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FFP. What a joke | Two amazing CAMs available

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Happy Friday to you all. Did you get your FA Cup Final ticket? I hope so. I still feel bitter about the process. It’s not the fault of Arsenal. However, I feel like top clubs should put more pressure on the FA to dish out less tickets to ‘volunteers’. At the very least they should… Read more »

Arsenal close to landing striker | Two French stars hint at exit | The Hig versus Rooney… who would you take?

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A French exodus is on the cards people… they all want out… they’ve seen the lack of ambition and they want to say goodbye. Next seasons plans… all big scuppered. Pack your bags people it’s over… Just kidding, there have been negative mutterings in the press from Sagna and Koscielny. Both players have come out… Read more »

Arsenal award Ivan Gazidis a 36% payrise and a £675k bonus for delivering what exactly?

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The big talking talking point for many Gooners this morning is the monster salary Ivan Gazidis has been compensated with over the last calendar year. Based on tepid commercial improvements of £5.5million and zero on pitch success, he’s been awarded a 36% increase on his base salary to £1.36million as well as an additional £675k… Read more »