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Bilbao vs Barcelona: A match experience of a different kind

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Oh my, happy birthday to you. Not your birthday? Who cares. I’m aiming this at the one person who’s reading this so it feels weird, like, somehow, this post is dedicated to them from┬ásomeone they’ve never met. So, mixed post today. But not like a mixed kebab. There’s no violent kick back at the end… Read more »

Two big striker moves mooted | DM covered, by a kid?

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I’ve started the morning with a bit of writers block. I was going to tell you about my self loathing when I complained to someone in a supermarket yesterday that they didn’t have a type of artisanal cheese I was looking for. Real middle class wanker moment. Then I thought, no, that’s boring. Then I… Read more »

Arsenal vs Barcelona: how good are we?

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Happy good morning to ya’ll! Today we have a special guest, Simone has been contributing to various Arsenal blogs around the web. This is her first installment for Le Grove. Enjoy! Despite the loss to Swansea I feel good about the team going forward. I think that this squad, along with all the supporting staff,… Read more »