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POWER SHIFT. Do me a favour Spurs!

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It’s GOWN BE WARM TODAY. True words sister, true words. I’m gonna power through this because I’m hanging with a builder today. Not a bold new life choice, just sorting out the most expensive building job of all time. My guys name should be… ‘I’m gonna need more money’… you get what I’m saying? I… Read more »

Was the Arsenal success a mirage?

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A Spurs win isn’t a god given right. It might have felt that way over the last twenty years. But it’s not. A loss still sticks in the throat though, like a lunchtime curry. I’m still a bit numb about it all. I think what’s getting me is they were fully deserving. They looked sharper,… Read more »

Sanchez injury? Is it real?

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Bumped into a Gooner on the way to work this morning. Chatted about what’s going on at Arsenal at the moment. Cautioned excitement was the theme. I think that’s pretty much how everyone is feeling at the moment. Optimism… optimism that has a swing in the direction of realism rather than hopefulness. It’s a good… Read more »