Gallas has no friends + Superstars Zapata, Scannel and Zdravko Kuzmanovic all linked!

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Not a lot today other than Cesc says the Premiership is the best league in the world, Clichy says we can still win the league and we’re being linked to defender Zapata, midfielder Zdravko Kuzmanovic and young Palace kid Sean Scannell, whoever they are, frankly I don’t care who they are if I’ve never heard of them.

Gallas says he has no friends at Arsenal save Theo Walcott, then went on to name the entire Chelsea squad as mates, but the translation could mean he was referring to only English kids so his options were limited.

I say time for Billy to go, he’s now in his 30’s and I really don’t think the captaincy has proved to be the Wenger masterstroke the ‘Arsene knows’ brigade had hoped for, but the season isn’t over yet so we’ll wait and see.

To all those out there that believe in all things Arsene, and yesterday there weren’t that many let me tell you what we said and what we didn’t say.

1) Nobody has said we think he should go

2) Nobody has said he is a bad manager

3) Everyone loves him and what he has done for the club

4) What we are saying is he has got it wrong, the squad is too small and too young, by bringing in fresh faces it will do the team good and give the supporters a lift.

Vieira said it, Henry said it, Gallas said it, Freddie said it, and we’re saying it, so we can’t all be wrong, can we?

It must also be said that George Graham, with less money also achieved quite a lot, Arsene isn’t the only manager that has done something great for Arsenal, we are all Arsenal fans first, this is not the Arsene Wenger show, it’s the Arsenal one, please remember that, also we have done more for Arsene’s career that anyone so let’s not forget that either.

So the message for todays ‘Arsene knows’ lovers is this, we love our manager and don’t want him to change or leave, just spend some of our money on a few world class players, you can start with Benzema, Quaresma and Ben Arfa if you want, if that doesn’t work out I will personally prostate myself outside your office with this blog rolled up and jammed up my arse, but please stop buying kids that you have no idea how they’ll turn out.

And if you do (like Theo) then play them, they have to be better than Eboue.

Have a great day Grovers and prepare to vomit when overrated Beckham gets his 100 cap tonight and joins the immortals.

He should have stopped at 50 and this circus would have stopped with it years ago.

Good to see Capello dropping big dim cheat Terry but strange to see he promoted drug taking Ferdinand as an example to the kids.

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Yes to Ben Arfa, no to Martins and Flamini still insists he’s staying

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Okay the Ben Arfa story, Wenger said,

“He is a great player and Arsenal is a potential destination for any great player.”

What does that mean? We know that boss, it’s you we need to convince, but with Vela being shoehorned in for left wing next season, I would be surprised.

Martins for £10 million being lined up? I hope not, we need established, great players to come in, not ones that can’t cut it with relegation strugglers.

Flamini again says he wants to stay, well stay then and sign, either that or just go, I for one am getting bored with that story.

We had a great rant yesterday, welcomed on board some new bloggers and some bloggers we used to know when we went on other sites, welcome to the Grove.

Don’t forget we post EVERY day, even when we don’t get the result we want and even when there’s no news, we still have you Grovers to talk to, which makes us all feel like a family.

When we usually have a rant, we get a lot of ‘Arsene knows’ twats, yesterday we only had one, so either they’re getting the message, or more and more people agree with what we say, so a good Easter for blogging but a bad one for football.

I have more or less given up on the Premiership but we still have the Champions league to go for, if we could only get a fair shake from the refs we still have a great chance, but the league run in reminds me of 1989, it’s not over yet Grovers even though it feels like it is.

Maybe deep down now Arsene does at last know these kids need some help and maybe we’ll see some movement in the early summer, we have a host of clubs getting closer to that 4th spot, so we need to get going and shore up the cracks before we become one of them.

It’s a long wait for our next game, then they come thick and fast, take heart Grovers, we ARE STILL in the big one and still have all to play for.

Second in the league would be good as it takes away qualifying but first hasn’t gone quite yet.

Onwards upwards and keep your peckers up, this will go to the wire, let’s see if we have the stomach for it.

Have a great day and get your comments in, we appreciate them.

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Cheating chavs, blind pew and I’m fed up with waiting.

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Ok first things first, we all know that Cashley Cole cheats, ask his wife, ask the spuds, and ask Fabio, we also know that John Terry is slightly retarded so it’s not all his fault, but he is England captain, or was, so to cheat in the way he did with cashley is not only disappointing but rather cuntish.It also led to the move that brought their equaliser. What got me the most was Joe Cole wasn’t even injured and we could have scored from the attack, Andy Gray, ManU spokesman even mentioned it at the time, but no paper did this morning, very disappointing.

So for the record Arsenal, unless someone is prostrate with his tongue hanging out, do not kick the ball into touch, they’re cheating you, and us.

Arsene I’m afraid, has now to admit it’s not good enough, Arsene doesn’t know and he needs to admit when he’s got it wrong and move on and change things.

Ade may well be Drogba in a year or two, but he’s not now, Eboue is hopeless, hapless and a liability, and we don’t have a genuine big center back in the Jack Charlton, Vidic, Woodgate or Ferdinand role and we need one now, we always concede from set pieces or at least panic from them.

Big Phil may be the one in waiting, but at his age, he’s not ready yet, center backs don’t get wise enough until they’re at least 26.

We have three central midfielders in Diaby, Hleb and Rosicky but we play them as wingers, why?

Ade should have come off, Robin looks like he will ignite at any minute but he takes the wrong player off and Bendtner is at present too wooden, he did the same last season with Henry, worst player but stayed on.

The youngsters are all great players in the making, but as an Arsenal fan I’m fed up with the wait, if we were £850 million in debt like the Mancs, or deep in shit like the spuds I’d understand, but we’re not, we have a massive £80 odd million in the transfer kitty, add to that what we’ll get from this season, and I would think another £40mil can be added, that’s £120 million at the very least, for fucks sake spend some of it Arsene, please, it’s not yours, it’s ours!

At least do the following, get 2 world class wingers, 1 center back of note and a proven goalscorer to replace Eduardo and the usual RVP injuries we know we’ll get.

I know we can still win the champions league and I hope we do, but with Liverpool twice and the the cheating chavs again it doesn’t look too good, especially now we’ll probably lose Sagna.

Still, love child Eboue will go to right back and at least Theo will get a game, unless of course he’s now injured.

Please don’t anyone tell me I’m over reacting, we played well, yes, but we didn’t finish the great moves with even a shot, and that to me is not good enough.

If you are going to tell me that 3rd in the league and into the next round of the Champions league is great, then don’t bother, go to the usual sites that tell you Arsene knows, don’t bother to comment as you be deleted.

We’re are not Fulham, Wigan or Spurs, we are Arsenal and like ManU we should be challenging every year for everything, that’s why we pay so much money to the club.

We could have been in the FA Cup final, and getting tonked by the mancs put us in the shit we’re in now, I warned him before the game that this would happen, go and look at the archives, and a few bloggers slated me, they said Arsene knows, so bollocks to them Arsene doesn’t know, I do and so do our Grovers, who said the same.

We could have won the Carling Cup as well and had a commemorative watch but we didn’t and why? Because the boss is stubborn and we didn’t buy, (we also don’t like cheap watches) I hope you’re reading Arsene because this is what a little corner of the Grove think.

Well done to all you fans that went, you did us proud.

Unleash hell today Grovers for tomorrow we have to begin finding a way back from the hurt of being robbed by the cheating chavs and get positive again.

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