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Why the Ozil excuse making?

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Welcome to Monday everyone, I had the pleasure of working all weekend, so this day does not really feel like a Monday. So yeah, whilst you probably had more fun, I’m not having any sort of dread about today… because I’m in a never ending cycle of work. Anyway, it’s 5am. I can’t sleep, so… Read more »

Nik Bendtner has left the building… and Jack is gossiping

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Just a quick post from me this morning as I’m flying back. Things are really starting to kick off. We officially landed Sanogo… yep, the summer of intent has kicked off with the free transfer of a kid who is injury prone. Very exciting. Things get better though. Germany are reporting that Arsenal have had… Read more »

Nani for £8m? Yes please | It’s oh so quiet…

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Morning people, this will have to be a short post as I’m on a race against a phone battery. 9% on the button… So, it’s quiet, as ever, the same dull stories populating the newsfeeds, combined with very little in the Sunday papers. The one story of note is about United’s Nani. Galatasaray have pulled… Read more »