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‘Steve Bould made me drink 8.75 pints’

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The games are coming so thick and fast the newspapers have barely had time to comment on what’s going down in the Arsenal hood. All we know is this, Manchester City, tomorrow, nice and early. It’s going to be painful for the boys, a defeat in Naples, hardly any recovery time, then a massive game… Read more »

Does Arsene regret not buying a back-up keeper? | Theo still not signed | Steve Bould takes over from Arsene

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The big news this morning centres around our Polish number one picking up another injury. He won’t be traveling to Montpellier tomorrow as he has an ankle issue. Some sharp viewers have noted he clasped his ankle after cocking up at the weekend. Does that rule out this being a Manuel Almunia finger injury? I… Read more »

Peter Hill-Wood defends Arsene and Arsenal – shock / horror | Steve Bould fan club grows and grows…

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Arsenal let Peter Hill-Wood out of the Diamond Club bar to speak to the evening standard. He did a quite amazing job of pulling together all his best quotes of the last ten years. He’s the original AKB. ‘Arsene has an economics degree’ ‘He’s been out most successful manager of all time’ ‘We don’t want… Read more »