Bendtner reads Le Grove + Player ratings

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Well, Bendtner big Bollocks, it appears you read yesterdays blog and took heed. Only one goal though… seriously?

What can I say about yesterdays performance that hasn’t already been said a thousand times on the feeds this morning!


I won’t go into the ins and outs of the performance but I will have a quick player reveiw:


Commanded his area excellently all game, he caught every single cross and his distribution, bar one kick was exceptional. He rolls the ball out to the the flanks almost as soon as he catches the ball , it caught Newcastle out a few times yesterday. He also made a great save at the near post from an Oba’ header. One for the not to distant future I feel.


Solid most of the game, had a few decent runs. I like Hoyte and think he is a solid foil for Sagna.


Boy did I shit my pants when I saw his name on the team sheet. I came in at half time most unimpressed but I think I had my song stained glasses on because everyone else thought he played well. In the second half he played very well bar one poor clearance. He does go about his business in a very uninterested way? Still, two solid performances in a row. Well played.


Now, I am a fan of Senderos. Anyone who plays in a defence that keeps 8 clean sheets in the champions league on the way to the final is a good player. However, last night… he was shite. He missed headers, his passing was crap and he must have comically fallen over about 8 times. Then in about the 86th minute oba broke free, rounded the keeper and Senderos tracked back to make a dramatic clearance! What a save! He righted his wrongs in a second… Hopefully he can kick on from that!


Fucking excellent. His physical presence has doubled over the summer, he looks a real menace going forward and his defending was good too. Arsenal seem to be Europe’s premier left back production unit. His crossing was out of this world yesterday!


His play was patchy. Moments of genius, followed by a poor pass. He grew with the game yesterday, and one thing is for sure… he gets bums off seats! When he surges forward, the crowd have the same anticipation they used to when Thierry and Pires took players on. I am looking forward to seeing what he can offer this season. Anyone questioning his potential or ability needs to take this into account:

HE IS 18!


A good performance. He is fast and has quick feet and will always cause the opposition problems. If he gets his shooting boots on, he will be a real asset on the wing this season.


Rough in the tackle, and calm on the ball. He is like a mini Cesc, except he is taller and more powerfully built. His passes strayed a bit, but he is only young;I expect him to be as effiecient as Fab4 which is ridiculous. The goal was amazing though, I was at the perfect angle to see him hit it, and if he’d hit it another inch to the right, I would have taken the shot in the face. A good performance.


A humorous song was sung about Diarra leaving Chelsea because Cashley was making him feel uncomfortable in the changing rooms. It was very funny, a shame I have forgotten it?

I digress!

What a good little player. Tenacious, fast, incredibly strong on the ball and he has the ability to play himself out of tight situations. Kind of in a PV04 kind of way? He looks like a faster, stronger more productive version of Gilberto. I think we could see more of Gilberto in defence if last nights showing was anything to go by?


Came on late, but worth a mention. He changed the game for me. When Diaby came on, Newcastle started panicking. He is another big player who is very skilful. His tackling was good last night and his attacking play was much more decisive than normal.


Worked hard all night and deserved a goal. He draws defenders out wide and he has a great touch. He also linked up well with BBB. From a corner in the second half he some how managed to turn this header towards the top corner; it is amazing how he seems to fashion chances out of nothing.

Bendtner Big Bollocks (BBB):

He certainly lived up to his “Balon D’or” candidate billing. I thought his play and work rate was brilliant yesterday. He is surprisingly nimble on his feet for a big lad. His header was the type of goal Arsenal have been lacking for ten years, and it made up for the earlier header he missed. I love the arrogance of the player and hope he fulfils his potential and becomes an asset to Arsenal.

In conclusion, a great performance.

I think Sam Allardyce deserves the sack. I may call into Talk shite this evening and see if I can spark a debate?

Enjoy the rest of your day fellow grovers!


Its Carling Cup time!

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What a week for the Gooners?

  • Mourinho gone…
  • Jol on the Way…
  • Spurs in the bottom 3…
  • Arsenal Top of 3 tables – The Premiership, The Champions League and the rich list…!

I could go on, but I wouldn’t want to come across boastful.

It all feels a touch surreal, but it goes to show, Arsene knows as do the board. Does anybody else get the feeling that Arsenal refused to respond to talk of financial meltdown this summer to gain some sort of transfer market advantage? Like the friend who claims to be skint in the hope you’ll let them off a round in the pub?

Just before I get stuck into my thoughts on the Newcastle game, I want to express my feelings on Talk Shite’s breakfast show. I have listened to their show all summer; talking of the doom and gloom surrounding Arsenal. How we won’t compete with Spurs (hahahahah), how we can’t compete financially with anyone, how we don’t have the muscle and that Arsene Wenger is a certainty to leave.

We are now a couple of months into the new season and we are the flavour of the month. How can every pundit be so categorically incorrect with their preseason predictions? How can they be so wrong, all of the time and we as the listeners, still listen and even bother to phone in!

The latest trash they were talking this morning was that Spurs missed out on a great opportunity to break into the top 4… at Chelsea’s expense! DO ME A FAVOUR! Not in a million years. I would put my house on Chelsea finishing inside the top 3 this year… Did I just have a bit of a Myles Palmer moment there?

Speaking of Myles “I heard a rumour” Palmer; he’s another one. I love his site and I know that I am in a minority amongst many of my Gooner chums. Seriously though Myles, how wrong were you? About everything to do with Arsenal this summer! What happened to the two transfers we were expecting at the last minute? What happened to Kroenke? Where was your inside knowledge about Usmanov? What about the Fizmeister selling up because he is spent with Arsenal? Dear oh dear!

Anyway, onto the interesting stuff!

I tend to get more excited about Carling cup games these days. More so than prem games against lower standard opposition, like Derby. I am looking forward to seeing the next generation of Arsenal children! I was hoping to see Fran Merida in the starting line up, but from what I have read so far it is going to be a fairly strong team.

It will be interesting to see how Diarra fits in; he looked pretty tasty for the ten minutes he came on at the weekend. I would guess that he is the replacement for Gilberto, with talk rife today of his impending departure. I must say, I would be very disappointed to see a player of the Brazilians calibre leave, especially taking into account his loyalty and form last season. However, with the Flamsters talent finally coming to fruition, the emergence of Diaby, the added competition of Diarra and Song, it is looking likely someone is going to have to leave.

Let me give you a suggestion Arsene, SONG, SONG, SONG, SONG, SONG! Although, it pains me to say it, he did look ok on Saturday.

Bendtner big bollocks is looking like a starter tonight and based on his own self proclaimed talent I expect nothing less than a 4 goal haul. I would expect Dudu to start alongside the precocious Danish talent. I am also excited about Fabianski starting in goal. I have read a lot of good things about him, and with Almunia failing to impress it would be nice to see a solid performance from the next Polish number one.

Check the squad out here.

Onto matters fat and grotesque, BFS (Big Fat Sam) was talking about how the big 4 missed a trick by not signing Owen, the point was emphasised by Talk Shite. Oh how I chuckled when I saw him limp off at the weekend. No one missed a trick BFS and just to make you feel better, Talk Shite were questioning your handling of his return to injury!

Anyway, I am feeling confident! Come on you gooners!

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General Friday musings…

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I just watched the Seville game again and what struck me was the movement and the chasing down every ball in packs, fabulous, I really think we can do something this season, we look so good.

Shame about the Chelsea coach, who’s name I’ve already forgotten.

When he was wasting 100 million a season, he said spending money was irrelevant and didn’t guarantee success, so when he loses to Villa, he says they will take points off the big boys as they spent a lot of money, tosser (now I remember his name).

The Champions league game they had against the unstoppable Norwegian giants showed what a load of glory hunters their fans are, 24,000! Says it all really, I think we had more than that for the training session open day.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer side, well maybe Top4tottenham but at least they fill their ground though.

I’m really looking forward to the Derby game, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bendtner, Walcott and Diarra start, I have a horrible feeling though that we’ll see Song in for big Phil, I hope not.

With West Ham and Sunderland next up after Derby, we should really try and put the points on the board, wonder what Freddy’s thinking? As he left us for an ambitious team that’s going places.

I’d also like to knock fat obnoxious Sam out of the Carling cup, so I hope he doesn’t pick too young a side for that one.

I reckon on a big score tomorrow say 5-0.