Arteta needs a new plan

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Last time Arsenal lost to Aston Villa, we’d just made the FA Cup final after beating a Manchester club. History repeated itself brutally yesterday as we succumbed to a very bright side by 3 goals at home.

Not. Good. Enough.

We’ve lost 4 games out of our last 8.


Dominik Szoboszlai linked with January move

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I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but the rampant media bias against OGS simply must stop. This guy is pure, unadulterated, intellectually elite, Norwegian football joy. He proved it today with a beasting of Carlo A’s Everton side. Give OGS more time, give him more money, let’s see where this United experiment goes.

Poch can go to PSG.

In Arsenal news, we can start the day with a sexy transfer rumour. We’re being linked with Le Grove comments section favourite, Dominik Szoboszlai. The Hungarian #8 has been doing exciting things for RB Salzburg.

He’s an all action midfielder. He scores goals, he makes assists, he covers ground like all the best do for RB, and he is a setpiece demon. Apparently, he’d hit 200 freekicks a day… imagine that, having an actual specialist from distance? What a weapon.


Joe Willock shines again, can he make the first team?

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Are you NOT entertained?

*throws empty can at wall

The Europa has delivered again. Peak entertainment in a world of MANY choices. Arteta’s Arsenal do not know how to lose. Three wins out of three. This is how we do it.

The starting 11 drew the usual grumbles. It was quite senior, there weren’t many kids, and it felt a little bland.


Strategy underpinned by reality

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Here he is, Jonathan Blaustein, filing his monthly thoughts on what has gone on at The Arsenal through October ( follow @jblauphoto). Enjoy!

It’s Wednesday afternoon.

November 4th.

And we still don’t know who’ll be the next President of the United States.

Sure, it looks like it will be Joe Biden, (thank god,) but no one knows anything for sure yet.

Biden had a decent playbook, IMO, and he stuck with it. (more…)

New kids added to Europa mixer!

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Today is KILLING me. It’s like a last 16 game in the Europa League, you’ve been 2-0 down all game, you pulled the game back with an own goal and a deflected shot… now you’re praying extra time will see the win over the line.

This is painful.

Let’s dive into some escapism with FOOTBALL.

Mikel Arteta said he was ‘fed up’ with the situation of William Saliba. I suspect he’s quite miffed there’s so much attention focused on someone who isn’t playing, again. When it’s Mesut Ozil, I can understand the fascination, when it’s a 19-year-old centre back the press are wondering about, it starts to get a bit boring.



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Two days on and the warm glow of a much-needed victory away at United is still very much… well, warm.

In a sign of how ridiculous fan rage has become, we’re currently celebrating a manager everyone was doubting last week as the second coming, while United fans are all correctly suspecting Poch was on Monday Night Football to catch the eye of the United board of directors. The big flirt.

The Premier League is by far the most brutal league in the world. No one is given time to succeed, every club is getting better, decisions are made faster than ever before because there’s so much more pressure to survive/succeed.

This makes me angry… OGS does NOT deserve the bad words.

Give this honest broker MORE time, not less.

I personally think 6 more years would give us more clarity on whether it’s the players that are the problem or his infallible coaching.

It’s the players imo. Has someone like Roy Keane explained to them they are weak bitches? Has Rio shown them what the badge means? Can you really trust a ‘lazy’ midfielder like Paul Pogba who has only won pony trophies like the World Cup?


Arteta delivers big 6 away day masterclass. Feels good, right?

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via Arsenal Instagram

We did it. Arsenal finally broke their 5-year ‘WE CAN’T WIN AWAY AT A BIG 6 CLUB’ hoodoo (29 games). The last time we won away at United in the league was 14 years ago, I was like, 8 years old or something?! Make no mistake, that wasn’t a lucky win, that was the performance we’ve been waiting for in a big game. Arteta is the first Arsenal manager to win his first two games against United since Herbert Chapman. A super day for Gooners all over the world.

The starting 11 saw quite the reaction on the cyber terraces.