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M-m-m-mario? | Cavani for… Giroud?

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No, don’t get mad Pedro, don’t get allllll crazy. It’s Friday, chillax mate. Go get laid. Have a smoke. NO. I refuse. Liverpool have just snared Mario for £16m and £90k a week (rumoured). Skillful, fast, powerful and Premiership proven. … and we’ve moved for no one.

Mario wants Arsenal

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Not much in the world of Arsenal story telling to hit you up with on this fine summers morning. Debuchy signed officially yesterday. Not sure why that took so damn long to announce, but it was nice to see him finally rocking an Arsenal shirt. He’s certainly upped sexy on the right side of the… Read more »

Super Mario to Arsenal? Would you?

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What a beautiful day yesterday was. Summer, is that you? I appreciate to that question, there can be no answer. Unless you have a partner called Summer and she can answer that question. ‘No babe, I was talking about the season of summer, not you. F*cks sake.’