We was robbed!

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Really I think we were, when Gerrard fouled Flamini and didn’t get penalised I knew a goal was around the corner, when Gerrard got the free kick I said to Pedro, bottom left, Pedro said top right.

Man I hate being right so often…

I thought the wall was the worst thing Arsenal did all day, after that we were awesome. I’m not getting too bent out of shape over it. I remember Keown charging down the ball a few years back to great effect, so I know what the Flamster was thinking.

I wasn’t too impressed with Eboue, it’s like Wenger feels he has to play him somewhere, I’d sooner see Hoyte getting a run out occasionally, maybe at center back.

I thought Bendtner and Theo looked lively when they came on and Bendtner should have scored.

We would have lost that game last season, so I think we’ve come on leaps and bounds and we are playing such great football as well. It all seems a bit of an anti climax today?

I watched Barca afterwards and felt sorry for Thierry, he doesn’t even take penalties any more, he looked sad and dejected, still, it’s his own fault.

Cesc was special, after playing like shit for most of the game and giving away the free kick that led to the goal, so it was quite a comeback.

Carragher getting man of the match was a joke, cheating scouse git award, yes, but man of the match is just a joke, it will catch up with him soon though and as Pedro said he’ll get blown for a penalty when he shouldn’t, that will be justice.

Okay we’ve got the academy team up tomorrow before the Mancs on Saturday, can we go unbeaten…yes, we can.


Wenger didn’t play me ‘cos I’m a half witted, butt ugly drunk

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This of course should have been the Pennant headline, not ‘he didn’t play me because I’m English’ Benitez should sack the stupid little drunk moron.

Enough on that.

I’ve read everything frontways, sideways and backwards on today’s game, it’s made even worse by the fact that Chelsea scored 6 and ManU won handsomely again.

We’re going to fortress Anfield today in what is arguably the toughest fixture we have all season, we win our fair share at Old Trafford but Anfield is always tough, unless of course you’re Arsenal’s kids.

Remember the cups? They were our kids, more or less the same team as we are playing today.

When we played them in the league, they were at us from the off, if we let them do that again, we’ll lose, we have to shut them down, which in fairness is what we’ve been doing all season.

I would prefer 4-4-2 with Eduardo up top and use Theo later, but with half an hour to go, not 10 minutes. This could be Eduardo’s day.

I would play Rosicky and Hleb on the flanks. I would let the scousers know from the off, we’re here to win.

I lost all my fingernails last night watching the rugby, so I’ll be trying my toenails later today.

I will however, be watching the game in Spain with Pedro, so it will be more alcohol fuelled than usual.

So picture us drinking beer, chewing my toenails and seeing Arsenal taking Liverpool apart.

3-1 Arsenal, after going a goal down.

I see it hasn’t worked out for Thierry, and Liverpool and Chelsea are sniffing around, I think we should have him back and give him Liam’s job should Liam go back to run the Irish. Isn’t it a shame?

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Its boring without a game!

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I can’t wait for tomorrow! I’ve read everything including the Liverpool papers and they’re nervous, it seems Alonso will be back as will Torres and Crouch, good, if they play like they did against Besiktas, we’ll clean their clocks.

Don’t get too confident and don’t give them too much respect.

Play Theo at some point but don’t expect too much, we used to do that with Thierry and sometimes he didn’t turn up, but I can’t remember playing Liverpool when we’ve been favourites, so I’m going to enjoy it.

Don’t forget they almost lost to Spurs!!! Two unbeaten records on the line tomorrow so someone won’t be happy.

The good thing about two players coming back from injury means that won’t be back to match fitness yet…we hope!

An interesting thing about names of managers, ours is Arsene…Arsenal, see the connection? Spurs is Juande Ramos, pronounced, one day… see the connection? One day they’ll be a force! One day we’ll be millionaires Rodders, one day!

Hopefully Wenger will get the boys psyched up for Sunday.

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