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What has happened to Diaby and Rosicky? | Arsenal need to learn how to play with Giroud | Stan’s team bombs in London

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Yesterday was eventful eh? Liverpool failed to gain any traction after squaring the game against Everton. Suarez cruelly denied a perfectly legal goal right at the death. Shoddy refereeing costs clubs seasons and managers jobs. It’s unbelievable that in one of the most well funded games on the planet, we’re still relying on the naked… Read more »

Thomas Vermaelen captaincy regret? | Wenger identifies a major problem after 6 years | Arsenal fans singing shame

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Let’s hack straight into the big issues this morning. Thomas Vermaelen and that captaincy. What a bother eh? I love the guy as a man and a player, however, as a defender, he’s been found wanting on numerous occasions over the past 2 seasons. The weekend didn’t see his finest performance, shipping two freekicks in… Read more »