Ripped Perry Grove’s Exclusive, Ade and RVP caught sitting in a tree + lashings of transfer gossip!

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Good morning Groverholics! How is everyone on this wet and miserable Wednesday morning?

I think I have something of a web exclusive for you this morning!

A first for Le Grove.

I managed to waste an hour of my life last night copying a teletext Perry Groves interview. Taken directly from the T.V using the touch typing skills I developed at secretary school writing football blogs. I had thirty seconds to get down every question, so you can imagine how long it took me, and imagine how pissed I am going to be if its on one of the websites today.

Anyway, here it is courtesy of teletext.

Perry Groves Interview

Which player did you look up to when you were younger?

My favourite player when I was a kid was Tony Currie who used to play for Sheffield United and Leeds. He was the first player who used to do stepovers.

Then David Rocastle made it more popular, and now Ronaldo does about eight in a game! I used to try to copy Currie and nearly fall over!

What do you think of the possible re-emergence of David Dein at Arsenal through Red & White Holdings?

The current board all want what’s best for the Arsenal but they’ve all got the different visions.

David Dein has got Arsenal’s best interests at heart. If there was going to be a takeover I would want somebody like David Dein to be in the mix

Why don’t we keep our young English players?

I don’t care what country, it’s all about excellence. It’s up to the young English players and the English coaches to learn and teach the right habits.

I don’t care if it s the 11 Martians playing if they play fantastic football. Its up to the English players to improve themselves.

You played alongside some great players at Arsenal, who’s your favourite?

The most talented player I played with was Anders limpar. He made the difference when we won the championship in 1991. We only lost one game. He was the difference between us drawing and winning games. He had extra guile and fantasy. We were very, very organised but everybody needs a match winner.

Can Arsenal maintain their challenge for silverware in all four competitions?

I think we’ll be in the top two in the Premier league. Whether we’ve got the experience to win it I don’t know.

I’d fancy us for the Champions league – last year Arsenal were often bullied out of games, though they are stronger now. But in the Champions League most teams want to play pure football.

What is the greatest achievement in your career?

The greatest achievement for me was actually playing for Arsenal because my family goes back to the 1950’s with Arsenal.

My uncle, Vic Groves, was Arsenals captain. So all my family are steeped in Arsenal tradition. For me to play for Arsenal was like another player playing for England.

Of the Arsenal sides from recent years, which Gunner would you have liked to play alongside most?

Can I pick two? I would love to have played up front with Vieira and Petit in centre-midfield. I used to watch those two both totally dominate games.

As a forward it means you’re going to get more chances and more of the ball. The service would have been awesome

How did you feel coming off the subs bench to set up Charlie Nicholas for the winning goal in the 1987 Littlewoods Cup Final?

It was surreal – at the start of the season I was playing for the Colchester in division 4. By the end I was playing at Wembley in front of 92,000.

To top it by winning it, and having a part in setting up the win, was more than I could have imagined.

Who was the funniest man in the dressing room?

Me! Me and Merse were the ones who used to goon about all the time. You always need people like that.

It was silly schoolboy things like cutting people’s socks up and tying the ends of their trousers together, putting deep heat in their pants. It just keeps things ticking along.

Did you stand on your tiptoes?

All the time! That’s a good spot! I was 5ft 9 ¾ inches. I thought if I stood on tiptoes it would make me look 5ft 11in. If managers want you, they look at your stats and think “he’s quite big”.

I’ve heard it says I’m 5ft 11in on my Wikipedia site, so I’ve managed to put that urban myth around!

In Arsenal news, Adebayor hails his partnership with RVP, telling Sky Sports his partnership is perfect with RVP. Most Gooners don’t see the partnership in quite the same light as Ade, but they are the most deadly strike force in the Prem this season, so who are we to argue?

Sportingo and link us with Huntelaar, doubtful! The Sun sees us linked with Robert Green again for £6million.

Vital football have an article on a home sick Thierry. Martin Samuels has an interesting article on takeover talk. The Flamster spoke to Setanta about his hopes for the weekend, he deserves a starting spot if form is anything to go by.

And that’s about as much as I can muster up for you today!

ManU to win title…because Evra says so, Arsenal caught breaking China + transfer gossip galore!

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Who you may ask is Evra? Named after a famous mineral water, he is a French left back, not quite as good as Traore and never in Clichy’s league, this ‘no nothing’ is saying we are better than last year, but not as good as the Mancs. 7 time Premier league winner Carlos Tevez also gets in on the act.

2 points ahead with a game in hand he obviously hasn’t been watching the telly much. And we beat them twice last season, with massive injuries, can’t quite see where he’s coming from.

Anyway I’m reading that Kroenke is joining the lock down, so it makes it another 18 months before the Uzbek can buy any shares, and by then the debt will all but be gone, we’ll be the worlds richest club, with the biggest transfer budget, Dein will have worked for 2 years without doing anything so I suggest Jabba will lose interest, fire Dein and fuck off. Good move the board.

What would be nice now is a lockdown on our season ticket prices, that way we’ll like the board as much as they do, you never know!

I don’t put too much credence on all these speculated signings, it’s way too early and to be honest I can’t see who we’d buy.

A winger or two would be good, but you have to be careful of upsetting team spirit.

Certainly don’t think we need a forward, don’t forget with Theo and Vela coming on board in January we’ll have 6 forwards.

Micah Richards would be a great signing for us, he is the best young player to come through the ranks in a while. He spoke to nuts magazine about one day putting on the red and white shirt of Arsenal. There was also a story being run on about the possible signing of Veloso for £20 million. A very un-Arsenal signing you have to say.

Strong rumours persist about a goalkeeping purchase. Odd Greenlands Rune Almennig is being heavily linked with a move, the rumour is backed up with quotes as well!

I can see Gilberto moving, though I would hate to see it, and I can see mad Jens going but I won’t lose sleep over that, so maybe this Norwegian Mart Poom guy is a possibility.

There also a piece in the Guardian about Arsenals new far east adventure. We are trying to break the Chinese market, launching yesterday. Lets hope the powers that be aren’t Spud fans, I hear the Chinese firewall is pretty strict these days.

We’ll be scraping the barrel for a fortnight but we’ll still be posting, so people, start blogging!

Till tomorrow.

P.S. It appears President of Le List William Gallas could return to action after the international break!

10 on the spin as Arsenal win to go top for the next two weeks

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You have the luxury of two match reports today as I was unaware that Blogger Geoff was back from injury and determined to make an appearance with a short and snappy article!

So here it is:

Happy Monday Grover’s! Did I tell you I met Ray Parlour? Oh, I already did…

Yesterdays game was probably one of the most important games in our latest run of matches. We needed a victory heading into the notoriously difficult winter period/Black Novemeber. It was supposed to be a banker and on recent form you can imagine why. I felt though, this could be a potential banana skin though. Bar Spurs, Sunderland hadn’t upset any of the big teams and I still harbour the memories of the problems we had against the lesser sides last year.

This would have had bore draw written all over it last year.

In the end the result was never in doubt though, was it…!?

What a ride! Diaby smashed home early on, only for it to be disallowed for a free kick. Van the man stepped up, you could feel something special was about to unfold…. BANG! He rifles it so hard into the top corner you could hardly see it. 10 goal keepers wouldn’t have got to that peach of a shot. The fact that Gordon was standing near enough under the shot said a lot about the power. He couldn’t have been better positioned.

10 minutes later big Phil somehow squeezed in an Ade cross using some interesting technique. Then Sunderland pulled a lucky one back. The second half arrived and 10 minutes in, Kenny J scored a header to equalise. Game on!

Queue bundles of missed chances, the entrance of the impressive Theo, another disallowed goal from Diaby and the eventual winner set up buy Theo and converted by RVP!

Thank the footballing gods; I don’t think I would have been to happy going into the international break on an anti climax!

Here is a player breakdown:

Big Al: Unlucky for the first goal after a good save from Jones and I think the same could be said about the second as well. Overall though, a solid performance from the new number one. He looked assured and I think the defence prefer playing with him.

Clichy: Made some good tackles, but a he was a little reckless with his passing today. He was marking Jones on the goal, can’t really fault him for being short though, can you?

Kolo: Brilliant all day, solid as a rock and unlucky with his 30 yard rocket which hit the post. One day Kolo, one day!

Senderos: Powerful and commanding today compared with normal, his passing was good and there was only one nervous moment – a dodgy headed clearance. He got on the end of a few corners, as well as getting the second goal, things are looking up for big Phil even though a few of the other sites didn’t seem to rate his play today.

Sagna: Up and down the wings all day, solid passing, solid tackling and a solid new hair cut.

Diaby: He needs to work on his left foot, but he is improving. It can’t be ideal playing out of position. Is Wenger playing him there to improve his left foot? He had two disallowed goals, which was unfortunate! At least he is hitting the target now.

Hleb: Troublesome all day, tricky with his feet and passing. The sign of a good player is how many bad tackles are made against you (See Ronaldo). For the second time in 2 weeks he was subjected to a horror tackle, this time the red was awarded.

Cesc: Bossed the game as usual.

The Flamster: A quiet and efficient performance from our new midfield general. Hard in the tackle, good in the pass! He’s still keeping Gilberto out, which says a lot about how far he has come this season.

Adebayor: Brilliant. He started many great moves and caused trouble for Sunderland’s back line all day. He set up Big Phil for the second. His control looked very good today, and the way he roasted the Sunderland back line in a Thierryesque like solo effort was a pleasure to watch. A fantastic post match interview as well, I can’t believe Match of the Day didn’t have subtitles!

RVP: Two fantastic goals. The first was a rocket of a free kick and the second was a beautiful bit of control and a great snap shot with the same foot! That’s 7 for the Season; who will score more this year, RVP or Ade?

Subs of note:

Theo: He missed an open goal, but other than that he looked much, much better! He gave the Arsenal team that extra bit of pace they needed in the second half and his control and turn to set up RVP was brilliant. He also hit the post late on with a great shot.

Arsene Wenger gave his views here and warned about complacency, Roy Keane thinks the Mancs will win the league and Wenger reassures Gilberto here. If you missed the goals, check them out on Soccer Blog here.

Yesterdays result was given more importance because Liverpool could only manage a draw with the ever impressive top4tottenham.

So we are top of the table having only dropped 2 points all season; we have a game in hand over Chelsea and the Manc’s, Le List is shrinking by the day and we are showing championship winning form. I am pleased, and I hope you are too!

Two weeks of boring football ahead, maybe the ruggers will make it go a little quicker?!