Arsenal make offer to Mputu

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Apparently we have offered Mputu a contract and the asking price is £500k this seems like a typical Arsenal signing but it doesn’t get me excited, he has until Monday, other rumours are an £8mil bid for Nzogbia, this was the guy that gifted Ade’s goal on Wednesday, so I can’t see anything there either.

I’m really pissed that Flamini is out as is Cesc, given that Cesc was supposed to be fit for the Villa game, I’m amazed he is still out, the good news is that boy wonder and Diaby are back in training next week.

We could do with having Robin back.

Other strange news is that Rosicky and Kolo think we played well against Newcastle, still it shows how far we have come this season that a draw against Newcastle away is seen as a disaster.

Not a lot happening today and nothing much will until we stuff Middlesbrough on Sunday.

Have a nice day and ignore all the rumours.

Who would you Grovers like us to buy? don’t forget Arsene reads this blog everyday, he said so after the Newcastle game, or at least I thought he did!

Ade commits, Wenger is a Fascist and Arsenal receive reality check

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Yep he said it! Don’t ask me what goes on in his head but a few more goals like last night and I hope he does stay for life.

The score last night was probably a fair result, albeit that we were piss poor, but we were piss poor as a result of disgraceful refereeing and unbelievably biased broadcasting, it was outrageous, and one sided.

We saw Wenger at the start in his suit, we didn’t see him again until the end, when he has his big jacket on, we saw him three times, we saw the fat
obnoxious one time after time, with his filthy eating habits, the fat pig, we saw him more than we saw the game.

The camera continued to pan over their miserable fans, who were quiet throughout the game, until that is they scored, we didn’t see the Arsenal fans once, not once.

The ref kept giving them free kicks and gave us nothing, they tried to kick us off the pitch and they almost succeeded.

Gallas got kicked over on the edge of their area, the ref had his back to it, looked round and saw Gallas in a heap and waved at him to get up, he amazingly did all this without even consulting the lino.

We on the other hand were poor, fantastic Adebayor strike, fantastic, but I thought Rosicky and Diarra were poor, Gilberto continues to look like a
player that now wants to leave, Almunia kept kicking the ball upfield rather than throwing it to a player, the ball was lobbed up all night and we forgot how to pass.

Boy did we miss Hleb, Cesc and Flamini, why Rosicky runs over for a short corner I don’t know, Eboue and Rosicky standing next to each other just
leaves us a player short in the goal area, Wenger should just tell them.

Okay, that said and done we are 4 points clear and I’d have taken that last week.

6 ahead of Chelsea, 7 ahead of Liverpool and 25 ahead of top4tottenham, Juande Ramos has really made a difference, so Jaunde or ‘one day’ thanks for going there.

Eduardo just looks hopelessly out of his depth and really doesn’t like defending, I hope that’s just ‘first seasonitus’ but we do look a little inept up front sometimes and it’s worrying.

In other news. Arsene Wenger reveals his xenophobic side, by stating that only an Englishman should be considered for the role of England coach.

‘You know what makes me sad? I am more nationalistic than you because you want to go for (Jose) Mourinho, for (Fabio) Capello – I am the only one who goes for an Englishman.’

You know what Wenger, keep your anti foreigner rants to yourself…

Next up Middlesbrough, let’s hope we have our midfield back!

Bendtner to Chelsea for £12 million, Henry finished and Arsenal should go for Messi

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That’s what the Mirror says, fellow Dane Frank Arnesen has scoured the world for talent as that’s why the Chavs signed him from top4tottenham and come up with Nikki Bendtner all the way over in North London.

Bollocks, he’s just signed a 5 year deal and is getting games for Arsenal, anyway if he went to them, he’d get even less games there.

I expect him to get a game tonight, I have a sneaky feeling Wenger may try him up top with Ade, to combat the bullying tactics that they’ll try from the off.

I think he’ll start with


Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

Eboue Gilberto Diarra Rosicky

Ade SuperNik

And Eduardo Denilson Theo Senderos and Fabianski on the bench.

We have lost a lot of flair in midfield but we still have the defence and they play a big role in our attacking capabilities and we also have people up front with something to prove.

That said they have Viduka and Martins, who on their day can hurt anyone, we need a Gallas and Toure road show today, that’s for sure.

So getting back to the Bendtner story, ignore it.

On a lighter, funnier note I watched Barcelona with much amusement, Thierry ‘I don’t know what a contract is’ Henry is out for the season, with a back
injury, Ronaldinho will be sold at Christmas as he’s lost his magic and he’s a fat bastard and Messi is setting the world alight and doesn’t pass to Thierry.

What happened to the dream team? Smart move Terry, I must remember to get Darren Dein, your advisor’s number, he is as canny as his well known dad.

Messi though is worth breaking the bank for, what a player, he’s the forward version of Cesc, Barca would never sell him though, mind you, who would have thought we’d sell Henry?

Now that would be something wouldn’t it.

I’m going to start a Messi to Arsenal rumour, perhaps I’ll leak it to the Mirror!