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Cesc Rage. Again. | Big Backroom Move | There’s a plan

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So, after many years of bemoaning the shocking state of our fitness affairs, Arsenal have finally made their move to stem the sh*t show that is a Tony Colbert set up. They’ve moved for Shad Forsythe, who currenlty works for the German set up.

FFP. What a joke | Two amazing CAMs available

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Happy Friday to you all. Did you get your FA Cup Final ticket? I hope so. I still feel bitter about the process. It’s not the fault of Arsenal. However, I feel like top clubs should put more pressure on the FA to dish out less tickets to ‘volunteers’. At the very least they should… Read more »

Koscielny attracting Bayern glances | Michu on the radar, or an easy rumour? | Cesc ruled out… for the moment

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Well hello summer! Good morning and welcome to the Tuesday post. Loads of stuff going on today… including me exploding a box of pasta in my gym bag. Did I just squeeze in an accident that highlighted my healthy lifestyle? I think I did… First up on the ‘heeeeelllll yeaaaaahhhhhh!’ list is the fantastic news… Read more »