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FA CUP FINAL: Alexis is proper motivated

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It’s nearly here everyone. Our chance to defend the FA Cup against Villa, it lands tomorrow. The weather has taken a turn for the worst, there are gales outside and the rain is upsetting anyone who had planned to get blitzed in the sun tomorrow.

Can Arsenal second string destroy Middlesbrough?

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How’s it going you romantic bunch? Good? Oh me? Ahh, all the ladies. You know how it is. Literally, like, all of them. At my door. With plans and stuff. Such a good night. Wild man, like a Leo DiCaprio beach party or something.

Russian Roulette with superstar pays off, but for how long?

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… Sunday night games eh? That’s the future right there. Coming to a stadium near you. Can’t see them catching on. Sunday is gods day. I’d be more at ease with a Friday night game. Not more chunking into your weekend time to suit international audiences. So what have we to talk about?