Gallas out for Ars but in for France, hard benches + news round up

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Good morning fellow Arsenal worshippers!

I’ll kick the morning off with the revelation that the President of Le List; William Gallas, is out indefinitely. Well, he is if you read this article, but if you read this article the previous article seems some what contradictory?

Anyway, going by quotes, it seems Wenger thinks Willy G is 2 weeks away from featuring. If you want to go by Sultana’s calculations, they seem to think the end of October is more realistic? Its all very confusing, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Having him out is a real blow for the team, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Or improve it? Or add a little more experience to it?

Ok, dumb proverb…

I tell you what though, his program notes better be amazing this weekend and I’m talking Dan Brown good…

Raymond Domenech blatantly read my blog the other day and got a little jealous of all the lime light I was giving the England set up about playing Michael Owen straight after an injury. So, to justify my hatred for him he has decided to call up the injured Gallas for this months Euro clashes. Just to rub salt in the wound, it appears the Spec Savers poster boy called the Czech manager as well.

In other news, Gilberto has been moaning about how hard the benches are in the new stadium. He is probably used to those tasty Recaro racing seats they have on the continent.

“I am on the bench not because of my quality or something like that but because I came back late. It is so hard.

He also talks about his respect for the manager and the other players; you can’t fault the Brazilians attitude can you? have managed to draw up an article identifying Sundays key battles, don’t look if you are of a nervous disposition.

Craig Gordon talks here about how he is looking forward to the game and how Sunderland can win. Many will be watching his performance with great interest. I think a lot of Gooners believed Craig Gordon was the keeper that got away. Only time will tell! There is also a piece about how Roy is Keane on pitting his wits against Wenger this Sunday.

There’s a little interview with young Mexican Carlos Vela here and Theo Walcott gives us an in depth break down on why our form has been so good this year.

Stan the man appears to have aligned himself with the Arsenal board, and it seems he may have opted to join in with the lock down agreement. This will certainly add some stability to the club at board room level. The prospect of Stan being the long term owner of Arsenal doesn’t seem half as bad as it did a few months back, no thanks to PR calamity Alisher “Jabba” Usmanov.

Finally, the Opta player of the Month went the Ade and the runner up award went to Cesc. I’m not overly surprised, but I am pleased!

And that’s it! Tune in tomorrow for a full match preview! Enjoy your Friday Grovers!

Precious Cole, media Jabbarings + bullish RVP

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Its a quiet day on the old news feeds today!

Ashley Cole’s lover has been spouting off in the press; no silly, not him! His lady tramp lover, Cheryl Tweedy! She claims he was paranoid that all the other boys were talking about him in a nasty foreign language,

He started getting paranoid because he had no idea if they were talking about him, or what was going on.

Poor, precious Ashley! Chezzer also claimed she vetoed his dream career move to Real Madrid.

Ashley; Arsenal fans lost all respect for you a long time ago, this story hasn’t improved that situation. Who lets their wife decide that they can’t play for Madrid? More to the point, who lets their wife tell the whole world in a magazine? I imagine plenty of the Chelsea boys will be talking amongst themselves in foreign dialect this morning… I have the translation

That Ashley Cole is a hen pecked little girl

My advice to Ashley? Stop using the same PR firm as Usmanov.

Onto things of a more takeoverish nature. The Arsenal trust have fired back at Usmanov after he Jabbared (Sic) off in the Moscow press. The supporters trust is against Usmanov’s current dividend plans,

“We call upon Red & White to clarify their position. So far Usmanov has paid a lot of money to purchase 23 per cent of Arsenal but he has not put anything into the club itself. It would be appalling if he were to now seek to extract monies.”

Rightly so! Showing your greedy hand this early has surely got to be political suicide if he harboured any hopes of gaining supporters hearts.

Stan the man must be enjoying the PR free fall from the Usmanov camp. He was in town yesterday and it is being reported that he was given a stadium and site tour by Managing Director Keith Edelman. Stan is in a win win situation at the moment. I would think the board; if they were to sell, would prefer to sell to Stan. However if Stan wanted to make a quick buck and sell up, he would pick up a substantially higher fee for his shares than he paid a few months ago!

I can’t see Stan needing the Cash really? Arseblog seems to think he won’t sell and anyway, that Walmart firm seems to be doing ok at the moment?

Robin has been talking to the press and dishing out “I told you so’s” like they were going out of fashion. He is in a bullish mood and who can blame him after the start to the season we have had! There is a lot more to come from Robin this season, I can’t wait for him to hit his purple patch.

There is also a little bit on Sunderland courtesy of
Till tomorrow Grovers.

Arsenal do a Take That and show a little patience

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So another victory, the ninth in a row I think? The team can do no wrong at the moment. It wasn’t the greatest performance, but it was hard fought, ground out victory. Someone just told me that Arsenal are the first British team to win there? This was the sort of performance we couldn’t buy in Europe 5 years ago; we looked comfortable and confident of getting a goal . It was a game of patience and we were duly rewarded.

Some people will bemoan the performance as it lacked its normal slickness and creative flair, but not me. You can’t play total football all the time, and playing away in Romania on a damp night in a miserable, quarter filled stadium is hardly be inspiring, is it?

3 points has done us nicely and we are now sitting pretty at the top of our group and looking good for qualification. Gone are the days of playing catch up I hope!

I wont give a full player review, well at least that’s the plan! I’ll give a break down of some key performers below, much in the same way I reviewed the West Ham game:

Big Al:

Again, no complaints from our new number one. He was solid again. There was one dodgy moment when Clichy nearly nodded a back past round him, but the big Spanish man got down quickly and saved well. I couldn’t work out who was at fault for that one? Big Al’s kicking was good , he dealt with some powerful back passes very well


Mopped up like he was working the kitchens at McDonald’s. I can’t praise this man enough, he is by far the most underrated defender in the Prem, maybe even the universe? He is quick, strong and good in the air. He did particularly well when Big Al cleared a long ball with his head, and Dica half volleyed it back at goal. I had deja vu when he hit that!


A solid game at the back from Phil. His passing was good, he marshalled the defence well and he didn’t have any dodgy moments. I didn’t get to see the replay when the worst finisher in the world broke free, so I couldn’t tell whether that was a defensive issue or a lino issue? Overall, the defence held the line well all night.


His passing was a touch off tonight and I thought he could have done better with his crossing. We all have off days though. He definitely scored a goal in the first half, how fucking blind was the commentator? The keeper didn’t keep it out at all! Why didn’t Ade protest? Water under the bridge I guess?


Solid. How often could you say that about our right back last year? I love him.


I was one of those who suggested he would be employed as a winger this year, I thought it would work. Based on last nights performance I would say that I was wrong to assume that. He was pretty crap, he dithered on the ball and wasn’t particularly penetrative with his runs. Still, he is new to the position and I have high hopes for him.


He seemed to have shaken off that knee injury, I guess that’s what happens when you have rubber legs. He was tricky again last night, and I thought his passing was good. He always causes a problem for the opposition. I guess its hard to know what somebody’s about to do when the player himself doesn’t know!

The Flamster:

A gritty performance from the French hard man. He was all over the place, getting stuck in, making some great passes and having a few shots. Did anyone see that lovely back heel he played in the second half? It was sublime! He was my man of the match.


Missed an absolute sitter in the first half! I am getting sick and tired of this man’s poor finishing. He didn’t even get a goal today? Jokes aside, it was a quieter Cesc performance, but after his early season form, we can forgive him! He played a great dummy for the goal…


I thought Robin had a good game. He was a lot more involved in our play today. I love the way he defends from the front, and I like the fact he is a little dirty! After 2 years under St. Henry, I like to see a bit of filth from our players! The goal was never in doubt was it? A powerful shot smashed into the top corner! I wonder if Robin was bullied by a Mitre Delta football as a youngster? He seems to take a lot of aggression out on the ball! Can you imagine Robin placing a shot?

Ade Ade Ade:

I don’t know where to go with this? Lets be honest, he was pretty shite for a majority of the game. His shooting was rubbish and his passing was pretty poor. The thing is, how can you slate a man who works as hard as he does? The man never gives up and that’s why I love him in the team. He worked and worked and worked, then he got his break. He ran down the wing, cut in, missed his pass to Cesc and was rewarded by RVP’s good positioning! BANG! GOAL!

You could tell the rest of the player appreciate his game play just by the celebrations.

Well done Ade. Good things come to those who work.

Wenger applauded the teams patience after the game, saying that it showed a new found maturity and I think everyone will agree with that.

There are some more stories on Jabba today. I think David Dein better watch his back if these comments are anything to go by! He also want dividends. He is worth £2.8 billion, and he wants dividends? Fuck me, how much money does that man need! Here is a business tip Jabba. Go and buy a catering firm, use them a your sole provider of food and you will reep higher dividends than you would at Arsenal. You will actually profit from you own greed?

How mature.

Finally, has anyone else noticed how the press have already started printing stories about Arsenal going on another invincible season. It won’t happen. Every Arsenal fan knows they are building us up so they can shoot us back down.

Lets just enjoy another victory and look forward to smashing Sunderland on Sunday!