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Smart planning. Smart execution. A silenced Manchester City

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What a difference that made. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Arsenal headed up to a beastly away ground of a top team and showed who they could be. Who they should be. What could be the makings of something special. Yesterday was everything Arsenal fans have called for for years. We pitched up… Read more »

AARON IS FIT and he passed his medical

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Mad LOLz with that headline. Aaron has passed his medical according to Wayne Veysey, which is banging news. Danny Welbeck has been in all the company shots looking athletic and fancy. It’s feeling good. Real good.

2 games, 2 trophies: Arsenal coast Community Shield

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Arsenal kicked off their assault on the season with a quite delightful spanking of Manchester City. Beating any City side by a margin is exciting, but it is important to remember we did exactly the same last preseason. So let’s enjoy it, but not jump the gun on what we need squad wise and how… Read more »

CDM a touch pricey | CB the priority

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Welcome to a rain sodden Sunday. Hurricane Bertha is sweeping in today, so Wembley Way is going to be a damp place to be. Bring your rain mac, but for heavens sake, leave the flask at home. It’s not befitting. So what have we to talk about today? HOW ABOUT FOOTBALL Yeah, let’s talk football…. Read more »

Football, you just blew my damn mind…

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Football, you wild bitch. You just totally blew my freaking mind. Yet again. You never disappoint. An amazing night of football really. Manchester City f*cked their title hopes losing against one of the worst Sunderland sides in living memory. Some serious questions need to be asked of the manager and the squad after that loss…. Read more »

Arsenal Chasing top 4, not the league – A point is good

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So I missed the pregame protest. As I understand it, it didn’t go well. Shockingly, not many people showed up. I mean honestly, I don’t get it. 7,000 people on Twitter say they’ll be there. The moment comes, and they don’t show up? Absolute shocker. 12 people showed. Like the unpopular kids birthday party (my… Read more »