A message to Usmanov and David Dein – Fuck off!

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Usmanov, you’re nothing more than a thug and a small minded bully and Dein is your pathetic poodle who is now hated by most Arsenal fans.

Let me begin by congratulating Arseblog and Goonerboy for standing up to the playground bully boy tactic currently being used by Usmanov and his pathetic poodle Dein.

Good on you bloggers, keep it up.

David Dein, I met you a long time ago and thought you were a good guy, now all you seem to want to do is de-stabilise the team when they’re on a run, and spoil our day in the sun. We’re top of the Premiership and about to start our Champions league games, and all you want to do is cause us problems.

Blog sites are the internet version of speakers corner, they allow supporters to rant and have an opinion, we are not the national press. We are part of the process that allows supporters to have some light hearted fun, you appear to want to stop all that.

In my opinion Usmanov has no interest in anything other than making money, the current Arsenal board are more interested in building an even greater club and money is not their prime motivator.

You have lost the fans, Usmanov never did and never will have them. So tell him to fuck off as well.

I am a shareholder and I would sooner eat my shares than sell them to you and your henchman.

When you sold yours, you no longer had a say, so fuck off and leave us alone.

Threatening to sue the blog sites is narrow minded and cowardly, this is England, if Usmanov wants to threaten people then he should fuck off back to Russia, where that is the norm, here it’s not.

Dein If you learned anything from your time with Arsenal it’s that we are at our best when our backs are against the wall.

If you find something in this you can sue, bring it on there are millions of fans out there that will back the bloggers.

To the Arsenal board, if we didn’t support you before, we do now.

This blog, by the way, always did.

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American billionaire sells his arse to Russian billionaire

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As we beat top4tottenham to a pulp and Bent showed how dangerous he is (to the yiddos chances of finishing top 4)

The redtops have run out of nice things to say, so they invent a Stan Kroenke story.

Let me tell you why this is bollocks.

1) He fell out with Tango man, if he didn’t he would have bought his shares.

2) If he sold to the Russian, he would lose face in his own country.

3) Arsenal will be unveiled as the world’s second richest club shortly, so why would he sell now? and if he did, why would he sell to someone he doesn’t trust or like any more.

My view is he will either sell to the Arsenal board (the current one) or sit tight and team up with Fizman.

We are top of the league and playing great football, so why on earth would anyone want to change that.

In my view the redtops should fuck off and start writing about top4tottenham’s problems and not inventing ours.

Next premiership game is Derby at home, West Ham away , Sunderland and Bolton at home which suggests we can really open a decent gap at the top before we play Liverpool.

This is such a great time to be an Arsenal fan.

Next up Seville, perhaps Dein and his new Russian friend should buy them, it would make sense Tango man and Seville oranges.

Europe here we come!

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Top4tottenham stuff Arsenal’s kids at Shite Hart lane

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Yeah sure they did! So now the 49ers (thats what they spent in millions) are 11 points behind, haven’t beaten us in 19 games and by the time we play them again, 9 years, and have propelled us to top of the league for the first time in three years.

God I hope they don’t sack the fat clown Martin Jol.

I watched his post match interview, he said we had the luck and should have put the game out of reach, no wonder his chairman hates him, he’s blind as well as fat and stupid.

What I can’t understand is why Levy let him spend over 40 mil on average players that everyone knew weren’t worth anywhere near that and then wants to sack him.

He’s as stupid as Jol, only not blind and nowhere near as fat. I did say stupid though, right?

Fantastic team performance though Diaby missed a sitter and does have lapses of concentration at times, but I think more games will straighten that out.

Adebayor needed to score after missing an even easier chance just after, but then made amends with two fantastic goals.

Cesc appears to get better as the season goes on, year by year I’d expect but game by game??? Boy are we lucky to have him.

I was suicidal for the first half but this team just don’t give in do they?

Bring Eduardo back for Seville and give Bendtner an airing or he’ll get stale.

I can’t wait for Seville and will watch them on Sky tonight to see what we have coming.

Well done the boys, I really think we can go all the way now.

Oh did you see he brought Song on for the last few minutes! He couldn’t resist could he? still I’ll forgive him that!


I just listened to those three muppets on MOTD and all they talked about were the top4tottenham misses, wankers.

We had 8 shots on target they had 2. The chances they missed were Berbatov being tackled by Kolo, Clichy clearing off the line and 16mil Bent scuffing one, two out of those three were long balls, but they never mentioned that.

Can we all chip in and buy some shampoo for Berbatov, I don’t think they wash their hair in Bulgaria do they! He certainly hasn’t since he’s been here.