Flamini staying, young winger signs till 2012 + John McCruick

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John McCruik I hear you say? This isn’t the racing post blog is it? Let me explain…

Blogger Geoff had the indignity of sitting in front of the loud mouth John McCruick. If any of you know Blogger Geoff, you’ll know that he wont accept anyone being more famous than himself.


Double chin… or hiding place of missing race horse Shergar?

Blogger Geoff, who once shoved Beckham into a wall for trying to barge him (Witnessed by myself), sat next to Posh spice in an airport and told her to ‘Shut the fuck up and sit somewhere else’ for being too noisy on her mobile and told Gary Lineker he would kick him out his golf buggy unless he owned up to being a Leicester Fan; was once again on top form.

Story goes… John Mac was piping up in the seat behind him, Geoff bided his time, bite his tongue if you will. He knew good things come to those who wait (He’s seen that Guinness advert a thousand times)… BANG… Ade nets! Geoff seizes his moment, he jumps up ready to dance in the fat mans face with a carefully choreographed childish celebration… however, Geoffs spacial awareness had suffered under the stench of the fat one, he had failed to realise the beast was leaning forward – thus resulting in an accidental clip to the forehead! Old John was furious but he had to accept the accident… what were the odds of that happening I wonder (Please… please… humour overload at my pun!)?

Bravo Geoff! Everyone in the UK thinks that guy is a cunt… you should be Knighted! What was he doing sitting in the Arsenal end anyway? Useless stewards, more interested in telling our own fans to sit down and stop singing…

If you hear that fat prat trapping off on GMTV / Talkshite today, remember how the story went…

Anyway, Big Phil managed to keep a clean sheet against Owen, Almunia made a fine save to keep our goal difference within touching distance of ManU and the Flamster managed to peach a 30 yard screamer into the top right hand corner to put the game beyond doubt!

Talking of the Flamster, Arsene had this to say,

“He wants to stay, and I want him to stay, so we will find an agreement. It’s a question of patience and good positive discussions. I am not especially concerned, because I believe what he tells me.”

Double flipping excellent if you ask me! Providing the Flamster isn’t a lying cunt bag…

Some excellent debating in the comments section yesterday! I felt like King Leonidas at one point, Battling the Persian Big Phil detractors with my blogging life, but then the cavalry arrived! I love Arsenal, you love Arsenal – fuck it… we all love Arsenal! So lets try and build on yesterdays positivity (Yeah I know…), like Arsenal build up the cash surplus! We should enjoy the position we are in, even if it is only for a day!!

We’re top of the league and on course for the treble, oh and wing man Diaby has signed a contract till 2012!

As I wasn’t at the game yesterday and blogger Geoff was being questioned by the horsey police, I have asked Bud (A long time commenter on Le Grove) to write the match report. It will be with you this afternoon, and I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Wednesday guys!

Say we are top of the league… you know the rest!

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Has Arsene taken biggest gamble of career to date?

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So yesterday saw a defining point in Arsenals season.

Arsene Wenger chose not to sign Jonathan Woodgate, instead deciding to place his faith in Big Phil.

Is this the biggest gamble of his career?

Well, can you think of a more important decision over the last ten years? Has the pressure ever been higher? Has the Title race ever been this close? Have the fans ever been so unanimous in thinking we need cover at centre back!

As fans we are craving Silverware like Ashley Cole craves blonde single Mums… Arsene knows this.

Arsene also knows he ‘could’ have snapped up a player who is not cup tied, experienced in the Champions League, English and talented and all for under £10 million. Instead, he has joined our rivals up the road leaving Big Phil to Marshall the back four for the rest of the month.

Don’t be fooled though guys, remember this is a player with huge injury problems (an average of 13 games a season), a penchant bashing people of alternate race and a player who failed to make the grade at Real Madrid.

Am I bovered? Of course not! This is the second big decision Arsene has had to make this transfer window. The first being whether or not to re-sign Anelka. Wenger decided not to, and so far the decision has been vindicated… Ade has been beating the shit of some poor cows backside with a banjo all season now!

We have allowed Arsene to guide our season so far and lets be honest, he is doing a grand job, so the only decent thing to do would be to let him proceed with ‘Project Kid ‘, and to back the team! Big Phil needs your support if he is going to get through this!

Next up in the cup be the Dirty Reds from Salford, just our luck! Should be a cracker though and it could have an impact on the title race (Eboue could damage Ronaldo, that would be unfortunate?). In injury news, King Kolo is not long term, Rosicky will be back soon and RvP starts training this morning! So all is rosy in the world of Arse!

So today, let the comments section be a forum of positivity and remember, to receive all your Arsenal silverware dreams this season, please e-mail the link to this blog to 5 people… and er, donate some cash!

Happy Tuesday, here’s to a 4-0 drubbing of the Toon!


Gouffran’s a shoe in, Deco’s not and Wenger says he’ll buy

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All the press have said that Arsenal have paid £5mil for Gouffran, but Arsenal.com say nothing, but I think this story comes up too often for there to be no truth in it.Sportingo say Arsenal are favourites to land £17 mil Deco and then immediately say ‘no we’re not’ I don’t know why I get suckered into that website, they just come up with crap, get you excited and then say, no chance, what’s the point?

Ade says he was trying to motivate Bendtner and it went wrong, so he’ll learn from that, saying ‘I’m on cos your shit’ may work in Togo Ade but with the Danes you may have to have a little re-think, try ‘get in there son’ next time!

Man U are reportedly trying to take over the Luke Freeman deal, but I would think at 15 years old, Wenger has that little deal tied up.

I listened to Talk shite yesterday and actually heard Wenger saying that if Kolo was injured, he would buy! Great news but who?

We put some suggestions forward yesterday, Lescott is a possibility with the press, I can’t see Everton selling him though.

Sad to see the spuds crash out of the FA Cup as ‘One day Ramos’ never loses cup games, so a bit disappointing there, still let’s hope they bounce back soon, great cups are not the same without Tottenham in them… well to laugh at anyway.

I did laugh my bollocks off yesterday, their fans are like Homer Simpson, going nuts one day and Doooh the next! Thank god spurs are there to make us all laugh.

Newcastle are back for us to stuff again tomorrow so a big thank you to King Kev for taking over when he did, just in time to kick start our season.

Finally I find it outrageous that Arsenal are trying to close down blogs sites, do they want to control the world? Trying to copy write the word Gooner is one thing, but taking over free speech sites smacks of George Orwell.

Back off Arsenal and leave the fans with something that’s free.

Have a great day Grovers and let’s see some suggestions for Center back.

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