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Well, I was going to write a blog yesterday, but the news cycle was so grim I had to pass.

There was an incident. I don’t want to go to deep on it. But we need to talk about it.

Kids do stupid things. I could barely dress myself at 16. Thank the lord there was no Twitter during those formative years when I was trying to discover who the fuck I was. Even as a blogger in my twenties, some of my old work was unbelievably crass and embarrassing. We cannot hold kids to ridiculous standards, they are learning life in public, they will make mistakes. Sometimes HUGE mistakes. The more famous they are, the harder those mistakes land because we thread them through the needle of how we behave as grown adults. That’s not fair.

The most grim part about the whole thing is someone close to him leaked that video, not because it was in the public interest (it wasn’t), but to destroy the human in question. Once things like that leak, that’s it, it’s there forever… on every level, that sort of behaviour is grotesque. It’s cockroach behaviour. Pure scum. The intent is destruction, it should be treated like a subcategory of revenge porn. It’s digital assault, designed to inflict pain. I hate it.

What made the whole thing worse for me was reading all the homophobic commentary that followed it. Like, honestly, do we really need that nonsense in 2021? Are we not at the stage in society where it should be really fucking shameful to have a scummy opinion about LGBTQ? It’s so dated now, the comments ‘nearly’ make me feel sorry for the perpetrators. Like when everyone laughs at their weird uncle who says he doesn’t like foreign food and found that Sainsbury’s Christmas ad problematic. How can people be so pathetic? How can their lives be so fucking empty that they need to be mean like that?



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A week off for the players? Wow. I nearly wrote ‘wowsers.’ Do you get to a certain age where twee words like that become attractive? A friend of mine said ‘aces’ the other day. I was shocked. Is language deterioration part of the ageing process?

I digress…

A week off.

Then Arsenal FC heads into another nightmare crush of fixtures that could open us up to death spiral number two of the season.

It won’t define whether he keeps his job, that seems assured, what it’ll define is how much fan capital he has going into next season.



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The day after the game, I’m still seething.

Mostly, because it’s disappointing to watch Mikel Arteta shooting himself in the foot with his decisions.

Yesterday, was another prime example.

The narrative of the loss would have been ‘unfair result, bad reffing (again), unforced errors we can rectify, and a final pass away from being something really interesting.’



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Arsenal lost to a very solid Aston Villa team on a frustrating afternoon that was defined by 3 players that cost about £650k a week. Cedric Soares had his worst afternoon in an Arsenal shirt, gifting Villa an opening inside 2 minutes. I can live with the mistake as he’s been good lately, but that’s a £100k a week player there.

The real eyesore came in the second half. We played some sensational stuff at times, the young players were taking the game by the scruff of the neck, Villa fans were texting me sensing a goal, we looked ever so close to breaking the back of the game. The sub of Soares for Odegaard, with Saka dropping into left-back was a crafty move and it opened the game up… Auba slotted into the forward line for Lacazette, then horror struck as Arteta replaced Partey with Willian.



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Oh my, I am like, so unbearable to the Jose Mourinho cult right now. For MONTHS I’ve had people digging up my Jose slander and using it against me. People coming into my comments saying we should have hired him. Tweeters making fun of my commentary.

… I am the Zlatan of Jose observers. 39 years old, still landing one-year deals, because I know the Mourinho game. He is finished at the highest level. You might get a burst of something, but his style, man-management, and vision of the game is not for 2021.

So for all the hecklers… WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

Jose Mourinho, TITLE WINNER, what, 2 months ago? He’s now slumming it with Arteta the novice.

As Andy Gray would say, TAKE A BOW SON, it is over.



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We’ll kick the day off with the disappointing news that the 18-year-old that sent death threats to Ian Wright was let off with probation.

White privilege my friends. The judge rolled out the usual nuggets that come with this sort of thing. The mega racist was doing well at school. He had a law-abiding family. Still young, a life to live for. He’s shown remorse. He’s a ‘good boy.’ Sure… let’s sweep under the rug that this kid is a massive racist menacing people with death threats in his spare time.



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Every season there’s a game that you play where you are utterly f*cked by circumstances beyond your control. It hurts. It’s unfair. It stings. That game was last night against Wolves.

The game hinged on a very poor decision from a very poor referee.

David Luiz was adjudged to have fouled Willian José when his foot clipped the Brazilian’s knee. Craig Pawson, desperate to give the penalty, was backed up by VAR and he issued a red card, going against double jeopardy ruling. This is Mark Clattenburg on the incident.

David Luiz was incorrectly sent off after giving away a penalty at Wolves — it should have been a yellow card.

The Arsenal defender made accidental contact with Willian Jose as he ran clear on goal and that caused the forward to fall. No one can dispute it was a foul and the award of a penalty was the right decision.

However, a law exists that protects teams from conceding a penalty and losing a player to a red card if a genuine attempt to play the ball has been made.

It was a horrible decision and it completely ruined the progressive football we’d been playing for the previous 46 minutes.