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The first football hipster

The first football hipster

I had the pleasure of meeting David Hillier last night… a man who was part of the first Arsenal team I can really remember following… and what a top bloke. He was from an era where a player would take £800 a week as a good salary. Crazy to think how the money has exploded since. I’ll leave the link at the end of the post, needless to say it’s an interesting listen to get his take on the current situation and his frank assessment of some of the playing staff.

The segue into today’s main story comes as David Hillier left, Arsene made his way into the lime light. He enforced strict diet, a new brand of stylish football and he added flair to a set up well drilled in discipline.


Sign them ALL

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No, no, no… this isn’t how it works Arsenal. This really isn’t. It’s supposed to go…

  • Plays badly
  • Plays ok
  • Plays superstar amazing
  • Stalls on deal
  • Speaks highly of Madrid
  • Summer comes goes for big money

So what’s all this tying down players to mega contracts early so we don’t have a headache? It’s amazing, that’s what! Rambo has signed on until 2019, Cazorla has nailed his name to a 2017 contract and even the boy Zelalem has signed up on pro terms.


Arsene has bums squeaking

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Bad morning people. I lost my wallet on the bus. I’m not proud of admitting I jumped on a bus and I have to accept the karma punishment for doing so.

I hate the bus.

So what’s going on with football and god? Well, I’ve been chatting with him about it.

‘God, I know we’re not close, but here’s the deal, you take Chelsea to

extra time and I’ll make a sacrifice to you. Not major, I’m talking token.’

Then this morning, I was like, where’s my wallet?

It’s a sign.

So what else have we to chat about? St Patricks day was fun. So much foam hat hilarity. That time of year where all my English friends pretend they have loose Irish heritage (which is quickly superseded by Scottish or Welsh dependent on rugby or independence). So on the Irish theme, where are our Irish players? Feels like an untapped market for Arsenal. There are a lot of solid Irish players in the league and we have a heritage of bringing them though the ranks… so what’s gone wrong?

In other news, the AST revealed we have £100m to spend this summer, but there’s a chance it won’t be spent by Arsene. Gotta say, really not fussed. I think i’d prefer to be in an exciting project like the Liverpool one than in the monotony of the same Arsene Wenger show we get every year. I’d certainly not be keen to see three more years of Arsene… unless it was three more years of seriously progressive Arsene.

I love that we’re in the mix this season, but there’s that nagging reality that we could be in a far better position with a bit more planning combined with more ambitious thinking throughout the club.

Just my thoughts. I know many Arsenal fans break down into seizures at the thought of a new manager. It’ll be a tough post manager hire, but if it’s well executed and we don’t have an exodus, you could see a Martinez like impact. Maintainence of style, a new approach to fitness, improved scouting network and a ruthless approach to filling squad gaps… there are so many quick wins… and to Wenger’s absolute credit, he’ll be leaving the framework of a title winning side.

Ivan, it’s all on you if he leaves.

… Pedro believes in you. Which is all that matters.

Disappointing win? Eh?

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I don’t want to moan, but I’ve just been hit by the jet lag bus, so this might not be great. I actually thought I was going to the home game yesterday. Just to give you an idea.



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It’s here people. The greatest day on the footballing calendar and the best derby game on the planet. Goals, violence, vitriol and excitement from start to finish.


Giroud has been busted meeting people in secret again…

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I’m back in the hood. How was the trip? Yeah, it was ok. That British accent thing you’re always told Americans like.. it’s totally true. Out with the Essex Twang, in with the Prince William.

Anyway. It’s over. I can finally get back to writing blogs in this country. Right now, I’m writing this in a cab. I’m so hardcore for you guys.

So what have we on the plate of breakfast football goodness today?