Fab to Barca fall out, youth news + crazy transfer rumours

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Saturday morning? And no hangover? What a treat! No excuses for a shite post then!

I’ll kick off the morning with the overspill of the Cesc Fabregas to Barca stories that were running yesterday. They have been started by the newspapers and fanned by Joseba Diaz, Cesc’s agent. What an unprofessional opportunistic piece of dirt that man is.

It seems Arsenal wouldn’t be Arsenal without loads of our players being linked to every club in Europe. I suppose we would be disappointed if they weren’t being linked? So I am going to take it as a back handed compliment, like when you tell a woman she’d be pretty if she weren’t so fat. Whatever his agent is doing, its seems pointless, Cesc has an 8 year deal and loves Arsenal.

Sportingo, the new Libelfootball.com is reporting that sources say we could land Kaka next year, given our status as a big player in the world of transfers. On the bullshitometre, I would say very bullshitty.

Jen’s has been talking to the press again a head of Germany’s weekend encounter. He was in a bullish mood when asked questions about Big Al and his spot as number one,

‘I know I will play for Arsenal again and think it may well be in our next game’

Confident and clairvoyant like don’t you think? he needs to go, can you imagine the changing room with him and Almunia in it? Wenger has to act, and fast. Either that or tell mad Jens to shut his big gob.

The England under 16’s are being well represented by Arsenal players, one even got on the score sheet in the Victory Shield.

On the topic of youngsters, Nacer Barazite put in another head turning performance banging in a hat trick for the under 18’s. He has his eye on a Carling Cup spot this year, good luck to him!

The Guardian are in support of Wenger’s opposition to quotas and have an interesting article on how it would be a backwards step for football.

Good news for Arsenal, Ade stays at home for the ACN. Bad news for Big Bollocks Bendtner, he better be praying for injuries or that Barca and Madrid start a bidding war for his services.

Right I’m off now to try and calm my fragile nerves… England vs Estonia has been playing on my mind all week, hopefully it will live up to its billing as a truly great match!

Truth were known I’m more interested in the rugby!

Have a good day Grovers!

Roy Keane and the Prawn Sandwich debacle

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Some time ago Roy Keane called corporate sponsors ‘the Prawn sandwich brigade‘* in a highly disparaging way. He did this because he’s an unintelligent spoilt brat who’s never paid to watch a game in his life.

He’s played football all his life, never worked in a factory or done a shift or got up early or stood on the terraces midweek in January when it’s pissing down, freezing his bollocks off.

He goes to games now, on a private jet or luxury coach, gets a great seat at whichever game he goes to, just like the sponsors he so hates. Those very people that make it possible for him to have the lifestyle he has and earn the money he does, not to mention spending £29 million on a shit team.

So it was particularly heart warming to see Sunderland go down this weekend.

Moving on, a blog site I can’t remember some time ago started castigating club level members as being ‘the Prawn sandwich brigade’ wrongly assuming that Club level is all corporate.

They then blamed Club level for streaming out early at half time, staying in the bar way past the restart, then leaving early at the end.

Setting the record straight

We, and a whole lot of our friends are in Club level, having been a season ticket holder for over 20 years I decided to sit in comfort and spend a little more money.

My tickets are £500 more expensive that they were at Highbury, but I get a free pint at half time, I’m in a row 8 deep so I don’t have to leave early since there’s no log jam and I sit in the bar drinking afterwards for an hour to let the crowd go, I have to say, it’s like sitting in a wine bar.

So I’m there to the bitter end as are most of the people in my section.

Looking down however is a different story, many people leave early because it’s like leaving Wembley, I leave an hour after and I still queue for 20 minutes at the station.

If I didn’t live close to Kings Cross I would never make the last train home which is why so many people leave.

Also why would you want to queue for so long if you could avoid it.

If Arsenal had expanded Holloway road as was promised there would be less of a problem but they didn’t and until they do these problems won’t go away.

So please anyone out there that thinks we’re all muppets in club level, we’re no different to fans that sit in the ground or upper levels, we’re all fans.

The only real difference is we get free beer at half time.

* Wiki Definition

Billy the kid apologises , Bendtner bitches + linkomania

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Whilst I have tremendous admiration for William Gallas as a football player, I think he is suspect as an athlete and a captain, why? You may ask.

Well he seems to spend more time on the treatment table than on the football pitch and by his own admission sulks about it, well didn’t we have a couple of French captains like that previously?

I still think he should have made Gilberto captain, but given his absence from the team I think I know why he didn’t. So in that case Kolo would have been my choice with Cesc as vice captain.

I can’t see Gallas being around next season as I don’t think he’ll last physically and then he’ll be into his 30’s and we all know what happens then, don’t we?

So Billy’s been miserable around the dressing room, but he’s still captain and we’re still winning so maybe I don’t know as much as Arsene Wenger does!

Moving on I hear that Chelsea will move in on £100million Kaka, is this as well as £70 million Ronaldhinio? It’s like £20 million Veloso, I don’t know where the press get these stories from, the transfer window is still two and a half months away, I think the managers must be having a right laugh.

The Lehman to City move is interesting though, with his national coach telling him to leave at the end of the year and City apparently showing interest, and us being interested in a center back …well?

In the first place, why would Lehman go to another team where he wouldn’t get first team football guaranteed? But if it were true and they were prepared to let us have Richards it would only cost us 19 million, so we could solve two problems at once and save a huge amount of money. Dream on!

Arsenal spokesman Thierry Henry tells the press we can do the double and Chelsea hater Diarra sticks the knife in about Chelsea’s style of play. Pop sensation Eduardo “Prince” Da Silva has taken time out of his hectic sell out tour to declare himself fit for Croatia this week.

In transfer gossip, Libelfootball.com have linked us with Malonga, it seems because he is French. Fabregas has a little chat with Sky Sports. Arsenal are bidding for the Uefa Cup Final in 2011, not to be in it obviously! They want to host it. We have settled up for Fran Merida, a whopping £2.3 million for the next Fabregas!

Le list appears to now be empty with Song now fit.

Flamini’s new nickname ‘Gattuso’ is very fitting with his development I say, but disappointed to hear Bendtner gobbing off again, he does have a point though and I think he should at least be given 15 minutes, remember Hartson? Wenger sold him as he said ‘you can’t leave a big man on the bench, a big man needs to play’ well by my reckoning Bendtner has 2 inches on Hartson, so by that logic…