Halfway line Sulker in Chief attacks ex-teammate

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William Gallas, a man of class, a man who once took his passion so far, he sulked on the halfway line when a teammate gave away a dubious penalty, has shown the man he really is today… by sticking the book into big Phil Senderos.

“I knew Philippe Senderos, before a match he would need to speak a lot, you could see that he was sweating, that he did not feel good,”

“Especially against certain players. I saw him against Chelsea, against Didier Drogba, where he would genuinely panic, like he was going through his match before playing it.

“And unfortunately, when you saw him on the pitch, he lost his playing abilities, he didn’t play well. But against his own team-mates, he played better.”

I mean, I’ll be super honest here, who didn’t realise this when they watched the Swiss? He looked terrified when he had to play against Drogba. As a shite footballer myself, I used to take solace in the fact that most of the best footballers don’t really think on the same level as normal people. They’re kind of vacant, they just think about the game.

Not Phil. The guy had a degree, he was a master of 5 languages, he no doubt had a Proust novel tucked away in his boot bag, maybe even a notebook to take down casual after training musings about the interplay between nature and man. He was a sensitive soul and it sadly never really worked out for him.

That said, always remember, he was part of that record-breaking defence that stormed to a Champions League final, he’ll always have the Bernabeu.

Anyway, not sure why you’d level in on an ex-teammate like that? Gallas was a precious little bitch who always put himself above those around him. He was a shite leader who couldn’t contain his emotions. Sure, he was a great footballer for a time, but he can hardly powder his tenure at Arsenal a success.

What is notable to me from those words is that Wenger never let up. I wonder if he ever prepared some sort of program for the Swiss to battle his demons? Who did the club draft in to help him get through those bad times? How did they help him learn to deal with Drogba?

It’s also interesting that there are rumours that Xhaka is also world class in training. Not that I want to make every post about him…

You don’t have that issue with Emery. Whatever I think about his overall quality as a manager, his effort cannot be doubted. Like God himself, the man has a plan for everyone.

“For me it is a new moment, for us and for every player,” Emery told a news conference on Thursday.

“The reason we are working is to prepare each match with our players to have the possibility to arrive in Newcastle in the best condition for every player.

“That’s the same for Mesut. He’s working well. He is OK. I want to push them, I want to be demanding to prepare this match – Mesut the same.

“I want to find with him the possibility to do the best, to make decisive passes, to do more near and in the box to score. Also, I think he is working for the team to help us with his quality.

“But he is feeling like I am feeling. He can improve, he can do more. In this process, we will work, we will help him, give him the possibility on the pitch to be together, to find his qualities for us”

My hope is that Mesut can react well to being told there is more to come. The German does need to do more in games, he does need to score some goals and he has to find a way to make himself more visible in the big matches. I think that’s as much about finding a system that can support him. I think the manager is all over the place at the moment with selection at the minute because the balance of his squad is so off key.

I wouldn’t want to doubt the chances of Newcastle turning us over tomorrow, but if we’re being real, this is the easiest match we’ve got coming up. Everton next Sunday is going to be a very tough game, especially off the back of a trip to Ukraine. I really like Marco Silva, but for me, there’s no excuse for us to be considering getting turned over by Everton. It’ll be tough, but those sorts of games are the difference between 4th and 5th.

Finally, Smith Rowe continued his great form from preseason into the new season scoring for the U21s. Freddie Ljungberg had some nice words to say about him here.

“Unai has seen a lot, he knows. Emile has a great career in front of him,”

“His presence and the way he behaves, for me he’s a role model for everyone at our club. The respect he shows people and then on the pitch he plays so well.

“If any young players want to look at how I think a player should behave they should look at him. With all the success he has got he is still as humble as he was before.”

Fingers crossed he gets a look in this season!

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  1. China

    I actually noticed in the first couple of games there was an interesting trick being used by monreal when the opponents were about to make a cross from his side

    He held his own arms behind his back so that if the cross is smashed in at him, there’s no way it could accidentally hit his hand and give the ref a chance to give a penalty

    This is a great example of the simple measures you can take to reduce even the possibility of bad officiating. Don’t even let them have a decision to make

  2. GuNZ

    Sunny Saturday drinkies.
    Am expecting a handsome win by the ABs against the Bokkie Boys in Wellington tonight, and a no less convincing result for The Arsenal vs Newcastle. 1-4 to us I am thinking, despite that BBC Laweo’s predictions to the contrary.

  3. TonyD

    Must be lonely up there on your high horse at the top of the moral high ground you seem to think you command.

    By the moral high ground that often means someone has got their head firmly stuck up their arse, ask CC, Pierre and Victoria they are experts at that. Pitbull AKA whatever it is now can’t find his arse to get his head up it.

    It’s an Arsenal blog Bob where all’s fair in love and war on here. Opinions and banter are what makes this place interesting and sometimes funny.

    Kudos to your support; not knocking that at all. We have similar time frame with our support.

    Arshavin’s fitness was down to Wenger and His fitness coaches. If he was seriously out of condition as you suggest, then why did Wenger play him, especially out wide where he needed more speed?

    Seems like lazy goes well with obnoxious & petulant probably the best 3 adjectives to describe you.

    If your posts are anything to go by, and the story about you the stud conning tickets from Oleary was priceless, which you must have been very proud of that, you really lack substance & intelligence.

    Probably why you like playing with 20 year olds; people around your own age just don’t take you seriously and keep their distance.

    So you were pot-less back in your prime; how does that not surprise me. Although losing the girl(s) was probably not down to your lack of funds, more like being the boring idiot that, on balance here, you never swerved from being.

    It’s easy to see why you work irregular hours: you’re the last person a company would go to for your services.

    Bookkeeping isn’t it?

    No doubt you’ve got your tin foil hat ready for all upcoming the ref conspiracies, and let’s face it you have the time to post when you’re not caddying.

    How long before you lambast us with your stats? Good to see you’re Emery’s number 1 fan and it’s only you having the crack with your special sense of humour knocking him after 4 matches.

    Prince of Nigeria
    Looks like you got Victoria in your back pocket. Him calling for you to be binned was hilarious.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. grooveydaddy


    We were taught that as kids, defending shots, crosses, free kicks with our hands behind our backs.

    You’d think it would be second nature to these guys…

  5. gonsterous

    going by the training videos, it appears leno may start today. But then, I wouldn’t be surprised if xhaka and cech are still in the starting 11.

  6. Joe

    10 is more than 6 however you slice it ya fucking donut.


    Never mind wenger had almost 3x the amount of time to win 4 extra trophies and only 1 that mattes. The league.

    Stefano must be the biggest fucking dunce in here

    GG won 2 league titles in 8 years

    Wenger won 3 in 22.

    Give GG 22 years I bet he would have won a lot more that wenger.

    And a European trophy. Wenger couldn’t even win the Europa. A trophy shite clueless Emery won 3x on the trot.

    Where do find fans like stefano. Oh right , the worst part of wengers legacy. Akb muppets like stefano

    Not long now before they fuck off from The Arsenal. What a great day that will be.

  7. TonyD

    “Where do find fans like stefano. ”

    Probably in CC’s, Pierre’s & Victoria’s houses having weekly ‘Bring Back Wenger’ meetings.

  8. China

    Getting school boy stuff right is an extremely refreshing change though mate haha

    That’s where we’re at. If we can build on this with more school boy style improvements we’ll actually be a noticeably better team by January…

  9. Michael24


    Good morning.

    These so called fans you speak of all seem to have the same characteristics.

    They defend the indefensible and would argue black was white if it meant protecting their beloved one.

    They like nothing more than a good old argument, even though it is clear to them that people like you and me make sense. They hate that!

    They also come across as insecure individuals who most likely only think about themselves and live and work in environments where they most likely are free of human contact.

    That’s why, when they go to the Emirates, they feel they are doing something good and honourable because, for the most part, they are with their own kind.

    Frustrating lot, but what’s really great is that we can continue to wind them up and annoy them by merely highlighting the truth.

    I love it!

  10. TonyD

    Aaron Ramsey’s contract talks are on the ropes again because of the uncertainty involving chief exec Ivan Gazidis’ future.

    The Emirates side thought they’d made a breakthrough with the Welshman by agreeing a £250,000 a week deal.

    But now The Sun reports that the deal is unsigned and Gazidis’s immediate future is undermining the whole process.

    From the DM.

    So there is one thing to be thankful for with Ivan’s latest useless procrastinating charades.

    Probably going to take Ivan 9 years to have the balls to make a decision.

    Hopefully Ivan will go and take Ramsey with him.

    He can take Bellerin, Xhaka and Ozil with him, as it would represent the best action he ever did for The Arsenal after firing Wenger.

  11. TonyD


    “Gonsterous I’m enrolled for a September 2019 mba as well”

    Dissertations on ” The mismanagement of Arsenal?” perhaps.

    You doing it in Chinese, China or as an international degree?

  12. HillWood

    Players have been putting their arms behind their back for years to avoid giving the ref any reason to give a free kick or penalty
    Bit surprised you haven’t seen it before

  13. Bob N16

    I’m not arguing that Wenger and his staff aren’t culpable when it comes to Arshavin and his positioning in the team. I also wonder what the support staff were doing. However I suppose what I’m arguing(and what get’s me riled) is that Arshavin looked disinterested and did not look anywhere close to being fit enough and when people (to suit their tired/boring narrative) blame Wenger for everything , it gets me.
    Arshavin has to take some responsibility, he clearly didn’t care enough and when I see a player who is not putting 100% in an Arsenal shirt, it is unacceptable. in my opinion gets off too lightly in hindsight.

    Talking of which, GG’s final Arsenal season saw us finishing 10th! The way things were going was not going well and the team had lost its way under his control. He’d had his best time, two amazing titles and had been surviving on cup success. Sound familiar? Don’t think you can simply decide trophies by years and extrapolate to compare with Wenger. The big difference for me was the style of football, I know which one I preferred.

  14. Bob N16

    ‘No! No! No!, I won’t have it.Not ” nasty Wenger” at all.More like incompetent and clueless Wenger.’

    You’re sounding like a child who’s refusing to take their medicine.

  15. Bob N16

    Michael, your post at 7.09 is really interesting.

    ‘They defend the indefensible and would argue black was white if it meant protecting their beloved one’.

    If you change ‘protecting’ for ‘attacking’ and ‘beloved one’ for ‘hated one’ then every word could be applied to you and Joe.

    How can everything be so black and white? Why do you have to take such a binary view of Arsenal? You sound like you could be a member of a cult. Reason goes out of the window with your central faith, Wenger should be blamed for everything. At least that’s how it appears.

    2-1 to the good guys, Laca and PEA one each.

  16. gonsterous

    I hope we keep our first clean sheet today.
    2-0 but I’ve always liked rafa, the Spanish waiter. It’s a shame he’s spending his life with the Geordies.

  17. gonsterous


    cheers mate, I’m going back to get my masters in English. Time to up the level of English in this sad country.
    They say, people who can’t do anything teach but I’ve been in love with teaching ever since I did a volunteer course when I was back in school.
    Also I’ve run a business, been into photography and video making, worked at a construction site but I’ve always been happiest in the class room.

  18. Bob N16


    ‘Must have hit a nerve…” Your Trumpian logic is outstanding. I only ‘bite back’ when I’m in the mood, otherwise I’d be posting relentlessly on a daily basis, just like you do, giving the impression that you’ve got nothing better to do.

    Small point, what is it with the return key with you? Certainly stretches your posts out.

  19. Stefano14


    ‘If graham had been in charge for 22 years how many might he realistically have won…?!

    Might being the operative word. He won 6 trophies before being sacked.

    Sorry that facts hurt your feelings.

  20. Stefano14


    ‘So you were pot-less back in your prime; how does that not surprise me. Although losing the girl(s) was probably not down to your lack of funds,’

    Classic little pecker syndrome. Always bragging about how well off he is and unfortunate others are compared to him.

    You married a foreign brass ffs so pipe down.

  21. englandsbest


    I don’t recall many (any?) dedicated teachers like you from when I was a pupil. Still, that was a long time ago, so maybe times have changed.

  22. Stefano14


    ‘Stefano must be the biggest fucking dunce in here

    GG won 2 league titles in 8 years

    Wenger won 3 in 22.

    Give GG 22 years I bet he would have won a lot more that wenger.’

    Again joe deal with facts instead of being a moron.

    How could GG win anymore trophies when he got the sack? First step of winning more trophies in 22 years is actually keeping your job for more than 8.

    Your ‘what ifs’ are just immature and pure fantasy and you have logic of a child.

    I know you struggle with comprehension and real facts like AWs 10 trophies being the most of any Arsenal manager.

    Thought we were going to win the league and the champions league this year? That was one of your famous #facts

  23. Stefano14


    Have you pissed the bed this morning? Early bitter posts seem to indicate as much.

    You fudging idiot, you should be wearing your Tena nappies to avoid little mishaps like that.

  24. nepGunner


    Bellerin Sokratis Mustafi Nacho



    Miki…… Ozil…….. Auba

    …………… Laca

  25. N5

    Just to add a little to the GG conversation. Although GG was a good manager, football was so different back then. He wasn’t competing against billion pound teams and playing in 4/5 competitions each year. Players were different too, we didn’t have the worlds elite on our doorstep.

    It’s almost impossible to compare Wenger and GG. It’s Chalk and Cheese.

  26. Stefano14

    steve the chav cunt

    ‘In 14 more years managed you daft cunt.’

    Why didn’t GG manage us for 14 more years you daft cunt?

  27. nepGunner

    Today a clean sheet is as important as the 3 points.

    Come on you gunners!

    Arshavin was played in wrong position, under coached, mis-managed by Wenger. Any coach worth his salt would have made a worldie out of Arshavin after his form at Euro “08.. He was electrifying in that tourni. Wenger had full authority at the club and he could have put Arshavin through rigorous fitness regimen if he wasnt keeping fit. Nobody could have said a single word. The fact is Wenger played him out of position just to prove a point…that he can convert players into different positions while everyone in the world knew he was superb as a second striker. At times I think what would have become of Arshavin had he played under proper coaches like pep or klopp?

    I purposely left out Emery (who I think is a better coach than Wenger) because then the cretins will start irritating agenda driven drivels here

  28. N5


    I didn’t know whether I was coming or going in the older days on here. I was an AKB to the Wenger Outs, I was a WOB to the AKBs. I thought I was just rational but it turned out I was just a cunt 🙂

  29. HillWood

    Mesut Ozil has warned The Geordies he has them in his sights
    I hope he backs that up with a decent performance and maybe even a goal

  30. TonyD

    Good to see you back.

    Your independent thinking posts always made sense to me in one way or another, as I’m sure they will in the future.

    Hope you stick around.

    Bob N16
    Can’t argue with your reasoning re Arshavin. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

    Shame as he could have been a brilliant player if used to his obvious skills; sitting behind the striker.

    You mind me asking where you’re from.

    Reading your posts of late made me think I bit at you unnecessarily a couple of times, and for that I apologize.

  31. N5

    Hi Tony, good to hear from you buddy. I will try and be around more. I’ve missed the place. I started a new job and moved home so life has been hectic, but things have calmed down and I was really interested to see the Groves take on the new Guv’nor.

  32. N5

    @TonyD “Reading your posts of late made me think I bit at you unnecessarily a couple of times, and for that I apologize.”

    You’re right here, he’s one of the good ones. Nice one being the bigger man.

  33. Pierre

    Yes Tony ….I was proud of my plan to get tickets off o’leary, due to the fact he was being an arsehole pestering my girlfriend ….nothing to do with money ,though I do understand that you relate everything to money and possessions.

    You see Tony,I have always found it easy to get a girlfriend….no need for me having to skulk off to a foreign country to get myself a thai bride like yourself….I’m sure you must pay her very well though .

    You sound a little bitter and twisted ,.maybe even jealous of me because I don’t have to pretend or put on an act of buy friendships or wives /girlfriends and that’s the way I like it .

    I think you have little man syndrome and ,to be honest ,I feel a little sorry for you as you seem to have an almighty chip on your shoulder that is weighing you down and all the money in the world will not make it disappear.

    Here’s hoping you find peace within yourself and one day realise that bragging about one’s money and possessions really is not a nice trait to have.

  34. raptora

    Use Arshavin behind the striker and let him roam and concentrate entirely on the offensive part of the game. Guy was a living tornado, full of tricks, speed, devastating shot. Talented wise he was up there with RvP maybe even ahead of him.

    He hated to defend. So what?! Just fking use him where it fits his game. Wenger was fine licking Ozil’s balls for 4 years but couldn’t give him the same freedom to concentrate entirely on the offensive part of the game to a Russian right?!

    Cannot lie that it still hurts me remembering what a player we got when he joined us. World class player. Suddenly he was presented as a fat slob with no desire to play the game. Come on… It was Wenger and his idiotic switch of positions. Always trying to prove what a genius he is. Fact is that he much more often than not failed with his dumb experiments unlike SAF for a comparison. He would use Giggs as a full back and it would win him the game. He’d play Macheda in two games and win the title because of it. Wenger was trying to prove that he can do it too but we would suffer because of it. Just remembering Bendtner as a winger, the seasons he stuck with Almunia the clown and the 10 years that he couldn’t decide if Theo is a striker or a winger makes me think hard and long about slitting my wrists. Fk me, it feels good that this absurdity is in the past.

  35. raptora

    Wonder if Benitez would have been a better pick than Emery. Not because I don’t value Emery, I do, but I just wonder how good Benitez actually is. No idea who’d be better than the other any in his managerial ability.

  36. nepGunner

    One change I personally want Emery to bring about is our long range shooting from outside the box. Except for few exceptions, this aspect of our game was highly restricted or subdued during the Wenger era. I remember Rocisky had/and was known for his long range shooting before he joined us..which was reduced to large extent the moment he joined us. To me, it’s another form of attack and can be effective when the opposition is not expecting it. Xhaka has a good shot on him, so does Ramsey and Smith-Rowe. It also provides some cracking memories!

    Unfortunately for me, I’m unable to shrug off the memory of that long range goal from Rose against us. I hope today I get my antidote.

    P. S. : the moment that Rose goal occupies my thought, I promptly instruct my mind to play that RVP volley against Middlesborough..in continuous loop