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The hot rumour today is… Onana of Everton to Arsenal.

Where is the rumour from?


Why do you do it to yourself?

Arsenal has to sell before we can buy this window and I’m not really sure who we’re selling if we’re going for Onana? Do we need a destroyer? Aren’t we beyond that? Our midfield needs ballplayers with craft and guile. Not sure Onana hits the mark there.

Regardless, we have to sell before we can buy. So I have my doubts we’re asking Everton about prices before we’ve even landed on a hot exit rumor. So knowing that’s the case – who are the most likely assets we could sell this January?


I know you’ve been in your group chats positioning young Emile as the savior of our season.

Why do you do it to yourself?

I would say his career at Arsenal is done. I think it’s a combination of availability and probably not being quite good enough off the ball. That said, he’s a beastly talent, he makes assists, he has goal contributions to his name, and he can give any team momentum off the bench. If someone needs creativity in the ranks this January, his name should be on the list.

PRICE: £30m


Listen, you might not rate him at Arsenal level, but this man could do things at a number of clubs in the Premier League. He can hold the ball up, he can move it forward, and he used to be able to finish on the regular. He’s a top-quality player who would be a star for a team like Crystal Palace.

Why is this rumour interesting? Because we’re hearing the ‘NOT FOR SALE’ chatter coming out of the media outlets. That could be true, but I would say in this case, it’s quite likely that we’d gobble up that Hale-Ender pure profit money and try and do something.

Still feels like summer is more likely, but at the right price, I don’t see Arteta saying no. Remember, January usually comes with a premium. Biggest question would be how do you upgrade? Could Kai Havertz pick up his slack for 5 months and we move on a midfielder? Because we’re certainly not getting our main target in Ivan Toney.

PRICE: £40m


The player was due to play in AFCON at some point. One would guess it would have been closer to the end of the group stages. That would put his return at the end of the month providing there’s been no relapse. For me, he’d be an incredible addition for the team. He’s the man you need in the Champions League. He’s the double pivot away at the Ehtiad. He could just slip into our midfield now and add a new dimension to our play.

But… he’s a crock. Saudi clubs were very interested in him last summer and I doubt that interest has subsided. His next move is going to be for a big payday and I doubt many European clubs would take the risk on his injury record and off-the-field love for parteying.

Expect bids to land for him. Expect Arsenal to consider them.

PRICE: £40m (has to be otherwise why bother?)


Ultimately our best bet for a move. The keeper who was benched for someone with an even worse save percentage will have admirers from around the league. He could make Chelsea and Newcastle better and those are two teams that are desperate for Top 4. Newcastle is a little more desperate than most at the moment, Eddie Howe gave him a chance, it could be a premium reunion.

Again, I like this story because Arsenal are telling the media he is not for sale at any price. If you believe that, I have a new crypto token to sell you that guarantees very good returns.

PRICE: £40m


We are finally in a positions as a club where we have assets to sell that people want. This window is all about the desire to pay a premium. Newcastle can afford to, but the clubs interested in the rest of our talent might not be in the market with the same sort of cash/money.

Arsenal will no doubt be scenario planning every which way if a bid does come in, because if we sell, we have to buy. Karl Hein ain’t ready to be a back-up to a keeper who has not really settled that well. If we lose Thomas Partey, we’re extremely light in midfield, and very close to a Mo Elneny One Last Dance. Eddie might have a solve in Kai, but that’ll leave us short at left 8. Sad to say it matters very little what happens to Smith Rowe.

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The gayest thing was revealing how you greet other men



You’re so nihilistic I doubt you enjoyed meeting your own children
What’s the point eh? 🤷🏻‍♂️


I mean what does someone like jackeen actually care about? He gets schooled every week online


We know what luteo gets excited about…. Meeting other men 😉 😉 you do you son


The lady doth protest too much Don. Seems like a nerve has been struck.

Luteo Guenreira

“Meeting other men”

Speaking of, LeGrove can be used as a dating site too, ask Un and Dissenter our resident couple. Always knew Un would ultimately fall for a black man, it’s one of those “my father forbid me” kinda things. Although it looks like Dissenter might have to make way for Danny Murphy now.


Sounds like it’s a perfect time for Luteo’s best mate GD4 to make a return. Can’t wait to hear more of his tear jerking stories of abuse by a Xhaka lookalike boyfriend.
Btw where the hell is Nigel ?


Nigel I am glad that you did a 180 re ESR. He would give us so much verticality, it’s quite crazy to think that Arteta has not thought up of a single plan to gradually increase ESR’s game time to help him gain much needed game time and match fitness. Arteta’s stubbornness with not rotating in general and trusting his squad is costing us players like Nelson and Kiwior who I am sure can help out and be rotated in for other players and gain match needed game time. Getting fringe players to play brings in a virtuous circle where… Read more »



Nigel has just posted on the previous page. 🙂


Nigel – I managed to miss your posting ! Hope / glad all well !


Cheers DB10 ! I should be reviewing previous posts


I am watching Spuds v Burnley on ITV1 with some AC/DC blaring out in the background (to drown out anything Spuds).

I am really hoping that Burnley can kick them out of the FA Cup.

Let’s hope that Lee Dixon, todays in-game pundit, and Wrighty (in the studio) can help jinx into action their legendary Spursiness and see them exit the FA Cup. 🤞


Markymak/Markymark, we haven’t been graced with your presence in ages and the first thing you do is try to reignite the most boring fued in the history of comment sections. Hardly becoming of the internet’s most emminent psychologist.


Wolves at Brentford, down to 10 men and a goal down equalise, Pedro Neto on from the bench returning from injury after missing 8 games for the Wolves..


Marky and Nigel reappear together after a hiatus.


Yep, that was the first thing I thought..


Marky pretending he’s missed Nigel’s post was a nice touch


“Btw where the hell is my alter ego? I mean Nigel, where the hell is Nigel?”
Lol, very convincing.


Wow, I just realised that Rambo was playing for Burnley.

It has to be said that he had done nothing of note, otherwise I would have noticed him sooner.

Josip Skoblar

David Soul who died aged 80 was a dedicated Arsenal fan. RIP Hutch.

Nigel Tufnel

Thanks for the David Soul info.. I didn’t know that. He seems to have fallen in love with Arsenal at a time where seeing the games on telly wasn’t easy as it is today. Credit to him for good taste.


Ughhh, Spuds won by a fine margin of 1 nil.

I really want us to beat ‘pool of piss now, just so we can match Spurs and get to the next stage


As much as I loved watching Starsky and Hutch as a kid, I didn’t know either that David Soul was a Gooner.

RIP David Soul!


Ben Kinsella Trust on twitter –

In the upcoming match for Arsenal this Sunday, they’ll be sporting an all-white kit, setting aside their iconic colours in solidarity with the #NoMoreRed campaign. As charity partners, we stand united in addressing the underlying issues of #knifecrime.”

Henley Gooner

It’s not our Rambo playing for Burnley, just an English namesake.


Ahhh, this is what the white shirt is all about.

Spotted Declan on a BBC interview with the white shirt yesterday.

Excellent initiative. Knife crime has become such a blight in England at the moment.

I really don’t get why all these kids need a knife on them nowadays.

Pathetic really.


Just watched the ” Britain’s biggest football scandal?” documentary describing in detail Man City case that was investigated and charged by UEFA, and later overturned by CAS. Some good fun there. In a nutshell City’s defense boiled down to claiming inadmissible evidence (leaked emails), while at the same time failing to provide contemporaneous emails and witnesses when asked to, thus in effect stonewalling the investigation. Basically saying yes there was a dead body in a trunk of our car, but we got pulled over and the car was searched without the probable cause, and it is all just a misunderstanding.… Read more »


“”Serendipitous that Arteta came out and said the same as I did this morning regarding unpredictability””

You have a telepathic bond. You can feel each others moods.
Next time your nose itches, call Generational and ask him if he is thinking about you.


I spot I’ve caused an is he isn’t he mystery? I’m not but I’m sure they’ll be fun assuming I am !


Calm down Markymakchickensandwich, I know you and he are two seperate specimens. I was just taking an accusatory leaf from the other specimen’s book.