Is anyone leaving this summer?

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Good morning and welcome to the first ever dictated Le Grove.

I don’t want to go on about it but I have broken my arm and any online attention would be greatly appreciated.

Arsenal is being linked with them Dembele again. Just a shame it’s every poverty publication you can imagine putting their name to the story. I love Dembele but struggle to see Barcelona selling the player they purchased £110,000,000 only last summer. I don’t like the idea of us bringing him only for him to have an exceptional season, then to go back to Barcelona to fulfil the rest of his career. It’s a bit like dating Britney Spears before she made the big-time. Or breaking up with a partner of 10 years only for them to win the lottery the next week. OR SELLING YOUR SEASON TICKET LAST FEBRUARY AFTER 10 YEARS.

Also, do you remember the shenanigans of loaning Baptista? The guy was a disaster. Never been so disappointed in my life. I swear that was when the banter era started, how did Wenger think he could ever replace Patrick V with him?

Stories still continue to circulate about our CEO. I wouldn’t say I’m alarmed about him leaving. However, I do find it curious that he hasn’t come out in the press to quash the story. It seems like a bit of a dick move just let the rumor fester especially when such an important season is ahead of us. It really does feel like he is planning to make the season all about him regardless. Does he want more money? Does he want the fans to feel nervous? Does he just like being in the press? Is he getting kicks out finally being recognized as a great CEO? Who knows but it is boring.

Arsene is being linked with the Japan post. I thought he’d be in a job by now, but unless the role is bigger than Arsenal, anything else looks a little bit embarrassing. If I were Arsene, I would look to take over the national role. Maybe help develop an FA In a country that has a lot of potential (and a lot of money). Or just sit around on the beach all day. Recognizing you have hurt your family in the media and not doing anything to remedy it is selfish, in my opinion.

It is worrying there is still no news about how Welsh superstar. How long have the club given him to sign the deal? Transfer deadline date is in 20 days. That is not a lot time to negotiate a big transfer out of the club. That is not a lot of time to find a new player to replace his energy and prominence in the team. I find it difficult to believe the new backroom team does not have a plan in place either way. What is odd, is the seemingly low amount of interest in the services of Ramsey. The Ox was linked heavily to Liverpool last summer. No one is interested in Aaron that I know of. I am not saying That he would not get a move to a good club, merely pointing out that if he did want to go he would be using the interest of the clubs as leverage. Or is this a similar case to Ozil? The player pricing himself out of a move?


The club has not sold anybody of note So far. The hot rumours suggest WELBZ, Perez, and Ospina are on the out list. Interestingly Iwobi Is being linked with the move to Lazio. I’m not sure I would feel great about that, He deserves the chance alone for the rest of the players. He has been badly coached, has lots of bad habits, but at core has a lot of talent to offer the team. I also struggle with the notion that a Londoner would want to move to Italy. The English don’t travel very well.

Right, that’s me done, see you tomorrow. Big love from Colorado xxx

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  1. arsenate

    Iwobi should be assessed for another season. He is young and with potential..
    I would hate another Gnabry

  2. Jimmy

    I’d be happy with Iwobi leaving. Think he’s overrated personally.
    I also think there’s no chat about Ramsey because he is going to sign. We all knew that the Ox wouldn’t

  3. Zfree

    I just don’t think we need another player in the middle of the park (where we have Ozil mikki and Ramsey). 20-25M is a lot for a kinda gash player…

  4. Marko

    Personally I also think ref’s have a lot to answer for – allowing oinks to kick anything that demonstrate any modicum of skill out of the game is criminal.

    Marc at a senior level sure but I’d imagine at a youth level there’s a certain protection from refs

  5. Marc


    I’m not so sure – how many times have we heard about young players being rejected because they weren’t big enough, it’s more the mind set than anything else. You’ve also got to factor in the transition from youth to senior level.

  6. Zfree

    I liked the look of Dan-Axel Zagadou in the Dortmund man city friendly. 19 yr old French CB, seemed assured on the ball, handled the game really well, big and strong.

  7. Marko

    If we were to get 20-30 million for Iwobi we should absolutely sell him. He’ll never be anything more than a squad player here and to that lad who said one more season we don’t want another Gnabry situation well we don’t want another Campbell situation where we messed up a perfect opportunity to sell someone for decent money he gets worse and then we get fuck all for him

  8. Marko

    because they weren’t big enough, it’s more the mind set than anything else.

    Well that’s not the referee’s fault but I agree

  9. Zfree

    I actually don’t think a club would be crazy enough to pay that much for Iwobi, but if so and we sell Welbeck and Ospina, our net spend would be about a wash…

  10. Marc


    Can you see an Italian team forking out £20 million plus for Iwobi?

    If they do I’d bite their arm off but I just can’t see it.

  11. Marc


    I didn’t mean that was the ref’s fault, my reference to ref’s was allowing the likes of Kevin Davies etc to get away with murder on the pitch.

  12. Guns of SF

    Rambo needs to be given a deadline period
    Don’t sign then goodbye
    He is doing what ozil and Sanchez did

  13. Eduardo

    We should absolutely get shot of iwobi if the 25 mil price is true. He’ll never amount to anything. Also hope they do move on wele and ospina. Perez would be a useful back up I feel, proven scorer with something to prove in England.

    Time to move Ramsey on if he won’t sign. Chances are it will be man u or someone who wants him but frankly we can’t be picky and so long as we don’t sell him to spurs I don’t care. We need to be realistic in this rebuilding phase. Get him sold while we still have time to bring in a replacement, no more deadline day nonsense please.

    Sorry about your arm Pedro how did you break it?

  14. Marko

    Almost certainly see some of the fringe players along with Welbeck, Perez and Monreal sold. Nacho hasn’t gone on tour and we’re apparently looking at a LB so he’s probably off and Welbeck has a year left and we haven’t looked at renewing his contract. Would have been different if Arsene was there

  15. Marko

    I think we’re beyond a deadline with Ramsey. No one seems interested in him and it’s sticking out a mile that’s he’s about to pull out an Ozil as in force us into a situation where instead of losing him on a free we’ll have to end up giving him a monster wage. And there’s people making an argument for him to be captain? These players don’t care about Arsenal football club

  16. Akilan

    Lazio are selling SMS I think for something around 100m. They’ve been linked with Perez, Iwobi and Ramsey.

    Ramsey I think is staying. I would sell Perez for 10m, iwobi for 25m.

    Everton want welbz it seems. Sell for 25+m.

    Also sell jenks, Campbell, akpom for 10+m. Ospina for 5-8m. We might get 40-50m. Buy a winger.

  17. arsenate

    I would watch most of our fringe players for the next six months. Lets see what level of there play is due to the type of coach we had..
    If no significant improvement, I’ll want them out. Enough of players leaching the club with “potential”

  18. David Smith

    Sure I read/heard somewhere Chelsea could be interested in Rambo?
    I fear Gazidis going, long shot but surely Stan wouldnt let Wenger back into the club? Would he? You bet he would.

  19. Wallace


    “I think we’re beyond a deadline with Ramsey. No one seems interested in him and it’s sticking out a mile that’s he’s about to pull out an Ozil…”

    of course there will be interest in Ramsey if he doesn’t sign. would imagine he’ll go for 35-45m if we can’t get him to agree a new deal.

  20. useroz

    Don’t even have rumours out on Ramsey. Who would really want this guy? Don’t think much of him. Sell especially if he’s fooling with contract renewal. The new regime needs to put a marker right here.

    Welbeck is going I think as he’s weak in comparison. English and WC may add a 5m at least. 25m+ and must sell. Can’t imagine no PL clubs want him.

    For 15 to 20m let’s courier Iwobi to Lazio via DHL Express!

    If Lazio do a bulk buy, let’s deal at 80m for Ramsey + Iwobi + Welbeck… and throw in Ospina?

    Got to sell. Too much deadwood even to crawl back into top 4.

  21. arsenate

    I will sell Ramsey to the highest bidder any day than let him pull an Ozil.
    Captain armband to a player that’s not ready to commit his future? No!!!
    Arsenal tends to use the armband as a ploy to beg.. This must stop. No player is bigger than the team.

  22. KAY Boss

    Iwobi for 20-25m should be sold as soon as possible. also along with welbz to Everton should be made a reality. Ramsey , sure he’ll sign, if not should be sold as the Andre Gomes links intensify albeit a loan with an option to make it permanent.

    Hazard to Madrid is done according Get French Football.
    The transfer madness begins.

  23. Wallace

    would be up for letting Welbeck leave, but I’d keep Iwobi. has shown promise, still only 21, and we do need 8 homegrown…

  24. Marko

    of course there will be interest in Ramsey if he doesn’t sign. would imagine he’ll go for 35-45m if we can’t get him to agree a new deal.

    If he doesn’t sign up or we don’t sell him in the next three weeks we ain’t getting shit for him. Less than three weeks in fact. Not to worry though sticking out a mile it’ll end up the same as Ozil

  25. Marko

    I would say if we got a decent offer for Iwobi take it and find another solution for the home grown quota. He’ll never be anything more than a squad player and if we were to get 20 million for him we absolutely should take it. If the quota is such an issue why not target up and coming British talent? Ryan Sessegnon

  26. Dissenter

    If Ramsey is to signed by another top-4 team [we’ll never sell to Spuds], it will have to an opportunistic transaction for the buying club.
    Hence he wont go for a big fee, the £35-45 million Marko is talking of will never happen.
    There’s no other top-four team that’s desperately looking for Ramsey to fill a hole in their squads. It will be a purchase because he’s a “cheap” option to have around. He won’t be guaranteed starter anywhere else.

  27. Dissenter

    You can’t understate the value of Ryan Sessegnon to Fulham.
    What’s the financial value of a newly promoted club surviving relegation?
    The billionaire owner is swimming in money, out tax cuts and the booming US economy have made super wealthy people significantly richer.
    Fulham don’t have a need to sell Ryan Sessegnon

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Supposedly we’re in advanced talks with Sommer according to Marca, the GK from Monchengladbach.

    That would be a weird one, unless both Cech and Ospina are going and Emery is wanting competition in every position, real competition not what were use to which was the bollocks talk of squad depth which was totally illusory.

    Is that dissatisfaction with Leno already from Emery? Worry perhaps? Or just plain competition.

    Could be total bullshit as well obviously.

  29. Marko

    I’d say we could get decent money for him it’s about actually getting someone interested in him. There seems to be none much like with Özil. My problem with this situation is we should be aggressive and set a deadline and if he doesn’t sign sell him otherwise once the season starts he’ll have us over a barrel and can ask for anything. I also don’t like the way he’s put on a pedestal by fans for doing the exact same thing as Ozil and he got criticism for it. Fact is these players don’t really want to be here Ramsey has always said he’d like to play in Spain only problem with that is no Spanish club has ever bid for him

  30. Cesc Appeal

    So far the only stupid thing the new lot have done is Ozil’s deal, I would trust them to do the right thing with Ramsey.

  31. Marko

    Supposedly we’re in advanced talks with Sommer according to Marca, the GK from Monchengladbach.

    Could be both are off and he doesn’t totally trust Leno. Weird one. If it was a case of a backup keeper why not Hart for the quota? Just as back up though

  32. Wallace


    “If the quota is such an issue why not target up and coming British talent? Ryan Sessegnon”

    am assuming we’ve already spent the money that’s been allocated for this summer. any more incoming will have to be financed by outgoing. not sure what Sessegnon is priced at. but i’d be surprised if it’s the 20-25m we’d get for Iwobi.

  33. Frost

    Re Sommer, if what Marca are saying is true i’d be concerned that we spending resources going after players we don’t really need.

    Surely a winger should be where we focus all our resources on.

  34. Marko

    You can’t understate the value of Ryan Sessegnon to Fulham.
    What’s the financial value of a newly promoted club surviving relegation?

    I know that and I don’t see Ryan Sessegnon leaving now and not for less than 40 million my point was that if we’re worried about the home grown quota why not go out and target up and coming British talent as opposed to turning down bids and keeping players just for the sake of complying with the quota. The idea of keeping Iwobi who should never be a starter here and turning down good money for him because we’ve no one better that’s home grown isn’t a good enough reason for me. Get someone better

  35. Cesc Appeal


    It could be though with rumours Emery wants two more players, a LB and a winger, that Arsenal have chosen to go for a GK instead of a LB because both Cech and Ospina are going and we’re not totally sure on relying completely on Leno?

    Would mean that Monreal is staying but I think Emery will prefer Kolasinac or at least he will try to get something out of Kolasinac.

    We do badly need a winger though.

  36. Marko

    Sommer, if what Marca are saying is true i’d be concerned that we spending resources going after players we don’t really need.

    If we sold Cech and Ospina Sommer is already paid for. I get your point though but I’ll trust them on this issue honestly. Clearly they wouldn’t be interested in the risk of Leno and Martinez and Macey as our options

  37. Marko

    Hard to know what will happen the next couple weeks. I’d imagine if we are able to get rid of the players we want to get rid of we’ll be a busy. I’d be shocked if a winger didn’t come in and then there’s still those links to Gomez and Nzonzi. I’m still petrified of our CB’s if I’m honest. One thing’s for sure I’d be surprised if David Ornstein didn’t end up looking like a mug come Aug 9th

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah it seems a lot will depend on what we can actually sell.

    We’ve accumulated a lot of shit. I can’t believe Jenkinson is still an Arsenal player, the lunacy of that contract.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    The thing is we might get changes in our transfer approach suddenly because each day Emery is building a better picture of his players and might suddenly decide that a player is not what he needs, or he needs more etc.

  40. Frost



    Re Monreal, think he’s keeping Kola out on merit at this stage, no arguments there.

    Unless the latter improves massively, I doubt it’d be any different this season.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    Monreal was player of the season for me, not there that was much competition.

    Just think that Emery might look at Kolasinac and want to try and get more out of him.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Why would one sell a season ticket ?

    It’s ileagal for one.
    Plus if you don’t want to go just give it back.

    I hate cunts profiteering like thsy. They are know better the people they moan about .

    Theiving parasites

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I agree

    Kolsanic came from a German club where he was instructed how to play.
    Old soppy bollocks didn’t do fuck all like that.

  44. Frost


    Thing is, we have limited funds this summer which translates to the fact that we have to be sensible with what we spend cash on.

    If the story is true, why are we spending precious resources (10-15M) signing a backup goalie when we have one in cech? & if he isn’t coming in to be a backup goalie, that would mean we just blew 20M on one in a summer of strict finances.

    Makes no sense either way. Considering our need for a winger.

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    You couldn’t wait could you sado

    Sometime your funny red
    Other times you just provoke to gain response

  46. Frost


    Fingers crossed Emery gets him balling. Love Kola, simply because he has that fear factor about him.

    Would absolute hate going against a player of his size if I were a winger or Rb.

  47. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Strange but true with keepers…
    Reminds me a bit like the Aussie film the club ..

    Where they sign a big player only to find out he has a secret …..

    He should come out an say who is his number one starter.

  48. Frost


    “I’m still petrified of our CB’s if I’m honest”

    This. Only player that gets me excited abit in there is Mavro, & he shouldn’t even be a starter for a club of Arsenal’s stature.

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    On iwobi I’m unsure
    I think there is a good player with proper tuition

    I would keep he may suprise

    Don’t forget some of the players must be buyoant the soppy cunt has folded…

    How’s let grove these days post Wenger ?

  50. mysticleaves

    reports from local Catalan papers saying we are in negotiations with barca I’ve Gomes. sticking point seems to be the price, Barca quoting €30m

  51. Cesc Appeal

    That would suggest that Ramsey is going, unless Emery is thinking of Gomes as a CM taking up Xhaka’s position in the team? Meaning it would be Torreira, Gomes, Ramsey as a midfield?

    If this is what Emery wants you would have to trust him, but this is a weird one. Gomes has been crap at Barcelona, but it wouldn’t be the first time a player takes a big step up, fails, and then reinvigorates their career elsewhere.

    We must get a winger though, whether that is trying to work out a deal for someone like Costa or Cuadrado, or going big on someone like Dembele, whichever, we have to get a winger in.

  52. Marko

    Again only way we’re in for Sommer is if Cech and Ospina are off. Only way. Even if they aren’t totally confident in Leno (it’s only been preseason and one game) at 19 million he’s the starter for sure. Weird one though trying to sign Sommer and convincing him to be number two is a tough ask.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Ain’t got cold feet with Leno surely’

    What a change that would be though. Usually when Wenger wasn’t sure on someone he would think ‘better give this 10 years and see’.

    I think it is more likely that Cech and Ospina are going and we’ve got a good deal for Sommer. If it’s true.

  54. Elmo

    “Wenger not a candidate for the Japan job. Guy cannot catch a break”

    Did you see the efficiency of the Jap high press at the WC? Even the Japanese FA know that Wenger doesn’t understand how to implement a high press.

  55. Marko

    CA it means he doesn’t trust our midfielders and doesn’t think Torreira on its own is enough. Gomez over Nzonzi though is a big no no for me. Must be some bargain we’re getting

  56. Cesc Appeal

    Frost RSPCA

    At the start of last season no Arsenal fan could give a f**k aside from the pro-Wenger rabble.

    But for me it was Oxlade at RWB and Kolasinac at LWB that were the only exciting parts of the team.

    He went from being Bundesliga LB of the year, to having a good start at Arsenal to total shit. We’ve seen that before though.

    A lot more to Kolasinac, Emery has to get it out of him.

  57. Elmo

    “I think it is more likely that Cech and Ospina are going and we’ve got a good deal for Sommer.”

    Straight swap with Sommer coming our way and Xjaka heading back to Monchengladback?

  58. Cesc Appeal


    Emery seems to really like him as well, he will know the player so we have to trust him.

    If it works and he is able to get Gomes back to the player that Barcelona thought they were buying then £15 Million will look like great business.

    I suppose Arsenal think for a low fee it is probably low risk and someone like Everton, West Ham etc might buy him if he even has a half decent season and we will make profit.

  59. Cesc Appeal

    I wonder if we’re selling Ramsey for £40 Million, getting in Gomes for £15 Million and then using the £25 Million combined with the sale of someone like Welbeck, Perez etc to fund a Coman move?

  60. Cesc Appeal

    Who do we think is out?

    Ospina, Cech maybe, Mustafi maybe, Welbeck, Adelaide, Jenkinson, Perez maybe.

    Then Ramsey if he doesn’t sign a new deal.

  61. Redtruth

    Cesc Appeal
    “Ospina, Cech maybe, Mustafi maybe, Welbeck, Adelaide, Jenkinson, Perez maybe. Then Ramsey if he doesn’t s sign a new deal”

    Program seller outside the ground MAYBE lol

  62. McBright is Wright

    Good work Pedro…how is the hand? A pity Arsenal does not have a hot female physio…the bones could have fixed faster.
    Surely, Welbeck, Campbell, Jenk, Ospina, and RAmsey/Mustafi will be leaving.
    I expect two more signing before August 10th

  63. Receding Hairline

    A certain former Arsenal striker named John Hartson wants to know why we are in for the really big players like Hazard and Willian

    Redtruth i thought the men from your era were supposed to be smart

  64. Pierre

    David smith
    “Sure I read/heard somewhere Chelsea could be interested in Rambo?”

    From my point of view that would be hilarious to think that the 2 players (giroud and ramsey) who (in my opinion) have held Arsenal back for the last 5 years will be at chelsea and they are actually going to pay tens of millions pounds for them…

  65. KAY Boss

    Sommer?, don’t think its happening though. honestly don’t c Cech moving. Gomes might happen . Hope we get the winger we desire. Surely a midfielder and a winger might come thru

  66. Redtruth

    “‘Some mind boggling transfers if it happens to have any truth in them Gomes? Sommer?..not the least chuffed.”

    Wenger still in charge the narrative eould be:

    “Chuffed to bits with the signings of Gomes and Sommer”

  67. TheLegendaryDB10

    Hope you get better Pedders!!

    I have to admit I am a bit miffed by Rambo’ s lack of commitment. Is he trying to pull off an Ozil to get more money?

    I would say the lack of players going out is that Unai is still assessing who is good for his system and who is not. I wouldn’t be surprised that come January and most certainly end of the season we will know who is wanted and who isn’t.

  68. Redtruth

    Emery interview for the Arsenal vacancy:

    Emery ” My plan is to build a team with moderate spending using…….

    Gazidis “STOP!, you’ve got the job”

  69. Michael24

    Last season I had zero expectations and felt zero excitement before a ball was kicked.

    This season, it feels like I have a new club to support.

    It’s fudging amazing.

  70. Victorious

    Oh not because of Wenger
    So why did your boy joined then?

    could it be to win some silverwares?have we been ambitious enough?

    or more likely for the hefty increase in wages which will make him a mercenary, so which was it Red?

  71. Henry Root

    Interesting how posters on here imagine they know what’s happening in transfer talks. No one has a clue where the Ramsey talks are and if he is holding the club to ransom. What does that mean anyway.?This is the most important contract of his career and he needs to ensure he gets the best deal he can.
    This group of transfer execs have been a huge improvement on dithery Wenger and I’ve confidence they will handle it in the club’s best interests. That may mean a sale but it’s premature to compnjecture yet.

  72. Michael24

    Whatever happens in the next few weeks, at least we know it’s for the benefit of Arsenal Football Club.

  73. KAY Boss

    Red, u can be funny at times. your comment on Emery’s interview made my ribs rack and I can’t stop laughing. Ramsey will sign. Gomes might happen. May be loan. How reliable is Marca. someone help me out with their authenticity.

  74. englandsbest

    I’m an admirer of Ramsay, always have been. I think he is a very good player, could become a great one, and is an honourable guy to boot. The problem is that like most top players, he does what his agent tells him.

    And his agent will be telling him: ‘Mate, you’re in a win/win situation. Like Ozil was last year. So why shouldn’t you be getting paid the same?’

    If anything, the Welshman is in a stronger place. Clubs will be queueing up to take him. And even more so if he’s on a free next year.

    It will probably end the way it did last time: Ramsay signing a 4yr contract at £15+ million pa.

    I hate to keep harking back to you-know-who, but you have to marvel that a guy with a degree in Economics could be so bad at adding-up.

  75. Gooner63

    dont really get why people cant see why Ramsey hasnt committed yet

    hes probabaly thinking – yes a new manager, new start, lets see who comes in

    a 34 yr old full back
    a has been greek defender
    some kid from uruguay – well he looks ok
    and a keeper who does make a good few mistakes

    so who are Pool, City, utd signing, maybe even chelsea

    yep Ivan – thats showing real intent to not win any trophies or qualify for champions league in the next few years

  76. englandsbest

    It’s interesting that nowadays people have come round to thinking that it’s okay for a top player to get the best deal he can when it comes to his final contract. Like Ramsay and Ronaldo.

    That is the way I saw it back then when RVP left. The consensus said he was a traitor, that the Club had stood by him for years, etc, etc. Yeah, maybe. But loyalty is a two-way street. IMO the Club let him down (just as they let us, the fans, down) he was promised the team would be strengthened, which turned out to be a con.

    And Man U wasn’t his doing, it was the Club’s because they offered the most money (ten times what the Club paid for him).

    My view is that it’s time to remember what a great player he was, one of Arsenal’s very best.

  77. HillWood

    Just give Welbeck away to anyone who wants him
    Don’t really care if Sheep Shagger Ramsey stays or goes

  78. Carts

    £35-£40m for both iwobi and Welbeck is a no brainer.

    Only sticking point is that we’d lose two HG players.

    Meaning at very least we’d need to buy a Brit and promote another

  79. raptora

    As much as we like to laugh at Welbeck guy is not as bad as we make him to be. For a club trying to become EPL champion – yes. But if we moves to another EPL club, he instantly becomes like what? – the second best striker outside of top 6 after Vardy? Who’s better than him but Vardy? Maybe Arnautovic. And that’s it. He might be a bit shite with his finishes but if he gets a good run in a semi decent team he could be a star for them. Totally worth the punt if I was a manager of a club outside of the big 6. Even Everton who are supposedly a good team, have been trying to find a decent striker since Lukaku left them, same goes to WH before maybe Arnautovic looked good for several games in there.

    I would want around 30m for Welbeck. Guy is still 27 with his prime years ahead. Not Arsenal quality but surely better than most in the EPL.

  80. Freddie Ljungberg

    A bit optimistic to expect 30m for Welbeck even when he doesn’t have just a year left on his contract.

    I just hope the Iwobi rumours are true and we can get 40m for the both of them. Sell some other dross and we have enough for a quality winger.

    Still feel Fekir would be brilliant for us as a wing forward, surely Liverpool can’t spend anymore money now so let’s get in there.

  81. Rambo Ramsey

    “But if we moves to another EPL club, he instantly becomes like what? – the second best striker outside of top 6 after Vardy? ”

    You jest, surely?

    Strikers are players that are paid to score goals. Welbeck doesn’t fit the description even in the loosest of sense.

  82. Pierre

    Danny welbeck when 100% fit is a decent player.. Problem is, he is only 100% fit about 10% of the time so would be wise to sell him if we were offered 20 million or thereabouts.

  83. TitsMcGee

    Welbeck is a good athlete but a shiiite football player. Even when he does score it’s almost accidental .

    I.e bungling the ball in off his shoulder

  84. Wallace

    bellerin, holding, chambers, ramsey, am-n, nelson, iwobi, welbeck…

    sell both of iwobi and welbeck and maybe you promote nketiah and willock, or you buy an english player from another side for 2-3 times what you’d pay from a non-homegrown of similar quality. I’d maybe sell one of them – Welbeck – if a good offer came in, but definitely not both.

  85. Receding hairline

    Lol at the poster who said Ramsey was waiting to see who we sign before extending.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    But the subject here is Ramsey not Hazard..he has done nothing to demand better a sane world better players would replace him not play with him.

  86. Ishola70

    Think all this Sommer stuff is just malicious gossip because of the reports of Leno throwing one into his own net against Brentford.

    If Sommer did come in though he would most probably get the nod over Leno. More maturity as a goalkeeper and better concentration levels than Leno at this point.

    If as expected Sommer is not signed not beyond the realms of possibility that old man Cech is seen as first team starter still by the end of the season lol

  87. Wenker-wanger

    Ramsey: superb player…reference wales… Needs to sign. Captain material of course.
    Leno: maybe the stats/rumours are correct…proceed with caution
    Iwobi; Pedro summed him up perfectly…wengerised and maybe a different player now.
    Wenger: Japan is nicely far enough away for the hollow man. Defies logic that any club would want him on a salary he thinks he is worth.

  88. Wenker-wanger

    We all know the score with wellbecks attributes/limitations.
    He is an athlete/limited footballer.
    Compare other combos…Gascoigne footballer/non-athlete. Walcott athlete,
    Henry: footballer AND athlete….
    I like welbz, be sorry to see him go….but we’ve seen over the years that his athleticism cannot translate into goals or assists…unfortunately.

  89. Receding hairline

    Leno did not drop the ball into his own net.. The single match report says he dropped a cross and the opposition scored. If u are gonna say something at least be accurate.

    While we are at it there is a video of Allison palming a low cross into his net while playing in south america and we all watched De gea palm a harmless Ronaldo shot into his net. Let’s at least watch Leno play for us before making predictions. We have all seen what Cech brings and its nothing to look forward to.

  90. Ishola70

    Mr Hairline

    Throwing one into your own net is just a euphemism for a goalkeeping mistake.

    Again you come across as far too precious on this blog.

    I see talent in Leno and he has some good attributes but nonetheless like other signings this summer such as Big Papa jury is very much out on them. Concentration levels were mentioned before and this is my biggest concern regarding Leno.

  91. Receding hairline

    Dropping the ball into your own net is am actual action..see Musilera and Karius. Dropping a cross under pressure is a different kind of action. Like I said stop the fancy talk and speak plainly. I don’t care if you rate Leno or not…I haven’t watched him enough to have an opinion either way and you rating a player is not a seal of approval.

    By the way comparing Leno and Sokratis is a bit weird. Leno is pretty young in goal keeping terms. Tall and good with the ball at his feet. Sokratis is a 30 year old heavy defender.

  92. Marko

    bellerin, holding, chambers, ramsey, am-n, nelson, iwobi, welbeck…

    Isn’t emiliano Martinez HG? Been here since 2010. Macey too.

  93. Receding hairline

    And the jury is still out on any new signing made by any team until we see them play and perform for said team regardless of price tag. That you cost a lot of money does not guarantee u will work out. Let’s see them play first.

  94. Ishola70

    I haven’t even said whether Leno is really rated by me or not.

    Have simply said the jury is out on him like others have.

    If you want me to say he is a good/great signing best toddle off to Untold where you will get continuous narrative of this sort.

    I don’t know whether he is a good/great signing.

  95. Wenker-wanger

    Unfortunately goalkeepers can’t be assessed “on balance”. One howler and a goal and whatever saves made before aren’t considered.
    Leno comes with a reputation for mistakes. Goalkeepers can be rightly judged on their “unforced errors”. Too many of those and the keeper has little value.
    I’m hoping emery has a top goalie in mind to bring to the club

  96. Marko

    I’m less sceptical about Leno than most. I was arguing for his signing 2/3 years ago instead of Cech. I mean sure he’s stagnated the last couple seasons but prior to that he was as highly regarded as Ter Stegen only whereas Ter Stegen moved to Barcelona and kicked on Leno stayed and his performances suffered because of it. Every expectation that at 25 he’ll improve again. Let’s be honest he’s the third best German keeper and that’s no mean feat

  97. Ishola70


    “Goalkeepers can be rightly judged on their “unforced errors”. Too many of those and the keeper has little value.”

    Very true.

    A striker can miss a few sitters in a match but put one away and is forgiven.

    Goalkeeper makes some good saves in same match but makes one howler and there is less forgiveness.

    Tough for the keepers in comparison to other positions.

  98. Marko

    No such thing as a perfect goalkeeper every single one has made mistakes and has a mistake in them it’s literally the last line of defense and you fuck up it’s an actual goal. Very unforgiving position

  99. Ishola70

    It’s how many you make and if they are the same sort of error.

    If they become noticeable then it’s curtains for a GK in a top team.

  100. Wallace


    “Isn’t emiliano Martinez HG? Been here since 2010. Macey too.”

    unless we make him no. 2 would expect Martinez to be sold, but yeah, maybe Macey as no. 3

  101. Receding hairline

    Funny thing is I have never actually been on this untold u guys keep directing people to. Do they pay u for the traffic?

    The only other blog I read is A cultured left foot. The comments section I don’t really bother with..just the post cos I like the authors take on things.