Transfer madness – Dmitriev, Arshavin, Dimitrov, Caceres and Ayew all tipped to sign!

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Dmitriev is a 17 year old Russian defender so believe it (Nick named the Elephant – Maybe he could play with the Donkey?), Arshavin a 26 year old striker so no way, Dimitrov is the 19 year old Bulgarian winger and Grant is sniffing so a possibility, Caceres is the £10 mil defender from Villa Real so forget it but top tipster from Le Grove ‘Phobia’ and Ayew’s best mate says he’s coming, I believe it and Phobia says he’s the best player Ghana have produced so let’s hope it happens.

He’s a left winger and we need one of those and if he doesn’t work out we finally have someone to blame, Phobia!

Other news says Flamini’s off to Juventus, which I don’t believe and Diarra’s off to Portsmouth, which I do believe, what a twat!

Still as I’ve said before, the boss should wait before selling him just in case Flamini does do the unthinkable.

Bad luck last night with the scousers and spuds both winning but I cannot believe we can play another poor, misfiring game and all will come good starting this weekend and next week in the cup.

As many have said already, we’re not in the bottom three are we?

Onwards upwards Grovers.

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Wenger to field all English team – Walcott to Hammers – Anelka wanted in!

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What a depressing read that was, when Arsene launched Arsenal TV yesterday he talked about Anelka and how Arsenal talked with his representatives to bring him home in the transfer window, yes! Thats right, ‘home’ because that’s where he belongs, but it didn’t happen, I wished he had said nothing, now I know we could have had him and didn’t, I’m even more depressed.

Theo on loan to West Ham? That would be a good move if they played him up top, but at this stage of the season we can’t afford to lose him.
I think he will explode this term, he’s only 18, he only cost us £5 mil and he has more skill than most in the team, I feel it’s only a matter of time. Regardless, the story had no source and if you read some of the comments, the site that wrote the article has been known for its lies.

Fabricio is a young Spanish goalie from Deportivo that we are apparently interested in, even if he is great, why would we do that? Fabianski is what, 22? That would only serve to unsettle him, what we need is a young back up, and we have that in Mannone or a replacement for Almunia, like say, 6 goalGiven, but I think Almunia is good enough.

Djourou got the nod on one blog site from a readers poll and I think that’s Ok but I would like to give Hoyte a run there, I think he could do a great
job and be a future center half on the cheap, he won’t be right back, that’s for sure.

The squad are in for two training sessions this week and after Saturday, that probably makes a lot of sense.

We heard a rumour that WordPress delete sites that use the Arsenal logo so we’ll look into that and if it’s true we’ll put our substitute banner on soon, don’t worry, it’s a good one and was designed by a top London advertising agency, it will be like bringing Robin on for Thierry, not Stepanovs for Adams, and with the new flag waving experience at the Grove, it may be more prudent.

This time of the week is football’s equivalent of the doldrums, not a lot of news but there is still plenty for you Grovers to discuss or to wish for in the comments section. Also, take a look at the ‘random rant‘ section, it has replaced the highly successful guest blogging feature!

I haven’t seen Arsenal TV yet, but I’m reading you can see academy games and the like so I’ll take a peek and let you all know.

Finally Wenger said he intends to go English, now whilst I have been asking for a few Englanders in the team, I don’t want any of them if they aren’t as
good as our foreign kids, but I think the boss means he’ll bring them through the academy, so my guess is he’s talking long term, so Grovers, be patient.

I hope you enjoy the following quote as much as I did.

‘Maybe 80 per cent of the academy are English and 20 per cent are foreign.’

The future looks bright, the future is English. Check out the full article here.

Have a great day and I look forward to some top comments from the webs most articulate site… …and that’s official (another Mori poll before anyone jumps on me).


We’ve also been linked with a £5million bid for Andre Dede Ayew. We couldn’t find any videos of him, so we thought we’d show you what his Dad played like instead!

Could we be onto a winner here? 

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Huntelaar, Given, N’Zogbia in, Flamini and Diarra out???

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The Sunday papers were in overdrive following our draw with the Brummies and ManU’s hammering of the Geordies.

They say we are preparing to hi-jack their bid for Huntelaar, they say we are ready to buy Shay Given, who incidentally, let in 6 at the weekend and the winger, N’Zogbia.

I have to say I don’t believe a word of it but what I find interesting is, ManU have Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo scoring for fun, but they still want to sign a striker.

That’s probably why they’ve won the Premier league so often, because they continually invest, and how comes they don’t have players wanting to leave? Or Real Madrid promising to sign Ronaldo and Rooney all season?

Wenger says he’s hopeful that Flamini will sign a new contract, but as I’ve said before, I’m worried that we have another Edu situation on our hands, he better know what the Flamster is doing before he sells Diarra.

I know we all hate Diarra at the moment but he is still a good back up.

I would like to see a signing or two, not just to freshen up the team, but to put some competition in the side, I believe that half the problem with us not being able to defend set pieces is most of the defence is looking at Senderos to drop a clanger and when he’s not around, they get on with their job.

Gallas is in his 30’s and with the amount of games we play, I genuinely believe four center backs are needed and will be used, so I don’t see the problem.

I won’t dwell on the game as enough has been said already and the boss has admitted it was our worst performance, it was his fault and the fans were great (Wenger’s words, not mine) so all in all Pedro hit the nail on the head yesterday.

So for the pencil dicks that decided to start gobbing off last night, don’t bother coming back on or next time I’ll publish your email addresses and let the Grovers let you know what they think of your abuse.

Unfortunately because of a few morons I had to put the approve comments on last night (as I went out with Mrs Le Grove) so a few of you commented but only got through this morning, so apologies to EVO in OZ, Michael, John and John Quinn, we welcome your comments and look forward to many more.

So we have a week of transfer speculation before we take on Fulham and Spurs in what could be a big fortnight in our long and glorious season.

All the negatives are out and this week all the positives shall flow in abundance.

For those Grovers who weren’t at the match, the atmosphere was great, the red and white flag waving has really taken off big time, it almost looked like the kop end! No offence anyone, that was a compliment, we’re starting to get a great look at the Grove, let’s get the good football back to match it!

Anyway, at least Tottenham lost!

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