full on banter years towards the end. Bournemouth hit the post from 30 years, Leno had to make a few very important saves, and Mustafi lunged into a stupid challenge on 95minutes to give us all a heart attack. The freekick went over, so it was fine.

So what did we learn?

#10 Drought

Emery doesn’t fancy his most expensive player against teams that ruffle feathers.

‘We thought how we can be better in the match, a very demanding match with physicality and intensity,’

‘But every player is important. We worked today and it is another possibility to improve or find our best performance in the squad.

‘In the beginning of the season we were speaking every day about the need to be competitive. We need to be organised, we need the individual quality to improve our performance.

‘It’s the same today. It depends. It depends how the match is going, what the result is. I decided for another option. We knew this is a difficult stadium, a difficult team.

‘Seventeen matches we haven’t lost, but the last three matches we drew. We know that is not enough for us, for our objectives.’

Quite the indictment, but an honest appraisal. The brutal truth is that we’re rocking £520k worth of #10 talent and neither are good enough for what we need. Mikhi was given a rare start, but he looked utterly out of place. He lacked urgency, I don’t think he worked hard, his passing was off key and his shooting was attrocious. I was game for rejuvenating his career, but it doesn’t look good. He doesn’t look focused on proving the doubters wrong.

The question I have is this: If Emery doesn’t fancy Ozil against physical team, what the fuck is he going to do against Spurs next week?


Bernd Leno continued to impress. He has the right level of theatre with his saves, but my word, he’s all over that goal. He made some very sharp saves yesterday. He’s just so reassuring to have at the back. It’s been rare to have a keeper that drops MOM performances, but I think this guy does.

Defensive worries:

Sokratis was in a wrestling match against King today. Sure, the Bournemouth striker is very strong, but my concern is the Greek just isn’t that mobile. He’s wrestling because he can’t keep up. Combine that with the donut behaviour of Mustafi, and, well, you have a problem next week against Spurs. Kane, Alli, Son and Erikson are going to have a field day if we don’t button up.


I think a few pointed out that Torreira didn’t look in good shape by the time he was taken off today. He’s bearing the workload of two players because Xhaka isn’t exactly mobile. He’ll have to do some work next week, so we have to hope he has enough energy in his legs, and that the club give him the right amount of R&R


I took some pelters for suggesting Iwobi was regressing. I misphrased. I didn’t feel he was offering us the levels he was earlier in the season. I think maybe I was unfair, he was involved in two goals and the pass for the second was exceptional. But, you have to put that against the backdrop of the error in the build-up to the Bournemouth goal. I think we need to upgrade in our wide positions. We need pace, more technique and real width.


  • We have won more away games this season than we did in the whole of last season. Which is good.
  • We still haven’t led at halftime. Which is both bad, for obvs reasons. But good, because we’re masters of the second half.
  • xNerd stats: Arsenal 1.65 Bournemouth 0.65
  • We had 20 attempts on goal. 4 on target. 1 goal. Does the stat for conversion only count if it’s on target? Is our conversion rate 25% or 50% with an own goal? Either way, yesterday was a bad day in front of goal.


P.S. Emery learns his English by way of the Peaky Blinders. I like him.

“Now I am watching English TV series to improve my English… Peaky Blinders is good but it is difficult, from Birmingham!”

“And it’s very aggressive. But it’s good, it’s good.”

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  1. Nelson

    Raptora: “Absolutely inexcusable and amateur in the last second of the game when the opponent GK is going to strike the ball forward, to have four players that are not in any position to help in the fight for the first and second ball after the GK’s strike. Mikki, Guen, Ramsey and Eddie (who’s not even in the screen) have to cover their heads in shame.”

    Yesterday, I questioned the wisdom of bringing in Eddie instead of a defender to see out the game. At least, we need someone more experienced in this situation.

  2. Dissenter

    Is it safe for Arsenal to travel to Ukraine under these conditions?
    The Ukrainians and Russians are upping the ante … it won’t be long before commercial airlines get targeted again.
    I wouldn’t trust UEFA to do the right thing. What does the UK foreign office think.

  3. Pierre

    “Players like Nasri, Eboue, Song and Giroud will live on, but not Ozil. That’s the price you pay for being a c*nt of epic proportions. ”

    Well done Raptora ,you have posted probably the most ridiculous comment of the year which is not easy to do so I offer my congratulations to you ….

  4. Georgio


    Yes, I’m a Nigerian. But that has no influence on my take on Iwobi. I was also wanted him to be shipped out even up till July…. but we all agree we have seen a totally different Iwobi this season.

    Roast him when the situation call for it, also give credit when it’s due.

    Also on Mustafi .. as much as I want him gone this minute, that late tackle on Wilson actually might have earned the 3 points even though it was reckless. Wilson had quite a momentum to that move and if he had scored, we would all be here roasting Mustafi for not taking one for the team with a tackle.

  5. Guns of SF

    The game was good. Overall, I think we dominated about 70% of it. The rest I felt really on edge about. The ease of getting through to our box is a continued issue. I feel we got lucky with their own goal and in reality it might be a draw. Also concerned about how many shots Auba is missing. He had some decent looks but has a brain fart and rushes them- over the bar or wide. Mikki while at times did look ok to me is not a solution to our 10.

    I get this funny feeling that we will get a really good winger this Jan. With all the chaos with Boca and River, perhaps we can nab a rising star from them?

    Anyhow, Im overall happy with the 3 but we really need to have a better game against spuds

  6. Guns of SF

    Very ripe debate on Ozil today. I was glad he was not on the pitch. Right decision by Emery. If he plays against Vorkslka then I think the writing is on the wall.
    I can see Ozil in the colors of Milan for some reason.

    Anyhow, I read an article that we dont need a true 10 anymore in a 343 system or 352

    If that is the modern game, then we do not need Ozil. Emery is making changes that are giving us results- game to game. I appreciate him doing this much work in scouting our opposition. Our last manager was a turd who never did any of this.

  7. Pierre

    A bit harsh on iwobi to put a large slice of blame on him for the goal.

    We were basically only playing with 3 offensive players and Iwobi was one of those.
    There were 4 midfield players playing behind iwobi …they were bellerin,Torriera,xhaka and Kolasinac.
    3 of those 4 players were ahead of the ball …xhaka was the only one in a position to defend.
    Anyone of those other 3 players would be regarded as more culpable than iwobi.

    The position from where their goal was scored was our left back /wing back position ……where was Kolasinac , I don’t think he was even in the picture when they scored ..maybe he was out for a Sunday afternoon stroll but I see no reason why he couldn’t have recovered his position .

    Earlier stroller was talking about football intelligence and this goal showed a lack of football intelligence on so many levels .
    I’m not sure Kolasinac is very positionally aware anyway but surely alarm bells should ring as soon as he sees the other wing back in the box along with Torriera,iwobi,Mhkitaryan and Aubamayang and his first instinct should have been to drop back because we were short in midfield ….even more so with 30 seconds left on the clock ..

  8. Dissenter

    If the Ukrainian government is declaring martial law, what does that do to the visiting fans midweek?
    Do these idiots at UEFA even follow the news?

    The game ought to be moved to a neutral country.

  9. Savage

    I enjoyed the game – what I particularly liked was the way we weathered most of the initial storm and began to establish dominance. That’s good team football – you face a different threat and you collectively adjust to it and begin to adapt.

  10. James.wood

    Nelson our heading ability in the middle of the park is dire and totally
    unacceptable at this level.
    Xhaka – Torra torra both have mobility problems and claim the appropriate

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Emery has seen through Ozil far quicker than I thought.

    Waste of space and a total waste of wages given our financial situation.

  12. Guns of SF


    I think Ozil will be considering a move himself. This season has been the roughest on him bar any other player on the team. Most have improved some… or just stayed the same. Ozil has not adapted bar the Leicester city game- which is typical for him. A great game against crappy opposition that does happen about 1/10 times per season

    His wages are like having 2 or 3 stars at the club.

    He must GO

    Come on Ivan- bring him to Milan in Jan

  13. Pierre

    James Wood
    That’s why I wanted nzonzi in the summer…a giant who can also play a bit and is as disciplined as they come…

    I liked the look of Billing yesterday ….had an excellent game for Huddersfield in the middle of the park.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Guns of SF

    I just find him a totally unacceptable ‘professional’.

    He wants to do one thing, one thing out of a whole list of footballing responsibilities and you’re still getting behind spewing the ‘build a suitable team around him’ mantra.

    Yeah, great one. Lets point our buying and training toward the foundations of Ozil who shows up 1 in every 10 games. The myth of Ozil is as baffling to me as the myth of Wilshere.

    The problem is who is going to take him?

  15. Pierre

    “Waste of space and a total waste of wages given our financial situation”

    Just to inform you that Arsenal wages are 5th in the premier league behind United,city,Chelsea and Liverpool so are you implying our ” financial situation ” is good or bad .

  16. Leedsgunner

    It will be very telling who will go to Ukraine… the U23s are playing Derby tonight… and I suggest those omitted will be on that plane.

  17. Guns of SF

    Slower paced teams in slower leagues- Serie A might take a punt on him.
    Both Milan teams might be the way for him.

    Im buying into the whole ” number 10 myth”
    We do not need that type of player now. All must be technically sound, hard working, tracking back on D, and assist givers- with the ability to score

    Ozil can improve his game by getting into the box more and becoming a scoring threat- but NOOOO he insists on padding his stats with – most chances created- (God knows how that stat is kept,) or assists. Definetly got screwed with Wenger and Gazidis messing up his and Sanchez contracts

    He offers nothing by way of speed, or dribbling ability. He and Ramsey are slow as molasses

  18. Leedsgunner

    Arsenal U23: Iliev, Olowu, Ballard, Koscielny, Bola, Bramall, Gilmour, Zelalem, Olayinka, Coyle, John-Jules.

    Subs: Hein, Omole, Osei-Tutu, Tormey, Saka.

    Which means then, W.illock, Nketiah, AMN, and ESR will all go to Ukraine. I suspect even Dominic Thompson, a U23 left back might be part of that squad too.

  19. James.wood

    Yes Pierre a couple of Nzonzi type players would help us .

    Athletic type players who are winners like Mendy/
    Aiurier//Rudiger /De bruyne we seemed to have lacked
    this type of player with the exception being Sánchez.
    Instead we have signed Guendouzi who needs time and
    Torriera who also comes up short but is our best option at the moment.

  20. Rainman

    If benched hard and long enough, Ozil might actually be shamed into moving. The highest paid player being made to sit on the bench would be a big indictment. He strikes me as the sort of fella who would like to be a big fish in a small pond, if Arsenal becomes too demanding of him, he might seek options elsewhere.

  21. Guns of SF

    We are stuck with his wages ATM. No other way but to take a loss on him. Will have to sell him very cheap to the next buyer-
    China?? They can afford this type of shit

  22. Leedsgunner

    A real notable exception is tonight is also Zach Medley, a CB… and a regular at this level.

    So my guess is we will be taking at least 5 youngsters with us:

    Nketiah, W.illock, ESR are certain to go.

    Medley and Thompson high probables to sit on the bench.

  23. Leedsgunner

    I’d love to see Eddie, Emile, Joe and Ainsley all start. With Cech, Ramsey, Elneny and Özil in the line up most likely, the team facing Vorskla will be a good balance of experience and youth.

    I hope Mkhitaryan plays in Ukraine to help him break out of this bad form.

  24. mysticleaves

    Thought it was a good game yesterday. Some players disappointed yesterday in moments, notably Miki and Kola but overall they were good. Iwobi again was good. Offered a direct threat and his pre assists this season has been his biggest improvement. Does it regularly now in the Nigerian NT too. If it means anything, the way he affects games will tell SES that we need better, more direct wide/half space player.

    I thought Torr was good but looked shot at the end. Its also a myth that it’s because he’s doing two people work in the middle but people say what they want anyway.

    As for what Emery said on Ozil, there’s an underlying issue. Maybe he’s looking to move on Ozil. Bournemouth weren’t even physical and 90% of EPL games are physical and intense anyway. So if you use that excuse to bench him and then he start him against Spurs….lol.

  25. Pierre

    I have always said that it should be horses for courses with ozil and maybe Emery is using that philosophy when playing ozil .
    In high intensity games ozil struggles to have any influence so it’s perfectly acceptable to leave him out without all the crap that’s being written about him on here …Lacazette,aubamayang and Mhkitaryan have been benched this season and ozil is no different.

    E.stroller got it right when he said ozil will be back next week’s a game made for him …
    And before you all say Tottenham will be a high intensity game …Arsenal will be at home and the Emirates crowd will see to it that Tottenham can’t get up to anything untoward….they will be on to the ref from the outset allowing ozil the space to do the business.

  26. mysticleaves

    Ozil plays high intensity games. He has played in many of those games for us and excelled. Just maybe he’s not giving Emery what he wants.

    Honestly, if Ozil played exactly the same way, but tried more shots and probably scored more goals, people won’t be on his back the way there are. Ozils game is under scrutiny because he’s not dropping goals and assists, not because he’s not working hard, or doesn’t give a fuck. Football is a numbers game.

    I watched Erikson against Chelsea closely, apart from the assist he gave, he did almost nothing else apart from team pressing and normal ticking over of possession when needed (which Ozil does, mind) yet a le grove in game commentary said ‘imagine Ozil doing what Erikson does’.

  27. Emmanuel Nwaneri

    Ozil has always been a bum. He has always been overrated. Has always been lazy; gutless and lacking a stomach for a fight. Only a gutless coach like Wenger could have indulged him for so long.
    Luckily for us Gooners, Wenger reign was cut short and Emery has no time to babysit any grumpy, overpaid prima Donna. Thank heavens! He has seen through Ozil in less than three months and has clearly had enough.
    Methinks Ozil’s days are numbered at Arsenal. Remember how he was hawked around Europe in the summer of 2017 by his agent but no club was interested; as he dilly-dallied about signing an extension to his Arsenal contract.
    Long live Unai. Long may he reign!

  28. mysticleaves

    Especially excited to see our team against Vorska. I am excited to see what AMN and Eddie can do. But I am also excited to see willock in the middle. He’s developed this presence in the junior teams where hes now a genuine leader and affects games regularly (he knows where the goal is too). I feel if he doesn’t make inroads into the first team this season and next then he probably won’t ever again.

  29. Guns of SF

    Ozil is not a high intensity player by any stretch

    How many times has he lost the ball against pressing teams? Its almost easy to take the ball off him. He has great vision but that is not as important with how Emery wants to play. Who has the time and space to pick out a killer pass? His movement off the ball is really wanting as well.

    He makes minimal effort to win the ball back. Sulks, looks flustered and has never risen his game – during a game when we needed it.

    He is one pace and a one tick pony. Emery needs to figure out what to do with him fast. I think more benching might make him have a chat with his agent about a move away…. I guess that is the only way to have him leave- make him more miserable

  30. Pierre

    Aubamayang scores a goal ……no negative comments on le grove
    If Aubamayang didn’t score a tap in goal ….le grove would be awash with negativity towards Aubamayang……very shallow bunch on here I reckon .

    Just for the record I would play aubamayang every minute of every game because he guarantees you one thing …..goals .

  31. Pierre

    Depending on what formation Emery plays ,if it is a back 4 then it’s time to pick the same front 4 who played so well against Liverpool.

    Aubamayang,Lacazette,ozil and Mhkitaryan…..he brave again Emery ,just like you was v Liverpool.

    Let Tottenham worry about our strike force ..let’s see an attack with technical skills, intelligence and guile along with the pace of Aubamayang..

    If we play safe with our selection it shows fear …our defence is going to concede chances whichever way you look at it so we may as well give them something to think about at the other end of the pitch.

  32. Guns of SF


    I did say in my first comment that I am getting concerned about Auba and his misses in front of goal- with him skying shots or rushing them. True- if he did not score- im sure others would also be commenting. he did do what he was supposed to do though-but I think he can do better. If he made 2- that would have iced the game- and would feel like a real legit win.

  33. mysticleaves

    “and has never risen his game – during a game when we needed it.”

    Plain lie, but I understand lol.

    Pierre, re Aubameyang, I think if you check the in game commentary, he received a lot of bashing. I (and i assume many other posters here) knew Auba is a limited striker but one that knows where the net is. He’s a tap in merchant who works extremely well in a counter press team with two wingers that hide his inefficiencies.

    What I didn’t know was that in front of goal he can miss a lot of sitters. I think we have made a lot of chances for him this season that he hasn’t taken and it’s rather weird.

  34. Nelson

    I am worried that Spurs will target the left side of our defense. Kola is more interested to bomb forward Holding and Xhaka are not as fast as Torreia and Mustafi. With Bellerin, our right side defense is much more solid. Monreal’s injury is really killing us.

  35. Guns of SF


    tell me when Ozil has stepped up in a game where we needed a push to win? Im not talking about a game where we were blowing out the competition- Leciester/Fulham etc.
    How does Ozil fare against the bigger teams with stars- who get paid less than he does?
    Sure he has a good game here and there but he is not superstar leader this team needs. He is a passenger plain and simple.

    There comes a time when a player needs to be honest with themselves and understand their limitations and work on them and also develop their game to suit the needs of the team. He has done neither IMO

  36. Pierre

    Guns of sf
    Do you not ever think to yourself …why do I talk so much shit about ozil ….it intrigues me how a player who has been voted Germany’s player of the year 5 times in 6 seasons and holds the record number of assists in the prem is shown so little respect on here…

  37. Pierre

    “What I didn’t know was that in front of goal he can miss a lot of sitters. I think we have made a lot of chances for him this season that he hasn’t taken and it’s rather weird.”

    I’m not sure that’s true ..that could be in your imagination of maybe you believe all what you read on le grove……apart from the Chelsea game I think Arsenal and Aubamayang have been pretty clinical in front of goal …the other 2 ” chances” he had the other day are what I would call half chances ….

  38. Marko

    If the Ukrainian government is declaring martial law, what does that do to the visiting fans midweek?

    Make it easier to get a pint at the bar…

  39. Guns of SF

    I have read thousands of posters on here ridicule you left and right. I have reserved doing such thing. However, I think your last post is utterly ridiculous.
    Ozil has been nothing but a dissapointment for this club. For you to not see any of this is more than perplexing.
    IF you cannot see for yourself, then keep the rose colored glasses on. I hope your hero Ozil comes through some day for some other team bc we are wasting away with him on the team.
    PS how did your boy Ozil fare in the last world cup? A one man wrecking crew?

  40. Marko

    it intrigues me how a player who has been voted Germany’s player of the year 5 times in 6 seasons and holds the record number of assists in the prem is shown so little respect on here…

    I’ll say it slowly and in capitals so you can understand finally. IT’S BECAUSE HE DOESN’T PUT IN ANY EFFORT AND HAS BEEN MOSTLY SHIT FOR ABOUT TWO SEASONS NOW.

    In high intensity games ozil struggles to have any influence so it’s perfectly acceptable to leave him out without all the crap that’s being written about him on here …Lacazette,aubamayang and Mhkitaryan have been benched this season and ozil is no different.

    Ozil was specifically benched because he’s a wet sponge and he couldn’t be trusted to put in the effort against a team like Bournemouth so not the same as the others being benched. Also I love how you basically are making a case for Ozil to play against easy opponents at home because he’s not able to take part in the more high intensity games. What a pathetic player and fan. You both deserve each other really

  41. Pierre this slowly and let it sink in


  42. azed


    Chances Created
    Assists plus Key passes.

    Key Pass
    The final pass or pass-cum-shot leading to the recipient of the ball having an attempt at goal without scoring.

    Big Chances
    A situation where a player should reasonably be expected to score, usually in a one on one scenario or from very close range when the ball has a clear path to goal and there is low to moderate pressure on the shooter. Penalties are always considered big chances.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t understand why people bother.

    What was said about Wenger was proved correct.

    What was said about Ozil seems to be in the process of being proved correct.

  44. Pedro

    Also, Ramsey… overrated.

    Xhaka stats doing the rounds at the minute hyping him above Jorginho.

    Our fanbase never learns

  45. Emiratesstroller

    As I wrote Ozil is not a “high octane player”. However he has other attributes, which make him a far better player than many of the people who post on here
    may think.

    In my earlier post I pointed out that he was the outstanding player in our home game against Spurs last season when we won 2-0.

    That was probably our best result last season.

  46. Guns of SF

    Both Rambo and Ozil can be replaced and not missed too much. We need younger, more dynamic and faster!
    Both Rambo and Ozil have had enough time at the club to prove themselves. They believe their own hype way too much.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    ‘In my earlier post I pointed out that he was the outstanding player in our home game against Spurs last season when we won 2-0’

    Yeah he was when we played Chelsea the season before that. That is the problem ‘I remember a game’ well sorry, your ‘captain’ on £350 000 a week should not be a player you have to raise individual games that are sporadically dispersed as defences from rightful and constant criticism. Turning up 10% of the time when it suits is not good enough.

    He’s straying into Wilshere/Walcott territory where you overlook months of games and find his last good performance as justification for his continued selection when the basic law of averages says you are going to be waiting around for Ozil to drop a performance so his selection is quite often damaging.

  48. Sancho Monzorla

    If Ozil is not going to playing for his country’s national team any longer, what exactly does he need to stay in one of the elite professional leagues for? I wish he would go to China.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Both Rambo and Ozil can be replaced’


    I would like to see us go for someone like Havertz. Likely looking at £40 Million but the potential upside is huge for him, you could be looking at a De Bruyne level player there in CAM.

    Fornals though would be a smart bit of business.

    It is interesting to see whether we need to move Xhaka on or whether the whole midfield unit will look more cohesive with a hard working CAM who also offers control of possession.

  50. Guns of SF

    I like this Havertz kid- if he really is 6ft, that is a major plus. I did see him use his right foot some in this video- which is one of the better highlight reels I have seen. A bit long though but the boy has skillzz

  51. Marko


    One that stat is pointless when you consider his assists the last two seasons are way down and two a season is longer than 5 months. Did his form disappear around the time he got that mega deal? Surely not

  52. Marko

    However he has other attributes, which make him a far better player than many of the people who post on here
    may think.

    Like what? And also if he doesn’t put in the effort and doesn’t show these attributes then it’s all just words on a blog

  53. China1

    For elite players it’s not necessary to highlight this orntgat performance as cesc said

    Elite isn’t something you were in this or that game, it’s a description of what you are bringing to the table on a weekly basis for year after year

    We don’t say Henry was world class because remember that goal he scored against spurs??? He was world class because of his weekly contribution. It’s hard to even pin point his top 10 goals because he had literally 30-40 worldies.

    Looking at AM players is no different. De bruyne doesn’t need to be singled out for a single unbelievable performance, it’s just what he does

  54. China1

    The biggest indictment of ozil’s shortcomings is that he divides people so much

    Elite players rarely invite their own fans to question them. Nobody was arguing about henry’s poor corners or his lack of aerial threat, or bergkamp’s not always stellar goal tallies, or Campbell’s propensity to jump with his elbows and catch people, or Vieira putting the team in trouble by picking up so many red cards. These players could have their shortcomings and the entire fan base was still 100% united and agreed on their awesomeness because what they brought to the table every weak was a million times more valuable.

    The fact that we need to have a debate about players like ozil and Ramsey and that half the fans feel pretty vehemently against them is telling. It doesn’t mean they don’t have talent, but it does mean their performances can’t have been that good – otherwise we wouldn’t even be having the conversation

    Put any of the invincibles in this team and the fan base would be united behind them even with the different formation, tactics and system. You KNOW that any one of those players would a lot right in and still be immense.

  55. Guns of SF

    I think if Ozil was paid 60-70K that would be in line with his performances. Not many would be as incensed with him if that were the case. However, he and his agent played the elite player card- and he milked the Sanchez situation to his gain, knowing that the club were in dire straights. Good for him- he is a very rich young man. However, we do not need him and his chances created. He has been on the decline fora while now, and I think most of us were thinking that Emery would be a new lease on life for him, but sadly, its more of the same.

    Ozil is not changing. Not even a new coach and new system is brining anything out of him. Its been about 6 months already and not much different.

    What I personally find infuriating is that he has not evolved his game. A midfielder must do this to keep working within the system. I know he must have watched classic 10’s growing up like Zidane, etc. but the game seems to have moved on from those type of players who demand the ball all the time.

    He could work on his quickness, getting into the box more, defending, showing more fight on the pitch, and actually looking like he cares

    There is a reason why Madrid got rid of him. He would play 60 some minutes with them on a regular basis. That was all he was good for..

    His first season with us was great. IT seemed like he wanted to prove something and it showed. I think Wenger and Co, along with his personality were a great fit, as he soon realized that being shit gets rewarded by Wenger etc.

    he is a millenial and those types of players- like most do not operate with the same gusto as players of yesteryear- I could never see Ozil surviving with the Invincibles- he would get eaten alive

  56. Leedsgunner

    Looks like Pleguezuelo was omitted tonight for the U23s too. Good, I just wonder if Emery is planning to play 3 at the back versus Spurs… so he’s trying to rest his first choice CBs.

    I wonder if Julio Pleguezuelo will play on Thursday and if does if he does, will he be played as a RB or a CB?

  57. Goobergooner

    Iwobi had no control over his “pirouette”, and lost the ball as a result. Because he lost the ball does not make him the culprit for conceding.
    Xhaka was in the more defensive position so he was back covering; because torr made a play forward, yet didn’t get close to the ball, along with our whole defensive line, so it really was just a good counter by Bournemouth.
    If The ball in by bellerin made it back to torreira instead of iwobi, or iwobi touched it on for torr to continue his run, the outcome may have been different.
    In saying that, I don’t think torreira should have made a forward run, as he congested the area iwobi was in.
    All in all, torr was out of position but we still had 4 players behind the ball. Could definitely have been dealt with better.

  58. Leedsgunner

    With every game he misses, Monreal proving by his absence that he is one of the unsung hero of this team.

    I hope he is back very very soon.

  59. Goobergooner

    ““Did anyone watching that game think “oh he has lost the ball there and we are in trouble” the minute Iwobi was dispossessed in the Bournemouth penalty box?? I would guess not.”

    Yes, I did.

    Because Torreira had instigated the one-two with the intention of receiving the return ball, and as soon as Iwobi decided to stick his oar in and do a daft needless pirouette, we were bare at the back.”

    Exactly how I felt.

  60. Goobergooner

    Plegezuelo (so?) Played CB last time out for the first team didn’t he?

    Is he a RB for the under 23? Or does he play a bit of both?

  61. Nelson

    I was a Real fan while Ozil was there. Ozil is a very skillful player and combined extremely well with CR7. But he is not a leader and lack of energy to play a full 90 mins.
    Both Real and the Germany national team provide him with an environment to succeed, but not Arsenal. I think he sometimes gives up and disappears from the game. I understand that the fans are unhappy because he is not delivering. I looks like Emery is giving up on him. A divorce would be good for all parties.

  62. China1

    Monreal is the only player in the squad who has been here more than 18 months and not been a burden to us at some point or another

  63. gonsterous

    I’m glad we have both laca and auba in the side but if laca missed those chances at the weekend, he would have been absolutely crucified in here. But Auba missed them and is defended by the phrase, he scores goals, well guess what, so does Laca. Laca can be a tap in merchant too.

    Now I’m not saying laca is better than Auba but why criticise one of them but defend the other when they both are almost equal in quality. Both miss sitters and both score spectacular goals, why defend one when they miss a sitter but crucify the other ? Is it because of their price tag ??

  64. Olumide

    So what if Auba is a ‘tap-in’ merchant?
    I don’t understand why people relegate tap-in goals. And for your info, Laca can’t be a tap in merchant, it’s not his style.
    Anybody can score tap ins, but the most difficult part of it is the positioning. If you aren’t there, can you still score a tap-in? Watch his movement for Leicester’s 2nd goal & his movement will make you appreciate the ‘tap-in’ goal.
    I may not be a fan of Aubameyang’s gameplay but I’m a fan of his goals. Lacazette offers better gameplay but Aubameyang offers more goals. Now, goals is the most important stat for a striker.

  65. gonsterous


    who cares what goals our striker scores. As long as it’s in the back of the net, I don’t care. What I have a problem with and you fail to grasp is, why does laca get criticised for certain misses but auba is defended for similar misses. They both score tap ins, wonder goals and they both miss sitters.

    and I didn’t relegate tap in goals, I just said, laca can do it too.

  66. Pierre

    Very well put …movement in the box and the timing of the their run is everything for a striker …Aubamayang has it …lacazette doesn’t though I rate lacazette very highly as a striker .
    He just scores different types of goals than aubamayang .

  67. Emiratesstroller

    Tony Adams was interviewed last week by a National Newspaper. He made it clear in the article that he was not personally an Arsenal fan, but playing for them was a job.

    However, he went on to confirm that both his children were Arsenal fans and he would be taking them to watch Arsenal play Fulham at Craven Cottage.

    He then went on to distinguish Arsenal Supporters of old who had a close affinity with the club whatever the result with the new breed of fan who are
    only interested in the result and winning trophies.

    When I read many of the posts on Le Grove I think that Adams has summed up the position perfectly.

    The new breed of fan treats the club as a brand.

  68. Olumide

    People actually criticize Aubameyang. I can remember many people did that after the Chelsea game. In fact, his struggle in the number 9 position was what brought Laca back into the starting 11.
    But it’s difficult to criticize him for missing sitters against Bournemouth when he ended up scoring the winning goal. And those around him were not playing too well.
    Even Ronaldo misses sitters. But when he scores people forget the misses.

  69. Graham62

    When Mesut Ozil signed for Arsenal back in 2013, I think most Arsenal fans, even myself, were delighted to see a world-class performer join the club. A mainstay of the German national team and one of RM’s key players, we all expected great things from Ozil.

    Irrespective of my lack of trust in Wenger, I was excited to see how the German would perform. Initially things looked good but it soon became apparent that there were limits to MO’s game, both physically and mentally, which were unfortunately compounded by Wenger’s leadership frailties.

    Five years later and under a new and dynamic manager, we have reached a crossroads. Put simply, what do we do with him? Do we build a team around him? Do we try and accomodate him to justify his astronomical wages and let him mope around and continue to turn up when he feels like it? or, do we do what’s best for the club and offload him asap?

    Emery, I feel, may have already made up his mind.

  70. Pierre

    Ozil and Sanchez were a tremendous partnership for Arsenal for a couple of years ..just a shame we didn’t have someone like aubamayang or lacazette up top .

    Sanchez has gone to Manchester United and is now a shadow of himself.
    Emery comes to Arsenal and ozil is a shadow of himself .

    Both are now not even being selected and neither team is in the top 4.

    Graham, do you think it could possibly be that their previous manager actually had the knowledge and experience to get Sanchez and ozil to play to close to their full potential as Mourinho and Emery are failing miserably..

    What do you think Graham .