CEO exit talks are back

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via @Arsenal insta

via @Arsenal insta

Unai Emery’s press conferences feel like they’re on repeat at the moment.


“Every conversation with me is speaking about us. About our performance. About our ideas. Our process. Then, for his future we didn’t speak. I think it’s one question for him”


“The first time, maybe, he could feel different but every day with us in the work, I look at him & he looks well & happy, working with our demands every day”


Well, this weekend, the Spaniard has the chance to take his team up to Newcastle after the international break and impose his ideas on a side that had a bit of a shite summer and have had a very bad start to the season. Rafa B is a very good manager making miracles happen up there with very average players. This is exactly the sort of game we’d lose under Wenger, so it’s incredibly important we keep our 100% record (after the first two games) as we look to climb the table and keep in the pack.

The Ivan G news is chugging along, apparently, he’s deep in talks with the Elliot group. It’s now just down to clauses, so it looks like they’ll be hiring him. I mean, at this point, whatever. I hope Arsenal have a good search and select agency working hard to find a name. I really don’t want our club to have a poor January because we’ve lost the person with the keys to the filing cabinet.

Absolute banter that AC Milan is considering Aaron Ramsey, who’d be attracted to their club because of his ties to Ivan. Puuuulease… I mean, at this point, I’m really struggling to care about his plight. His start to the season hasn’t been electric and I still think he’s a little overrated by a fanbase so starved of quality, we actually argue the merits of Xhaka as a top midfielder.

The club will need to find someone to take his place though. It might help us find a bit more balance as well. Just shame we didn’t go hard to move him on in the summer. His price is unlikely to hit Sanchez levels, but we’ll see. My main concern with a January move for anyone is the players switched out of Arsenal mode the month before to protect those hamstrings. We need everyone focused, and it’d be nice if the press conferences weren’t all about where he’s heading.

Right, not a lot on today, more tomorrow, see you in the comments! x

Xhaka the pre-assist master, but can we afford to carry him?

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Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Well, nothing has me off to a flyer in the morning quite like a riveting read on the pros and cons of Xhaka courtesy of the folk over at Sky Sports. This article gets to the core of why he’s a marmite player, but in an interesting way that uses numbers with right level of context.

The long and short is this… he’s one of the most effective players in the league moving the ball into the final 3rd, but he’s (more…)

Milan deal on the rocks + Hector back in the press

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Gooooood morning, apologies for the lack of posting, I’m back in the UK, there was next to no news, so I took a little break.

I’m back now, trying to make Lucozade from water and it’s tough, there’s a real news crunch. I actually thought this break we’d see Ivan G step out of the club and make his big move to Milan. That’s not looking like it’s going to happen. Italian sites are saying the move for the South African is looking difficult.


Emery will communicate his priorities in next phase of season

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or SWEET SHIRT, right?

Get in people, we made it to 11 years old! 3,955 posts, 2.1million comments praising my words every day, A TOPPLED DICTATOR, A NEW BEGINNING, new internet friends, new real-life friends (yeah, I went on a man-date last night with a Gooner)… this site has been the absolute best, and I want to say a great big huge thank you to everyone who logs on to read the articles everyday, and I want to thank those who listen to the podcast (and those who come on the show). You make the internet worth living for, you also give me knowledge everyday I can steal and repurpose as my own.

Look at the fancy shirt in the opening picture, that my friends is a birthday present from the very excellent team at FOKOHAELA. It’s given me a new lease of life in the world of football apparel. I can finally wear one outside because this one is about original design with the heart and details I’m lacking from my PUMA shirts. GO HERE if you’d like to see some of the other options which are very awesome.

Onto football news, Mesut Ozil is back in the press, this time it’s Per bloody Mertesacker weighing in on the conversation about whether his ex-teammate said the German team were racist. Apparently, Der Spiegel ran a story in the print edition that basically confirmed the bling bling gang, but they used potatoes as a reference because of some negative connotation it has with immigrants. This is what Big Per said.

“I never heard anything about ‘potatoes’ or ‘kanaken’ during my time in the national team,”

“However I have been called ‘potato’, too.

“It should be understood that it is just a bit of fun, however. There were separate groups within the team during my time, too.

“You simply have to be careful that this does not lead to division, like: ‘you are one team, we are the other’.”

After Per cleared up that he’d been called a potato once or twice, he weighed in on Mesut’s overall accusation that the national setup was a big racist.

“Everything is possible,”

“I am curious as to how the DFB is going to approach the building of a new team.

“I never experienced racism or discrimination during my time, so I was surprised by Mesut’s allegations and that they were so harsh.

I for one was very surprised to hear that a 6ft6 blonde German hadn’t experienced the harshness of racism from his national team. He looks like exactly the sort of person who’d have the right wing throwing potatoes at him. That aside, this really is the neverending story.

What I guess is working in Mesut’s favour is the German players have focused on the fact that they personally are not racist, which is not what he’d claimed. The real story is Ozil stood tall with a wannabe dictator just before a World Cup for propaganda purposes, then kicked out at the way DFB, media and his partners handled the photo/issue afterwards. I’d still say that overall, the lesson for Ozil is don’t stand tall with dictators, because that really has fuck all to do with your ancestry. Just my opinion, of course.

Still, at least he has a pal in Nacho Monreal.

“People have been a bit unfair with him,”

“He is a very famous player and obviously people love talking about him. Recently, it is always bad things. Like last time, he was sick and that’s why he didn’t play.

“People started to invent that he had a problem with the manager. It wasn’t like that. He got a cold, he was sick, that’s it. That’s why he didn’t play.”

You go girlfriend.

Matty G landed Arsenal player of the month at his first attempt, well played that lad. I think he’s a very exciting talent and I pray we develop him, opposed to going down the path of overplaying him, breaking his confidence, injuring him, then sending him out on loan to Cheltenham.

Who said that I’m negative?

Next three games in the Premier League after the break are Newcastle, Everton and Watford. On paper, those should bring home 9 points, but all of those teams are capable of an upset. It’s super tough to come back from an international break and go away to Geordieland – home of the greatest fans ever known in the universe – so that’ll be a big test of Emery’s planning skills. I think out of those three games, the Watford game will pose the greatest threat. They’ve started extremely well this season, and it’s exactly the sort of game we’d lose under Wenger. Let’s see what’s changed.

The manager is also going to have to deal with the complications of a trip to Ukraine before the Everton game which lands three days later on a Sunday. I can’t wait to see what sort of team the manager takes for the Europa League, because really, that’s a great chance for us to make CL through the back door. We then have Brentford, who play some sexy football, 3 days later in the league cup. Does Emery go for all the trophies this year? We’ll find out after the break!

Finally, I know you know that I don’t use the blog to sell anything bar cheap erectile dysfunction meds via SEO backlinks. Today though, I’m selling dreams. The chaps over at Play With a Legend are taking entrants for their next batch of games that are hosted by none other than Nigel Winterburn.

Great news, right? You turn up before a game, get your kit on, and play some football with a legend, then you get to have a lovely chat with them after.


If you want to sign up, go to this link and get the download. It’s £99 per individual, £750 per team if you bring 9 people along.



Ivan G annoying the Arsenal hierarchy (welcome the club, Sir Chips)

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Well, I didn’t realise it was an international break, which is super unfortunate as I’m back in the UK next week.

What also coincides with a really irritating break in the schedule is a total lack of news, so why not re-up the Ivan G story? This from The Times.

Arsenal would almost certainly put Gazidis on gardening leave should he choose to leave to join a European rival despite the fact that he has a 12-month notice period in his contract. Milan’s owners are understood to have offered Gazidis a stake in the club having been taken over this summer by Elliot Management after the former owner Li Yonghong failed to repay a debt to the American company.

Paolo Scaroni, who was deputy chairman of investment bank Rothschild, is the club’s chief executive, but Gazidis has been targeted as a result of his work in nine years at Arsenal. The 53-year-old is also an influential figure in European football as a result of his position on the board of the European Club Association as well as being on several Fifa, Uefa and FA committees.

Arsenal are confident that they have structures in place to enable them to thrive without Gazidis, but his departure would be a blow to Emery, who was appointed on his recommendation with the pair having daily meetings throughout the summer.


Emery struggling to see past reputation

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Well hello and welcome to what is, in fact, my Monday, because we all had a day off yesterday.

A lot of the chatter I was reading yesterday focused on Granit Xhaka, who is officially the new poster child of the collapsed Wenger apologist regime. Never has a group of people been so misguided in who they attach their loyalties to, but one thing is for sure, you have to hand it to them, their arguments always incredibly sound on paper.


Shambolic Arsenal struggle with basics

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via @Arsenal insta

via @Arsenal insta

Good gosh we have many items to cover today. Arsenal didn’t exactly cruise to a victory away from home against Cardiff, but we did rack up 3 delightful points on a day where Spurs lost to Watford. That was a huge positive, in a year where we’d only managed a solitary away win against Huddersfield.