Arsenal fan fears stoked by horrible link, here’s why I wouldn’t worry

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Hoffenheim's manager Julian Nagelsmann gestures during the Champions League qualifier, second leg match between Liverpool and Hoffenheim at Anfield stadium in Liverpool on August 23, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Oli SCARFF        (Photo credit should read OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

Happy Sunday morning one and all!

I headed down to the stadium yesterday to pay my respects to the past, I’m gutted I won’t be there to wave the big man goodbye today at the West Ham game, I reckon it’ll be a bit of a party.

I’m pretty sure there won’t be empty seats in the ground for this one. Fans are gearing up for an emotional goodbye in the warm April sun. I hope it’s touching, I hope everyone goes all out for the ‘one Arsene Wenger’ and I hope he feels positive about the team’s reaction over the next few games.

A lot of managers are currently being linked as his replacement, and I think there’s inevitably going to be a lot of panic in the air around Gazidis and co making a shocking replacement. I’m not sure I’m so worried about that, this being the new optimistic Le Grove.

I think the signings that worry the fans the most are Luis Enrique, who did some great stuff at Barcelona but didn’t quite set the world alight like Pep G. There’s also the fear that any half competent manager with that side could win it all. I think his relationship with Raul makes him a candidate, I’m not sure his massive salary cap keeps him in the mix. But who knows…

The other manager people are worried about his Brendan Rodgers. He’ll be the plum choice for all the British tabs who think being British is some sort of achievement or skill. They’ll point to his record at Liverpool being good, and his stellar work at Celtic. Again, can’t have that. He bottled the league with Liverpool in horrendous fashion, then tanked the next year. Add to that he’s now manager at a club Phil Brown could dominate with.

The guy is also a cringe-machine. Sure, he’s not a bad coach, but is he really going to outthink Pep G? Is it really worth the club hiring a manager half the fanbase has zero interest in? Why would Ivan add pressure to his decision by bringing in a manager who will have the boo boys in at the first sniff of trouble? The same journos telling us he’s a great coach were the one’s telling Gooners to be careful what they wish for last year. Their opinion is null and void. I’ll be sending them cease and desists this afternoon.

Hopefully the CEO won’t go there, but there’s no doubt Brendy will be getting a phone call. I think the club have enough time to do their due diligence. I’d imagine he’ll shank the interview by talking about himself in the third person.

I’m still firmly of the belief that Ivan is going to have to make a compromise with the fans. He’ll want a manager who will fit into his carefully crafted infrastructure, that means plucking someone young from the tier 3 or tier 2 managers (see here for tiering info), but the fans will want a tier 1 manager. If he hires an Allegri or a Simeone, he’s going to have cede power to a reputation, if he hires in Arteta, Thierry or Paddy, he’s piling on risk, which is why I think he might land in the middle. Jardim is the perfect fit if you’re taking this logic.

I was wondering if Nagelsmann fits into tier 3 or 2. I think, given his experience taking Hoffenheim to the Champions League, he could sit in tier 2. He put on a big show yesterday against Ralph Hassenhutl in the race for top 4, he’s a tactical genius, he knows how to build out a defence, and he’d be a sexy balls-out signing. We also know Ivan loves a German coach after all the ferreting about there last season. A bit of a worry over whether a 31 year old can work with WC winners, but if the ideas are on point, who cares?

A friend did make an interesting point yesterday, that a clue of where Arsenal might head, could be anchored to the past. If the new manager is to gel, he’s going to have to have someone internally who can vouch for him, otherwise, it’s three totally new people working with another new person. That’s why Enrique is a contender. But we’ll see, certainly a very interesting point to consider.

At core, no decision has been made, so don’t get too worried that we’re talking to managers you don’t like. All you need to know is, whatever happens, it’s going to be more fun than watching Arsene Wenger’s brand of miserable football for another two years, and I’m convinced the club are going to do something big… no Koeman’s, Löw’s or Carlo’s (on the German, even if we wanted him, he’s at the World Cup until late July. He’s not a contender. Thank the lord).

Ivan has the chance to rock The Emirates with new and exciting brand of football. He has the chance to imprint his thinking on the club and make a true impact like he’s never been able to make before, and that’s damn exciting.

As exciting as Spurs dropping out of their 8th FA Cup semi-final in a row? As exciting as Pochetino talking about his team like he’s on the way out? Yes, as exciting as those things. Imagine if we pinched the Argentine as our next manager?! That’d be hilarious… what a coach he is!

Right, I’ll leave you to the game today, have fun, enjoy the moment, and remember good times are coming soon!

Also, check this video…

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  1. Gunner2301

    Strange how Wenger is only now talking about dis-unity in the fan base when he’s had nothing to say about it over the years whilst the AKBs had his back. He made no attempt that I recall to resolve that. Now it’s not working to his advantage he wants to talk about it? Get the fuck outta here. If he thinks he’s doing himself any favours by turning on the fans now he’s mistaken. The decisions been made he needs to go quietly with his big pay-off.

  2. Globalgunner

    We have become a club thanks to Wenger that draws a chuckle from other clubs in the last 16 draw. Everyone wants to play us. A team whose football is a sedative to onlookers, with a manager who sees no faults with his team, only victims of bad luck, bad refs or bad weather.
    Whose players are more tired than a Vegas hooker most match days. Where players injuries are sustained and repetitive, Where mediocrity is rewarded with top band salaries, The back room staff are the same people here since the Undertaker started wrestling,and all this overseen by an insular myopic delusionist obsessive, who earnestly believes that what is best for him is also best for the club.
    We were in purgatory but have found the light. We are moving to a new dawn. Can the club please donate Wengers bust to his Untold acolytes

  3. tee

    Wenger in, you developed HBP. He is off, your HBP gets a level higher. I think some on here are damn obsessed with man. he is gone and gone for good which is all that matters innthe grande scheme of things. so, i see no reason why y’all still get worked up whenever he talks. it’s not as if he is saying new things. let the future anticipation begin and stop flogging dead horse

  4. Marko

    I think some on here are damn obsessed with man. he is gone and gone for good which is all that matters innthe grande scheme of things.

    You’re right. Ignore the disgruntled employee who recently got fired his grievances mean nothing anymore

  5. Paulinho

    Fredrik Ljungberg on swedish TV:
    ”The next manager should build this team around Aaron Ramsey, he’s the clear stand-out player”.

  6. Marko

    Fredrik Ljungberg on swedish TV:
    ”The next manager should build this team around Aaron Ramsey, he’s the clear stand-out player”.

    I mean we’re so bad the last two seasons that yes he is the clear stand out player. Top scorer Lacazette and Aubameyang’s bright start to English football might suggest otherwise though. No for me going forward especially if we want to get back to challenging we don’t build the team around him.

  7. Jeff

    I can just see it. A small cardboard box under his arm and in it the cherished replica of the fourth place trophy.

    Do you think he’ll turn up at the training ground the next day just to watch?

  8. Emiratesstroller


    Ramsey does have limitations, but he does also have some good points as well.

    We cannot dismantle our entire midfield in one transfer window and dependent on whether Ramsey agrees to sign new contract at realistic wages I would keep him.

    I cannot see Arsenal renewing Wilshire’s contract and the same applies to
    Cazorla. We are not going to bring in 3 new central midfielders this summer.

  9. Carts

    Tbh, as things stand, Ramsey seems like the only plausible player to build a team around.

    Problem is that he’s the best of an average>shit bunch of players.

    Similarly to what GoH said, the new manager has a massive rebuilding task on his hand. 90-95% of the squad is dilapidated.

  10. Marko

    Ramsey does have limitations, but he does also have some good points as well.

    Never said he didn’t but to build this club around him is ridiculous. He only started where he started today because we rested Ozil and Mhiki is injured otherwise he’d start in central midfield and going forward I wouldn’t start him in central midfield.And the midfield needs a complete overhaul at the very least two new signings I’d argue 3 because I wouldn’t mind seeing the back of one or two more than just Jack.

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    One stipulation I think the new manage4 will have is that youth must be given a chance to be introduced.
    All to often we have good potential players and that is all they remain.
    The like of nelson, amn , eddie , Wilcox will need to be given game time consistently if the new person feels they are up to it. So maybe a youthfull manager like the huff boss is the answer.

  12. Marko

    Yeah can’t disagree with Gary Neville Simeone could do a great job here but he’s kind of talking about us like we’re some skint football club and that you can’t compete going forward without spending the same kind of money as City and United. I’m not sure I agree we just need to be smarter with our 100 million than say City are with their 200 million

  13. UTarse

    Maybe it’s still early days and this whole to and fro between wenger outs and AKBs has some tired legs to run, but surely it has to end sooner or later ?

    As is obvious from my posts I was a vehement wenger out, but now that’s finally happened, I’ve drawn a line and look forward to a more exciting future for the club. I couldn’t give a monkeys if wenger says this or that and what decisions he’s still making that I may not agree with, fact of the matter is he’s done and Arsenal FC needs a united fanbase.

    Like I said, maybe it’s early days but if Arsenal FC is to move forward, fans need to put the past and differences behind them and help bring a buzz back to the club.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Whilst agreeing with you that we need to be smarter in spending, someone high at the club authorised the 100 m last summer on players like mustafi , xhara n perez or the sum mer before… 100 m wasted

  15. LINP

    I admitted that Wenger did a lot of harm to the club. The way he handled players contracts. Also saving money not to sign players that the club needs. However, he is a gentleman. I would never follow a club coached by Mourinho.
    I also find it ironic that he mentioned about the fans in his interview. He wants to make them happy even he has to suffer. Better late than never!

  16. Ishola70

    Juventus are going to bag Emre Can it seems.

    Would have been a player that Arsenal could have done with.

    This leaves Fabinho. Has what is needed but has an annoying habit of many times lofting his passes up into the air, even simple shorter passes. While aerial lofted passes are good for longer range stuff and counters it is not needed for general overall passing. Slows the play down. Iron that out of his game and he is good to go.

  17. Ishola70

    Lucas Tousart of Lyon is an interesting one.

    Reported that four clubs are chasing him including Arsenal.

    Don’t be put off by his young age.

    Would be twice the player of Xhaka in regards real suitability for the DM role and tighten the team up.

  18. HillWood

    When I first started posting on Le Grove I suggested that Wenger is an old school socialist which seems to have been accepted even by Pedro
    I was totally wrong
    Wenger actually sees himself as a missionary with a duty to spread harmony world wide
    He has used Arsenal FC central hub for his ambitions
    Wenger has never been a normal football coach to whom winning is everything

    If you think I’m talking bollocks read his interview in the Guardian

  19. Bamford10

    I’ve always said that Wenger is the Don Quixote of the football world, but that presser reminded me that he is also a kind of Louis XVI. Like a deposed monarch, he thinks the fault lies not with him but with the people. ‘The fans didn’t do as I would have liked,’ he says, as if the fans were somehow subject to his instructions, his will.

    Truly incredible.

    A couple of other things that came out of that presser: I am now thinking he might not have been dismissed per se; I think they placed a restriction upon him or a diminution of his powers of some kind that he found unacceptable. I will try to explain this more later, but if you listen carefully to his answer to the q about the timing of his announcement, he says that it wouldn’t have been fair to come in June 1 and say he’s done, that they need time to begin planning for the new future. That means he had the option of returning. But why would he not, when just a week ago he was still talking about honoring his contract, next season, etc.? They changed something, I think, and he didn’t like it. Maybe they said he’d have no say on signings this summer or something like that? I don’t know, but something changed.

    It was also interesting to hear him say that he will be doing a tell-all, just not now.

    It was also interesting to hear him say that he has lied to the media in the past — something all assembled laughed about.

    Wenger will tell the world the truth someday, it seems, but contrary to what he thinks, doing so won’t vindicate him or make him look good; it will only expose how clueless, oblivious and stuck in his old, outmoded, unwinning ways he was until even the very end.

  20. HillWood

    I believe this club is respected all over the world, much more than in England, and our fans did not give the image of unity that I wanted. That was hurtful because I feel the club is respected over the world and, overall, the image we gave from our club is not what it is – and not what I like.

  21. HillWood

    “I feel this club has a fantastic image and, for me, that is absolutely vital. We can speak and speak and speak but sport is about winning and losing and you [the supporters] have to accept you will lose games, even when I will not be here any more. But it is about something bigger than just winning or losing and that was always a worry: how the club is perceived worldwide, for kids playing in Africa, China and America and the dreams it can create for young children who want to play football.

  22. HillWood

    Asked how damaging it had been for the club, he said: “I don’t know if it was damaging but it was not corresponding to how I feel our club is perceived – and has to be perceived – all over the world. If you travel with us – and I travel a lot – this club is respected all over the world and that is down to work, the way we play football, the way we behave and the way we treat people. I want that to go on, to be respected and to give the image I think is right. It is more than the money, more than the result. It is the way the club is received and the impression it leaves all over the world.”

  23. Pierre

    Hill wood
    It’s not that surprising that the only line out of those comments that Le Grove mention is the “hurtful” Comment.

    Obviously the way he speaks about the club and how Arsenal are perceived world wide is important to him… Great words from a Great man….

    Shame there are so many imbeciles now that support our great club.

  24. DaveB666

    No sorry I’m not buying this – when he says that how the club is perceived worldwide is more important than results………

    Performances and results are everything and that is why he has been removed.

  25. Marko

    Obviously the way he speaks about the club and how Arsenal are perceived world wide is important to him… Great words from a Great man….

    Yeah if we’re perceived a certain way a negative way it’s his fault and not as you put it a minority’s fault. It’s clear he’s trying desperately to pluck at the heartstrings with regards to his firing but facts are facts and if he done a better job or was capable of doing a better job he’d still have a job. He’s gone now. Got no idea why you’re calling fellow arsenal supporters imbeciles but I agree there are total fucking idiots supporting this club. Pierre you need to let this go you need to let him go.

  26. Marko

    Performances and results are everything and that is why he has been removed.

    No no we should have kept the nice old man on forever. That’s classy and we would have been perceived well by kids in Africa and America and China. Pretty sure African kids only give a shit about what club Naby Keita or Mane plays for. American kids only give a shit about what game Drake is playing and Chinese kids only care about whatever they’re allowed to care about.

  27. HighburyLegend

    So once again, and for change, it’s not your fault (“why are we looking at you like that ??”), and you blame the fans…

    Your departure is definitely the best thing that have happened to Arsenal, and you will not be regretted at all.
    (Excepted by pierre, vicuntious and all those who confuse Le Grove and Untold)

  28. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “Shame there are so many imbeciles now that support our great club.”

    Led by you Pierre, you miserable excuse of a human being. Hypocrite DNA.

  29. HighburyLegend

    “Performances and results are everything and that is why he has been removed.”

    A decade too late, but better late than never…

  30. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Wenger crying that he’s been hurt by fans. I can give you 10 million reasons why he’s a lying sack of shit. Good riddance…your head games are long worn out and wont be missed.

  31. Bamford10


    You have to be kidding. He is a deluded old fool who doesn’t even know what he’s doing any more. Sure, he has all kinds of high ideals and supposedly noble principles, but none of these have anything to do with being a good football manager. He is a man who completely lost his way in the world.

    And now he is blaming the fans — yet again — for his downfall, a downfall that was completely of his own making. A great man acknowledges his faults and errors and overlooks the slights of others, is magnanimous about them; Wenger is the opposite: he is incapable of genuine self-criticism, and he blames others for slights he well-deserved.

    He is a lesson in what too much power and too much ego can do to a certain type of man. He is cautionary tale and a tragic figure. He is not a “great man”. He’s a great fool.

  32. Frankie Coffeecakes

    In the end Wenger shows himself to be as disingenuous as he is deceitful. Not once, not ever has he accepted fault for any shortcomings, his own or that of his team.

    This soap opera, thankfully, has run its course towards a logical conclusion. The definitive end cannot come soon enough for me.

  33. Frankie Coffeecakes

    There is agreat deal of truth in what you have written, Bamford. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  34. Frankie Coffeecakes

    And for the record, i was bang on correct – Wenger did indeed fault the supporters for his downfall. he is so bloody predictable.

  35. Champagne charlie


    Beginning to think Big Weng gave your mum the business back when she visited Europe on a ‘culture trip’.

    Call him daddy if it makes the pain go away, you’re safe here. 🙂

  36. David Smith

    Reading everything this week, including first hand accounts of those who have had dealings with Wenger, it is clear he is a massively intelligent, humane guy who has done a lot of good off the pitch. And for a decade, he did great things on the pitch. The Arsenal foundation, of which he plays a full part are beyond excellent. Those close to him love him, including I am sure many around the club now.
    But the fact is , as a coach, if Stan Kroenke fires a man he is so fond of, there is something seriously going wrong. Josh didn’t even need his allotted three months to make his prognosis .
    Wenger isn’t the antichrist, but is a decent guy allowed to go on far too long.
    How values, not sure what they all are , but amongst them, giving youth a chance, self sufficiency, attacking football on their own are not the worst, but once they become the be all and end all, they become something damaging.
    Wenger overall has been good for the club , but in the latter days, he has polluted it, partly with his desire for survival
    Time to move on, unless they give us another crap manager, dare they?

  37. Take me back to Highbury

    I wouldn’t care if we were the most hated team in the world if we were winning titles and competing in the CL every season

    Fans like Pierre and Wenger himself are more worried about image and respect.

    We are a laughing stock around the football world. Teams laugh at us when they draw us. What do we have respect for?

    New England patriots are hated.

    I’m sure there fans and players are really hurt about it

    No. They don’t care because it’s all about winning. And guess what they are respected.

    Wenger throwing his toys out.

    Not one thank you to the fans for the last 22 years.

    Thank god this cancer is gone from the club.

    Pierre having a full melt down because Wenger is gone.

  38. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Wenger – “I’m not resentful and I don’t want to make stupid headlines,”

    But you did, because yet again you made it all about you.

  39. Take me back to Highbury


    I guess the minority of WOBs won because Wenger was sacked.

    Guess the protests worked.

    I can’t wait to hear what Pierre and fans like him have to say next season when results change for the better

    We are up there challenging with the other top 5 clubs and not Burnley and Leicester

    The players get better.

    The team play football again that isn’t boring. Weak. Tepid. The hand brake is finally off.

    The fan divide is gone

    Emirates is full of support again.

  40. Take me back to Highbury

    Think we will start to see a lot of the Wenger in fans stopping to support Arsenal.

    It’ll be too hard a pill to swallow for them when we do so muck better under the new manager.

    The realization that it really was Wenger who held us back. Divided the fan base. Led to the reputation of Arsenal being battered.

    I , for one, can’t wait for opening day next season. A completely re born Arsenal will take to the field.

  41. Herb's Army

    What a shameful, shallow lack of class from Arsene Wenger.
    The man we once all adored for his work during those halcyon days at Highbury, has become a figure of much ridicule for failing to take ownership of his litany of mistakes, and he wants the fan-base to feel guilty for calling him out.
    Incredible arrogance from a manager who hasn’t dined at the top table in many a year.
    But he has never fully engratiated or connected with the Arsenal supporters, and he’s had quite a few little digs at Arsenal fans in different press-conferences over the years, I can’t wait to see the back of him.
    A thoroughbred charlatan right to the end.

  42. China

    The reality is that Ramsey is one of the best players in a pretty dismal squad.

    Might as well keep him for the foreseeable future, sure. But we’re talking about a guy who has had one elite season in his career and that was honks ago.

    Injuries, lack of coaching, whatever the reasons, we’re talking about a good player but nothing special (apart from occasional flashes)

    For me he’s at best an 8/10 player – but in a team jam packed with 4-7/10 players that has vastly inflated his relative worth

  43. China

    It’s also really tiresome all this bs about wenger being classy and having values

    He’s leaving so I’m happy to support him for these final few games but get real

    – cheated on his wife
    – blamed the fans for his failing several times
    – lied to the fans literally *countless* times about having money to spend (or that he was interested in spending it) back in the early Ems days

    The guy is relatively well spoken and has a degree (lol most people have a degree in 2018) and that’s enough to convince people that he’s this intelligent, classy guy

    You can put a turd in a tuxedo, it’s still a turd. But whatever. The old goat is leaving so I’ll support this turd until he gets over the finish line

  44. Black Hei

    Even when Wenger is off, the discussion is still about him.

    Come on folks, the future is now.

    Unless you are all addicted to the negativity surrounding Wenger. If so even if he dies and goes to the grave, you will still be moaning about the “lost years” a decade later.

    Let it go and lets move on. New manager, new things to talk about.

  45. TonyD

    “Beginning to think Big Weng gave your mum the business back when she visited Europe on a ‘culture trip’.”

    How’s the “learning to bite your tongue and not being as repetitively dogmatic as Bamford” therapy going Charlie? Seems you need a few more months yet, and maybe try different medication.

    Pierre, Northern Aubergine, Victoria, CC
    Probably half the empty seats in the end were from AKBs who finally came to their senses.

    Obviously some of you still haven’t.

    Look, keep your shrines of Wenger in your homes and offices and the candles lit, but get over it and move on to supporting the club and get behind the new manager.

    There is nothing you can do now to change the fact that Wenger is leaving the building soon.

    Maybe find some extra caddy work to keep you busy on the golf course, Pierre.

    Finally if you guys love Wenger as much as you have tried to protect and support him, then you all should follow him to his next club or are you all as disingenuous as Wenger is and will stick around?

    As Herb’s Army rightly said: “A thoroughbred charlatan right to the end.”

    Black Hei & UTarse are right everyone needs to unite and move on.

    However, Wenger also needs to be more introspective as to why he was fired. Even a little honest humility from him would garner respect from some quarters. Not deflecting blame in the manner he is now.

    Next thing we’ll be hearing is that He deserves a Nobel Peace prize!

    Right now what is most important is beating Madrid and that is all Wenger should be talking about, not Himself and the disunity of the fans, which he wholly created by his own doing and mismanagement of our club.

    I’m sure the opening line of his book will read, “My fellow AKBs………….”

  46. LINP

    In his interview, he criticized the fans are divided and paints a bad image for the club. But I don’t think that is the cause of him quitting. He has been ignoring the fans for so long. Even in a recent interview, he claimed that there is no problem selling all the tickets. He expects to get Stan Kroenke’s backing as long as he can save enough money for him and his position will be saved. The problem is the performance of the team dropped so much and fans are not attaining the game. This really hurts the image of the club and forced Stan Kroenke to act.

  47. Take me back to Highbury

    ‘I feel I accumulated a rich history for this club, if you look at the number of Premier League games we have played together, European Cup games, FA Cup games we have played together we have built a history, a solid foundation and structure.

    ‘If you look at the club when I arrived and what it is today I think we have gone a good way together.’

    He thinks he should be a given a job upstairs. Ha

    You got sacked. Hounded out because you wouldn’t leave on your own. You’re not welcome back.

    A few more interviews and he will never be heard from again

    Thank fuck for that

    Hope they announce the new manager soon so wenger can pushed aside and we can move on

  48. China

    A man who has systematically dismantled this clubs reputation over the past decade talks of caring about our reputation worldwide.

    Our reputation is being elbowed into the pan of a toilet. A man with the power and an interest changing that would’ve left many years ago

    When we hear talk of our values, all this really means is life time contracts on top salaries for anyone who wants to stay. Let’s just call a spade a spade. That’s precisely what it means, what he has instilled and what he was desperate to maintain

    Anyway. I’ll at least be grateful if he can drag us back into the CL via the back door this season

  49. Wallace

    if you haven’t seen the post-game interview that Jeff posted earlier watch it and make your own mind up. it’s fascinating.

  50. Wenker-wanger

    @ Frankie coffeecakes, you beat me to your summation of Wenger. Watching that press conference where he showed his conceited bitterness by blaming wenger-outs for dragging the image of the club down.
    What does this arrogant deluded dictator expect?.the fans to just pay his exorbitant disgusting wages for a service that is absolute shite and for those fans to sit in silence and be grateful?
    I suggest if fans feel that they have to respect someone, for whatever need they have, go and support someone worthy…some one altruistic. A Samaritan.
    Wenger now shows himself as he really is worldwide… A bitter conceited arrogant selfish nobody.

  51. Wenker-wanger

    Piers Morgan on today…
    Listen wenger you got sacked because you failed, don’t blame the fans!
    In a nutshell.

  52. Black Hei

    Who would be your pick for the manager?

    I think Sven will push for Tuchel

    Raul will push for Enrique

    Gazidis and Stan will opt for Carlos Ancelotti.

  53. TonyD

    ha ha Northern Aubergine follow your messiah to the land of football milk & honey where you lose more than you win, but hey you have those values to keep you happy.

    Us obsessives? Well we just want to mount real challenges year in and year out and not be 20, 30 or more points adrift of the leaders. Whatever EPL and UCL cups we can win will be the icing on the cake.

    You stick with your top 4 is a trophy loser mentality, it’s typically you and your AKS’ ilk.

    Top 4 is a trophy what the f**K?

  54. Wenker-wanger

    To repeat, fans that are crying about wenger etc are akin to the supporters of a dictator that is deposed.
    Wenger is absolutely transparently a conceited dictator. Look and digest his press conference and understand his psyche.
    For fcks sake, have you got the Stockholm syndrome????

  55. UTarse

    Black Hei,
    I would give that notion very little chance, tuchel was the main reason behind Sven leaving Dortmund. A big fall out. Media believe it be Enrique, although I still think it is Carlo but hope it to be allegri.

  56. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger even given the chance to be reflective and honest about his failure, chooses to arrogantly attack and blame the fans that didn’t like to eat the shit he was serving. So that’s why we are still against him.
    He is displaying characteristics of the worst sporting type of bad loser I can think of.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    It is high time that we stop slagging Wenger on this website.

    He is leaving and that should be the end of the discussion and move on to the
    future of the club.

    The club is in a new phase of trying to recruit a new head coach/manager and
    it is important that we get the best candidates who are not being put off by the
    bile of the minority of so called supporters who continue to behave badly.

    Let Wenger go in peace and continue to be welcomed back at the club as a
    longstanding former employee just as David Seaman was yesterday.

    I hope sincerely that he does not throw the toys out of the pram and react to
    what the fans did this season.

    It was a clear message that he had reached his sell by date, which he needed to
    go. Frankly it was nothing more than that.

  58. Jeff

    Whether the fans supported him or not doesn’t really matter. ALL fans were paying his wages and he should be grateful at least for that. He kept going on about working 7 days (“not 6 or 6.5 but 7” he said) and I’m thinking to myself – yeah well for £138m I’d work 7 days a week as well. There are plenty of people who work 7 days a week and don’t get anything like he does.

    He has given his best years, he said, yeah well again, who wouldn’t for that money. I mean what on earth is he trying to say? ALL managers work 7 days a week. ALL managers are under pressure. ALL managers eventually have to leave a job whether they go on their own accord or they get sacked. BUT – not all managers get 22 years of absolute power and a huge extortionate remuneration for 3 measly PLs which happened over 15 years ago. Instead of being grateful, he’s apportioning blame. Typical.

  59. Pierre

    David Dein has spoken….

    Would I rather listen and believe what he has to say, a man with his wisdom, intelligence and knowledge or would I rather listen to and believe…

    Wenker wanger
    Take me back to Highbury
    Coffeecakes and the rest…

    Now let me see…

  60. Pierre

    Highbury leg end
    “So once again, and for change, it’s not your fault (“why are we looking at you like that ??”), and you blame the fans…Your departure is definitely the best thing that have happened to Arsenal, and you will not be regretted at all.
    (Excepted by pierre, vicuntious and all those who confuse Le Grove and Untold)

    Take a bow leg end you have made a a comment without putting a lol at the end…. LOL.

  61. Emiratesstroller

    Look in plain language we are trying to recruit a new head coach/manager.

    If you want the best candidates don’t put them off by continuing to create a
    toxic atmosphere.

  62. Pierre

    “3 measly premier league titles”

    How many would you have liked…. 5/6/ many titles would have made you carry on supporting the club.

    “3 measly titles”…. Tell that to spurs(57 years) and Liverpool(28 years) fans or Chelsea and City fans before they bought the title… Those 2 clubs had gone 50 years or so without a title.

  63. Jeff

    Yeah, Pierre, still peddling the old “bought the title” rhetoric. Did Leicester buy the title? You should engage in some critical thinking instead of blind loyalty to a bloke whose contribution amounts to a lot of wasted years and nothing much to show for it. Big clubs stand on big trophies – not good intentions, lofty principles and a career of excuse making.

  64. TonyD

    Repeat after me…..

    Wenger is going…
    I love the club more than Wenger….
    Le Grovers are not nasty people…..
    I was blind but now I can see……

    It’s time to unite the fan base……..

    Repeat until you understand and then you’ll be happy

  65. TonyD

    He’s already throwing his toys out his pram by deflecting and blaming the fans now; the worst thing he could do.

    Just a little humility and honesty about his faults would have garnered him a lot of respect from many.

    Now his bitterness is just confirming why he was fired.

    Like you I don’t want it to go on and on, but I think we’ll have to wait until the new manager is announced and the season is over before he quietens down.

    Then there will be the book and god forbid a movie.

    Equally no doubt Pierre and his ilk will continue to not accept why Wenger was fired and push on with their trolling: it’s all they’ve known for near 22 years.

    Habits of a lifetime and all that.

  66. TonyD

    Northern Aubergine
    Did I touch a nerve there?

    Wow 57.5% win ratio in 22 years.

    Maybe good enough for your values, but how many leagues did we win in 22 years? How many European cups? When was the last time we won the EPL?

    Actually, when was the last time we put up a sustained challenge?

    Oh and my wife? She’s in Europe right now dealing with business for her company, which she owns 30% and where the company has a yearly turnover in excess of US30 million.

    Smart too with a BA in management and Masters in finance.

    Looks like I bought well doesn’t it?

    Will you be leaving with Wenger?

  67. Victorious

    Wenker wanger
    Take me back to Highbury
    Coffeecakes and the rest…

    Did I hear someone mention ‘Knuckle draggers’ of legrove

  68. Buckhurst Gun

    Oh , and one last thing , the single most important question for everyone on this blog …..

    Where the fuck is peanuts&monkeys while all of this going down !!??

  69. Black Hei

    “Where the fuck is peanuts&monkeys while all of this going down !!??”

    Lol……i miss that mad bastard.

  70. TonyD

    You’ve been very quiet for some time and is that the best you could think of?

    We’ve been waiting for some originality from you for ever.

    Can you try harder or don’t you have it in you?

  71. OleGunner

    Wow the meltdown from the likes of Pierre and this aubergine (Don?) fellow are soo good to read. You can tell they wanted Weng here for another 10 years at minimum.

    I’m drinking up their metaphorical tears. So delicious.

  72. TonyD

    Black Hei
    Answer to your recent question I’d be happy with Allegri, Jardim, Simeone, and Naglesmann.

    However, Rodgers is a no for me. Ditto Arteta but I’d be willing to give Paddy a go.

    Not so keen on Rafa or Carlo although I respect both of them.

  73. Pierre

    Couldn’t be further from the truth…. I am really looking forward to supporting the club and next manager whoever it is…

  74. HighburyLegend

    victoria, pierre the clown and all the akbs in the world will still trust in wenger, wherever he will ends up managing.

  75. Wallace


    “He’s already throwing his toys out his pram by deflecting and blaming the fans now; the worst thing he could do.Just a little humility and honesty about his faults would have garnered him a lot of respect from many.Now his bitterness is just confirming why he was fired.”

    did you actually watch the press conference? because that wasn’t my take away at all.

  76. Pierre

    Leg end… LOL
    Yes LOL, I will take an interest in how he gets on…LOL
    Will it be PSG or Real Madrid LOL or a national team as David Dein said that Wenger has already turned them down previously. LOL

  77. TonyD

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree with our interpretations. Probably the same as with some previous posts but from my point of view not all of yours.

    I’ve always respected you and Black Hei for at least being objective with your beliefs and the manner in which you both posted your opinions.

    My wanting Wenger out dates back some 12 years because I could see what was coming as many of the posters here did.

    I would have loved to have been proved wrong; it would have saved me a lot of heart ache.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this blog being about football and The Arsenal away from anything Wenger.

    Guess we have a bit more time to wait before that happens.

  78. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Spoilt brats are the Arsenal fans. With his departure, you’ve lost a comrade in me (I’m not going to follow football anymore btw – I’m burying it with Arsene).

    Remembering one of the greatest managers of all time, one of the best human beings around would cost you, would it? The lack of support in his last few matches is appalling.’

    A comment on the match report in the Guardian. I kid you not, this guy got 40 upvotes for the above post.

    And they say there are no more AKBs?

  79. Pierre

    Thank you for your insightful comment..

    You should also take a bow for posting a comment without “cunt” or or “AKB” in it.

  80. Pierre

    “My wanting Wenger out dates back some 12 years because I could see what was coming as many of the poster”

    So the year that we were within ten minutes of being champions of Europe , you could see what was coming could you.

    Supposing we had held on for those last ten minutes and the linesman had rightfully flagged their first goal offside and we went on to win the champions league would you still have seen it coming.

    That comment shows what total crap you talk….

  81. Gunner2301


    I concur good choices. Agree also with paddy or have him as assistant to be a manager in the future.

    Im also happy to wait for us to be competitive again its more important to weed out the Wenger shit that is pervasive and rebuild the team, build a new identity with the right manager get back to playing solid consistently good football.