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There has been a lot of talk about the ‘Arsene Knows Brigade’ in recent weeks. I’ve had many e-mails asking me to point out how you can tell early on if your loved one might have been struck down with the disease.

Here is the list of the indicators:

  1. Inability to think for themselves. They can no longer sit down the pub with their footballing friends and enter into a reasoned conversation. His/Her friends will be bored of their debating tactics… ‘Arsene Knows’ grows tiresome after 3 years.
  2. Positive support for anything Arsene: Yes, when your loved one sounds like a propaganda machine for Arsenal.com, you know you’re in trouble. When you hear things like, ‘Trust in Arsene’ or ‘I am an ardent support of anything Arsene…’, you know that your loved one may think he/she is on the payroll at Arsenal. The sad thing is, they’re not…
  3. Acceptance of second best: If you get your meal at a nice restaurant and it looks good, but it is cold… you’ll find an AKB member won’t mind. They’ll accept anything as long as it looks good and the restaurateurs are relatively inexperienced. You will find they’ll even accept a price increase after the disappointment, as long as they are promised it will be better next year.
  4. Hours spent writing hate on blog sites: If your loved one gets so worked up by Arsene criticism that they start writing hate on fan sites that disagree with their mantra, you know they’ve been struck down big time. But hey, don’t worry, they would never have the guts to be that big time in real life… so don’t worry about the ‘Blog Tourettes’ rearing its ugly head in public… it’s a bedroom thing. Anonymity is a must for any budding AKB member.
  5. Everything positive is down to Arsene. You’ll be led to believe it’s ‘Arsene united’ down at the Emirates. Arsene built the stadium according to AKB’s, but he is not responsible for the corporate aspect of the Emirates. He is in no way responsible for the fact that ticket prices are now out of reach for many working class fans. Arsene doesn’t spend the money that is available to him, yet AKB’s will blame the board for not funding him. Mr Wenger is apparently responsible for bringing Arsenal out of mid table obscurity… well, by my reckoning, we finished 5th in Rioch’s last full season and in the last 16 years, we’ve only finished out of the top 5 twice? This list could go on forever, but the pattern is always the same. Wenger is a demi-god in the AKB’s eyes, he does no wrong and if he does… it’s just Wenger testing you as a fan…

So there you have it, if your loved one has any of the above symptoms be very careful… they can be quite dangerous if you broach the subject with them… you wouldn’t want to be called a spud would you?

The best thing to do is copy the link to Le Grove, e-mail it over to the AKB member in question and let the Grovers put them straight!

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  1. MancPoo

    I agree with you there. I hate Man United but I hate the AKB’s more. Arsene is no God. He messing up big time and the AKB’s still believe in him.

    I remember a few seasons back when United weren’t winning, most fans wanted Sir Alex fired. But with Arsene, it looks different.

    I hate to say this but Mourinho was right, Arsene can go on not winning trophies and he will never get fired.(it seems)

    PS: I hope ManPoo lose out on the Double… hehehehehe

  2. What the Deuce?

    There is a reason why there isn’t the criticism of Wenger; simply he is the best manager in the world. But, he’s human. He fucked up in not locking down Flamini, or in his handling of the Flamini situation. But this is a guy who with less money than a bottom 10 team comes in 4th place and up season after season. He crafts players, he brings excitement to the game.

    Yea, Man Utd are winning, but look at their first team, how much it costs. Now swap resources and what tdo you think would happen with Ferguson? Here is a man that spent upwards of 70million pounds ($140mil USD) last summer and when against Arsenal his team still can barely pull it out, if at all.

    We’re a feared team the world over, destroyed Milan, at Milan and right now our future is so rosey you need shades to blind out the light.

    Yea, we haven’t won in 4 years, but are you a fan of the club, or a passing spectator? The clubs from 5th place down (fuck, even 4th place, looking at you Benitez) wish they had our financial clout and ability to make returns on nothing. The life of Arsenal is bigger than Wenger, bigger than Fabregas and any other player that walks through those doors at Highbury or Ashburton grove.

    Wenger knows this, hence he’s not going to trade long term stability and growth of the club for trophies now. In all honesty, we should still be challenging for the double, but bad calls, hubris and the pressure from glory-hunters like yourselves caused a meltdown.

    As a fan, you’re just sitting there, this is a man whose job it is to win, week in week out. And on top of that manage hundreds of millions of dollars, build a global brand, keep overpaid little glory-hunting shits of players happy, build a multi hundred million dollar stadium and still make it to the training ground 4-6 days a week twice a day.

    You you think you feel anything even coming close to the anxiety, disappointment and anger he does? I seriously doubt it, yet, all of us still have the gall to try to chip away at what is being built.

    I’m 25, been an Arsenal fan since I lived in London when I was about 3. I’ll be an Arsenal fan until I die. Many great and world class players will pass through the doors and many managers as well. Hopefully trophies too. But the passion of a team goes beyond just that, and you can’t even see that Arsene understands this. So, even if we’re challenging for titles on all fronts, or not challenging at all, my first loyalty is to the club, I get enjoyment simply from watching us crush Tottenham or bring it to the Mancs. Trophies are great, but at the end of the day, are they lining your cabinet?

    Let these boys do what they do, and let Arsene do what he’s doing. He might fuck up, but overall he’s still the best in the world by a country fucking mile.

  3. Pedro

    Deuce, you should read the article before you post.

    It’s not a dig at Arsene, it’s a dig at those who swear blind faith to him and will not accept criticism of Wenger.

    Wenger came out a few months back and said he should be criticised if things are going wrong. Its what reasoned people do… question things when they are going wrong. If you’ve ever had a job, you’d know that. It’s the way the world works.

    The article isn’t actually slating Wenger if you read carefully…

  4. Danny

    i go one better, and fire the sod….

    he still does not get it. we need 3-4 quality players to supplement the team

    it also seems mamagement are content also. thats tells me they are money hungry bastards

    with regards to flamini & helb, they can fuck themseleves, are no big deal. we can do better

  5. London

    Why didn’t Wenger sought out the Flamini situation earlier?

    In order to attract the next batch of young players from around the world that’s to say the next Fabregas, Wenger has to be seen to be taking care of the players that do not work out because as we all know not every player makes the big time. Remember the father of the next Fabregas will want his son to go to a club that will help find him a career if things don’t go to plan and he has to leave.

    At the end of last season Flamini was surplus to requirements he was viewed with the same pity as you would afford a blind person or a dog with a broken paw. He was going to be benevolently allowed to leave on a free at the end of his contract. No one expected Flamini’s transformation.

    Ironically, Flamini’s success story will attract the next Fabregas – where would you recommend your son go.

    Who is your player of the season? Bacary Sagna – of course. Did you expect that signing? No you didn’t. Which means Arsene knows best. Believe, believe believe.

  6. olli3

    Pedro –
    AKB’s are so devoted that instead of thinking “What would Jesus Do?” they think, “What would a) Arsene do, or B) Eboue do”.
    Take For example the simple concept of getting up in the morning. Person One would Pray for guidence, then go about their daily duties. Part A would get up, Give themselves an irritating comb over, then have breakfast and coffee, reading the paper and looking for jobs which require less skill, and he can use in 6 years time to become CEO, sell, and start over again. Pointless, because it probably wont work, and its a step backwards. Part B is more simple. They just get up, stretch, and promptly walk into a wall. Again, completely brainless. You can see here that i have expanded on your point one. Something, again, that an AKB wouldnt be able to do, simply because it requires too much brainpower.

    So remember, Arsene Knows! Well, he used to, until he got Short Term Memory loss, and forgot that Football is all about scoring more than your opponent.

  7. optyx

    well…i am arsenal fan but not wenger’s fan…arsenal is not about wenger…so 3 years with no trophy to show..i think he should go. if he cant keep good players, i bet you will be hearing “i have faith in my team” every season. I think for club like arsenal, we have to win next season, if not, i welcome rijkaard or even mourinho.
    fab contract is untill 2014 right??so, at that time he is around 27-28, the peak time for footballers…let say at the end of his contract, real madrid come offering fabs 200k perweek..most prob fab will go right>>madrid dont have to pay for transfer…waiting for the right time to come.hahaha

  8. johhnyRed

    I am an AKB and unashamed. Arsene knows, yes he does. But in Arsene I don’t trust, he is not God, or perfect, he makes mistakes but is not as stubborn as I used to think as I have noticed he has listened to criticism and introduced a plan B (Everton away was a good example) he has tried to appease fans this season by trying to introduce signings in 2-3 weeks, look how it backfired though eh, like Arseblog said the little Marys got so annoyed
    (I don’t think it was a swipe at Le-Grove though Wrighty7 God bless him amongst others got a little irrate about that), I was dissapointed also.

    However as someone else also believes he is probably one of the top five managers in the world, we will never get anyone better in this generation. Don’t be fooled by Flamoney’s comments trying to hide the fact that he loves money more than anything else, Arsene probably did try to extend his contract however Flamini probably demanded too much, Wenger may well have given him a season to prove he was woth that much and Flamoney after proving himself asked for an even higher wage (speculative I know, but AW bought flamoney because he had faith in him he played him ahead of Gilberto it is inconceivable that he would want to allow Flam to run his contract down.)

    3 years without a trophy, so effing what! We were shit before Arsene Wenger and probably be shit when he is gone unless we get Usmanov on board and he wants to spend. But you guys would not like that would you.

    We are not ManUre, Liverpool or Chelsea we are not that big and won’t be until we pay off the stadium or bring in Usy that’s the reality. When we can spend as much as those guys then we can complain about not winning a trophy in 3 years.

    I do not agree with the over 30 policy, I still think it was a mistake not giving Pires a 2 year contract, he was irreplaceable. When Wenger had money to spend we won trophies, he does not now do not let anyone fool you as someone said much of his budget has to go on increasing wages to keep his present squad.

    I don’t agree with the youth policy as it appears due to the likes of Flamoney the template has been set, train up at Arsenal, get good exposure and leave for higher wages. Unfortunately this scenario was was not foreseen by Wenger, I repeat he is not God. David Dean knows more about Arsenals finances maybe that is why he was so keen to get an investor on board as he knew we would be severely challenged financially.

    AKBs anger at what they may deem to be unjust criticism or disrespectful statements from largely new supporters who did not witness or care about Arsenal in the days of i.e Terry Neil, is because they are seen as ungrateful. I also believe that a lot of Arsenal fans have been behaving like ungrateful spoilt children, and will only realise his true value when he has gone

    You can all get your knives out if you want but that is my honest opinion. Arsene is the best manager we can have at this present time.

    Thank God for Arsene

  9. Gavbert Hemonica

    I agree with the above – we should have hung onto Pires. A man of his quality should have bee kept. We harp on about TH14 and DB10 (and rightly so !). Pires was just as great in my opinion – my favourate played since Brady !

  10. MIchael

    I think critisism of Wenger is valid a lot of the time and to blindly believe in anyone is imo stupid. However it really pisses me of when I read things (on thes blog) Like “this fucker Wenger” or Wenger is a cunt. Wenger as far as I can see loves Arsenal and has been loyal for quie some time. Yes he earns good money but so does Ade and so did Hleb. AKB’s are boring but so are people who slate him unfairly.

  11. robbo

    A.F.C should give Wenger until the next transfer window closes before giving him the
    LeSack , look at the poor barsted Keegan 21 games to get the toon back on track
    even Walt Disney and his toons would struggle in todays premiur league its not about football any more its about business now, give the game back to the genuine fans not
    these middle class nonces they should return to the game of rugby. I was born a gunners fan and will die a fan (i just wish i could afford the ticket prices) . Just ask Eltel
    he seems to know whats needed?

  12. bergkamp

    im suffering with AKB syndrome,but its a mild dose,i know wenger is a gooner but i think he should sign a couple guys who already know the green cross code,am i beyond repair?

  13. Danny

    Did someone say sack AW are you mad or a manu fan they said sack fergie when he went 3 years without winning anything, but not now I can remember when we went 17 years without sod all , I still went every week. Since wenger has been here its like fantasy football and at the top most of the time look how close we were last year do you remember the look of relief on fergies face after the old trafford game if we had won it was out trophy thats how close we were . we have been building a team NOT BUYING one We will do it with class and style

  14. Le Grove knows best

    What a brilliant article! So funny to read but the punchline is when you read the comments and see people acting like this right in front of your own eyes!!! Comedy genius

  15. Erichero

    Proud AKB member logging in.

    I understand the criticism, but so many bloggers are asking us to believe that their points of view are superior to Arsene’s. Really? How is that in the least bit plausible compared to a man who has been there, done that?

  16. Pedro

    Erichero, that’s what makes you an AKB… following blindly because you’re not a manager.

    If you thought it was a good move leaving Arshavin on the bench for the semi final last year… brilliant, we didn’t and we’ll criticise when a decision merits it.

  17. Erichero

    Pedro, you need to distinguish between once-off criticism and a continual posture of criticism. I would also have preferred Arshavin in the semi-final, and I do criticise Wenger for it. It’s the unrelenting criticism of blogs like this and ANR that not only disgruntles, it hurts.

    What you’ve done is to create a derogatory term for fans who support the manager and the team. Surely you can see that this is silly?

    Thankfully Geoff has changed his tune this season and it’s been a breath of fresh air, which is why I read every post and have introduced my Dad to it – he enjoys it but doesn’t like the swearing.

  18. FinnGun

    Critisism, yes. But when an Arsenal fan, in public, wants Wenger to resign or says that he hates him, he must eitherbe remarkably unintelligent, mentally disturbed, a kid with attention deficit syndrome or on drugs.

    Fanaticism is never pretty. That’s why so many of the indicators above fit the anti-wenger lot, too.

    I’m trying to keep in mind that we all love Arsenal. Doesn’t reduce the number of fools but I’m trying.

  19. goonergerry

    It is really concerning that Arsenal fans in England seem to have polarised into either the evangelical AKB church of Wenger- which is in total denial of his teams actual playing record or irrational angry screamers who spend far too much time slagging off their own team.Should you dare to utter even slight disagreement with a decision of Wenger- -chances are some AKB joker- will want you drummed out of the church of Arsenal- your crime…. disagreement with the Lord. Not a believer- out you go-sorry we don’t want anyone who does not share our blind faith.
    Lets be clear neither faction is right- however much the AKB claim to be the true believers. Wenger is a great man and a great manager- one of the very few in history. -but he’s fallible and has not always made the right decisions-especially about addressing defensive shortcomings of his own team- this is because he’s human and has his blind spots – he is not a deity.
    Am I in a minority thinking that AW has got most things right -but should not be blindly followed without question or unfairly criticised?

  20. Sample

    well this is the second or third time i have come to this site.

    pretty good one. i think you all are chelsea fans or something.

  21. Andy Mack

    ‘goonergerry Says: February 13, 2010 at 07:12
    the evangelical AKB church of Wenger- which is in total denial of his teams actual playing record’

    goonergerry, I don’t understand this comment.
    AWs ‘playing record’ is far better than any other manager we’ve had since herbert chapman….

  22. akb's are happy

    I live life not having to think but to watch. I don’t have a plan B. I like watching pass after pass after pass after pass after pass after pass after pass after pass (without a shot on goal) I like watching midfielders lose possesion and lightly jog behind the opposition jockying into a marvelous position to watch the opponent shoot. I prefer having a goalkeeper who can’t catch, who likes to vacate the area between the posts at times when under pressure. Who struggle to follow the flight of the ball. It makes the game more exciting. I like to take average young players and teach them how to pass and pass and pass and teach them to forget about shooting. I like stealing youngsters from Barcalona and trying to build teams around them just so they can leave and destroy my project youth. I believe mental strength is more important than tactics. Do you believe?

  23. Gooner80

    I heard someone say that AKB brigade would condone Arsene did something even if he was filmed drowning kittens on you tube what a picture

  24. jason

    Hopefully, we can finally say that we have won the PL/ECL/FA this year and put this to rest.

    Let’s pray guys. Never underestimate the power of prayers.

  25. shambear

    Good to find this site…. I have been argueing with my ‘arsenal mate’ for years about Wenger’s weakness and at last find a bunch of others who agree with me. Feels good.

    I can’t believe his decisions are based on greed — although he may make money from them — I do think he is congenitally mean and ungenerous — this explains some of his behaviour on and off the field.
    His ability to be big-hearted and inclusive is missing as well as a certain humility and being able to say ” I was wrong” ‘they played well’ ” I did see it and we fouled”.

    What is seriously missing from his make-up is old fashioned anglo-saxon balls and strong leadership. This was demonstrated well in the Newcastle match — in the 2nd half he could not bring back the team spirit of the 1st half in any way: by screaming at them, jumping up and down, by encouragement or by his own powerful belief that they would win.
    This above all is what is missing in our man and I do not think he can discover it in himself — I wish he could — by God I wish he would.

  26. Mike

    Yes, I was a former militia of AKB. I still love the guy but I’m not sure if the love is mutual. In other words, I’m not sure if he cares and loves us–the fans. One thing I relied upon Arsene, whether we won a cup or not, whether the team was on good form or bad form – It was his uncanny ability to bring a group of players who never let us down when facing United, Spurs and Chelsea. The three teams I hate the most. In fact, He was the one who developed and nurtured my hatred for Manchester. But back in those days, I can brag all I want and see my Arsenal thrash those three teams whether at home or away. But these days, especially this year, even when Spurs can come home and take a giant shit at our house. At our HOUSE ? Being spanked by United in the same manner for 3 consecutive years and forced to go back home with my tails between my legs; I can no longer brag about the dangerous Arsenal. I no longer feel confident about this group of players. And I no longer think Arsene cares about loosing to those teams. He only cares about his philosophy and playing the game he imagines in his mind. To him winning is less important than displaying a beautiful piece of football with or without result. But to the fans, Who shell out their money to support their Arsenal, they are the ones who carry the brunt of shame and ridicules from our rivals.
    I think it all goes back to Paris 2006 when we lost to Barcelona in that heart breaking manner. One look at his face at the end of that game and one can tell that his soul has left his body. Just look at the pictures. He looked like a ghost whose fighting spirit got sapped out and his passion for winning vaporised. He talks a lot about his health these days. He can no longer handle the kind of stress that comes with a winning mentality. That crushing defeat changed Arsene from a fighter coach to a monk who does not care about victory or defeat. His philosophy about football has changed.
    I’m not for him to be fired, even if the possibilities are very slim. However, I wish he can go back to what he was when he came to Arsenal. The man who can etch out a win when it is needed. The guy who snubbed SAF after match drink and got on with a war of words with him. The man who used to stand up against SAF and made us stand tall. That Arsene. I wish he goes back to the game board, throw that 5 year road plan as a failed experiment and get us back to who we were. The dangerous Arsenal. I’m sure he has that in him. But I don’t know if his health will allow him to get into that state of mind again. If not, he should then be honest with us and tell us that winning is not on top of his priority. And he should be transparent with us about his plan to continue with the beautiful football experiment regardless of the results. If that’s the case then, Please Arsene, don’t taint the rich legacy you built at Arsenal. We should all part our ways with a good note. The Cymbalta pills for those embarrassments are no longer helping the die hard Arsenal fans. You have to think about our health too.

  27. goonergerry

    At the extreme end-the AKB are a religious cult who worship at the alter of Arsene Wenger.The AKB are also typified by often extreme and insulting criticism of other fans who hold a different view to them.They seem to hold the view that suppoters should never criticise the team or the manager-and that those that do are committing treason and should be drummed out of the club,have their season ticket torn up and their scarf torn to shreds and be banished from the ground.
    Yet the irony is most AKB are more concerned with the balance sheet than the performance of the team-many are simply in denial of reality at this time of the year and dream of which untried inexperienced youngsters we can bring in next year.

  28. goonergerry

    Andy Mack

    Wenger may have managed the team when they may have won more games overall during an era when the best players have been concentrated into fewer and fewer clubs. The fact he won more games does not make him our best manager since Herbert Chapman.

    Wengers record of success was bulit on the back of the defence he inherited from George Graham. Since they retired 6 years ago he has not been able to replicate the clubs earlier success-and what is now undeniably his team shows no signs of doing so.

    Did you see the performance against the mighty City- Birmingham City?

    Arsenal have failed to win a trophy since we won the FA cup in 2005. If we want to win trophies we have to beat the top teams and the top 2 in the EPL for the past 4 seasons have been Manchester United and Chelsea.

    Arsenal’s record against Manchester United since 2008 of played 18 won 2 is the worst sequence against that club in the clubs history- and the worst against the top EPL club.. This sequence shows no sign of changing-even when United are weaker than they have been for years. Even Spurs have a better recent record against them. We have had a very similar sequence against Chelsea. In short Wenger hasn’t a clue how to beat Manchester United.

    If you are into stats Andy-look at Arsenal’s results in the last 12 games of the season in the last 4 years when in 3 of those seasons Arsenal were in a position to be successful.

    The aim of football is winning trophies not hammering crap teams and failing every time you play the top sides in a meaningful game.

    The fact that Wenger was once successful-6 years ago-with half a team he inherited from his predecessor- does not mean he will be in future-the rest of the EPL has caught up and is in danger of over-taking us.

  29. alan b'stard M P

    what the Deuce,

    We criticize the board and manager because we love the club. Are you saying to love the club we need to agree with the board and manager? Not fucking likely mate

    I get sick of these people telling me about how Arsene spends little and it’s financial prudence. We do not benefit from this, only the private owners do. It it was a club owned by the people as a not for profit, the money would return to the club members for buying players and other things. The board in NFP is voluntary

    Look at this

    # Net Spend 03 – 10/11 Purchased Gross Sold Nett Per Season
    (Buys Gross)
    1 Chelsea £524,700,000 £135,400,000 £389,300,000 £48,662,500
    2 Manchester City £475,220,000 £107,075,000 £368,145,000 £46,018,125
    3 Tottenham £295,400,000 £163,250,000 £132,150,000 £16,518,750
    4 Liverpool £336,680,000 £235,530,000 £101,150,000 £12,643,750
    5 Aston Villa £167,700,000 £73,625,000 £94,075,000 £11,759,375
    6 Birmingham City £96,325,000 £43,725,000 £52,600,000 £6,575,000
    7 Manchester United £264,350,000 £215,200,000 £49,150,000 £6,143,750
    8 Sunderland £127,730,000 £81,950,000 £45,780,000 £5,722,500
    9 Stoke City £55,070,000 £13,495,000 £41,575,000 £5,196,875
    10 Bolton £60,650,000 £26,850,000 £33,800,000 £4,225,000
    11 West Bromwich Albion £70,085,000 £37,190,000 £32,895,000 £4,111,875
    12 Wolves £45,275,000 £16,625,000 £28,650,000 £3,581,250
    15 Fulham £72,980,000 £47,045,000 £25,935,000 £3,241,875
    14 Everton £106,050,500 £83,100,000 £22,950,500 £2,868,813
    15 West Ham £117,230,000 £98,925,000 £18,305,000 £2,288,125
    16 Blackpool £4,700,000 £350,000 £4,350,000 £543,750
    17 Wigan £72,565,000 £74,600,000 -£2,035,000 -£254,375
    18 Arsenal £147,050,000 £149,870,000 -£2,820,000 -£352,500
    19 Newcastle £136,100,000 £147,400,000 -£11,300,000 -£1,412,500
    20 Blackburn Rovers £68,702,000 £83,590,000 -£14,888,000 -£1,861,000

    Middlesbrough £76,900,000 £66,850,000 £10,050,000 £1,256,250
    Hull £24,080,000 £10,475,000 £13,605,000 £1,700,625
    Burnley £15,005,000 £15,825,000 -£820,000 -£102,500
    Portsmouth £95,600,000 £116,460,000 -£20,860,000 -£2,607,500
    Leeds United £5,900,000 £40,250,000 -£34,350,000 -£4,293,750

    This is terrible. Arsenal board should be sent packing

  30. alan b'stard M P

    What the Deuce

    I am a fan of the club for the club’s good. The club is bigger than the manager

    Fuck Wenger. Please don’t tell ou about all the money he saves an “we” are not in fdebt. It’s a privately owned club, and debt does not affect us. It’s not our fucking money, like it’s not really our club

  31. Northern Gooner

    Why the fuck has this club not got it act together !!! Scum strengthen their team every season win or loose titles its call being proactive and porgressive Arsene !! I am fucked off with waiting to see if this great club of ours is even going to react to the obvious issues we have that even a blind half witted french fuck could see !! Someone get David Dein and drive him to the club to show fuckin Gaz wots is name how to do it for fucks sake !!!

  32. PragmatistGOONER

    Good post 😉 2011——–I am happy to finish second 😛 3years but NO change..Hope some changes occur now..Plz Wenger dnt mess up the Cahill deal..Plz every top BPL clubs has English CB except Arsenal..We need Cahill or some other English Dfndr along with Samba..Squillaci is a horror show and Koscielny to be true not fit to be a CB..He best suits in the CDM position..Gooner till my last breath..

  33. Nickw

    Brilliant guide spot on – just read a post blaming the board for blocking all Wengers transfer targets, apparently its not his fault at all. He is responsible for nothing bad and everything good. It must be nice to have absolute power and zero responsibility but don’t point it out or the hateful abuse will flow.

  34. Koo Sad Assey

    Can we reach mid table this season; can we rocket upto the dizzy heights of the top ten? Will we be able to mix with the stokes and fulhams and boltons ? Who are the optimists in our midst

  35. S Asoa

    AKB is an alias . Sort of a name . It could not mean Arsene knows best since the way Arsenal been tottering 7years without a jock on it implies the moron could not read his deficiencies . Dangerous thing the bluffing .
    Of course one can parrot ” I believe ” ad nauseum until self hypnotized . Apparently this has been an option with the AKB brigade .

  36. Chris89

    “goonergerry March 20, 2011 02:39:33
    Wengers record of success was bulit on the back of the defence he inherited from George Graham. Since they retired 6 years ago…”

    Posted in 2011, mentions last of Grahams defensive Titans retiring 6 years ago, and I’m drawing a complete blank. Far as I’m aware, Kolo, Sol, Senderos and Cygan were never part of any Graham team. If you’re gonna criticise the greatest Arsenal manager ever, get your facts straight. Prick.


  37. Arsene's straightjacket

    Love it when the AKBs remind of us of how he has been great for our club. Yes, HAS. This is the present my friends and this deluded French loon is ruining our beloved football club. The rot has set in, the discontent from players is there and things will only get worse as long as he is there. Arsene Knows Best? Arsene knows SWEET FA.

  38. Rhys Jaggar

    Well, today http://www.blog.emiratesstadium.info has launched a request to identify the ‘most negative reporter on Arsenal’.

    Some African-sounding blogger has nominated ‘rhys’.

    There’s just some small possibility that he can’t spell and meant ‘rhyle’ (who blogs here but now also blogs there, not yet having been banned). There’s an even smaller possibility that there’s another Rhys out there who has been critical of Arsenal at the above-mentioned website, but I doubt that personally.

    It’s truly high class to censor all my posts, then potentially have my name slandered and not have the right to defend myself in front of a self-appointed set of jurists.

    I’m sure Mr Attwood is proud of that and I’m sure that M. Broeckx, like the petty totalitarian referee that he is, approves hugely also.

    No doubt they will say that Arsene approves of all that also?!

    Would someone who isn’t banned communicate this to the enlightened souls?

    You could just call them a couple of two-faced totalitarian cunts of course.

    But that wouldn’t be classy, would it?!

  39. SFGiants

    Glad to see a site that doesn’t think Wenger is Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Lord Krishna, or whoever your personal savior is. I thoroughly loathe Piers Morgan, but I think he was correct last year when, on a post-game statement on FOX Soccer, the Arsene has lost the thread.

    He needs to go, and the Pangloss’s of the AK Brigade need to realize everything is NOT for the best at the Emirates while he’s still in charge.

  40. Alan

    The AKB ” losers” who are like vermin on our supporter landscape need to be eliminated well before wenger does, because if and when he goes, they will still be there ploughing their loser furrows at every little rat hole in this country. And they will still be around after he s gone, accepting 4th best, elimination by a proper European side in an early CL knockout game, and wasting tax payers money at whatever loser jobs they have (probably in public sector) or adding to their loser parents electricity bill
    Give me a red button I can press to zap the lot of them into non existence and I will press it faster than wenger can say “team spirit” . Get rid of the loser spirit before we hire a new manager

  41. Trikky

    There are lot’s of them over here too. They keep arguing on how Arsene makes profit as if they get a share of it. 2nd place is no trophy, If Wenger wont change his failed philosophies/plans/ideas the He must be changed.

  42. CB

    I don’t understand. Why is there such division between people that support the same team? Why don’t we reserve the bile for those that deserve it? Tottenham, politicians etc.

    Over the last few years we have been competing with clubs that can buy better players than us. We have made mistakes but still have CL football and finished (again) above the best Spurs team for years. Given this we have a good/great manager who spoilt us before the stadium and the oil rich clubs that came in.

    We are in a strong position, British core on long term contracts, step increase in cash available, removal of lots of deadwood, excellent finish to 2013 which we should be able to take into next season given squad stability.

    Some of this is due to Wenger, like it or not.

    One request, we go forward all together as fans, debating the issues. Good and bad. But anyone who attacks Arsenal fans rather than discusses the issues is a wanker. Especially if they claim to be a fan themselves.

  43. king bergkamp

    CB you are on the wrong site my friend you belong to the mob down the road UNTOLD ARSENAL.You epitamise a true akb in every sense of the word
    Fans like yourself are a bigger problem than wonka himself

  44. CB

    KIng Bergkamp – thanks for illustrating my point so well on Arsenal fans that attack others rather than address the issues. Read my words rather and debate the issues rather than make up a negative interpretation. My view on Untold Arsenal’s blinkered views are the same as on your blinkered views, I don’t understand (or support) either.

    For example,

    1) Mesut Ozil came to Arsenal due to Arsene Wenger (unless Ozil was lying…). This is a good thing.
    2) We didn’t sign a established striker in the transfer window. This is a bad thing.

    I hope this is clear enough for you.

    Feel free to slag me and prove my point. Alternatively debate the issues…

  45. Gunnerbust

    In wenger we trust??????????????????????????????????????????
    If Ozil does, ummm fk it, I do too:D
    He has stooged me again!!!

  46. Globalgunner

    Time passes by and nothing changes. I had lost faith years ago and drifted into indifference because it seemed nothing could get this man out of the club. this season i thought i saw a spark with the signing of Ozil, but have come to realise that it doesnt matter who Wenger signs. He could have his pick of FIFA hall of fame members all in their prime and he would somehow find a way to Fk it up and not win a thing with them.
    He may have once been good but he was never great. Great managers win great things. Arsene hasnt done that and frankly probably never will. All the mangers of his age group, who have been in the business for the last 20-30 years have all won the CL. without the CL you cannot call yourself a great manager
    Unfortunately we are saddled with him as we have the misfortune of the unholy combination of an indolent manager and a feckless owner who cares not for winning but sees sport merely as an industry. As long as the club is making money Stan will stay, so sadly will Wenger. He has effectively turned the emirates into his personal retirement home since 2006. 7.5m p.a retirement, soon to be 8m. He cant win anymore, its just not in him.

  47. tipster

    Arsene…..great manager but he has had his day, get Martinez from Everton, we’re standing still as a club while others improve….if scousers win the league fu#k fu#k fu#k

  48. SFGiants

    @tipster: Perhaps it will be annoying if the Scousers win the league, but it’s at least better than if money-dripping Chelsea with their despicable manager come in first.

  49. 124Toeknee

    I am a refugee from an A.K.B. site I never posted much on that site but used to read it regularly. Whenever I did post in the latter part of my visits, I realised that even being reasonable was beyond them. I am claiming refugee status on this site where I can “blaspheme” about the Good Lord Wenger in peace. The man has taken over the club and it seems we will never be rid of him. Despite the obvious grandeur of the Emirates, I wish we had never moved from Highbury. The stadium Wenger built is an ivory tower, a monument for those sucking accountants and banker types who are now buying season tickets so they can swank it saying “I was there” but know or care sod all about football before Wenger and his white elephant. We will never win anything there it seems. I write before the Cup Final. I hope we win but I’m not holding my breath.

  50. WrightIsGod


    The Ox is nowhere near Sterling right now.

    The AKB rose tints are firmly on there. We really do overrate our players and their “mentality”

  51. Seoighe

    I’ve read this site a lot but never commented. I just read this for the first time today. I realise it was written more than 5 years ago but still true..hilariously true.

    Keep up the good work Peter

  52. UGooner

    “Where you can have an opinion. Not get one.” I like that motto, except this actually contradicts it. Oh well…. Let me just sip this right here tea… Tassssty.

  53. Santos

    Wenger’s here to stay suckers. He will never abandon that juicy 8.5 milion pound salary. I am the first to comment in 2016 by the way.

  54. ConteKante

    Arsénal Wenger makes mistakes; lots of them. He’s still a world class manager,

    Saturday’s evisceration of Chelsea is case in point. Everything the team does is a direct result of the players he bought, the ethos he has created, and the culture within the team.

    If he can bring about the consistency again (you know, the one he inculcated that led to us being undefeated for a whole season) we are a real threat for the league.

    Not sure I’m an AKB, But I’m fairly sure AKBetterThanYou.

    Keep up the pressure though, it’s working.


  55. gonsterous

    Was watching brave heart the other night and arsenal sprung to mind. We are like the Scots, fighting amongst each other when we could unite and support the team win the league, ( which is very doable this season )

  56. BigDave


    Wenger is not a world class manager

    A world class manager does not go 12 years without a title, does not go 21 years without a european trophy….. does not get eliminated from the champs league 7 seasons in a row at round 16

    Wenger has been consistent ….consistent at failure

    As for the invincibles that was more down to the players then wenger…..it’s like di matteo taking over and experienced squad with the right mentality…… and winning the league……. it was more down to the players than him…. Wenger is a hands off manager on the pitch and that team managed itself to victory….the record might be impressive going a whole season undefeated in the league but if you look at it in the cold light of day that squad underperformed in the champs league, never won back to back titles………..and everything good about that squad like the mentality and hard work was not learned from wenger but from the players and system that came before him

  57. Brno

    Reading this a decade latter… Spot on then, spot on now. Looking forward to read it it another ten years time. Arsene still at the helm, strugling for ten years for our brand new 9th place trophy but deluded idiots still posting “be careful what you wish for”…

  58. Wenker-wanger

    Kontecante whatever…
    Still a world class manager!
    You should write material for that TV idiot james cordon….
    What is Wenger world class at?
    Please tell us…we are in need of your information as we clearly can’t see beyond the fraud that barely poses as an underperforming overpaid tosser.

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