Fat boy gets dumped…

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It doesn’t get better than this does it? 7nil on Tuesday, Besiktas beating the scousers, the spuds losing to a shit Spanish outfit and that fat obnoxious twat Jol getting his P45, oh deep joy!

So top4tottenham hit the skids, not to worry they’re bringing in Ramos, remember him? He manages the outfit we beat 3-0 at the grove the other week, it’s good to see them learning from their mistakes.

Have to ask why Ramos would go to Spurs, the Leicester job is vacant and they’re a bigger team, still that’s spurs for you, always improving and should challenge for the league soon, maybe not the one we’re in but next season should be their year, it does after all end in a one, oh, sorry it’s a 9, still not long to wait then.

Onto other news, Kaiser Franz has told mad Jens to shut his gob and Stan the man has backed the board, Jens is on his way and the board did a lockdown so they’re scraping the barrel there.

Watching the last two Liverpool games shows me they can’t deal with pace and fast passing, so keeping Theo and Ade on makes sense, we need to control midfield so Flamini and Cesc seem the best option and Hleb and Rosicky could make it perfect for the incisive game we need to beat them, maybe Hleb and Eboue for pace but Eboue gets a bit theatrical in tough games, so maybe Diarra or Diaby for strength would make more sense.

Back 5 picks itself.

We have to watch Gerrard having a pop and I’ll have money he plays Torres and not Crouch, if he does play Crouch, Kolo will be ready for him, he owes him.

If we want to win the league we have to do well against teams like this, a draw would suffice but on form we should press home a solid win.

How good is it, that most of us now expect, it’s testament to how far we’ve come, even that other fat oik Jewell is tipping us to win the league, he said he has since day one he says, well if he did he was the only one!

All the sites are a little boring at the moment, though I did see one that showed 2 Liam Brady moments of yesteryear, don’t leave Liam, we love you.

Thierry has realised what a Pratt he was to leave, but sorry Thierry, we don’t want you back, live with it, and Cesc, please take note, that’s what happens when even the best leave the hallowed turf of the Grove, because they’re greedy egotistical bastards.

It’s good to see we are getting regular bloggers on the site, and all having some fun, which is what it’s all about, no slagging each other, just Arsenal fans having some intelligent banter, keep it up bloggers.

We are regularly getting in the top 3 stories on Arsenalnews.net, the number 1 news feed, so we must be doing something you all like, thanks for your support.

Next week we’re going to smarten the site up a bit, we’d like to get some pictures on but these agencies all want huge sums of money, any suggestions would be welcome.

Have a good day and a fabulous weekend.

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Arsenal machine to march on at Anfield

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Shame about Liverpool… Oops sorry, I’m being sarcastic!

I watched our next up opponents Liverpool last night, against a very ordinary Besiktas side, if they play like that on Sunday, we’ll hammer them, I don’t suppose they will though, but I would think their confidence has been dented a tad.

Liverpool games are a bit like north London derbies, the form book tends to go out of the window.

In all honesty though, we should win this one, I think our movement will be too much for them, and Gerrard aside the only match winners they have are Alonso and Torres and they may not even play, we have 6 match winners, at least.

The high praise for the team goes on, it’s great to be a gooner at the moment, I watched the highlights again and the goals were just top drawer, even the own goal and the Bendtner tap in, have to say though, I don’t think he’ll be around long, he didn’t look too happy when he scored, it was a ‘how can you be playing anyone ahead of me?’ look to Theo, and when Theo came over to say well done, he sort of patted him on the head, not encouraging.

Laughable reports that we’re going to buy Sissoko, like we don’t have enough midfield options already!

Onto the goodplaya editorial yesterday slagging off club level, today they did publish a kind of sarcastic retraction and have offered a truce, so well done to Bud, Pedro and anon for sending them a message and proving the power of the written word. I did leave an acceptance comment on their blog though.

Well done to Jimmyfingers for an acceptable bit of plagiarism on a Spurs site, good to see you spreading the word.

People read our blog because in the main we talk about football, we try to be articulate and conversational and only slag people off that slag us off, enough said let’s move on.

Robin is pledging his future to Arsenal and Wenger which is good and mad Jens doesn’t know when to shut up, I doubt we’ll see him again, frankly I think he should be told to go back to Germany and be done with it.

Drogba is tipping us to win the Premiership so thanks for the support and we’ll try our best not to disappoint you, how good is it to read stories about us winning again, instead of team in transition stories?

This next few months sees us playing a lot of games so I think we’ll see all of our whole squad in action, I hope he does it gradually though and not as two teams like the Carling cup.

Last week I would have settled for a point apiece from the next two games, but now I think we can get six, I really, really do.

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I’m in heaven, 7th heaven

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Well what did you expect? I have to say it was on the cards, the time when every chance went in had to come against someone, but Slavia Prague were no slouches, we just made them look like they were. Don’t forget this mob beat Steaua and scored 2 in Seville.

Theo got his big chance and was what we all expected, he was simply awesome, the boy wonder we thought we bought from Southampton, he’s 18 and we have at least 12 years of watching him get better, but we’ll lose him one day as he’s vowed to return home, to Swindon, and you have to accept that’s his ambition, we’ll probably lose Cesc too, as he’ll want to play for the team that has superstar Henry. You have to admit Barca were entertaining against the mighty Scottish team Rangers last night, I hope Cesc took note.

There’s no point in walking you through the game as I expect you all watched it somewhere, if you didn’t, you missed a fabulous team display, the only people in the whole world would didn’t enjoy it were both the Spurs fans and mad Jens Lehmann.

Which brings me on to his latest rants, is he stupid or what? message for Jens, go home mate, you’re finished, you are doing nothing for team spirit and you are what stands between 25 and 27 points, it wasn’t Almunia that fumbled the ball to give Blackburn a goal, it was you, so shut up complaining. Wenger comments here.

He must be really screwing up team harmony at training, my advice to Arsene is send him home before he causes any more problems.

Bendtner did Ok but goal apart there wasn’t much between him and Ade, it will be interesting to see who he selects against the scousers, I expect Gilberto and maybe Diarra may get a look, but certainly not mad Jens.

Arsene had a pop at me last night when he said ‘people said I was mad not to buy players’ fair point boss, but I still think you should have bought a center back, a winger and a world class keeper, but you are proving me wrong so I apologise for doubting you, that’s the end of the subject though, any more and I’ll be feeling humiliated.

I think it’s the near perfect way to be going to Anfield, what would make it perfect is if they lose tonight and their morale goes south, I’m not one of these people that wants English teams to do well, not when we’re still in the same competition and they could get in our way, so Liverpool, I hope you get stuffed.

I thought the noise was fab from the crowd last night, I just wish everyone would wear a scarf.

I’m looking forward to hearing what Thierry thought about last night, he’s bound to talk about it somewhere, Cesc there’s a lesson for you.

Finally we are on Arsenalnews.net news feed but not on newsnow, they tell us we have to be going for a year, which will be next July, so please keep reading, tell your mates and bookmark us, we’re in for the ride, we’re going nowhere.

Talk tomorrow.

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