Time to remember the bigger picture

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News hit the tweetwaves via David Ornstein that Arsenal had 3 false negatives for the ‘rona before the Manchester City game. Sounds like our preparation was far from ideal. Not that we were going to beat City under any scenario, but you do have to say, lady luck has not been sprinkling magic stardust on this seasons re-opener.

It’s been interesting reading around the internet, taking in the various opinions people have on our two straight losses. I think most are fairly understanding that this particular moment we’re in far from ideal and has been exacerbated by the virus.


A new dawn #TeamPositiveGooners

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Today, it is my birthday, I am now at the age where I’d be getting a one year deal and everyone would be clapping like it was some sort of a major achievement, or worse, I’d be landing that deal because I’d done well for the club. A sympathy contract. I’m basically Dennis Bergkamp right now, slow, but I’ll still pick out the top corner if you let me.

The real birthday story is… I am sad. Yep. Really sad. Arsenal is not joy at the moment.

… but, I am ready to bury that sadness deep within, because I can’t be miserable any longer… metaphorically, I’m one walk to the fridge away from my career being over, so today, we hunt for a bit of positivity, because honestly, the lunatics were out in force yesterday after the game and we have to right some of the wrongs that are being spewed into the Goonerverse.

The surrounding noise (more…)

Inexcusable performance from a club heading to rock bottom fast

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A second dreadful day in the office for Mikel Arteta where questions will rightly be asked of his in-game management. After taking the lead against Brighton, his players managed to flunk out again and lose to 2-1 to a side that hasn’t been able to score all season.

A lot of fans are rightly looking at the subs he made late on that looked confused and woefully naive.

The themes of Arteta with this squad so far have been: 1) Fairly solid 2) Bereft of creativity 3) Poor in-game management