If you want to rant, rant away…

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I’m gutted, but not surprised.We didn’t look interested in the match, we really didn’t.

4 draws is only acceptable in a ‘chest of’.

I am way to angry to post now, but if you want to have a little rant of your own, feel free to now and I’ll address your issues in the morning.

Please don’t tune in tomorrow if you are likely to be offended – anyone who is an Ade fan, go somewhere else tomorrow – anyone who thinks Eboue is amazing, go somewhere else tomorrow and finally, anyone on the ‘Arsene Knows’ campaign team… fuck off tomorrow.

The headline wont be nice, nor will the article. I am a fan, I am not on the pay role at arsenal.com, so expect me to speak from the heart.

I’m going out to get hammered now.

Rant away if it makes you feel better.

Till tomorrow Grovers.

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Barca want Eboue – have him! Scousers favourites but Ade says we’ll do them 3 times.

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I seem to remember in the bible, Jesus said someone will deny him three times, that person was Judas, don’t quite see the parallel, but it’s my way of saying divine intervention is with us because Ade used the 3 word, 3 is my lucky number and that means we’ll beat them 3 times, trust me.

The Times Fink tank (honestly no typo) make Liverpool favourites, why? Because they are more of a European team??? What on earth does that mean, eh?

Okay so Eboue is wanted by Barca, TV3 says Barca are planning a summer bid for Eboue as they prepare for the departure of Gianluca Zambrotta. Why? Can they see something we all can’t?

As far as I’m concerned they can have him.

I was thinking about who we bought last season and who we sold.

I’m thinking we lost Henry, Freddie, Aliadiere, Larsson, Muamba, Ryan Smith, Connolly and Diarra.

We bought in Diarra, Sagna and Eduardo two of those of course have now gone.

So my maths suggest 8 out, 1 in and 1 gone for a year, but as I said I’m doing that from memory and could be wrong.

So I’m struggling to see how the boss thinks we have a strong enough and big enough squad, I’ll leave that for you to debate Grovers.

Finally we need to win big today, and no surprise, I’m going for 5 nil.

3 of those goals because 3 is my lucky number as I said, the other 2 is because it’s been ‘2’ long since we gave anyone a tonking and with Aliadiere coming back, the time is right, I’ll be there and singing hard.

Have a good ‘un Grovers.

LIVERPOOL in the quarters – CHELSEA in the Semi’s – MANCS in the final!

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First out of the hat!

Arsenal vs Liverpool

Roma vs Mancs

Shalke vs Barca

Fenerbache vs Chelsea

A good draw for us I feel!

We drew the Chavs in the Semi’s which leaves us open to a final with the Mancs, like a blogger just said… its like a nightmare FA Cup run!

I fancy us to take Liverpool over two legs and we’ve already done Chelsea this year!

A clean sheet at home should see us through!

Liverpool 3 times in 2 weeks…

Come on you Gooners, BRING ON MOSCOW!

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