Wenger, Per and Sagna sign da ting: Reaction | Arsenal hold on to take important 3 points

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What to say about the Villa game eh? You know when your team has turned into a winning machine when you don’t have anything to complain about. I mean, jeez, I’m really struggling to have a bitch today…

Wenger rotated in our star men, he kept some of the fringe on and we played out a; in the main, comfortable game.

Olivier Giroud missed himself two relatively easy chances in the opening 7 minutes. He glanced a free header wide on 4 minutes, and then he failed to connect with a low cross on 7 minutes.


Do Arsenal need top quality?

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How’s it going!

No soccer ball this weekend. I know you’re itching for it, but look, fan fatigue can end in tears. So what I’m saying is this. Relax, stop powering that F5 key, leave the newsfeeds alone and take a day of chatting Arsenal. A touch of respite will take you out of the ‘transfer panic zone’…

Well, Arsene Wenger’s comments might put you in that zone. He’s doing that old man moaning thing… this time venting about the transfer window being an irritant and unwelcome. How a man who has serious gaps in his squad can say such a thing is beyond me. This window isn’t an irritant, it’s an opportunity to shoot for the stars and make some serious noises about the title.

We need a striker. A Theo. And a right back. We can look internally, but as we’ve seen so far this season, numbers are the issue because we’re overusing players. We’ve obviously meandered the season spectacularly well so far, but we’re almost never in the mix come April.

The Morata story is getting boring already. One minute Madrid want to keep him. Then they want to loan him. Then they want a bigger fee. Now, the latest is Benfica want to buy him for £7m. A very low price for a kid who banged in 15 goals last season. Surely we should look at him as an acquisition if we think he’s worth while? Having 3 strikers isn’t a problem over a season. United manage it…

Wayne Veysey has gone to town on transfer targets. The man takes a hammering online for his info, but I can tell you, though sometimes wrong (shock horror, someone isn’t 100% right all the time), the bulk of what he says is good info. Anyway, he reckons we’re looking at Draxler this window… money talks, but will moving when he’s one of Europe’s form players be a consideration in World Cup year? Doubtful…

He also talks about Llorente, Lavezzi and Morata if nothing comes off elsewhere.

For me, our best bet will be an out of favour player looking to break into a World Cup squad. We need hunger more than anything. I’d love us to nail a perm player, but not at the expense of quality. That said, I do think we get a touch hung up on perceived quality. Flamini, a player huge swathes of the fanbase slammed for being average when he left us, has been a revelation. Why? Because he works hard, embodies the passion we all love and he performs a functional role.

As I’ve said many times over the years, you don’t always need to sign technically perfect wizards of the game… you need a few Flamini / Grimandi / Parlour type figures in the mixer. Now, that probably won’t work with forwards, but it could work elsewhere.

Sorry to keep this short, but I’m penning this on an iPhone because all my computers are ruined!

Have a great day!

Arsenal: The cost of generosity | Gaps in the squad that need filling | Tiny winger a target

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How’s it going people? You good? You totally pumped? I hope so…

I’m not sure how much news there is today. I feel like the news outlets don’t have much to work with, so they’ve started taking calls from agents looking to push on their clients.

Giovinco, of Juventus notoriety has hit the radar… the 26 year old attacker has been mooted as a possible option to replace Theo in the short term. He’s 5 foot 5, so I can’t imagine he’d be a striking option, but out wide, his ‘low centre of gravity’ could help us. I can’t say I’ve watched him that much over the years. I can tell you he’s played hardly at all this year. It’s a hard gig at Juve at the moment, they’re loaded with attacking talent. Last season, he made 33 appearances, racking up 16 goals and 6 assists.


Jackson Martinez scouting report | Sky nail football chat show | Morata back on?

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I’m not a massive TV watcher outside of sport, but after taking the decision to stay in the flat of late, I’ve had the chance to take in some programmes. Sport mostly. I had the pleasure of watching Keane vs Vieira the other night.

What a cracking show. I appreciate I’m very late to the party on this, bar the obvious anti-Ferguson slant agenda from both ITV and Keane, it was a very classy hour. It was interesting to hear Patrick slamming United for landing major decisions at Old Trafford with Keane kind of agreeing. It was also nice hearing two power houses of the game dissecting one another’s game.