Ivan Gazidis opts for self-preservation with meek managerial appointment

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Many things to talk about today.

David Ornstein dropped the bombshell yesterday that in the whole of world football, the best we could do for our next manager was Unai Emery. I know nothing is confirmed, but Orn-dawg rarely makes a hash of an exclusive.

Now, we can start with the positives. Unai an improvement on Arsene Wenger. He won 3 Europa League’s in a row under Sevilla, which is a monster achievement. He partnered with the legendary Monchi to turnover players whilst maintaining a semi-major trophy a season for 3 years. He took Almeria to 8th. He took Valencia to 3rd 3 years running before getting fired for not being able to find the next level. He also managed to convince the vain hierarchy at PSG that he had what it took to oversee the most expensive squad in history. Apparently he has a plan

Outside the above, he fits the brief. He can work in a crappy environment, he can deal with high impact shocks to his squads, he’s very organised, and his mind is obviously valued in Europe.

However, I’m finding it very difficult to accept this was a; to quote Ivan, ‘a brave and bold decision.’

It’s a safe choice. Our CEO flirted with the idea of Arteta, but at the last minute, he bottled it and went for experience. But not exciting experience, no, he wimped out and brought in someone fairly cheap, and fairly middle of the road in the grand scheme of 46-year-old managers.

Say what you want about Arteta, but if you’re going for an exciting young coach, he was your chance to do something bold and brave. I totally understand why Ivan lost his nerve. He probably saw Henry Winter on The Sunday Supplement, he probably worried that Areta hadn’t managed a club, and he maybe read some fan boycott tweets.

Ivan being a weak decision maker shouldn’t surprise us, he’s spent the last 10 years being the lapdog of Arsene Wenger.

However, I was foolish enough to think that if we were going for a tier 2 or 1 manager, we’d at least opt for the best money could buy.

How does Emery fit that bill?

At Sevilla, in his last season, he didn’t win a single away game.

He never made the top 4 for the Spanish club.

He went to PSG and in his first season, he lost a one-horse race to a Monaco that took a chance on kids.

He botched a 4 goal lead in the Champions League to Barcelona in an utterly humiliating defeat.

This year, he was knocked out of the Champions League by Madrid, getting beaten 5-1 in the last 16. This is a manager who has the best squad in the world. This is a man with Neymar, M’Bappe, and Cavani as a front three. This is a club with the sublime Veratti in the midfield with Thiago. This is fucking PSG dripping in oil.

Here’s the real kicker, his English is bad. He’s learning a new league, a new club, and a new language all on the fly.

Our thorough search for a new manager deduced that all of the above issues didn’t matter.

Gazidis and our fancy backroom team totally bottled the chance to do something exciting.

In a world that had Jardim and Sarri available, we opted for a person who was moved on from Paris because the players didn’t listen to his ideas, and he gave up trying to discipline them.

What is wrong with the club?

What is the Emery superpower?

Ivan Gazidis will say that he just won the treble. Sure, but only after Monaco were raped of their best players. Only after PSG spent so much money they’re under investigation for FFP violations.

Chelsea are literally about to fire Conte. Why not hire him if we wanted experience? Why not sign Carlo, at least he’s won the Champions League!

I cannot understand why we’ve played the experience card, and blown the biggest opportunity of the last 20 years on a guy who has 3 Europa Leagues under his belt. Wenger nearly won that trophy playing unmotivated second stringers, losing to Koln and Ostersunds along the way.

There are 10 managers I’d have gone for before Emery.

Gazidis is weak. The leak that the board voted against Arteta isn’t cover either. Who on the board do we trust? The same guys that have let Klopp, Guardiola and Tuchel pass us by swearing allegiance to a failing Wenger? Please. The board are an embarrassment to the club.

I cannot believe I was duped into thinking Arsenal would do something interesting.

I genuinely think the fans are all united under the WTF HAVE WE DONE right now.

We just signed a manager who was fired because he couldn’t take the best squad in the world past the CL last 16. Let that sink in.


Emery is a dull signing from a CEO who just proved the banter era didn’t die with Wenger.

What a fucking moment.

Also, massive shout out to all the frauds on Twitter who said Arteta had signed. I told you it wasn’t done. Grown men desperate to appear like they’re ITK. Pathetic.

Anyway, rage over.

I’m not going to run an Emery out campaign if that’s what you’re worried about, it is what it is. I’ll rally around him and hope he wins the Champions League so you can all laugh at me.

Still, we got the experience the fans wanted. Let’s see how that pans out.

Pete x

P.S. Something actually important

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  1. David Smith

    The more you look into this guy, the better his potential at this club gets.
    Just nervous that the club will dither and lose him, but hopefully , with Wenger and his henchmen gone, dithering is in the past.
    Despite a knocking in the press at the moment from highly biased and agenda ridden pundits, it seems Arsenals holy trinity +1 for now at least, knows what it is doing, in stark contrast to the last ten years of the Wenger Stan love in.
    Ivan has done well, got rid of Wenger, removed all trace of his parasites, and hopefully signed a very decent manager to take this club forward.
    A tough, meticulous detail merchant obsessed with players, the game, tactics and preparing for the opposition, experience in several countries, drills teams within an inch of their lives, shouts from,the sidelines, psychotic backroom staff, what is there not to like?

  2. Marko

    Good point you always hear about specific budgets but its always more or less spent and not exactly. Fully expect the club to be busy this summer it’s needed it’s practically demanded by the fans to get them excited and in the seats again and a new manager always spends. The questions will be who do we target and who do we deem deadwood

  3. Freddylekgunner

    I think a decent manager will get more out of these crop of players and now we have one. We need a better GK and DM for now even with the quoted 50m we should be find those easily.

  4. BacaryisGod

    I love Arsenal. Emery doesn’t

    I’ve watched hundreds of Arsenal games. Emery hasn’t.

    It would be a mission for me. Not for Emery.

    I would work for peanuts. Emery won’t.

    Why the hell wasn’t I approached?

  5. luke

    @bacary, lol. Youve got a point. I’m really surprised there’s such a mixed reaction to Emery. I’m struggling to think who we could have got that would’ve been that much better. Jardim would have been cool with me too, but he has another year on his contract.

  6. Receding hairline

    Seems all you have to do to be considered a knowledgeable poster here is type “sell Xhaka” as much as possible .


    Granite Xhaka is the least of our problems. Play to a shape and like an actual team and watch him fulfill the role he is given

    Even seen the ridiculous post that Emery will be considered a weak appointment if he does not sell Xhaka

    Goodness gracious me

  7. BacaryisGod

    Agreed Luke. I would have been happy with several managers (including Benitez and Conte) because ultimately we needed to shake things up.

    Ultimately, we’re not aware of everything that went on during the recruitment process. One ‘inside’ account said that Ivan and others were blown away by the intimate knowledge that Emery had of every player although not sure why this would be a shock when he played us twice in his first season.

    No matter what, he clearly impressed the club. Last time I checked, it’s a private corporation with executives that are paid to make these decisions. I might convince myself into thinking I know more than Ivan, Sven and Raul but deep down I would rather trust their decision (the talk is that it was a unanimous call) than make the decision myself.

  8. Samesong

    Bacary you sound like Wenger apart from the work for peanuts bit ; )

    I can see you saying to the fans I made 100 substitutions why you looking at me?

  9. luke

    @Marko – Romagnoli! Him and Rugani are some prospects! Not that we need another attacker but Suso has been sensational this year supposedly.

  10. Thanos

    I am happy with this appiontment we were never going to get Alegri and Arteta was just embarrassing imagine getting a guy who has never managed to run our club, Emery was good at PSG there was a civil war there that he could not sort out and was not his fault,
    I will support him from the terraces lets give the guy a chance he is a ,assive upgradebfrom what we had, I want to see if he can get Bellerin amn and the other youngsters to play well,

  11. BacaryisGod

    I’m telling you. Ask any Swansea fan and they’ll tell you Fabianski is the most underrated keeper in the Premier League. Bring him back as #1 and Cech can be our #2 with the #1 jersey.

  12. BacaryisGod

    Plus, Fabianski was their player of the season. Think about that. They conceded 56 goals this season but he was still their best player.

    Maybe with Arsene gone, he’ll come back. The downside is his age (33) but he has fewer miles on his body after many years as our back-up. He would be the perfect stop-gap as we need to spend plenty of money in other areas on the field.

  13. David Smith

    Fabianski, Cech, Szczesny all let down by appalling coaching, as the club have now recognised.
    Cech wanted Lollichon , his gk coach to join with him, Wenger vetoed it to bolster Gerry Peyton.
    Szezesny praised Jens work with him when Jens was doing his badges, Wenger got rid of Jens to bolster Peyton, though Ivan bought Jens back.
    Fabianski and Szczesny praise the work of gk coach Roberts in the media, Wenger gets rid of both keepers and coach Roberts.
    Wenger is a spiteful bitter bitch, and clearly has a thing about crap coaches, perhaps they made him feel less inadequate.
    Thankfully, those days are gone.
    After last summer, I hope Stan never makes a decision about Arsenal again

  14. Robin van Bergkamp

    So we’ve gone from a once fourth place specialist to a Europa Cup specialist, incidentally the second division of Europe. Oh wait, that’s the division we’re in……

    I question Emery’s credentials. While having some success in the Europa League, he has failed with PSG to the extent that they had declined to extend his two year appointment for the reason that he has not advanced them, failed not only in the CL despite their deep pockets but additionally failed to show leadership especially when you consider the situation with Neymar.

    Some point to Arteta’s relative lack of managerial time but in his time with City, he has learned with arguably the best, namely Pep who speak s volumes of him and who when placed in charge of the game against us, actually bested us 2-1, having fallen a goal behind but then had the versatility to change tactics, something we have been lacking for a while. I offer too that GG when he came to us had limited managerial experience and with lowly Milwall at that.

    I suppose we’ll never know now what we may have missed especially if word about Mikel being prepped to take over from Pep are to come true.

  15. China

    Robin oh I see.

    So now that emery the failure of psg has been fired I guess they’ll want a better, new manager. So I assume they’re considering arteta, right,

    Oh wait. They’re not. Because he’s not even managed a pub team and nobody has any idea how good he’ll actually be.

    But thanks

  16. E54_

    Just thought I’d say I’m completely comfortable and in full agreement with the Emery appointment. Well done Gazidis and well done Arsenal.

    Arteta, No thankyou.

  17. China

    Robin what exactly is arteta a specialist in?

    A specialist in endorsements. Senior management in my company love me, maybe you can hire me as the CEO of yours because fuck it why not? My manager said I’m the real deal!

  18. Leedsgunner

    I know that Emery had his critics at PSG because of their premature exit in the UCL… which they consider as the most important yardstick to measure success…

    Why did they hire Tuchel then?

    I thought they would have gone hard for Allegri… and told him money is not an object just win us the UCL!

    I like Tuchel as a manager but he underperformed in Europe as well. Strange appointment.

  19. salparadisenyc

    Why bash RVB?

    Emery was a hire by committee choice watered way down with each member of trio wanting different man apparently. All came to terms on Emery, doesn’t really sound ideal to me. Sounds more like a bridge.

    Don’t get me wrong i’m super excited about what lies ahead this summer / season but I was hoping for something with more finesse

    Arteta clearly has something about him, not my first choice by any stretch. But lets not act as if he’s some village idiot that looks the part to manage. He’s done the research, played in the game until 34, grew up in La Masia with Reina and Iniesta and had to leave to find first team action, that could not of been easy. Played in La Liga, Scotland and England, captained Arsenal in some pretty tumultuous times.

    Retired and went to work for the greatest working manager on the planet who just racked up a record points total in the league, whose done nothing but rave about his potential from the start.

    Give the guy some cred ffs.

  20. China

    In the defense of managers and players at top clubs outside of England and Spain, on a weekly basis teams like psg are not meaningfully tested. It’s not easy to go from easy street to CL knock out stages against the worlds biggest teams when those few matches are the only genuinely big games you’ll play all year.

  21. DivineSherlock

    So the only thing people in Arteta group can tell about him is that he has got something in him against a manager with proven track record in Europe as well as in La Liga and French ligue . Looking at Unai Emery objectively will tell you he is miles better than Arteta .

  22. DivineSherlock

    He has won Europa league with Sevilla thrice ! That should tell you something. This is a big transition period for Arsenal cant have a rookie handling it. I believe will have a title challenging squad in a year or so with Emery.

  23. gonsterous

    people still clamouring for arteta ? pep needs 300 million to win the premier league, arteta would need 600m unless you claim Arteta is as good if not better than pep…

  24. gonsterous

    and didn’t pep fock the GK situation when he took charge ? sorry but pep is a manager who needs a big cheque book so he can “experiment” with the team… he may have his strengths but not being backed by money is his big weakness…

  25. Graham62


    I still think Pep would have a marked effect on the players and their performance levels, even without the finances to back him up.

  26. gonsterous

    would take pep in a heart beat but I can just picture him in the interview with the BoD.

    pep:- how much can i spend ?
    BoD :- we were thinking 100-150 million
    pep:- but I need certain players for my philosophy to work
    BoD :- can’t you make do with the squad we currently have ?
    pep :- No, I need 200-250 m for my philosophy to work.
    BoD :- what exactly is your philosophy pep ?
    pep:- buy myself to a trophy…
    BoD :- I’ll get the cheque book.. welcome on board…

  27. gonsterous

    though if he doesn’t get to the finals of the CL next season for city, pep has no where to hide. with bayern there was the odd remark of them having no competition in the league and so couldn’t up their game but the premier league is a competitive league and liverpool has just gotten to the finals (and fingers crossed, will win it)

  28. Graham62

    Pep was in a lose lose situation when he went to Bayern.

    Under Jupp Heynckes BM had just won the the treble and, significantly, the players adored Heynckes. New systems/methods, as well as a different mindset would always go against Pep.

    I think we all know that Pep would have got a hell of alot more out of the Arsenal squad over the past few seasons than the clueless clown.

    Coaching is based not only on a hunger and desire to improve the players, but also yourself as a coach. Pep has these qualities in bucket loads.

    His passion for the game is infectious and I am convinced that even without the ready cash, he would have got the Sunderland players to perform to a far higher level over the past two seasons and, most definitely, kept them up.

  29. Coach 15

    ‘liverpool has just gotten to the finals (and fingers crossed, will win it’

    You really want the scousers to win it?
    Must be a different generation from me.

  30. gonsterous


    one of my best Mates is a liverpool fan and I’ll be watching the game with him. it’s nice to have a beer with a friend and just cheer on the same team. I won’t be shedding no tears when they lose though…

  31. David Smith

    Not only was Wenger a crap coach, he was a control freak unable and unwilling to delegate to specialists.
    Only under someone like Stan could he have survived so long

  32. Graham62

    So Emery announces himself as the new Arsenal manager.

    Is it just me, or are there a few more twists and turns to come in this saga?

  33. Graham62

    Coach 15

    RM winning it again would devalue the competition.

    I wish the ECL was based on a straight knockout basis. The predictabilty of the top teams coming through would then be taken out of the equation.

    Off to work now.


  34. Dissenter

    Arsenal need to end this freaking saga. I’m going to give them the benefit of doubt because it was the first hiring of a manager in 22 years.
    The Emery website page actuallly looked like it was done by Arsenal media team, they didn’t just get the synchronization right. He thought the moment he signed the deal he could just go out and tell everyone. Arsenal like to control the message like the politburo.

    We all know it’s Emery, don’t wait till Friday, announce it and be done.

  35. EdTheRed

    But…but…but Arteta grew up with Iniesta.

    Honestly, what is wrong with some of you? What fucking agenda are you pushing here?

  36. Richaldo

    Possibly the most negative post I’ve read in years… mind you I can’t really remember anything positive coming from this site in a very long time…

    Sad. I’m out. Arseblogg FTW… I’ve utterly lost interest in the daily dirge you spout on here….. so depressing!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Pierre

    Arsenal Fans will be going into the new season feeling positive, there will be a good vibe in the stadium and a couple of decent early victories and performances will do no harm.

    The fact that we have relatively few players competing in the world cup is a bonus and we just may hit the ground running.

    Will be a chance to see how he will play Ramsey early on as özil will probably miss the start of the season if Germany progress to the later stages. Will give Ramsey a chance to cement his place in the side in a more forward position maybe.

    A couple of signings (nzonzi for one) and a decent centre back is a must.. Will be good to go into a season without the usual negativity and maybe even the media and so called experts may back off a little now they don’t have Wenger to bash.

  38. TheBlaster

    If we look at the failures of our team it’s pretty much entirely been a failure to consistently press and put maximum effort to win the ball back when we lose it, maybe followed by being slow running off the ball. The mythical transition. We know nothing about Arteta and how much he is into organisation or not, how much he is into detailed coaching or not. Only his potential for being a leader. At Arsenal as a player he was pretty much Mr. Square pass. Never had that driving forward dynamic
    of Santi.

    We do know Emery is a detailed coach, and we do know that he loves intensity and passion and coaches to beat opposition. It all strikes me as exactly what this team needs to move it forward into this modern age. Whether he is the guy to take Arsenal to the top I don’t know, but at least we’ll have some swashbuckle about us again.

  39. Richaldo

    Possibly the most negative post I’ve read in years… mind you I can’t really remember anything positive coming from this site in a very long time…

    Sad. I’m out. Arseblogg FTW… I’ve utterly lost interest in the daily dirge you spout on here….. so depressing!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Frank Mc

    Some interesting stats..

    Unai Emery – 46 years old

    UEFA Europa League: 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16

    Ligue 1: 2017–18

    Coupe de France: 2016–17, 2017–18

    Coupe de la Ligue: 2016–17, 2017–18

    Trophée des Champions: 2016, 2017

    Mauricio Pochettino – 46 years old

  41. Robin van Bergkamp

    Thanks salparadisenyc

    Like you I am excited about our future though I have to say I am approaching with a little caution. I’d love us to succeed, under any incoming manager but while we are looking to change the way we have been doing things, it still needs to be based on the right principles. Our success as a club on the pitch first and then let the financial rewards follow. Mislintat’s background stellar as it is appears to be profit-driven. I’m not averse to that if it works for the club but I would certainly like to think that our transfer policy was about getting the best available player too. Success on the pitch makes sense after all since sponsors are more likely to lucratively support a winner than an also-ran. Just look at our sponsorship deals which are nowhere near the magnitude of say United.

    Still, we’ll never know what Mikel would have brought to us. Perhaps in a few years time we may revisit this scenario though I’m thinking that by then, he will likely be staying put at City. I think it’s a pity that while we have lost out on opportunities over these years such as the then-likely coming of Pep who I believe had us as his first choice destination and re-establishing our contact with stalwarts like Vieira and Arteta.

    All my best

  42. Rambo Ramsey


    I find it laughable the people who turn their noses up at ‘underwhelming’ Emery.

    Managed bottom clubs and took them up leagues.
    Managed medium size clubs and found success.
    Managed big club and found success.

    The man has done it all.