New manager in the mixer, but can a failure work?

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Finally, we have something more to talk about than the golden 4-5 managers I’ve been tracking these past few weeks. Spanish media has linked us with the Basque manager Unai Emery, who has departed PSG after failing to move them to the next level in the Champions League.

Arsenal fans are starting to come to terms with the reality that Allegri is a dream that might not have much reality to it. I have no basis for saying that deal is dead outside the fact he still has unfinished business with Juventus, his press mutterings indicate he’ll be there next season, and his sporting director saying he thinks Juve will come to a solid agreement when they speak this summer.

FOOTBALL IS MAD FAM, so don’t rule anything out, but I think he’s a sexy damp dream too far this season…

That means we have to be real with what’s available on the market, and also start to tune ourselves into the brief that Ivan’s hawking around Europe…

  •  Rejuvenate a club that’s lost its way
  •  Bring a broken squad together around a new footballing philosophy
  •  Be an actual coach: instilling discipline, tactical awareness plus out and out winnertivity™
  •  Do a lot with a little: purse strings will be tight blud
  •  Suck it up in a management structure where you’ll not have full control
  •  Sell Ospina

That’s why Emery is interesting. The man beat Madrid with Almeria (more here) leading them to a top half of the table finish. He consistently took Valencia to 3rd place. No one talks about Spartak Moscow. Then he took Sevilla, a selling club, won 3 Europa League titles in a row, the last one beating Liverpool in Klopp’s first half season. He’s a deep thinker, super pragmatic and his best work has been with teams that are in the shitter, or just skint.

One of the big critiques of him at PSG is the players didn’t care for him. He was deemed passive.

‘There is no fear of rebuke for poor displays or selfishness as a significant chunk of the first team will be picked no matter what. As a result PSG lack any semblance of rigour or discipline and players dally in possession and struggle to find any intensity.’

Arsenal is a mess, but we’re still bigger than Sevilla. Could Emery manage man-monsters like Ozil?

Or, do issues like this sit at the owner’s feet? PSG pride mega names over the proper casting of personalities. Remember, not even Carlo – the master of egos – could manage effectively there.

The other question is: if he can’t make PSG European Champions, how is he going to make us special?

This is something I think about a lot (twice a day at least), management is a flip of a coin at the highest level. Pep G has fucked the Champions League twice in a row for City, and he never made a final with Bayern Munich. Does that make him a bad manager, or just unlucky? I also think there’s something in the idea that PSG might be so dominant in Ligue 1, they lose their edge when they play a proper team because they’re coasting most of the season.

This is the madness of football, because he failed badly at PSG, fans won’t want him. Though take a moment to look back on PSGs style of play this season, it’s hard not to be impressed, until you realise they dropped £300m on talent to win a league and a cup.

Anyway, back to the list of items CEOs look for in a modern manager:

  • A footballing philosophy the CEO and the fans can buy into (which is why I’m amazed Mourinho is still at United)
  • A coach who has the charisma and passion to transmit that vision to the players (which is why all the Twitter muppets who used ‘pashun’ as a derogatory snipe at English fans are eating their hat now every hipster manager is a touchline gangster)
  • A leader who can make the players better, get bums on seats and elevate the club in a saturated global football market (which is why you’re increasingly seeing stable managers who win ugly moved on for the folk who are a little bit more ambitious about putting on a show)

You’ll have to let me know whether you think Emery can deliver on the above.

Finally, before I go. There was a lot of debate yesterday after I gave Mesut a roasting online. My take on his agent’s comments are as followed.

Keown has won 3 PL titles. 3 FA Cups. A Euro trophy. He’s an Invincible.

Who the f*ck is his agent to plough into an actual legend of the club?

Mesut Ozil isn’t a legend. I don’t care about his POTY with Germany. I don’t care about his chances created record. I don’t care about his World Cup win.

He’ll always be a luxury player who never really delivered on what we wanted. He’s not a warrior. He’s rarely been a leader (though he’s shown he can be both the latter when he fancies is). He almost never shows up in the big games. He disappears in the second half of every season, even when he’s rested.

I find it amazing that on the one hand, we’re complaining that our strikers don’t get any service, and on the other hero-ing Mesut as a chance creator. We literally have two of the most potent strikers in Europe lining up for us and we’ve lost all our away games this year. Which is it? A lack of finishers? Or a lack of service?

Back to Mesut, he has no right to pop off at Martin Keown, who certainly doesn’t have had the talent of the German, but he had 10x the heart, 10x the commitment, and the trophies to back it.

There has never been a question around Martin’s dedication, the man has never taken a day off before the season was out for a sore back, he’s never ducked an away leg at a team that might kick him, and though he may have kissed the ring of Wenger over the years and been an enabler, it’s mostly because he’s so desperate to impact the team he loves.

If you don’t quite comprehend why Martin Keown is a more important player than Mesut Ozil, you never watched him.

Keown is a legend. Also worth noting that even when his career was coming to an end, he’d have been working with the younger defender, passing on the knowledge, helping them through the Invincibles season.

Ozil doesn’t measure up for Arsenal. World Cups don’t matter in the debate about Ozil. Messi and Ronaldo, two of the GOATs, have never won the World Cup.

Too many people just don’t get it… Mesut doesn’t care about Arsenal. Europe knows it, that’s why no one bar Arsenal made an offer for his services.

He’ll always be remembered as a supremely gifted talent that didn’t have the stomach to elevate Arsenal.

That’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Champagne charlie

    “No disrespect to Ospina, but one would have thought it wasn’t the best career move to play in goal when you’re a f’king midget.“

    I don’t think the Colombian number 1, and current professional footballer at Arsenal is going to be disrespected by a postman’s input on a blog mate.

    Could be wrong? Just don’t think he’s looking in the mirror asking where it all went wrong in his football career.

  2. steve

    Finally the dictators tyranny has come to an end. Hopefully the akb cunts can fuck now as well and support whatever the specialist in failure decides to do next.

  3. Danny

    Great that season is over, what a piece of shit that was. Can’t wait for the next to start.
    …..and to Wenger – fuck off.

  4. steve

    The akb cunts will probably use this meaningless dead rubber game as a reason that Wenger has been vindicated. SEVEN straight away defeats. Truly pathetic from the specialist in failure.

  5. Jeff

    Anticlimactic end to an unremarkable career. I look forward to a new beginning with a new manager and a new era. It is my sincerest wish that Arsenal becomes a football club again and not some never ending experiment where “values” and other irrelevant sentiments overtook the most important aspect of any sporting endeavour which is to compete to the highest possible level and the best of ones ability and available resources.

  6. Pierre

    Are you a little snotty nosed kids who sits in his room squeezing his zits….

    I don’t mean to be rude but that’s the impression you give looking at your comments.

  7. Zfree

    Transfer window opens in 4 days and we’ve got a lot to do. New manager should be announced within a week?

  8. jasongms


    Come on, just own it bud!

    Maybe Red will bring that thing out of the comedy gold archive section. And that other memorable invention of yours, where there was no real advantage for the opposing team playing 10 against 11 … Classic


  9. jasongms

    Steve, what are you going to do now that its all over? Pack in the Wenger voodoo doll by any chance?

  10. jasongms

    “Anticlimactic end to an unremarkable career. I look forward to a new beginning with a new manager and a new era. It is my sincerest wish that Arsenal becomes a football club again and not some never ending experiment where “values” and other irrelevant sentiments overtook the most important aspect of any sporting endeavour which is to compete to the highest possible level and the best of ones ability and available resources.”

    Here, here!

  11. Leedsgunner

    He is finally gone.

    Some good times, some bad times but the truth is it is, this time was well over due, it is the right time.

    The time for Arsenal FC to start acting like a football club again.

  12. jasongms

    Salah 32 goals and Kane 30 this season. Goes to show that having a prolific striker alone does not win you the league.

  13. Jim Lahey

    @leeds –

    “Surely with the transfer window opening imminently a manager will have to be announced soon?”

    Still two weeks to go in Italy I believe… so I hope not too soon!!

  14. Dissenter

    I believe I had stated that two strikers will break the 30-goal mark this season; Lukaku and Kane.
    I missed Salah completely and overstated Lukaku’s.

  15. WrightIsGod

    Rambo Ramsey proving himself to be a bit of a twat.

    1. Auba has been most effectual playing alongside Lacazette with the latter in the middle. Coming from the wing gives him more space to run the channels as opposed to being crowded from a starting point in the centre. His link up play is not quite there yet.

    2. Mo Salah has just broken the record most goals in a Premier League season and he doesn’t play in the centre. He plays on the right interchanging with the rest of the front 3.

    All Rambo Ramsey has done has proven how little he knows about football.

    Rambo, next time engage brain before having an opinion.

  16. Freddie Ljungberg

    Serie A is finished in 1 week but Juve can clinch the title tonight with a point against Roma. I hope they get it so Allegri can make up his mind quickly, we need to get this sorted asap.

  17. Emiratesstroller


    Having goalscoring striker does not win you titles, but Arsenal have recruited two very decent strikers in Lacazette and Aubameyang and they will score a
    lot of goals next season providing that the club improves its delivery.

    Arsenal need to prioritise sorting out other positions in the team this summer.

  18. Leedsgunner

    A prolific goalscorer’s impact can be neutralised if your defence is not good enough. Think back to when RvP won the golden boot before he jettisoned over to Man United…

    With a good defence you always have a chance to draw games and snatch a win but with a weak defence you run the risk of losing games no matter how good your attack is.

  19. Pierre

    Was it just me or did anyone wonder why Ramsey was playing as our centre forward for the last 15 minutes considering we had lacazette, mkhitarayan and Welbeck on the pitch.

    I know the game was meaningless but surely if you are one nil up wouldn’t it be more professional to play for the team instead of desperately trying to score a goal.
    Maybe he was under orders from the manager to play up front.

    I suppose that is systematic of the reason why Arsenal have not challenged for the title as you need to play as a team instead of playing for yourself.

  20. Champagne charlie


    Don’t need to “own” something because you can’t comprehend a thread. Same it seems as the Atletico commentary…

    Not surprised.

  21. UTarse

    Now that the major point of contention has officially left the building, can Arsenal fans actually draw a line and move forward to support the club ? Having a disunited fan base (as we have experienced for atleast the last 6-7 years) is damaging to the club if it sticks around just because we disagreed vehemently in the past.

    Surely we can all agree that we need to get behind the club as a united fan base now ?

    Even if we do the gut wrenching decision to appoint an Arteta, it’s a fresh new start and one we all need to get behind.

  22. Rambo Ramsey

    Comparing Auba to Mo Salah, making grand judgments based on games that have largely been dead-rubber. And then acting pompous and stiff.

    WrightIsGod proving that he’s got something stuck up his anus. Get it sorted before offering your next opinion.

  23. Redtruth

    Top 6 versus Top 6

    Home Points Won:

    Man City: 12 Points
    Man Utd: 12 Points
    Spurs: 9 Points
    Liverpool: 9 Points
    Chelsea: 7 Points
    Arsenal: 5 Points lol

    Arsenal home form up their with the best…….do me a favour lol

  24. Marko

    Should be an interesting summer for Arsenal fans at the very least. Finally one might say. Hopefully more than the three Arsene suggests that we need but I’m hopeful the last two non Arsene signings in Mavropanos and Aubameyang have so far worked out.

  25. TR7

    So many thick fans wanting Laca to be sold, so obvious Laca is a good player and that he complements Auba well. Some of the same people moaned for about 5 years us relying on a sole striker, Giroud.

  26. Bamford10

    Aubameyang has done decently when he has been deployed wide — though we might take a closer look at the level of competition we were playing in such matches — but I definitely think he’s better through the center and I definitely prefer him through the center.

  27. Bamford10


    The problem with Giroud was that he lacked mobility and was never good enough to be our first-choice CF. The problem was not that we only had one CF; the problem was that he was our first-choice CF — for years.

  28. Redtruth

    Arsenal took just 6 points from a maximum of 30 points against the top 6 lol

    Arsenal only won ONE game against a top 6 side and lost 6 games

    Arsenal failed to beat any top 6 side away losing 4 games and drawing the other game…lol

    Arsrnal’s sole victory came at home to Spurs lol

    Derisory, shameful yet par for the course

  29. Freddie Ljungberg

    Thank fuck it’s the last time we have to listen to pearls like this:

    Yes, I see a bright future for my successor because the team has a good attitude and has quality,’ Wenger is quoted by Arseblog.

    ‘We need two or three additions, but after that I believe the club will compete for the Premier League.’

    Yeah, good attitude, sure, 2-3 additions, good luck with that.

    Can we please hire a serious, qualified manager and have our first real summer window in forever, please…

  30. Coach 15

    Could you please stop with your stomach churning remarks.
    Have you thought that some people reading this blog may have experienced what your using to insult people with, in the name of being a ‘real ‘ Arsenal fan.
    Please could you tone it down a touch.

  31. TR7


    We bemoaned having Chamakh as a backup to RVP, surely RVP was a good enough center forward? And I don’t understand the bullshit about having a 50M striker as a back up. Firstly 50M in current market is not as big a sum as it was say 3-4 years ago. Besides we play over 60 games a season, enough for both Laca and Auba to get plenty of game time. And most importantly Laca Auba looks a great partnership in the making. I can see Laca-Auba-Mikhi trio doing well upfront.

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What right has Gary Neville got to criticise arsenal …saying we are taking too long over a new manager. It’s a bit discourteous whilst the incumbent is still in place. Does the cretin have manners.

  33. Pierre

    “So many thick fans wanting Laca to be sold, so obvious Laca is a good player and that he complements Auba well.”

    Spot on… They obviously enjoy playing with each other and have a chemistry in their play that will develop the more they play together.

  34. Victorious

    chavs cunt
    “Finally the dictators tyranny has come to an end. Hopefully the akb cunts can fuck now as well and support whatever the specialist in failure decides to do next.”

    actually think now there won’t be “Wenger out” to type again, the whole of legrove will be looking forward to your intelligent input going forward.

  35. Victorious

    Wenger’s departure has really brought out to the fore the beastly nature of some of our fans,how Arsenal became a draw for these knuckle draggers remains a mystery to me,odious Cunt the lot.

  36. Redtruth

    Lets all hope the new boss takes his job more seriously than the previous incumbent who approached each game with scant regard for the opposition.

  37. Coach 15

    I just find your remarks using suicide and r@pe to insult others disturbing,and something I’d rather not have to read to be honest.

  38. UTarse

    Dear oh dear , you have major issues fella. Not gonna rise to your constant jibes at what you claim aren’t real Arsenal fans. I don’t say anywhere in my comment that I or any other fan who was a wenger outstopped supporting the club. I can quite easily call you many derogatory names but I couldn’t give a monkeys what you spout. Wenger has gone and that’s all I care about on this blog for now.

  39. Victorious

    “Wenger has gone and that’s all I care about on this blog for now.”

    like you ever had any meaningful contribution on here other than the Wenger out bandwagon you were gleefully happy to jump on,wish fans like you would just fvck off from arsenal.

  40. Redtruth

    The true followers of Arsenal who have been advocating the removal of the French Skunk for many years can walk with their heads held high….

  41. Dissenter

    “hope to God we bring in Arteta”

    Someone is seeking attention.
    Most knew you were a Wenger groupie but didn’t know you hated Arsenal so much.

  42. steve

    Wenger is a deeply disturbed, psychotic individual. A sick twisted deranged old man who’s dictatorship has caused a lot of pain and suffering over the years.

    Of course that twat Vicuntious wants Arteta as manager. He’s essentially an extension of Wenger. The closest to the specialist in failure staying. What a joke.

  43. Wenker-wanger

    Victorious??? What the FCK have you ever achieved? You useless wenger-lover. Why not follow your turd wherever he goes?
    The rest of us will be supporting ARSENAL…..that’s A R S E N A L..
    we love arsenal not the past 10 years of the sad imitation of a once great club.

  44. Thanos

    Guns I wish I could how can’t anyone be so miserable on the day that Wenger has managed his last game?

  45. Marko

    “hope to God we bring in Arteta”Someone is seeking attention.
    Most knew you were a Wenger groupie but didn’t know you hated Arsenal so much.

    Absolutely dissenter. A clear troll by victorious. Not too dissimilar to the cunts who turn the blind eye to Trumps bad spots as long as they piss off liberals.

  46. tee


    it’s getting stale man. let it go. join the football discussion instead of your illustrious Wenger jibe. fans are moving on (Wenger incuded) cos next level is the next level. don’t be left behind

  47. Pierre

    Oh dear.. I’m afraid the AKB crap might not be over if Arteta is appointed as the new manager.

    It seems like there is already an anti Arteta movement started on here.. So much for moving forward in support of the club.

    Ufraud.. Will you be supporting Arteta if he gets the job.. To be honest I can see you throwing another 4,000 a season down the drain.

    This is how it works.. Fans like myself, Charlie, victorious and aubergine etc will support the team whoever is the manager because we are loyal fans who stick by the team whatever the results..

    With Le grovellers it works differently…. They are like toddlers, if they don’t get what they want they throw their dummy out of the pram and start to scream and shout

    Plastic fans I think they call them.

    If Arteta is appointed get ready for the dummys to be thrown out of the pram.

  48. Dissenter

    It’s not about supporting the club or not
    It’s about wanting the club to operate like a proper big club that we are.
    Appointing Arteta has the makings of a disaster, more so when there are better candidates around.
    We can’t afford to fall further behind and we need an appointment that unites the fans.
    We need unity, Arteta doesn’t unite the fans. We don’t need a yes-man or need to start another dynasty.

  49. loyika


    Should be fun though if Arteta is appointed how the fanbase react.

    Folls think that after 6-7 years of infighting and vile name calling (by both sides I might add) that thingd will suddenly be all sweet as roses? That’s not how life works.

    People will definately get behind whomever is appointed (not as if anyone has a choice)

    But lets all hope he (whomever) gets off to a flying start for the sake of unity orelse I see another 3 – 4 more years of infighting along other lines.

    I think might have to go between 2 or managers before the fan base can get back to something like it was in the past. Hopefully the stars align for the new boss and we can get a trophy (any) in his first season to bring folks together and heal alot of egos and pride (afterall at the end of it all, we all want what is best for Arsenal FC regardless of our stand points or however they were expressed)

    Life is too fricking short to be angry all the time!!

  50. Dissenter

    Do people realise that even Pep had a one year stint at Barcelona B before he was recommended for the Barca senior job.
    Even then he was taking over a loaded team that had won the CL and La liga in recent years before he took over. He had the benefit of having Messi,Xavi, Iniesta, Samuel Etoo, Puyol, Abidal and Deco to work with.
    The size of the job at Arsenal is different, we finished 37 points behind the champions.
    The reason we are against Arteta is because we don’t he’s big e tough for the job. We don’t have the time to allow anyone grow into it.
    Even spuds with all their blunders in the last 2 decades didn’t make an error so basic; they always went for the brightest young thing – at least it was young managers with proper track records.

  51. Carts

    Masssive relief that Wenger has now left the building.

    Sick and tired of that man, and have been for 8 years solid.

    He’s left the new manager fuck all to work with, besides the bar being left so low.

    Good riddance.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Getting Arteta is like upgrading your phone expecting a Samsung an ending up with a Motorola ……

  53. Victorious

    ‘Someone is seeking attention.
    Most knew you were a Wenger groupie but didn’t know you hated Arsenal so much.’

    oh wise one,how does wanting Arteta translates to hatred towards the club?does Ivan hates the club aswell?the boD? Wenger who talked him up?Pep?….or could this be another daft logic of yours?hmmm

    the bookies firmly has Arteta as favorite for the job and I’m trusting the boD’s decision and SUPPORTING the club(i know that sounds strange go you) when that happens to be the case.

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If it is it is

    We need to support him
    He will have a good safety net of knowledge so hopefully he will succeed

  55. steve

    Would’ve love if Mourinho took over just to piss off special needs akbs like Vicuntious, Aubergine aka Northern Cunt, Pierre, Wallace et al.

  56. loyika

    As said, still enough issues/topics for fans to fight over. (Lolz)

    Can’t wait for the new terminologies next season as “AKBs” and “WOBs” will gradually die a slow death.

  57. Champagne charlie

    Is Arteta underwhelming to people because of the potential of hiring other managers?

    Or is it him as a potential manager?

    I’ve voiced where I think we should be putting our money, but I’d genuinely be quite excited to see how well he’d do for us.

    I think if people step back for a second they maybe appreciate the landscape as a whole, it’s fucking good times at the Arsenal again – I’m buzzing for it.

  58. Champagne charlie

    Allegri first coach in Europe’s top 5 leagues to win 4 consecutive domestic doubles.

    Not bad.

  59. steve


    Lol you act like Wenger is the only one to have gone an entire legaue season undefeated. Plenty of clubs have done it. Wenger remains a loser still. Never defended a league title. Never won anything out in Europe. 14 out of his 22 years trophyless. Pathetic record.

  60. WrightIsGod

    Rambo Ramsey

    “Comparing Auba to Mo Salah, making grand judgments based on games that have largely been dead-rubber. And then acting pompous and stiff.”

    Talking utter cack.

    You said that anyone who would put a 30goal a season forward on the wing is thick. And yet that’s exactly where Mo Salah players. I related your numbers to a player who has actually achieved this a that position. Also Auba has been lethal playing alongside Laca who is a better link in the middle. Anyone who has been watching can attest to that.

    We can only base our opinions on what we’ve seen, dead rubber or not.

    A manager that can play both auba and laca will get the best output from our team. Currently laca has played better as a link up through the middle. As I said that could change in a different set up.

    Learn to suck eggs Rambo Ramsey.

  61. Victorious

    ‘Arteta is still a massive upgrade on Wenger though. Huge upgrade’

    on what basis are you drawing this evaluation?or like I suspect you’re just putting that across to get a rise from certain posters which simply means you’re trolling,poor effort.

  62. Freddylekgunner

    No team has done it since 2000 and with Barcelona’s defeat today I don’t think we’ll withness it anytime soon.

  63. Leftsidesanch

    I’m over the moon that we’ve seen the end of Arsene. Next season could go horribly wrong or it could be a success but for the first time in years I don’t have an idea how its going to go. That in itself is exciting.

    For the guys who defend Wenger its time to live and let go, and for those who have disdain its the same. Nothing lasts forever and ultimately those who wanted him us, we got what we wanted.

  64. Champagne charlie


    There’s nothing about you that suggests arsenal fan. You’re a weirdo that prides himself on downtalking Arsenal and Wenger.

    Pick up a book or something, your input is noise.

  65. steve


    You’re clueless saying no teams has done it since 2004. 3 teams have done it, one of them on two different occasions.

    “No team has done it since” lol.

  66. Freddylekgunner

    Well I mean top leagues, I don’t consider Portugal and Scotland as in Europe. You might as check African league in that timeframe.

  67. steve

    The invincibles team is not even the 2nd greatest PL team in history.

    1. Man City 2017/18
    2. Chelsea 2004/05
    3. Arsenal 2003/04

  68. Victorious

    LMAO at the Muppet’s feeble attempt in discrediting the invincible’s achievement of going the season unbeaten,makes them look complete plonkers as if there was any need for that.

  69. Marko

    Is Arteta underwhelming to people because of the potential of hiring other managers?

    Yeah this. With Enrique and Carlo available and Jardim, Allegri, Nagelsmanm and someone like Marcelinho attainable hiring Arteta seems for lack of a better word desperate or ambitionless. Also he doesn’t deserve it. Like honestly what has he done to deserve a job like that?

  70. steve

    Lol akb cunts putting way too much into this whole his unbeaten thing. With their r*tarded logic a team that draws 38 games and are probably relegated has a more impressive season than a team reaching the 100 point mark.

  71. Champagne charlie

    Genuinely don’t see what this Steve plank offers the platform. I’m all for varied opinion, but where’s the opinions beyond totally undermining Arsenal at every turn and lashing out at “akb cunts” and the like.

    Seems like a total mismatch for an Arsenal forum. If there’s one place for a guy NOT to belittle Arsenal, and particular devotees, it’s an Arsenal blog.

    Seems fairly apparent Steven is a fan of another side and gets his jollies off being a wum. Whatever boosts that ego champ

  72. UTarse

    Little p,

    “Ufraud.. Will you be supporting Arteta if he gets the job.. To be honest I can see you throwing another 4,000 a season down the drain.”

    Read my message again Mr intelligent.

  73. kc

    The same people that constantly moan about Kroenke being a terrible owner on here are the same one’s championing Arteta. That makes zero sense. If Arteta is hired he’ll be the owners puppet. Supporting Arteta for manager is the equivalent of wanting a Yank making all of the clubs decisions moving forward. Let that sink in for a minute.

  74. Leftsidesanch

    All this AKB and WOB is dead, its finished but gotta ask looking at some of your posts Steve.

    AFC clearly don’t give you any joy, why bother? On one hand you get fans saying that AKBs put Arsene before Arsene but your no different. Your doing the same thing with these jilted jibes.

  75. HighburyLegend

    “Masssive relief that Wenger has now left the building.”

    Indeed… do you noticed some of his very last words post-match ??
    “We need two or three additions and after that I believe that the club will compete for the Premier League.”
    “I wish to everybody in MY club the best for the future”
    “…the club today is a strong position”

    Unfuckingbelievable till the very end…

  76. PieAFC

    This blog makes me laugh. The divide between club and manager is beyond belief.

    I’ve never known anything like it.

    Its done and dusted now, time to move on.

    Arsenal fans always find a way to argue about something, if it isn’t where you’re from (hertforshire, to London, to North London, kent) always find a way to disagree on who’s the proper fan, haha.

    I haven’t looked forward to a season in ablut 7 years.

    Next season is literally the first since then.. cheer up for fuck sake.

  77. N'Gambo

    Arsenal, the 4th richest football club in the world, are going to hire a manager who has never managed?

    Please tell me this is a joke of some kind.

    Also, he was a shit player most of the time.

    How much more insanity do we have to endure?

  78. tee


    I’m not championing arteta but to be a shit player doesn’t equate to shit manager. there are a lot of world-class players who turned shit managers. hoping for allegri but if it’s the other way round then all I can do is to keep supporting and hope for the best

  79. tee

    Steve is just a weirdo who lacks proper football knowledge which explain why you hardly see him discuss football proper on this blog other than attacking Wenger and akbs. try and engage him in a football related discussion and you will see him revert ypto type