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Glorious failure…

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Ahhh well, we didn’t expect to win did we? The shame of it is, that once again, there was a mitigating circumstance standing in the way of what was once again, a ‘glorious failure’. (Alex coined that) I can’t write this report with any sort of neutrality, because I haven’t seen the game back and… Read more »

Gibbs attacking as our left midfielder?

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So the big one is here, Arsenal take on Bayern Munich, Europe’s best team. The team that beat us last  year. The team everyone wants to watch. After seeing City taken out of the competition last night by a Barcelona who were a long way off their best; there was a sharp reminder that at… Read more »

Bayern: We can win. Yes we can. WE CAN

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With the excitement of a win at Liverpool, I forgot to high five Wenger on his response to Mourinho… Arsene said he was embarrassed for the Portuguese… which is a pretty awesome burn. Jose is a winner, he doesn’t care how it happens, which makes him behave like a brat… that could be eye gouging,… Read more »