Arsenal banish West Ham demons

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Our excellent start to the season continued with a one nil victory over West Ham. Not an entirely convincing performance but you have to say, if this was last year that would have been a draw or possibly even a loss.

I managed to catch the game down the pub which was heavily weighted in favour of West Ham fans. In fact, I think I was the only gooner, well the only gooner willing to get involved in a bit of banter!

The game had some nervy moments but overall a pretty dominant Arsenal performance. I would write a match report, but I know my literary limitations. Find the reports here, here and here.

Instead of a match report I’ll just give you a quick summary of the performances.

Freddie watch:

He caught the Flamster napping after 4 minutes and nipped through one on one against big Al at which point I had a “red head Freddie” flash back and saw him bury, but lucky for us big Al was quickest off the line. In the second half there was a comical moment when Freddie was played through on goal, he buried his shot and it looked like the equaliser. Queue pandemonium in the pub, twenty west ham fans slapping me on the head, shouting abuse at me, chanting obsceneitys at me… then, as my head briefly rose to look at the screen – my savioiur had arrived in the shap of a orange and yellow chequered flag!

Queue my leap into the air, much fist punching plus some hysterical madman laughter. It felt good to get that off my chest at the time, but it did leave me feeling pretty insecure for the rest of the game.

The rest of the match Freddie did what Freddie has done best since 2002, he picked up the ball, ran 50 yards and hit the nearest defender hoping for a free kick.

Keeper Watch:

Big Al was at his best today, making two tremendous early saves from Freddie and Ashton. His kicking was good all game and he claimed some important crosses. He is did a good job and showed no signs of his erratic decision making. Has he made his claim on the number one permanently?

Have your vote in the graham*.


Senderos Confidence watch:

He was shaky to say the least. I don’t know what’s happened to the beast of a defender we had 2 seasons ago? He hasn’t been the same since the Drogba games? If that is still the issue he needs to get over it fast. He was poor in the air today and his passing was off. I lost count of the amount of needless free kicks he gave away. We need a confident Sederos back or we will have to look at Gilberto.

I just hope Wenger doesn’t play him long enough for him costs us a game, like he did with Jens earlier in the year. It is becoming more and more apparent that we sent the wrong Swiss defender out on loan.

Moan of the Match:

Well the decision was unanimous, Mark Noble your wreckless challenge takes the award.

Your tackle on Hleb was calculated, dangerous and it showed you up for what you are, a poor mans Flamini. I read a crazy article the other week on one of those 400 articles a day sites; sportingo I think it was? The article suggested Mark Noble was the best young player in the Prem; yes better than Cesc…

Do me a favour.

Striker Watch:

Adebayor had a strong game causing problems with his pace and power; he also had a hand in the set-up for Van Persie header. RVP had an improved game; getting up well for another very un-Arsenal goal and hitting the post with a Bergkamp-esque curler.

Injury Watch:

Wenger is optimistic on Hlebs return and said nothing on Ade. Speedy returns for both please!

And in other news:

Drogba was sent off, Terry broke his cheekbone and Chelsea; under the leadership of managerial legend Avram Grant, drew 0-0. Oh and the Chelsea fans booed them off the pitch.

Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Finally, Thierry Henry banged in a superb hat trick for Barca in their 4-1 victory over Levante. Well played Thierry!

So another tough game, another good win – the Arsenal Premiership title train roles on, next stop, the Champions league!


Its Hammer time!

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A merry morning to you all!

I’ll start today’s blog with some opinion on Usmanov. I for one am very bored of the story, I think the beast of an oligarch needs to show his hand and if recent quotes are anything to go by he needs to show a good hand because his PR is failing miserably.

It seems the board are united and reluctant to sell their beloved Arsenal to a bit part star wars actor, no matter how much money he has accrued in royalties. Its interesting that Stan the man has stopped hoovering up shares? Is it because his interest has waned, or is it because Jabba has been paying way over the odd’s?

Anyway, sign up to the petition, its your duty! Links to your right ->

Wenger talks about how Thierry told him it was over; I know how Claire feels now, what a choker. He also flirts with the idea of spending some money at some point in the next 10 years. Don’t talk rubbish Arsene, you big spend thrift you! He also has a sly dig at Chelsea’s Ronnie ambitions.

Onto the big match today!

Its bogey team time and my guts have been turning all morning. I hate playing West Ham. They have the greatest fans in the world when things are going well but a sniff of a bad season and they are no where to be seen, until of course… they play Arsenal. Cuntbags.

We were done twice last season; the second time was the worst. I think it is actually in the record books as the most one sided game in history that was lost? It actually replaced the 2005 cup final!

This year I think things will be different.

West Ham have spent a shed load of cash on some interesting players. Kieron Dyer was a notable addition, followed by our beloved Freddie.

Note to West Ham Board:

Signing the worlds most injured player was a dumb move, signing the worlds second most injured player to replace him while he is out injured was surely dumber.

Freddie said some pretty spiteful things about Arsenal in the summer, but I put it down to jilted lover syndrome. Of course we’re not ambitious darling and your new ugly football club is way better ours. However, I forgive him after he made amends in this article earlier in the week it turns out Arsene has too.

West Ham have been playing some pretty average football this year, and I received this text message from a West Ham fan on Thursday,

I fear Saturday. If we play like we did last night I’m going to have to go into hiding Saturday night because you are going to spank our bums so hard they’ll be the colour of your shirts!! Even Flamini has a chance of a first career hatrick!!

Don’t worry Grovers, he was fully chastised for mocking the Flamster. I also asked why his bum turns white when he gets spanked, hammers eh?

I think it is finally time to lay our demons to rest. The new team needs to go about their business as usual, clinical and efficient. It feels like every game this year is one that I call a turning point, but this game for me is the penultimate turning point before we play Bolton.

I am predicting victory dances, 15 texts at full time to tearful hammers and loads of Monday morning smugness.

Come on boys, give us back our bragging rights!


Next up – the most ambitious club in the World !

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That’s what Freddie said when he left us, or something like ‘I’m going to a club that’s going places and is ambitious, unlike Arsenal’

This is coming from an injury prone has been that scored 1 premiership goal in two seasons.

We loved you Freddy, but you bad mouthed us and for me that’s unacceptable.

So eat pie, very humble pie, just like John Hartson did, only not as much pie.

Another notable injury prone ex Arsenal player, and Arsene’s first English signing is Upson, as injury prone but no bad mouthing, so good luck Matty.

Big, big game this, as these were the no-hopers last season that we couldn’t beat, so big barometer I think.

I listened to West Ham yesterday, Freddy was anonymous and the team was lucky to beat Plymouth so there are no excuses.

Check out the injury news here, a bit of Almunia talk here and a bit of chat from my one to watch, Henri Lansbury here.

Arsene Wenger delivers his opinions on the soul of English football here. Arsene has been particularly chatty since getting his brand spanking new column in the Sun!

I came back from the Airport with a Chelsea supporting cab driver who thinks we’ll storm the league if we keep this up, have to agree there, but it was amusing when he said that money didn’t buy them back to backs, so he got educated big time.

Just had the Arsenal accounts delivered and they make for very smug reading.

With the lock out rolling over for another year Tango man and his mates have to wait until April 2009 to do anything, do you think Red & White will pay his salary for that long? I mean he won’t have anything to do for nearly two years and by then we’ll be debt free and have Stan’s shares in the bag, with more money to spend on players than Chelsea.

Watched Liverpool struggle against the Reading reserves and to be honest would not feel as scared to go to Anfield as I did last season… When we won 6-3!

I was a big advocate of signing two wingers and a centre back pre-season, still am a bit, but I tried thinking who I would buy come January? Apart from Goofy, there really isn’t anyone and we have £70mil to spend.

Being an Arsenal fan can sometimes be a bummer.

Bring it on WHU!

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