Ade uses his head… …again! Woodgate would be perfect.

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Normal service was resumed at the Grove with Ade using his head positively this time as he weaved through the Geordie defence in style and got two fantastic goals that won us the game and got us through to the next round.

We all know what happened the last time Ade used his head, so Super Nick for one was very relieved!

There were mixed feelings on Theo’s performance, Pedro thinks he wasn’t that great, I thought he looked good, but like I say, he’s still a baby and will be a great player, I wish that Wenger would just play players where they’re good and not out of position all the time.

Theo is one of those players that will always divide opinion, but I have no doubt he will become one of the greats.

Rosicky, Diaby and Hleb are all played wide and they’re all central midfielders and Eboue is played wide and he’s a full back.

The only time I’d do that, is if I needed cover or I had two wingers and I wanted to swap them during a game.

Woodgate snubs Newcastle for Spurs eh, what a twat! but he is just the sort of player we could do with, especially now with Kolo a doubt.

It really is looking like no one is coming in which is hugely disappointing but it looks like Micah Richards has been offered a take it or leave it deal, now that’s where Arsene should act, offer Gilberto or Lehmann plus cash, right now and I’ll have money Sven would take it, that way no one loses face.

Too simple by far!

Sorry about the two abusive comments yesterday, I got rid of them as soon as I saw them, I even let past abusers back on if they add to the debate, but I’m watching them.

Have a great day Grovers and pray we get Preston at home in the next round, here’s to 3 more points on Tuesday!

Kolo and Eboue both struck down

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Good morning Grovers!

Its a grey day for us, Kolo Toure was stretchered off in the Ivory Coasts victory on the ACN, and Eboue was struck down with a bout of mental illness. It is unknown how long Toure will be out for but there is a serious fear Eboue maybe sectioned along with Amy Winehouse when he returns to the UK. The Arsenal medical staff were alerted to Eboues after he rambled this when pressed about interest from Milan and Juventus,

‘I didn’t want to talk about that. What I can say is that many big clubs spoke to Arsenal about a transfer in the January transfer window.’

How fucking delusional is he? 19 starts and no goals, virtually no assists and he thinks he is being tapped up by Milan! It got worse though, when told about Ade and Nikki, he said this,

‘For me, you have to take care when you are on the pitch and be careful because a lot people are watching the game’

Sound advice from a bastion of fair play and good will!

All at Le Grove wish Eboue a speedy recovery.

Kolo will be the bigger loss though, there are fears his tournament maybe over after being stretchered of just before half time… after he set his brother up for a goal! Nightmare… could it be cheque book time Arsene?

Wenger had this to say about the Spuds game,

‘We had 500 passes, Tottenham 222. We had 64 per cent of possession and we had 18 shots on goal, Tottenham 12, and we lost 5-1. That sums up the game.’

Brilliant analysis Arsene and I’m sure you have a great spread sheet to back that up but last time I checked, we lost 5-1. Clutching at straws springs to mind.

Young Guns reckon we have signed a winger for next year, at least he is old enough to buy a pint.

Other than that, the feeds are pretty boring this morning!

Newcastle are today, and I think we are going to rip them a new Arsenal hole…

I am in a corporate box today guys, so if anyone who knows me spots me… please don’t talk to me? Its embarrassing…

Just kidding guys!

Enjoy today!


Babel for Walcott, Freeman on the verge and Nordtveit back in training.

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So we are being linked with swapping (on loan) Theo with Babel, can’t see that but I sure wouldn’t mind it for 6 months, don’t get me wrong, I really rate Theo, but he needs to get his experience playing week in week out.

Babel is far more the finished product and should have been an Arsenal player had we moved faster, which is why I couldn’t see why they would do
that deal, as Babel is hardly used anyway, why would Theo fare any better? Freeman is about to become an Arsenal player, Christ how long does it take
to sign a 15 year old? He has been dubbed Theo mark II, hardly a compliment?

Nordtveit, the kid with the hardest to say name in football has returned to training after 3 months out injured, and he’s training with the first team,
interesting, he’s 17 and so was Tony Adams, so maybe he is the answer, but again, I doubt it.

Wenger’s talking about resting players tomorrow, but I don’t understand it, why do players need rest, isn’t that what players want? to play all the time, it’s not like their careers lasts forever is it?

Ade and Bendtner escape a ban which is good and Ade’s promised not to call him shit again, Bendtner by all accounts has promised not to be shit again,
as has Gallas, Denilson, Diaby and Traore (did I miss anyone?).

Great then Grovers, it’s all sorted, we’re going to smash Kevin Keegan’s entertainers!

Expect a big score, to whom I’m not sure, just kidding!!! 4 nil to the Arsenal and back on track in style.

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