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Arsenal should hire Carles Puyol to assess the playing side of the club

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Yah, just hitting up the gym on regular. In work this morning, publicly making a scene about how great I feel after my 12 minute session yesterday. ‘Oh gosh yeah, really feeling tight this morning. Sometimes, my biggest weakness is pushing myself too hard. Can’t wait for my next sesh in 3 weeks time.’

These two wingers are the upgrade Arsenal are looking for…

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Oh good morning my dears! It’s bloody cold this morning. So cold, I considered wearing gloves to work. Thet I thought, no, what would the readers think? That I’m some sort of foreign import who can’t hack typing in cold weather? Then I realised I wasn’t working. Crisis averted.

Hello, where are my new Arsenal players?

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Word up people! Yeah, things just went east side American slang on yo ass. Ya feel me? Just joking. I’m still the raw middle England character you knew before. So, today, is another news day.