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Who will Arsenal land in the next round?

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Ok, so it’s my Christmas Party this evening. The plan is to put 1500 people from 13 agencies into a Farringdon night club. So much opportunity to humiliate myself in front of important people. … best strap in a double helping of incontinence pants.

Judge me never…

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Judge me in May he says. Makes sense. I mean, a team never wins 4th place in May, right? Trouble is, there’s never a rational judgement. It’s always tomorrow. Judge me in May, judge me at the end of the World Cup, judge me when the window closes, judge me when I’ve finished playing beach… Read more »

What can Arsenal learn about the Barca culture club?

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Day 3 of my staycation. Things are getting boring. I have literally no unemployed friends. I’ve started knocking on neighbours doors… ‘Yeah, that Arsene eh? He’s a bugger…’ ‘Mate, do you want something?’ SOME CONVERSATION!