He’s not even English!

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Hargreaves the plastic Englishman has the cheek to slag us off, the most boring midfielder to come across the pond with his Lederhosen still warm and have a pop at our beautiful fast, free flowing football, ok that’s the Canadian, German, boring, defensive, midfield player done with.

Ferguson the mad drunk has been charged by the FA, or so the rumour mill reckons, so justice is done there.

We emerged as the moral victors and remain unbeaten and let’s not forget they got beaten by the team that got stuffed 6-0 by the chavs, so they ought to stop gobbing off.

Cesc is saying we never give up, king Billy is banging his chest and leading by example and Gilberto is denying any rift and being the consummate professional, so well done men.

Although I really like Almunia and much prefer him to mad Jens, I think a top, top goalie is essential for us to win the Premier and Champions League, you may not all agree, but there’s still something of the rash nature inside our plucky Spanish stopper that makes me nervous in the big games.

I was heartened to hear the leader saying he got it wrong with the 4-5-1 system and will address that in the next game, which is Slavia on Wednesday, then a rest until Reading away on Monday evening, so we have time to get back on track.

It’s a shame that we drew Blackburn against the kids, as we know they are capable in the cups, and our kids can still be a bit fragile, but what the heck, we have to play all the big sides in this cup and at least we missed Liverpool and Chelsea, and all those teams will use their best players and that will help us in the league.

As I keep saying this team will get better as they get older and that bodes well for the games ahead, the other teams won’t improve as much as they have more of a finished article type team already.

I think it’s important to rotate players now as we have some hectic months coming up, I think we could have 9 games in December and most of them away, so we’ll see a lot more of the fringe players I feel.

I just hope he doesn’t start putting out reserves against the likes of Reading away as they are all capable of getting results against us, keep the core,

I was heartened that we had a good blogging day yesterday and thank you all for taking the time to chat.

Until tomorrow.


Blind Fergie and his amazing memory

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What a complete twat Fergie really is. First of all he says he was being abused by Arsenal fans, he conveniently forgets that he was the one that was doing the abusing…

…to the fourth official! all the Arsenal fans were doing, was giving him some back, pampered bastard wouldn’t know abuse if I punched him in the head, ripped his head out of its neck socket and pulled his lungs out of his wrinkled carcass.

He then complained that Saha was fouled on the lead up to us slashing the ball into the area to rescue a point.

He conveniently forgets that Clichy was fouled in the lead up to the opening own goal, that we had two penalty shouts and the Gallas goal came from a mazy Clichy run and a great cross.

Even then the dirty Dutch bastard tried to cheat his way out of it, he should get punished for that, it’s no different to elbowing someone in my book, talking of books, that dirty, cheating little prick Anderson, should get a ban for waving an imaginary card at the ref, which led to Cesc getting booked…

…and all of which the red nose alcoholic missed! Amazing isn’t it?

Even the News of the World are calling the ‘Moan United’ nice one king of the Red tops.

Still that’s what happens with alcoholics, they only see things through their pissed eye, the one that’s still open that is.

What happened to the best strike force the world has ever seen? I think they had one shot between them.

We on the other hand have got to stop this defensive 4-5-1 shit, it invites teams on and stops us having shots and that’s what football is all about, it’s different in Europe, do it there, but not against the Mancs.

Thought we played well though and showed some of the Adams style of grit out there, I honestly thought we had lost, it took my fellow bloggers some time to get me off the rail where I had slumped, to convince me the goal was given, so I missed the excitement of jumping up and down with the other 55,000 odd happy sods.

For a more in depth review of the match, and some player rating, check out Third-Gens review here, and for a run down of what Wenger thought… look here!

’till tomorrow Grovers!


Illegal approaches, Tevez consideration and Wenger talks

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Good morning mighty Gooner fans!

This mornings post is going to be quick as the game is one of those annoying noon kick offs!

Lets get straight into it then!

What formation will Wenger opt for? A normal 4-5-1, Ade up front with Hleb sitting behind? If he goes with that tactic, will Eboue play or will he bring in Diarra like Goodplaya suggest? Or will he bring back Gilberto after his impressive performance in the week and drop the Flamster after his clanger last week?

Or will Wenger go all out 4-4-2, bringing Eduardo into the fold? Or could he opt for the in form Walcott?

Many questions will be answered shortly. But my ill-educated guess would say 4-5-1 with Ade up front. Talking of the big Togolese striker, Wenger said he is going to investigate a possible illegal approach for him by ManU through his shitbag agent, he also talks about his interest in Tevez.

Charlie Nicholas gives his opinion here, he talks about this match being as big as the Milan derby, but not as big as the Old Firm matches. Fuck of Nicholas! Its the only game of interest in Scotland, its not a great watch compared to Arsenal Vs ManU! Still, he is backing us!

Wenger, along with the bookies feels we will come out of today victorious, he is adament we will do it in style though! Arsene, I don’t care if we win playing with less style than Blackburn on a bad day… I don’t even mind if we win playing like we did in the 2005 cup final… JUST WIN PLEASE!

Clichy reckons he’s got Ronaldo in his pocket, Big Al talks about Jens and his performances so far and more good press for fan favourite Flamini!

Finally, a whooping 87% of you are going for the victory today!

I like your confidence!

How about this for tomorrows headline?

Arsenal Spank the Mancs!

Any other suggestions will be welcomed in the comments section!