Give Flamini a signing on fee and keep it quiet.

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Ok, so Arsenal don’t want to upset the wage structure and I agree with that, if we lose Flamini, then whoever is in charge of player contracts should be fired, as you’ve done an appalling bit of business there, whoever you are.

If we do lose him, it will cost us £15mil at least to replace him, so my view is pay him £5mil in readies and tell no one, make him sign a confidentiality agreement and move on.

That should rectify the appalling decision not to have sorted this out before he became a free agent.

Even if they had given him a 2 year extension, we could have at least made some money out of it.

Big, big, day today and I am so nervous I’m thinking about asking Mrs Geoff if she wants me to help her this morning, yeah I know what you’re thinking, but that’s how bad I feel.

We need not to lose, but we should win if we want the Premier league, we can’t afford to slip further behind the Mancs, simple as that.

Frankly if we can’t beat the Chavs, we don’t deserve to be thinking of ourselves as Champions, to be the best you have to beat the best and our record of 15-5 wins over them in the Premiership, shows we are the best, it also shows when they became chavs, as before that they never won a game.

I have to believe we’re going to win, so I’m going for a 3-1 to the Arsenal day, I don’t care who plays but I would prefer to see Theo on for Eboue, with Nick coming on for impact, but there again I wouldn’t be against Nick being on with Ade from the start to rough the bastards up and bring Robin on for impact.

Eboue would be a huge mistake as he will be a target, but there again he may thrive on it, have his best game and score for once! so who knows eh? …maybe Arsene? I can’t believe I said that.

Have a great day Grovers, this is what it’s all about!

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Arsenal will win title says Wenger and Henry. Theo to start?

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Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal WILL win the title this season if we remain unbeaten, he says he has had a positive response from the team in training and expects us to win, great, just the sort of fighting talk we need ahead of the game, well done le boss.

Thierry says we can win it and not just because he loves us, but because we have been the most consistent team this season, he still talks to all the players and feels we deserve it for the way we play our football.

Wenger says Theo may start, I would like to see that, that could be an inspired move, leave Ade on the bench, maybe that would be the shock he needs and the chavs won’t be expecting it.

Flamini is set to put pen to paper in April, I hope that’s true.

Avram Grant says Cashley is mature and has taken responsibility for the horror tackle and treatment of the ref, are you stupid as well as incredibley ugly Grant?

Is that the same mature Cashley Cole that honked on a slapper whilst banging her brains out before his new wife found out?

Since Capello showed the world what he thought of Chelsea’s behaviour Cole and Terry are shitting themselves regarding their England careers, so came out and said sorry, what a pair of complete thicko tossers, how predictable, as if even cashley’s wife couldn’t see through that one.

Give the armband to Barry and leave those two pricks out Fabio!

One more day to go before we get a chance to ruin their record, we need the win and an away game suits us as we can at least be heard with our away fans singing, to all you Grovers who are going, make a lot of noise, I’m missing my first game for 8 years at the Bridge but I’ll be with you in spirit.

I have had one of those 7 days when I can do no wrong, a win over the dim witted chavs would complete a near perfect week.

Go, go the Arsenal. Have a fun day Grovers.

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Bring Back the Noise Update, thoughts on loyalty and the Leaky Blues

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Morning everyone!

I am suffering the monster of all hangovers today… Champagne is evil, white wine is evil… combined with Kronenberg… you are asking for trouble.

I’ll get over it though, any sympathy messages in the comments will be appreciated.

Just a quick one then, a true rarity from me!

Bring back the noise

The campaign launch got a great response from you guys, thanks for being so constructive in your efforts to finding a solution. It seems like everyone accepts there is an issue and more importantly, everyone wants to change!

Even the stewards! Check out this comment for a bit of insite into the thoughts of the men in orange!

I also had a great response from the other sites, I’ll have some more news in the coming weeks. Online Gooner are already addressing the issue at high level!

Great stuff

Moving on…

I said this briefly yesterday, but here are my thoughts on Hleb and Arsenal players in general.

  • We sign them as unknowns.
  • We deal with there ineptitude for 2 years – somtimes at the expense of trophies.
  • In year 3 they start turning in world class performances.
  • Summer year 3, they start pining for a transfer?

People will say footballers have a short career, they need to make the money to support themselves… Ok, this isn’t 1928 anymore… players earn enough cash in the first 2 yeas of their career to retire. Its about greed.

We are not a G14 feeder academy.

If Hleb did chat with Inter, he should be punished. Its outrageous that we are being used as a platform. Why are we chasing down Inter? It takes two to tap… and in my eyes there will always be temptations.

If I was a manager, I may have been tempted to sell Hleb to Bolton after his first two years… but Arsene didn’t, he persevered and now Hleb is a great player.

Show some fucking respect Hleb. To the fans, and to the manager

I’m sick of our players doing this. Diaby, Cesc, Diarra, Adebayor… It only seems to happen to us?

The Chavs game is fast approaching. Can you ever remember a Post Bates Chav team leaking so many goals? This could be a blinder. Chelsea have to come out and play if they want the title… do that at your peril against the Gooners!

Its about time the Chavs were taught a lesson at home!

Keep em’ crossed!

Have a great day Grovers!

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