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Arsene claims pace key to success. Giroud on the bench?

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The rains are back. So much promise after a stunning weekend of sun. But here is the segue question you were waiting for… who will the rain pour on this evening? *Takes bow It’s the first real test of the season. Liverpool had a bad season last year, in part due to injury, in part to… Read more »

Arsenal destroy Liverpool and the ‘top team bottle jobs’ tag

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Yesterday was huge. Huge for many reasons. This seasons momentum. Next seasons Champions League. Skipping the qualifying stage. Setting the stake in the ground as Premiership contenders next year. The team line ups slipped in our favour. Liverpool started with Kolo and Sakho at the back. They went with the lone striking option of the… Read more »

Arsenal have a self-interest approach to football

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I don’t know where to go with these posts. Everyone knows my feelings on the manager. Most agree. Then they don’t. Then we win two games. Then we rally round the manager like winning two games means he’s back. Then we disappoint again and the cycle continues. It’s not getting any better. I don’t mean… Read more »

Mourinho, tactical masterclass? Do me a favour…

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I can’t play the games the media play. I watched the Liverpool game yesterday and I saw no tactical master play. I didn’t see the second coming of the Herbert Chapman. All I saw was a miserable unimaginative game of football decide the title. I was staggered to read and listen to the outpouring of… Read more »

Rotation wins the day as Arsenal sniff out Wembley glory

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  Well, that was a fun day out in the sunshine. My excitement around the game was fully justified and my predictions around the tempo of the game were met. Arsenal rotated heavily, making 7 changes whilst Liverpool put out the same side they had done for the past two games. There was no way… Read more »

How much rotation will Wenger risk today?

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Well, don’t speak too soon… but it’s a stunning day outside, which has me more excited than I was to hear Crystal Palace were in for Chamakh. When the sun is out, you feel the Arsenal team come out. Well, that’s my theory at least. Sun = Arsenal playing well