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£20m warchest figure is a pre-AGM PR tactic

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So, you know when you’re heading round to your girlfriends place, she wants to talk to you about something serious (like that damp patch in the airing cupboard), and you don’t want to talk about that something serious, so you turn up at her place naked with a black eye to divert conversation? Well, I… Read more »

There she is, first WARCHEST story of 2014!

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Like clock work, the annual… Arsene has failed > but dun ya worri we spending a warchest simple fns. (See the Le Grove Warchest Classics Lists). Fuck me, how amazing is this. Read this article: Link One How far did you get before you realised it was from last year?

Arsenal £70m warchest is PR spin to get you to part with your cash… | Only hope for Bayern is complacency

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No time for moping, we’ve a massive game in the Champions League tomorrow night. We face Bayern Munich, arguably one of the most exciting teams in Europe this season. They have an incredible defence and a blistering attack. If there was ever a time you wouldn’t want the visit of Bayern… it’d be this Tuesday… Read more »