Arsenal vs CSKA, the biggest match in town

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Oh honestly, stop talking about how incredible Liverpool are and let’s have some actual focus on the real European football treat this evening… yes, you know it, it’s Arsenal vs CSKA.

The big one.

The pantie moistener.

The moment two of the most elite clubs in Europe clash for the ultimate hipster prize of the Europa League.

Jokes aside, you have a to be a little bit excited about this one.

I had to reacquaint myself with yesteryear when I interviewed Arsenal striking legend, Alan Smith. I slid two-footed into our heroic CWC run, and I bloody loved it. We played some dross, we played some great sides, but it was fun. I kind of feel we might look back on this run with fondness if we can beat two great teams in the next round of the cup.

That all starts tonight. CSKA is this seasons Torino. A solid side who have more than enough ability to upset an Arsenal side with less mental strength than beaten donkey.

The home leg is very important. We need to take a 3 goal cushion into Russia to be guaranteed a path to glory. Our form suggests we’re more than capable of delivering that sort of a result when we fancy it. Hopefully the boys see glory in their sights, as well as in their wallets.

Back onto the Liverpool game last night. It is AMAZING how badly people want to celebrate the demise of Pep. He massively fucked up his plan yesterday, but to read the carry on about him not having a plan b etc is quite ridiculous.

Klopp pulled off a masterclass. That can’t be denied. I’ll be the first to admit that my assumptions about his demise were off the mark. He’s building quite the force up there, when he adds a world class keeper into the mix and Naby Keita, they’ll no doubt be a formidable side next season.

To City levels over 38 games? I have my doubts…

Amusing to see Liverpool fans go full on Galatasaray before the game, wrecking the City bus. I’m not really game for that type of carryon, but look, City played like shit and didn’t have a shot on target until past 70minutes.

It all adds to the mix.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Liverpool can push the match over the line. When Pep takes the game home, he’ll play his best side and we’ll see how good he is.

Additionally, it’d be remiss of me not to mention the fact Arsenal passed on the talents of Klopp because they couldn’t find anyone better. Arsenal take nights like last night away from the fans becasue we are loyal to an old man with too much power. Just remember that. Wenger’s continued presence is an attack at your weekly joy. Pray it doesn’t go on for another season.



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DT is a twat. graham is the best one on AFTV.

Black Hei


Thumbs up for maintaining your sanity.

You know me, I am AKB through and through. But even I find it HARD this season.


Ramsay has 9 goals this year. The second highest of his career. 5 of those came in two matches against 2 poor teams. Now for a player who spends most of his time in the opposition box is that great?

Champagne Charlie

Rambo There you go trotting out numbers to make a one dimensional case. Where’s the stat that showed Xhaka as the only midfielder holding position while CSKA broke forward and went through on goal? Ramsey could make 5 tackles in their half but STILL be too advanced and allow them to penetrate. Meanwhile Banford is over here stating Ramsey’s fans are measured and identify his weaknesses. OK THEN Really don’t know what to tell you, it was clear as day last night. Both Ramsey and Jack went mia in midfield and had no discipline whatsoever. If CSKA has the quality… Read more »


“Ozil was/is majestic….a joy to watch”

As always against the weakest teams.


I don’t know the formation used yesterday but I think Ramsey and Wilshere were alternating in AM position yesterday and Ozil was on the wings but always came there because of his free role nature.

When Ramsey stayed with Xhaka and Wilshere pushed forward, he (Ramsey) put in work. Yesterday, Ramsey was close to perfect. Its Wilshere that should be slated for his performance.

When Mo came in, they gave Ramsey a base to play as the de facto AM and he didn’t have to worry much about the defensive side.

Frankie Coffeecakes

@Mystic – “BamfordI think you will see there’s no anti Ramsey crowd. Just one or two that don’t think he is good enough and then people that say he’s not suited for CM which I am were the biggest Ramsey hater yourself when he just got out of having his best season and also when he was playing like a proper CM. How times have changed.”

Vividly recall this as well.