Comeback Kings send Bolton down and thank you Krusty.

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So when the dust has settled on this fantastic 3 points we have to put things into perspective, so in this short post today I’ll try my best.

1) We never beat Bolton at the Reebok so I don’t care how, there’s a saying in golf ‘there are no pictures on a scorecard’ meaning who cares how, the important thing is, the 3 points.

2) 10 men, we only had 10 men, we only had 10 men (there’s a song there somewhere)

3) We were 2 down

4) Wenger made substitutions when we needed them for once

So a big thank you to Krusty the clown for the assist to Captain King Billy Gallas, who had a great game by all accounts, and a captains one at that.



Hopefully Bolton will get relegated and we won’t have to go to that backward part of the country again for a few years, unless that is we go to see fat Sam in a pie eating contest as that’s all he’s good at or Preston North End win promotion.

Nothing much else today save that Rafa has already agreed terms with two youngsters and one senior player and Wenger says he’ll try and keep his team together before he buys Ben Arfa, or at least that’s what I think he’s saying!

Have a good Sunday Grovers, it’s been a while, let’s hope that Middlesbrough and Everton win today so we can smile all the way to Mondays post.

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Arsenal kick start their season with the most important OG of the season!

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Get in!

‘Cesc’s shot rolls agonisingly over the line!’

Those words my friends are the sweetest words I have heard in weeks!

Dipstick Diaby got himself sent off for a horror challenge, we had loads of possession and still managed to find ourselves a couple of goals down.

Adebayor and Walcott came on and changed the game!

Willy G knocks one in at the back post from a corner… get in!

RvP smashes home a penalty to level… get in!

In injury time Cesc (Samuel OG) duffs it in… queue pandemonium in the house of Pedro! Get the fuck in!

I’ve just seen the boys on TV going nuts.

Winning the game in the manner we did will have huge ramifications. It will bring back the belief, it will bring back the confidence and hopefully it can be the starting point to a successful end of season run!

Next up, Liverpool… its going to feel like ground hog day for a while!

Come on you GOONERS!

More thoughts tomorrow!

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Ade dropped at last, Wenger hints at spending and records broken at Le Grove!

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Ok Grovers, Adebayor gets rested, Wenger speak for ‘I’m dropping him as he hasn’t scored in a long while and Bendtner has’ so he gets his chance with Robin.

Good call boss, it’s been a long time coming, we all agree here, it had to be done, and with the Pool games coming up, could be the toe up the arse our young African needs, not to mention what it could do for Bendtner’s confidence.

This kind of game is perfect for a big lump like super Nick, so Nick, if you’re reading, make the most of it son, step up to the plate and do us all proud.

I don’t think Bolton are the dirty bastards they used to be under the fat mannerless bung taking scumbag, and without Gardner and Nolan, they have lost a lot of testosterone, so I expect us to get back on track.

To be honest I think most of us have written the title off this year, so anything now and we’re in bonus territory, I looked at the table today and Liverpool are only 8 behind with Everton 2 behind them, now whilst that is a long way, don’t forget we have dropped 11 points in 5 games, so a win against Bolton is a must.

Wenger says he wants Flamini’s future sorted out by April so he’ll know who and what he needs to buy, that’s a little hint I think, but I hope the people that are responsible for this season long debacle learn from this, it cannot happen again, that’s 4 years of will he? won’t he? and as a fan it’s totally unacceptable.

It would be remiss of me to not thank all you Grovers for the record breaking day on the comments yesterday, a whopping 326, and all top banter so well done and keep it up, I think we can start pushing Arsenal now for what we want at the Grove, we represent a huge part of the stadium so will be putting together a plan with other sites to do something about the atmosphere, and we have a steward in our camp as well so we can get our point across through him with regards to slack cutting on match days, we will of course keep you informed.

This site is independent and takes no money from advertisers, it’s a love thing. We do this as Arsenal fans for Arsenal fans, so thanks for blogging and have a great day.

I’m going for 5 nil, bold I know, but some team, sometime are going to be on the end of the rogering we keep threatening, so why not today eh!

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