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Well good morning to you ALL. Are you enjoying the ramp-up in Le Grove posts? I hope so. It feels good to have the pen in hand more regularly and it has been fun to joust in the comments section again with that exact pen.

New Year, new me, same Arsenal propaganda as before.

So, let’s talk Timber.

He’s out in Dubai with the team and he has been spotted on the turf training alone. This is great news for Arsenal fans, but you do need to hold your horses with regard to his return. Getting on the grass is a big step, but also small in the grand scheme of these types of injuries. Fixing the tear is phase one, now he has to rebuild all the muscles around the knee, then he has to regain his fitness… the return is never perfect. Players tend to have mini-set-backs along the way. Then they have to deal with the psychological impact of the trauma associated with that type of injury.

Will it heal?

Will it be as strong?

Why is my body failing me in other places?

Can I trust my knee won’t explode if I turn sharply?

It is really, really hard getting back from this type of setback, and it cannot be rushed. If you do it again, return times are way harsher. A late March return would be exceptional, early April will probably be par the course at this point. Still, having a player of that caliber coming back for the business end of the Premier League and the Champions League would be special. So keep ’em crossed for him.

The Times is reporting that Newcastle will likely have to sell one if its stars to avoid and Everton like end to their Profit and Sustainability issues. They’re at a £155m loss over three seasons when they should be at £105m. Their CEO said this.

“If we’re going to get to where we want to get to, at times, it’s necessary to trade your players,” said Eales who is determined to help establish Newcastle as a trophy-chasing, top-six club. “It’s a counterintuitive part of the PSR system that there is an incentive to trade players if you want to reinvest.” He explained that were Newcastle to sell a homegrown player for £50m, that would count as profit but, should they then purchase a new £50m first-teamer, the cost could be spread across five seasons.

This basically comes down to their income. £250m is not a lot for a top 4 team. Their stadium isn’t big enough and they don’t have lucrative enough sponsors. This story might be painful for Newcastle fans, but it does give me a little bit of hope. They are taking the rules seriously and their situation is so bad, they can’t afford a loan fee for Kalvin Phillips. No team in the world could move harder with the funds their ownership group has, so it’s a good sign that they are playing it safe.

Imagine Arsenal moving on Bruno for our midfield? Oof… delicious. Delicious but doubtful.

The morning started with Arsenal being linked with Borja Mayoral. I couldn’t be any less frisky about a 26-year-old journeyman from Getafe. The story states we bid £22m for him and that Getafe want £39m. No thank you. He’s not a better player than Eddie and he’s certainly not a better player than Gabriel Jesus.

A little later in the afternoon, we were linked with Bologna striker Joshua Zirkzee. The 22-year-old ex-Bayern striker is having a good season in front of goal. He’s 6ft 4, moves with the ball at his feet like Alex Hleb, and he’s wonderful in the box. Arsenal has a past with Bologna after signing Tomiyasu and the release fee is about £40m. A summer move if there was one, but I wouldn’t mind having a player with those talents in the ranks.

It’s really hard to judge players from Italy, but he does have some elements I like. He’s really powerful, and his hold-up play looks top-class. His ability to turn out of traffic and create something looks really exciting for such a big player. There’s a lot to like about his link-up play as well. He also has small shin pads and short socks. We’re gonna need a player like that if Smith Rowe exits the club.

Certainly a prospect, but never forget: so was Scamacca. RIP big man.

The picture around the squad is starting to look a lot brighter now the team is in Dubai. Thomas Partey will be ready for Palace, Forest at the latest (as I said a few days ago). Gabriel Jesus is absolutely fine and so is Zinchenko. Those are three players that greatly improve our chances against Liverpool. We just need to keep them fit.

Ok, that’s me done for the day. If you love podcasts, please do check out this new one called The Arsenal Opinion. Jacob Hawley is back by popular demand and he’ll be a regular for the rest of the season. ENJOY!

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Ramsdale, Willian, Cedric, Raya, Havertz haven’t been good enough and let’s be honest given that we should be looking at replacing Zinchenko and Trossard as well as Jorginho and we’re being linked to new strikers and Right backs all the time it’s debatable how well Jesus and white are truly. I think the best thing about Zinchenko and Jesus signings was they brought a change in mentality to arsenal. Now that was a winning mentality not necessarily a premier League winning mentality. Look point is premier League experience is far less important than many on here will have you believe.… Read more »


Also people need to stop with Ramsdale he’s done. Clearly Arteta doesn’t like something about him and if we’re being honest he should never have been signed in the first place. Major red flags. Not to mention that he admitted to losing concentration during matches. I mean who admits to that it’s so stupid

Mr Serge

Guns of SFJanuary 12, 2024 19:21:28
Serge, Tsarukyan v Oliveira who win??

I think tsarukyan takes him he gave Makachev a tough test at 22 and has matured and got bigger at 22

I think he will be the champ soon

Mr Serge

Marko I will give you havertz
Willian for sure


Toney is the sort of play Liverpool used to pull when they were out of the CL all those years ago before they somehow signed Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez in the same window.

He’s bang average at a hefty premium.


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I’m not a fan of Toney.

Zirkzee now and Zubimendi in the summer sounds about right.

Mr Serge

Zirkzee looks a talent in his YouTube clips I know it’s not a thing to go by but I like what I see


No tobetting dude, yest to Persian king dude.

Guns of SF

I like Zubimendi he is an active player for sure, all action but worry about his stature. Smallish, I would prefer the beast Onana, along with Zirkzee. that double height would do wonders for and against set pieces


Wow, cool new fearure for posting on Le Grove!




Heads up to Jacob appearance on the pod very enjoyable

Guns of SF

Saliba 6’3
Rice 6’2
Maghlaes 6’3
Onana 6’4
Zirkzee 6’4

Damn, this height would be fantastic! The rest of our starters are like 5’9 and below


Hey Pedro,

Some feedback on your new posting system.

On mobile phone my (Samsung) browser is not saving my details in the relevant spaces for name, email, etc.

So each type I have to type (autofill) my details, I have to do it everytime.

And the dial to save details is disabled, despite being enabled when submitting the post.

Can you look into this when you can?


Guns of SF

Im going with Oliveira. I think Tsraukyan will try and overpower and knock him out, but get caught, either KO’d or submitted. The odds are kinda even in this fight with Vegas


“MG, last warning. This is an arsenal blog. If you continue to troll like you support another team, you’ll go in the bin.”

Never supported another team and agree with many others here that you can support Arsenal while not supporting and being thrilled about Edu and Arteta’s management. Tell me in my posts what is not factual or is supported by others opinions who are ITK. Banter of opposing opinions is what makes for interesting readings.

Like I said again on May 19th it will become evident which of the different opinions was spot on.


Havertz and partey both tall

John Greenhill

Nice to see you around in the comments again Pedro. Hope this run of bad form will end soon. The Liverpool game really did make me mad, we were so on top but looked like we never practice shooting in training.
AND it got me in trouble with the Mrs as I was swearing and shouting at the tv.


Oh new comment system


Ha my first comment went into moderation because my phone auto filled my full name in the name section


This week is like an interlull


Rich – re chat box – yes I know there is a sliding button for remember me but it resets every post so once again I have to re input my details

Is anyone else getting this or is it just my phone?


Me too northbanker


Anyone know what happened to all our under 21 strikers at one point we seened to have a new name being mentioned as one to watch and now they cannot score

Mr Serge

Guns of SFJanuary 12, 2024 21:25:10
Im going with Oliveira. I think Tsraukyan will try and overpower and knock him out, but get caught, either KO’d or submitted. The odds are kinda even in this fight with Vegas

Charles has a ponchant for coming back if he survived the early onslaught he can most defo win
Charles is one of my faves


John – main current wonder kid up front is Chido ObiMartin who has been knocking in goals and scored the 10 against Liverpool

But he is only 16 and more recently has been in the older squads but game time understandably more limited

One for the future and not a reason not to buy a CF now



Good bit by Tim Stillman at arseblog.
Interesting paragraph on fitness loads


Cool, thanks, Pedro

Lolz, at the change happening behind your back.

The manipulator is now being manipulated! 😉

I am sure this will get sorted.

We still can still post, which is the important thing.

Nigel Tufnel


I reckon were only seeing White at about 65-70% of what he’s capable of currently… he’s obviously been run into the ground every time Tomiyasu is out, and has a nagging injury on top of it.

You know Ramsdales overly chatty father talked about his sons smile being missing…. Ben White, even more so, is not his normal self, because he can’t get a moments rest in an uber taxing RB position. His sly, cheeky behaviour and humour are not evident, and haven’t been for a while.

Nigel Tufnel

Guimaraes not good enough for Arsenal.
Onana not good enough.
Isak not good enough.
Bissouma level, spurs type players.

Nigel Tufnel

genius mg42 posted this earlier: “Havertz was sold for the same amount (£62m) Chelsea paid Leverkusen in 2020, but with 2 years remaining on his contract £38m were pure profit. Chelsea’s profit from player sales is estimated to be £101m. It seems that Chelsea is just below the allowable PSR loss limit of £105m.” What does that even mean? Mg42 probably one who also grossly over estimates Havertz salary add ons from Arsenal. Trolls overestimate by up to 50%. Chelsea agreed for Havertz up to 90 mil fee with add-ons. They had to have paid at least 80m for him… Read more »


“What does that even mean?”

Don’t comment on something that you don’t understand and are clueless about and therefore remove all doubts about your limited knowledge and understanding of football clubs and their operations.

That part of my comment you quoted and replied to with your question “What does that even mean?” was taken straight from The Athletic piece about Chelseas’s FFP/PSR which we helped to ease by buying Havertz from them for whom no one else was bidding. Educate yourself so you can understand when the big boys talk. Until then stick with 1st graders topics.



Can you please post the article?

It’s behind a paywall and it would be great if you could please? 🙂

Nigel Tufnel

We wanted the player. We bought him from Chelsea, for substantially less than they paid for him. It’s just you trying to turn it into something else, to kick our team as usual. Thats all you do.
There are people who don’t like Havertz and complain about 65 mil.
You complain about everything Arsenal do.


Toney at the fees quoted is insane. There is nothing that justifies that outside a club’s desperation to throw money at a signing. I can see him in Blue next season.


@DB10 Here you go with the article. The double lines indicate article headlines. It gives and insight of what we are facing purchasing players and how the buying of players from other EPL clubs who compete against us is becoming more important since FFP/PSR now have teeth since the point deduction of Everton. ————————————————————————————- Chelsea and FFP: Why the Premier League’s big spenders feel they complied with the rules ================================================== A significant few days lie ahead. By Monday, the Premier League must inform its member clubs whether they have been judged to be in compliance or in breach of the… Read more »

Omozuafo Frank

Nice post. To me the Zirkzee guy looks a good player. He can dribble through tight spaces and can shoot. Moreover he is young and can be develop further.


Arsenal need urgently a goalscorer and the prospect of finding a centre forward of the right quality and at an affordable price in the January transfer window is frankly limited. Arsenal do have on the books Nanweri who is rated the best prospect since Fabregas. He is by all accounts one of the best talents not only in England but in Europe for his age. This youngster is well built, quick and an allrounder similar to Saka. This season he has scored 10 goals in 9 games in U21s and youth level He has played already in three seasons at… Read more »


MG – I stopped reading the Athletic as it added very little real insight. It’s a simple lesson in amortisation. We paid broadly the same as Chelsea paid for Havertz. There was no loss for us – we got a more experienced player than he was when he signed for Chelsea

The fact that Chelsea had already written off two years of amortised fees is neither here nor there for us

I would have preferred a different player to Havertz or that we kept our powder dry. But your argument is anti Arsenal for the sake of it


ES – Nwaneri could emerge as early as next year but he is 5’5” and so unlikely that CF is his best position

He has played most of his Academy football in the attacking midfield role and that’s where I see him coming in or maybe as a support striker (although that would really only work in a 4 4 2 formation)

I believe MLS could have as big a role to play and could be the natural successor to Thomas Partey in 2 years max From the academy games I’ve seen his ball distribution is incredible


Chido Obi is however 6’2” so let’s watch and wait how he plays out

At least 3 years I’d imagine so we need a transfer solution now



Actually Nanweri is now the same height as Arteta and taller than Jesus. More
importantly he has the physique to play in adult football. Arteta is 5′ 9″

Nanweri is streets ahead of other footballers of his age and that is a view of
most football coaches who have trained or watched him and explains why
Man City and Chelsea wanted to sign him.

Chido Obi did not play in FA Youth Cup and was not even on bench. Wilshire
selected Nanweri in the CF position ahead of two regular strikers who are
playing in U18 team.


For the record Rooney is 5′ 9″. So Nanweri is more or less the same height.

The key to success for youngsters at this age is that they need to be fearless and
have good technique and football brain.

Of course you don’t overplay them as was the case with Wilshire.

However, the point I make is that Arsenal need to find a goalscorer to play this season.


Let’s see if chat box likes me ?


No doesn’t remember me! Oh dear


ES – yes you may be right on height

Wikipedia has a probable out of date entry and Transfrmkt backs up your point

However he has still played as a CAM most of his junior career but that isn’t to say he can’t be a direct striker. I’d still prefer someone clearing 6’ personally as the main focus of attack


For me the CF role is the most critical to address All the other points of concern are those of cover re midfield and RB etc – they are all positions where we are stocked with at least 2 choices when everyone is fit In an ideal world we would have 3 great players pushing for every position but we all know that isn’t feasible Right now we have a glaring first team weakness at CF Jesus is not suited for that role although a great player and Eddie isn’t at the level required. But if we sign dross to… Read more »



Nanweri has played in a variety of positions eg AMF,RW and now CF. Saka also
played in a variety positions before settling on RW.

He scored his 5 goals in less than 45 minutes when he played CF in FA Youth

Let’s be clear there are plenty of goalscorers floating around who are not 6′ 4″


ES – if you’re right then roll on his 17th birthday


Mika Biereth is also one to watch
He was promising for the Academy before (think we signed him from Fulham) but now on loan to Motherwell . 6 goals and 5 assists so far – 21 next month so now or maybe never


“Pep Guardiola has revealed Erling Haaland has endured a setback in his recovery from a foot injury. ­Manchester City’s manager said the striker was unable to train this week and would not play before the end of the month.”


I believe that a number of the U21 squad including Nanweri went out to Dubai to train alongside first team squad.

Let us see what evolves from the break.

What is clear is that with just over 2 weeks before transfer window closes there is no rush to sign new players.


Nanweri is the one to watch for me. Hope he hits Saka levels.

Berte Mee

His name is Nwaneri and he’s too physically immature and inexperienced to be burdened with expectations to be our goalscoring saviour . He hasn’t even had any loan experience


Zirkzee looks a lot more interesting than Scamacca did.

And Mayoral is dross.

Up 4 grabs now

What’s drop box? I’m old I don’t like this new fangled stuff, its getting Dark, where are my pills. I think I broke my Hip!

Up 4 grabs now

Oh it works

Up 4 grabs now

No it doesn’t save your info

Up 4 grabs now

Sort it out Pedro

Up 4 grabs now

I’m not bothered about the ramsdale concentration comment, many a time we asked seaman to do the twist or tell us the score. It’s not like ramsdale cracks open a beer sits down and starts reading the sun on his goal line. Reya is no better and in some instances worse. Toney I’m not sold on either at that price, this zirkee kid looks lively. If we can’t get a 25 to 30 goal striker then we need to look at playing two 15 goal strikers that’s your plan B. We need to beat the bindippers then go on a… Read more »



Thank you very much for posting the full article from The Athletic.

A fascinating read indeed. Clearly explains how smart and ballsy they are with their accounting.

They really need to qualify in the CL for next season otherwise they really are going to be in dire straits financially in terms of compliance with PSR.

Considering that I hate Chelski, I am really going to root for them to finish 5th or lower this season to unravel what can be some serious popcorn time!


We’d need to get players out, we can’t just stockpile players.

But I’d like Arsenal to strengthen this month, we’re incredibly short on the right side of defence.

A fit Partey in the 2nd half of the season would be a game-changer… But it’s high risk/high reward..

too far stacked towards risk for my liking, we need more than intermittent brilliance, we need consistent availability from Feb – June.


Chelsea have been unlucky with injuries, they’re usually setup really well.

They’re good between the boxes, what’s let them down has been in both boxes.

They’ve got some talent.. Gallagher isn’t elite, but he’s my style of player, full of industry, drive, and aggression.

Could be sold to Spurs this month for £50 million, Poch would loath to lose him, he’s still young, wearing the captains armband, and their most experienced midfielder.


All these rumours of Chelsea selling Gallagher, but why would they sell if he is a regular starter?


The guy may shoot up in the next couple of years like Gerard did


Gusto lucky to still be on the pitch. No consistency in officiating.


@Northbanker “I would have preferred a different player to Havertz or that we kept our powder dry. But your argument is anti Arsenal for the sake of it” I likewise would have liked a different player or save the cash for a different purchase since for me Havertz hasn’t moved the needle. However, is there anything else to this purchase that is not favoring the club? Yes our FFP/PSR went in the wrong direction, while we helped Chelsea in their precarious FFP/PSR situation because of their massive player purchases. That is factual and has nothing to do with an anti… Read more »


The striker position has only become an issue recently after we missed a hatful of chances at home to west ham and Liverpool .. It wasn’t an issue last season and it wasn’t an issue earlier in the season when we were sitting top of the league and scoring at a reasonable rate despite creating very few chances for our striker.. So what we have now is a side that is creating more chances now than earlier in the season but we are unable to put the chances away..so apparently it is now a striker issue and by all accounts… Read more »


We should be all over Newcastle for Isak in the summer. PL proven and a massive upgrade on Jesus. Worth paying a premium for.


Fulham missing a shed load of chances


Chelsea climbing the table is a good thing.
We need them to finish in Europa places to keep them busy next season.


I’d rather Chelsea miss out on Europe for 2 reasons, one it would do them some potential damage with regard to FFP and two, it would once again be bloody hilarious.


Chelsea in the Conference league would also be hilarious. In addition the income is peanuts compared to what they are spending, plus their travels to distant places would have a wear and tear on their players.

Guns of Hackney

And today seems to be about: player height. Jesus. Were shit because we’re shit. 10 Maradona’s would decimate the league so calm down.


Cole looking like one of the only signings Chelsea have got right!

Guns of Hackney

Ashley Cole. You’re right, Matt…the twat. 😂 copywrite that.

Funs of Factney

The new comment system is garbage.

Guns of Hackney

This new comment system is trash. Game over.


why do people put so much consideration on player’s age over their ability? if Chido Obi is good enough (you will only know by giving him the chance) then he should play.
Rooney at 16 was scoring for Everton and later Man Utd, the young man at Man United Mainoo and Ferguson at Brighton are both playing because they are good enough.

Chris Walsh

“Chelsea in the Conference league would also be hilarious. In addition the income is peanuts compared to what they are spending, plus their travels to distant places would have a wear and tear on their players.”

They’d just be sending out the B team/Youth for Conference League if they were in it, indeed early Europa. Don’t think thats a factor.

In any event personally I just want to rib my Chelsea mates about not being in Europe at all, again!


Let’s see if the beheaders can get something here. A draw would be brilliant.


GoH – if it keeps you off the site with your boring negativity than maybe it’s a price worth paying

Guns of SF



Newcastle on the ropes here.


If we signed Bruno he’d be sent off 10 times a season.


He’s done a Kanuuuuuuu


Fucking hell what a goal. That’s been coming.


So Newcastle players can be booked for dodgy tackles from behind! Who new…


Brilliant goal. Hopefully they can sort themselves out now.


New post.

But what a game holy shit!


What a game…


Some finish that


Newcastle players really playing for Howe. Would be a mistake if the owners dismissed him.


Yes Sir!

Paul Mc Daid

Good Game