Arsenal learn a big lesson

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Well we came out the blocks on fire and the football was a joy to behold, fast, incisive and deadly, in fact just what we all want to see.

Then we sat back and thought the game was won. It could have been 5 or 6 and then we got hit with two nothing goals. The great thing was how we came back at them and didn’t give in, I thought Theo showed why we bought him and now deserves a run in the team, for me he made the difference. I was a bit disappointed not to see Bendtner but can’t complain as it really should have been 5 or 6 in the end.

I’ll worry when we don’t create chances.

I thought Hleb had another blinder and Gilberto looked assured when he came on, gone are the days when Cygan used to come on to steady the ship. Thank god!

I can’t blame Almunia for the goals, it was more a defending issue and we need to sort that out before the big boys enter the fray.

Think about this, we have only had one draw this season, that’s 2 points dropped all season in all competitions, if Chelsea or ManU had done that, the media would be saying it’s all over and who will finish second.

Well it won’t be us, if we can keep this up we can be the best Arsenal outfit ever!!! Good to see Top4tottenham finally made it into the bottom 4, I’m pleased for them.

Nice little breather for our youngsters until the big one against Bolton.

We’re still not on the live feed yet so please keep the comments coming in until we are.

I meet an ex-Arsenal super star + news round up

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Good morning grovers!

Guess who I saw last night, in a particularly dirty bar in Essex?



He was quibbling over paying the “No spray, no lay” man. I said, “Come on Ray, its only a pound?”, then drunkenly told him that the Flamster was the new him. I think he was pleased with the compliment.

Anyway, enough name dropping for now.

In news this morning, Arsene Wenger has called for focus ahead of today game with the Black Cats. You get the impression he is trying to keep there feet on the ground, to avoid complacency. Cesc also echoes his sentiments.

Thierry is in a loving mood as usual, he talks about his respect for Roy Keane and his love of world and all its creatures.

King Kolo talks about his hunger for trophies. Craig Gordon indicates that Arsenal may have been interested in him this summer and Stan the man has been offered a place on the board. There is also a piece here about Gilberto issuing a play me plea to Arsene.

Thats all I could muster up this morning, come on the Ars!

Gallas out for Ars but in for France, hard benches + news round up

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Good morning fellow Arsenal worshippers!

I’ll kick the morning off with the revelation that the President of Le List; William Gallas, is out indefinitely. Well, he is if you read this article, but if you read this article the previous article seems some what contradictory?

Anyway, going by quotes, it seems Wenger thinks Willy G is 2 weeks away from featuring. If you want to go by Sultana’s calculations, they seem to think the end of October is more realistic? Its all very confusing, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Having him out is a real blow for the team, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Or improve it? Or add a little more experience to it?

Ok, dumb proverb…

I tell you what though, his program notes better be amazing this weekend and I’m talking Dan Brown good…

Raymond Domenech blatantly read my blog the other day and got a little jealous of all the lime light I was giving the England set up about playing Michael Owen straight after an injury. So, to justify my hatred for him he has decided to call up the injured Gallas for this months Euro clashes. Just to rub salt in the wound, it appears the Spec Savers poster boy called the Czech manager as well.

In other news, Gilberto has been moaning about how hard the benches are in the new stadium. He is probably used to those tasty Recaro racing seats they have on the continent.

“I am on the bench not because of my quality or something like that but because I came back late. It is so hard.

He also talks about his respect for the manager and the other players; you can’t fault the Brazilians attitude can you? have managed to draw up an article identifying Sundays key battles, don’t look if you are of a nervous disposition.

Craig Gordon talks here about how he is looking forward to the game and how Sunderland can win. Many will be watching his performance with great interest. I think a lot of Gooners believed Craig Gordon was the keeper that got away. Only time will tell! There is also a piece about how Roy is Keane on pitting his wits against Wenger this Sunday.

There’s a little interview with young Mexican Carlos Vela here and Theo Walcott gives us an in depth break down on why our form has been so good this year.

Stan the man appears to have aligned himself with the Arsenal board, and it seems he may have opted to join in with the lock down agreement. This will certainly add some stability to the club at board room level. The prospect of Stan being the long term owner of Arsenal doesn’t seem half as bad as it did a few months back, no thanks to PR calamity Alisher “Jabba” Usmanov.

Finally, the Opta player of the Month went the Ade and the runner up award went to Cesc. I’m not overly surprised, but I am pleased!

And that’s it! Tune in tomorrow for a full match preview! Enjoy your Friday Grovers!