‘Toughness’ of Arteta called into question

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I am in LA this week. Outside my hotel? Drip Doctors. That weird little place Samir Nasri went to get an intravenous drip. I am going to head in their tomorrow and ask for whatever he had.

Back onto Arsenal. Arteta landed a vote of no-confidence from Henry Winter on the Sunday Supplement. He’s strongly against the Spaniard, citing Diego Simeone as the man we need to sort out the soft underbelly of the weak Arsenal stars.

“Arsenal need a complete clear out – they need a strong, experienced, individual to address the failings,”

“Someone needs to go in and sort out that dressing room, to get rid of Shkodran Mustafi and to coach Hector Bellerin.

“How many world class players are there in that squad? Mesut Ozil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?

“They need a Diego Simeone type. Someone who is tough and can get into that soft dressing room, that soft boardroom – there is a soft executive feel at that club. There is a malaise that runs right through the club, which won’t be solved by Wenger going – he was only partly the cause of it. They need stronger individuals in there.”

“Arteta was part of the problem with the Wenger era in terms of he was supposed to be a leader there when the club was drifting. He’s got to explain how he can break that.”

Aggressive words there, and I’m sure many Arsenal fans will buy into them. But for me, they’re off the mark.

The notion of a big scary coach is an old-fashioned one. You can’t shout your way to success these days, and I have my doubts that fear and intimidation is how Diego is extracting the most from his players so consistently.

I also don’t know where the notion that Arteta isn’t tough comes from? He left Spain to play in France, before taking his pretty boy looks up to Glasgow (which is a pretty brutal league and city). Then he played at Everton for years, before coming to a broken Arsenal that was replacing Cesc and Nasri. We didn’t drop out the top 4 under Arteta. In his last season, we made 2nd for the first time since 2005.

This piece out of Per’s book gives you a good idea of how bad things were under Wenger.

The youth players who were promoted to the first team smiled at these exercises. They thought we were meditating. They were happy with the ball at their feet but for everything else there was a lack of desire. “I play football and go to training. That’s enough.”

Footballers are used to working only three hours a day. And out of the three hours they are at the training ground they are on their mobiles for half of that.

A lot of players don’t even know what maximum is – for them it is about having fun on the pitch. But there is more to being a professional than that.

In the autumn of 2017 an under-18 player came and asked whether we could sit down for a chat. I nearly fell over, I was so surprised. That hadn’t happened in the six and a half years I had been there. He wanted to speak to me about leadership.

I used a lot of energy trying to convince team-mates they should do more for their bodies and try new things. But working long term to improve their weaknesses? Hardly anyone.

I just cannot imagine being a young pro and not wanting to leech the experience from a World Cup winner like Per! I told you the real story about how average Wenger was would  creep out once he retired, there’s a little snippet.

Malaise doesn’t come from the players, it comes from the manager. When you’re at Arsenal’s level, there isn’t really such thing as a lazy professional, just an unmotivated one.

Just look at how many players left Arsenal during the banter years and won major honours. Look at how many great players came in and went totally off the rails. It was never about the players, it was always about a bad manager who didn’t care about the details.

The weakness at the executive level that Henry mentioned appears to have been addressed. We’ve hired the exSporting Director of Barcelona. We’ve hired in the best scout in the world. We hired in an elite contracts guy. Stan has taken a back seat to Josh K, who knows if that’s a good move, all I know is Wenger is gone and Josh has been here 14minutes.

Ivan is making the right moves.

He’s also making an ambitious play with his manager. He’s ignoring calls for a big name… and remember, the same folk calling for a winner were probably celebrating LVG at United, and then his subsequent replacement in Mourinho.

No one guarantees success, and the people least likely to give you that are the ones that have already failed. Carlo doesn’t have the ideas to better Pep, especially at a team that doesn’t have anywhere near the resources he’s had at previous clubs. Enrique and Allegri have already thrown in the towel, both leaking that they’d need £200m to do the job. Arsenal need a coach who is ambitious to do great things with the tools he has at his disposal. Klopp is doing it at Liverpool at the moment, he didn’t bitch about money. He just cracked on.

Arteta is a risk, but for me, the rewards on offer are very exciting should it work out. Give me someone with desire over a hack just in it for the pay bump. Just look at Conte this season, all he wants is a payoff and a nice sabbatical. Chelsea means nothing to him.

If you’re going to write off Arteta, let’s make sure we’re slamming him for the right reasons. Critiquing him for not being a tough guy is a nonsense. Alluding to needing a strong manager to scare the exec suite is also a bit of a myth. I’ve read so many people say the club are only hiring Arteta because they can control him.


No club in the world wants to hire a manager they can’t control, because a business is a structure built on hierarchy, values and respect. Accepting an out of control manager shows you are weak and insecure about what you want. It’s certainly not something any club would actively seek out. We’ve literally just binned a manager who bossed the board, and that problem took 10 years to solve.

The main stick to beat Arteta with is experience. He hasn’t managed a top club, and that’s certainly an issue when it comes to optics. However, we’ve seen countless examples of rookies crushing it this season, so if his ideas and vision for the club were exciting in the interview and the references check out… then you have an exciting problem.

Hopefully we’ll find out the decision this week…

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I for one am very happy wit emery.

I’d have supported arteta if he came but his lack of experience made him an exceptional gamble.

None of us can be sure if emery will do the business but at least we have a reasonable manager, who has won trophies on a tight budget.

Very pleased.


Good appointment. Very happy.

Pedro’s post tomorrow should be interesting: it could be the first time his POV is at odds with 99.9% of the posters here.

Who is Le Grove — Pedro or Le Grove? 😉


Everyone has to understand that this is a huge undertaking for Emery or any experienced coach. Pep & Klopp both needed time to get City and Pool firing.

Neither had the financial restrictions Emery is going to have, so maybe he’ll need longer. Although now it’s time for Sven & Raul to really show why Gazidis hired them.

The spotlight is as much on them as it is Emery.


Been smiling reading these posts and thinking about next season. Tricky by the management team, had most hoodwinked on Arteta rumors. I know this is a huge stretch so don’t jump down my throat, but I’ve had a coach more in the fatherly mold of Arsene, who didnt rock the boat, yell, made referee excuses, always told us we were the best, etc. We were soft and he was eventually revealed as a dipshit fraud. I’ve also had coaches that were hard asses, screamed at us, called us the pussies we were when warranted. He was fair though, he also… Read more »


Thumbs up for Emery and new Arsenal. Let’s do it!


I have to admit I didn’t know much about Emery other than his PSG credentials. Reading this I have to say I like what I’m reading. “Along with his video analysts, Emery will spend up to twelve hours working on the cut. Players are loaded with information, both in the video suite at the training ground and then as a going-home present. ‘There were so many videos I ran out of popcorn,’ his former Valencia winger Joaquin joked. At Valencia, Emery would give his players pen drives to take away, packed with precise preparation for their opponents. When defender Jeremy… Read more »

Guns of SF

Pedro should now change this from Le Grove to La Grove or Las Groves
El Grove?


La Arboleda


Really very happy with Emery to come in and coach us. Psg bossed us, Chelsea and Barca recently in European fixtures with style. If he gets his squad management right he could fix us a great deal. We are dead off the ball and that’s one thing he will improve in bounds. He’s a proper coach.

PS: With that rumored 40m bid for Seri, we could use it to get Rabiot. He totally wants out of psg


Yes mystic, please go for Rabiot and not the little seri


Sorry to see Cazorla leaving but the time was right and it’s best for Cazorla’s body.

Great respect for him as a player and wish him success in whatever he does next.


Was the change in plan why Henry was contacted? To assist Emery? Talks are on news that Emery was approached 2weeks back. Maybe Arteta was actually being approached as a number 2 (which I had thought a while ago and actually preferred. I also thought it would be Hassenhult based on his resignation). Maybe Viera was even approached as a number 2. Lol. Would really wish this saga ends with Emery. Am already worn out. Emery better than Arteta for the immediate job though. People want experience. We got it. 10years and 719 games more experienced than Lego hair. Everyone… Read more »

Guns of SF


Guns of SF

La arboleda is right kc


Draxler and Rabiot would be great. Let go of anyone in the CM that wants out. Xhaka, Ramsey. If they do the solidarity thing sell all of them lol.

Guns of SF

I’ll take anyone from that team as it would be an upgrade immediately


Emery to the Emirates, f’ing lovely… Sup Pedro, you stooge 🙂


jardim might be good but I don’t see him as the right candidate for us. even ranieri played one of the best counter attacking games in England to win the epl but non of the other epl teams looked at him when he was fired. the crop of players at Jardim’s disposal really helped him – not trying to run him down. though I don’t know much about his record but other than that breakthrough season, he has never been able to replicate anything meaningful unlike Emery whose CV speaks volume.


Up the Arse!!!!

Let Emery make all the doubters taste a humble pie.


I’m not going to say I saw it coming because I didn’t… but what I did say a couple of days ago was a post about the importance of a track record and experience and I listed all the managerial honours of Emery, Ancelotti and Enrique together in very stark contrast to the absolute empty record of Arteta…

This is a good choice, it will take the club forward.

Guns of SF

Wonder if he takes any former gunner as assistant


If he keeps his usual assistant, Juan Carlos it will be a contrast to Bouldy. According to some his assistant is Kloppesque… 😉

I’m hoping that El Señor will make the captaincy at Arsenal meaningful again. For a long time now Wenger has devalued this office by picking injury prone yes men. Of which Arteta was one.

I’m so hoping this is it, a new day is breaking for the Arsenal.

I can’t wait for the new season to begin!

Guns of SF

I’m thinking Bould is gone.

Guns of SF

I hope he is gone useless scowling assistant. Emery needs his guy and a defensive person who is a genius

Guns of SF

Nzonzi is 30 but still good. How about reuniting with emery? Bring drax we are looking tight in midfield


It’s a bit disengenius for Pedro to call emery a loser. This year they drew Real Madrid and didn’t have Neymar in the second leg. Last year yes they bottled it in rather shocking fashion but I also seem to recall some favorable refereeing to help Barcelona along in their comeback.

Certainly a shit ton more trophies over the past 5 years than Wenger, and big trophies to boot


Let’s face it. We are a cup team these days and Emery is a guy that knows how to win them.

The league is beyond us for the foreseeable future.



A bit sad, but the honest truth. I am filled with such higher hopes though heading into the summer than in other recent years, and think we all are. Cups, competing with the other top 6, hopefully top 4 which will be a dog fight. Yea I’m feeling positive as fuck

Guns of SF

Emery will have to know he needs to revamp our defense
Now it’s time to work with Sven to see those names we can bring in.
I think emery will enjoy his London stay much more than Paris. I would like to see a level of new high intensity!


Emery is a good manager and I am really happy if the news is true. Arteta should manage some other teams like Everton or Southampton and prove himself first. Btwn, If Arteta is such a good coach, why no team in the PL is interested in him?


Interesting background. I wonder what actually happened with Arteta? He was obviously a strong contender…did he reject us or did we think he wasn’t right? Was he being mooted for the assistant role? Maybe. Guardiola was keen to hire in Arteta as he was familiar with the Premiership so I suspect Emery would want some of the same.


If John Cross is to be believed Bould has been told he can stay but not as assistant manager. Seems Cross believes Emery’s appointment has not been widely accepted: “Still, there was some scepticism among Arsenal fans about Arteta but, judging by social media, Emery actually looks to have got a mixed reaction among the supporters.” Some scepticism? It was pretty much most on this blog. Cross goes on to say: “However, the way Arteta fell out of the shortlist suggests there was a change of heart because the Spaniard interviewed exceptionally well and is known to have a strong… Read more »


2nd time Pedro has been taken for a ride by Ivan. Anyways hang in there lad its not all bad. Emery ticks alot of boxes and is still a bit left field I suppose? Doesnt except half baked performances and uses video analysis. What more do u want?


Sky sports poll
Emery: 62%
Arteta: 38%



“Reaching his peak as a manager at 46, and very expressive and energetic on the touchline. Something we’ve been crying out for. ”

respect your take on tactics and stuff, but lord this ‘energetic on the touchline’ stuff is ridiculous. the only people it impresses are those watching the game on tv. at the ground it’s just the comical guy trying to make himself heard over 60, 000 people.

Guns of Hackney

So, Emery. I was all set for Arteta and thought that was a potentially an exciting appointment. Likewise, Emery is also exciting. Now here’s the thing. When Arteta was ‘announced’ everyone went into meltdown explaining that he couldn’t be good because he had no experience. Fair enough. Emery has loads of experience so one would assume that based on Le Grove’s logic, he must be a sure fire, guaranteed hit. Let’s expect back to back league wins and a couple of champions leagues too. Yes? No? Exactly…we just don’t know, do we. The big issue once again looks like Arsenal… Read more »

Guns of SF

Did Pedro have some sort of weird agenda with Ivan here? Wonder why he wa so Gung ho on arteter

He’s catching lots of flak but it’s just weird . Normally Pete seems more measured


Apparently Emery had an absolute beast of an interview where he exceeded expectations on his knowledge on the Arsenal squad and what he wanted to do with them…

Imagine that?

An Arsenal manager who actually had a plan? Who actually prepared?

Happy days!


All of a sudden, I can’t wait till August. Hasn’t happened in a long, long time.


If I was Ivan I would announce him along with a star signing like Draxler. That would be a statement of intent and excite everyone from the off.

After all, remember people the transfer window is open, we need to get a move on


Emery was one of the first to praise Wenger after it was announced this season would be his last. thought it was very generous, if a little unusual at the time.


With his record of bringing youth through, Reiss Nelson should be well stoked, he will get his chances aplenty under this new manager. Sign that new contract!


Ironic that as we hire Emery from PSG Wenger gets discounted from contention as director of football to PSG.

That’s got to sting.

Why did we tolerate Wenger for so long!?!?


Don’t know if it has to be Simeone(I’m not opposed) but i do think we need some grit and Arteta doesn’t strike me as a gritty guy.


We didn’t drop out the top 4 under Arteta.”

Jesus Pedro. Arteta was the reason we didn’t drop out of the top 4? Or was it that Liverpool and Spurs hadn’t hit their stride yet?

Add two competent coaches to two ambitious clubs and we dropped 2 spots in the EPL table. Simple as. Liverpool and Spurs were non-factors/non-threats to us for years until Pochettino and Klopp.


We never dropped out of the top 4 with Podolski either. lol or Gervinho.


If he has experience in dealing with Neymar’s ego he will no problem getting to grips with Özil.



“Why did we tolerate Wenger for so long?”

I think we all know why.

It was because of the “lads”.

It’s amazing that the “never accept responsibility for anything supporters” who sat and accepted things for so long, are sort of confused by the whole process.

Wenger is history.

Get over it folks, he ain’t coming back.


I’m happy with Emeri. Not my first choice but somebody that strikes me he can get what he wants out of what he has.


Why do I feel like Ivan used Le grove to test fan reaction to Arteta……anyway I’m behind Emery we’re more similar to Seville than PSG


Wenger will not get a top job……………………anywhere!


I am starting to worry about Sven Raul and Ivan tho and the power dynamic they’ve created which I feel will deter a lot of good managers


respect your take on tactics and stuff, but lord this ‘energetic on the touchline’ stuff is ridiculous. the only people it impresses are those watching the game on tv. at the ground it’s just the comical guy trying to make himself heard over 60, 000 people.”

If Wenger was jumping up and down on the sideline you’d be wetting yourself. Stay consistent.


What I don’t think Pedro understands is the power dynamic isn’t the same at Dortmund and other top European clubs it’s alot more MSL style than anything else.


If any of you were in a high profile position within the game, would you consider hiring Wenger?

Of course you wouldn’t.


Seems like Ivan Raul and Sven don’t give a fuck who we hire as long as they tow the club policies and shut the fuck up.


“Why do I feel like Ivan used Le grove to test fan reaction to Arteta……anyway I’m behind Emery we’re more similar to Seville than PSG”

This is exactly what happened, just hope he gets on board with the new manager though!


Neither had the financial restrictions Emery is going to have, so maybe he’ll need longer. Although now it’s time for Sven & Raul to really show why Gazidis hired them.”

Wenger spent a shed-load of cash the last few years. If they match that expenditure we can more than be competitive.


“Seems like Ivan Raul and Sven don’t give a fuck who we hire as long as they tow the club policies and shut the fuck up.”

They have been doing exactly what we have been crying out for, for years.. Taking charge and turning this sh!tshow on its head.


The same people that said Arteta was dead on to sign are the same people that are speaking of small budgets. So, take it with a pinch of salt


We discovered in the end that it wasn’t actually the lack of spending that was causing the problem. It turned out that thrift was also a symptom and not a cause. It took the board 15 years of failure to realise it. Better late than never but boy are they thick. One hopes they’re catching up now………..one hopes.



“If Wenger was jumping up and down on the sideline you’d be wetting yourself. Stay consistent.”

nah man, it’s f*ckin’ ridiculous. anyone who thinks an energetic touchline manner is an important requirement for a top coach is an idiot.



“Why do I feel like Ivan used Le grove to test fan reaction to Arteta…”

not saying the pr people woukldn’t mind keeping the bigger bloggers onside, but to suggest they actually give a shit what we’re moaning about is a bit of a reach.


We discovered in the end that it wasn’t actually the lack of spending that was causing the problem. It turned out that thrift was also a symptom and not a cause. It took the board 15 years of failure to realise it. Better late than never but boy are they thick. One hopes they’re catching up now………..one hopes.” Yep. Wenger didn’t spend because he didn’t have to. He knew that there was no competition to knock him out of top 4 so he rolled the dice many a summer TW. Then….. Liverpool hired Klopp. City hired Pep. Spurs hired Pochettino.… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

Our CEO might be a dick of catastrophic proportions but he isn’t looking at blogs to decide what to do next. Sheesh.

Let’s hope the new manager knows how to say “fuck off you pile of shit” in English.

Neymar to Iwobi. Damn.
Mbappr to Welbeck. Jesus.
Cavani to Elneny.

Good luck.


That’s the end of Le Grove as we know it.

Le Grove has always thrived on a difference of opinion, to me it looks like 95% are behind the new appointment…


It’s a step down from PSG, but hey, maybe Emery can inject some life into the Arsenal corpse.


How can you say it’s a good appointment after you being so keen on the Wenger clone lol



Your post today should not be full of moaning.
You were on a one man crusade to shove Arteta down our throats for a week and were full on shutupandsupportthelads.

I hope you extend the same philosophy to Emery 😉


Tits, That’s correct. Our points totals over the last 10 years haven’t really moved. We as a club were treading water year after year and so long as 70 points and fourth place were intact, so was Wenger’s position. But as you say, it all changed when others caught up. It couldn’t have been more obvious that the only way for us was down and in the end that’s what happened. But of course we’ve all been through this so many times over many years of “rinse and repeat”, “ground-hod day”, “judge me in May” etc. that most of us… Read more »


Glad to see you approve of the soon to be new manager Red.

Should we be expecting more optimistic posts from yourself? Or are the classic one liners still the order of the day?

Guns of Brixton

WTF is happening here

We are all actually agreeing here??!!

Am I the only one who reads the memo in the morning?
Disagree with everything and send personal insults to eachother

C’mon guys dont lose the plot now!!
🙂 🙂 loool


WTF is happening here We are all actually agreeing here??!!Am I the only one who reads the memo in the morning?
Disagree with everything and send personal insults to eachother

dont worry, normal service will be resumed when we make a bid for jonny evans


May 22, 2018 06:51:39 Ironic that as we hire Emery from PSG Wenger gets discounted from contention as director of football to PSG. That’s got to sting. Why did we tolerate Wenger for so long!?!? idiotic to say the least. Wenger didn’t apply for director of football. psg chairman was only answering questions thrown at him and he categorically said their director of football is performing, meaning there is no need to replace him. if psg decide it’s time up for their present director of football then Wenger will absolutely be approached – fact. tides are changing but children of… Read more »


I too, am enjoying the kumbaya aura around Le Grove Guns of Brixton.


For those of you asking about assistant manager, i expect it will be Juan Carlos Carcedo

He has been assistant to Emery at valencia, seville and psg


“So have been watching a lot of videos on emery’s game tactics, my conclusion is:
1. Xhaka is going to be central to his plan”

“He likes his midfield base being a ball sprayer especially to wings, to target his pacy wingers when the midfield base and one of the other 2 CMs have drawn out opponents out of shape. Xhaka is the only one with that quality In our team.”

Loving his appointment already.

Bamford your thoughts please lol


Time will tell how good (or not) emery will be for us. One thing is absolutely true to me personally, is that he is absolutely a smarter choice than rolling the dice on arteta. We are not rolling from a position of strength. If arteta failed badly we’d not have limitless pockets to necessarily bail the club out of trouble in the short term. Arteta might be the bees knees but he’s an enormous gamble and with emery we at least have a solid choice. Someone with some success, experience and useful ingredients. Whether emery works out well or not,… Read more »


We don’t really have any pacy wingers though. In fact we don’t have any genuine wingers at all lol

We’ll see what emery can/will do about this!


Also a fundamental reason not to pick arteta was the fans tbh We’ve had such a divided fan base for years and years. Fans fighting fans. Hate aggression and the rest. Considering how arteta is a very polarizing choice, if he didn’t do really well the fans would have their knives out very quickly. We seriously can’t be put in this position again where fans are fighting fans over club mismanagement. A happy and supportive fan base will drive a team forwards and help them pick up more points, especially at home. At this fragile time, the club *desperately* needs… Read more »


Hoping Emery will get rid of welbeck and bring in either draxler or malcom

His style of play will also call for a DM – so finally we may get one

can see us lining up with

new keeper
hector, new cb, new cb, monreal
new DM, xhaka, ozil/mikki
new winger, laca, auba

can see at least ospina, mustafi, koz/holding, ramsey, welbeck, iwobi being sold this summer


Cech being given the No.1 shirt does worry. Surely Emery will want to strengthen in that area?


Please no more cech…

Freddie Ljungberg

New post


Very, very surprised. Never saw him as an Arsenal manager. It’s Dickie boy. As he is appointed some pluses about him = I like his past management profile and not anything to do with Sevilla. I like the fact that he started management from grass roots and worked his way up before his first stint at Sevilla. Another plus is that he will be much more focused on the opposition than Wenger was but saying that it’s all well and good but he needs the personnel and set-up to make this positive factor of his to bear real dividends. Negatives… Read more »

shaun ellis

thank the lord for that with some trying to convince of the merits of Arteta …no3 at city to take over as arsenal manager ……………the arsenal fan base really is a shocker .Arteta has zero experience at any level as a manager and two years as a coach and apparently not number 2 at city and people here are saying it’s the same as Pep and the same as Zidan so why not ………no wonder we had to put up with that fraud for so long…..Arteta go manage Brighton or Charlton for a couple of years and lets see what… Read more »


I don’t think that giving Cech number one shirt means that Arsenal are not
recruiting a first choice goalkeeper this summer.

Cech was always going to stay at Arsenal next season, because he has one more year on contract and has absolutely no resale value at age of 36.

Since Ospina does not have first string potential my guess is that he will leave the club this summer and be replaced most probably by Leno.

shaun ellis

“All I can say at this point is that his appointment is more interesting than Arteta. More interesting could mean looking with fear at the goings on from behind a sofa but we shall see.” Optimistic arsenal fans as ever ‘I’m not the kind of coach who says: “Let’s do a few piggy in the middle exercises and get home for lunch,”‘ we sure as hell no this was a perfect wenger training session lol……………………………..lol and Hackney gun is right in some respects we are not in a position to offer the top top end coach’s a position as the… Read more »

shaun ellis

Chech (Chelsea number 2 four years ago)should play out his last season at arsenal as number two if he has any arguments just play back some of those near post goals …Ospina ..same as Arteta Brighton or Palace but not Arsenal


I do recall watching Emery put Klopp over the barrel in his last Europa league win, after going down by 1 at the half. There is that.

Curious to see how ruthless he goes with current squad. Question marks over back 5, Xhaka, Welbz. Think Ramsay now stays on, where as with Arteta he’d of been gone.

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